What is a Service Improvement Plan?

A service improvement plan is a clear, comprehensive and well-structured document which is used to facilitate further improvement of a specific service of the company or organization. It is an impressive strategic development tool which significantly helps many professionals such as doctors, nurses, health care workers, IT specialists, educators, product developers, designers, project managers, delivery managers, event organizers, and others to specify quality standards, practices, resources, specifications, and the sequence of activities to a particular service for further improvement. Also, it allows better customer service, increased customer satisfaction, maximized efficiency, greater safety and higher revenues than before.

According to several statistical reports, companies that excel at customer experience delivery have revenues 4% to 8% higher compared to the rest of their market, and 68% of customers say that they will pay more for products and services from brands which are well-known to provide good customer service. Thus, all kinds of health care or medical workers, IT specialists, educators, academic managers, project managers, operational managers, product developers, program managers, system developers, project supervisors, and other professionals who offer different kinds of services should effectively create a compelling and systematic service improvement plan.

Different Types of Service Improvement Plans

Communication, coaching, constructive accountability, trust building, resiliency, optimism, and persistence are some of the crucial skills necessary for service improvement. Moreover, you need to understand the different types of service improvement plans that you and other health care workers, educators, academic managers, project managers, product developers, IT specialists, software engineers, and other professionals will use for ensuring the high quality and satisfying aspects of their services, and/or other business activities. Here we will explain to you about the different types of service improvement plans:

1. Bus Service Improvement Plan

This type of service improvement plan focuses on improving buses in a particular city, town, village, or region. It outlines the main goals, objectives, and vision in modifying the current bus system into a better one. When writing this plan, elaborate your clear vision in improving the bus service in your area. For example, include in your vision statement that you will bring buses back under public control, introduce simpler fares, contactless ticketing and more environmