What is a Development Plan for Teachers?

A development plan for teachers is a document that has a record of the progression of the career of teachers. It is also known as PDP (Professional Development Plan) or CPD (Continuing Professional Development). In the plan, the things that the teachers want to attain are outlined. If they wish something to develop in the workplace, it is written in the plan. Every teacher needs this because they have to work with their development. This will ensure that they will not be left out with the latest strategies in teaching. They will always have a work plan that can ensure that students will learn from them.

Teachers should have professional learning goals that can make them better teachers. Each should have individual professional growth when it comes to teaching and adhering to the latest technology in education. Every teacher should perform an action that will make their work better. They should do a planning which can make them apply new strategies monthly. Through this, the school will have good staff development. The professional work of teachers will surely improve as new tactics and techniques are applied. Personal development is also added so that teachers will have a great moral regarding their work.

Though monthly or you have to make an annual performance of teachers to check how they have been doing with their work, you need to ascertain that teachers are doing great with their job. They should be doing their work with ease, with all the necessary resources. Being your employee, every teacher should have skills in leadership and they should continually undergo training that can make them better to teach every student. Whether the teacher is a math teacher or a pre-school teacher, they have to learn the best skills that can ease their way of imparting knowledge to students. In this, the school’s intervention is much needed. They have to provide means to have the development for teachers.

Creating a professional development plan for teachers may be challenging. You need to make new things that can improve the teaching techniques of teachers. Through the plan, they should be more adept with their work. They should have mastery with their profession. The development plan will make them active in achieving their goals. They can follow steps where they can benefit from more experience and will improve their skills. The plan can also apply if you want to promote teachers to be head of the department. Thus, the plan will surely help teachers in progressing their careers.

Criteria for Development Plan for Teachers

Whether you will have a 5-year or three-year development plan for teachers, you may need to have criteria so that you will know how you can craft a smart development plan. It can better define your goals and you can be sure that you can improve in your profession. Read the following and know some of the criteria for the development plan for teachers:

Customized: A development plan should be customized. Remember that all teachers are not the same. If you want the plan to be effective for a certain teacher, you need to customize it. You need to focus on the specific needs of the teacher, considering the grade level they are teaching and also the subjects. Some goals may also be broader which may require more disciplines. If you want to hit your goals for the development plan, you have to craft something that will be unique for every teacher. This way, you can give all their needs. It will be easier for them to adjust to your plan. They can implement the plan better and they can better improve with their teaching.Realistic: One of the best criteria that you have to apply in your plan is being realistic. You have the purpose to provide development for your teachers. If your plan will not be realistic, you will just be wasting your time. Your teachers will just turn out to be pressured and they will not achieve anything. So, in making any work strategy, you need to ensure that it will be possible to be attained. Realistic plans can make your teachers successful, learning different teaching strategies that can uplift the reputation of your school. You will make a plan that you know will be a success. You can hit your target and you can accomplish your goals.Limited: To be sure that you can attain the goals of the development plan, you must make it limited. Make only a few goals for the plan. It is enough to have 1-3 goals. Do not make so many goals or the plan will not be realistic. You can take one day at a time. Make 1-3 goals for the month and you can reserve the other goals for the next months. With limited goals, it will be possible for you to accomplish all of them. You can focus on every goal and there will be no pressure on the side of the teachers. Limit your goals because there are only 24 hours a day and teachers cannot take so much burden. With limited goals, you can ensure the success of your plan.Collaborative: The plan should be something collaborative that it will be easy for you to discuss everything with the teachers. It should be something that will interest the teachers and can be open to their ideas. Collaboration can do so many things for your school because you can use the intelligence and skills of your teachers to improve learning in your institution. You can also give responsibility to the teachers to ensure that they can develop themselves. It can give freedom to teachers to choose what strategy will they want to use to improve their teaching. You can harness their skills better because you will use their ideas on how they can teach better.Supported: You have to make sure that the plan will be supported by the stakeholders in your school. Without sufficient support, the plan may not work out. Resources may be needed to implement the plan so it needs support that may ask for a budget to execute everything. Support can also energize teachers and can force them to follow the plan. They know that their superiors require the work and monitor its result. They can be more encouraged to do the development. Remember that you need to support your teachers. They have to know that they are not working alone. They have the whole school to back up their goals.Specific: The plan needs to be specific. You should be able to target all the goals with precision. If the plan will not be specific, the teachers may follow wrong things and you may not accomplish your goals. So the plan should point to the goals only and should be specific. So, you must allot a great time in making the plan. Be careful with the steps that you will make the teachers take. The plan should accomplish your goals. Or you may just be working for nothing.Social: The plan should have social factors. This should ensure that teachers can work with the team. They should be molded to have a better relationship with their students. Workshops are good examples that can enhance their social skills. They should be involved in interactive exercises. A social environment is needed in teaching so it is one criterion that you have to consider.

How to Create a Development Plan for Teachers

Are you looking for a development plan for teachers sample or a sample individual development plan for teachers? Are you about to create a professional development plan for teachers? Well, we can help you with that. We can provide some steps for you that you can use in creating this plan. They are the following:

  • Step 1: Assess Your Skills

    The first thing that you need to do is to assess your current status. Know where you stand. You have to know if you have been great at teaching. Or your performance requires a lot of things for improvement. First, you need to assess your skills. Are they enough? Are your skills making the students learn every subject that they have to learn? Or do you think that you are lacking? To provide development for yourself, you need to be true about your actual status. Through this, you will know the areas where you have to improve.

  • Step 2: Set Career Goals

    The next thing that you have to do is to set your career goals. What are things that you want to achieve in your career? In what direction will you want to go? Do you have specific goals in my mind? You need to make goals that can improve your career. Do a brainstorming and list all the goals that you want for your career. Through this, you may be able to learn your short-term goals and long-term goals. The short-term goals can be written for your development plan for the month. Or for your monthly plans. Long-term goals on the other hand can be placed in your annual development plan. You can separate these goals so that it will be possible for you to achieve them.

  • Step 3: Collect Information

    After setting your goals, you can start collecting information for all the goals that you want to achieve. What are the things that you need? What timelines are suited for each goal? How will you get your resources? You need to ensure that you will have everything that you need to implement your plan. You can start listing the things that you need. Write also how you can get each of them. Remember that you have to be realistic in the ways of how you can get your goals. You have to be diligent in collecting all the information. Through this, your goals can be possible. You will know how to start and you will be directed to every step that you have to take.

  • Step 4: Develop the Plan

    After getting all the information, you can start developing the plan. List all the things that you have to do. To be sure that they will keep the standards of your school, you have to set some criteria that you can follow. Then, be specific with the steps that you have to take. Of course, these steps should reach your goals. Continue to develop your plan until it is perfect.

  • Step 5: Evaluate the Plan

    After creating the plan, you must evaluate it. Examine it carefully to check if it can attain all the goals that you have. It may be lacking in some points and you may have new ideas that you can add. To further evaluate the plan, you can show it to the faculty or stakeholders. You can get an honest opinion that can make the plan better.

  • Step 6: Keep Track of Your Progress

    Start implementing the plan. Follow the steps that you have written to achieve development. Make the faculty and stakeholders evaluate your performance. This way, you can keep track of your progress. You have to check if you are getting the development that you need.


What are some of the goals of a development plan for teachers?

Some of the goals are to be the head of the year, to be the subject head, to be a child specialist, to improve ICT skills, to provide support to students, and to improve teaching methods. There are many opportunities for teachers to develop themselves professionally. They can set different goals that they can achieve to develop themselves. All these goals contribute to the welfare of the educational institution that they are working for. It may be small or big goals. But what matters is they are able to implement the plan to develop themselves.

How can you achieve the goals of the development plan?

One of the things that you should do is to take qualification courses. You can have it online. Or you can have face-to-face training. The content of the training will depend upon you. Consider something that will be best for you. Another thing that you can do is by having mentors and peer observation. Through your colleagues, you can attain a higher level of development. You can learn new teaching methods from them. You can benefit from peer observation because you can get constructive feedback. You can also achieve your goals by visiting other schools. You can learn new strategies that you can adapt to in your school. Another way is by having workshops. You can come to know new methods and new platforms. External specialists can give you an internal reflection that you can use for development. Also, you can achieve your goals by research. As you carry out your research, the materials will help you improve. This is a very useful means of how you can develop yourself.

What are the benefits of the development plan for teachers?

A development plan for teachers benefits both the teachers and their schools. The plan provides a way to measure the progress of teachers. It provides complex training to them. The curriculum and classroom environment can be improved through the plan.

All teachers in every educational institution deserved to be developed. They need to enhance their career so that they can give a better contribution to their institution. So, a development plan for teachers should be given every month or every year to improve their performance. Well, do you need a template for a development plan for teachers? This post has 3+ SAMPLE Development Plan for Teachers in PDF. If you are a teacher, you do not have to look further to start making a plan. Download now!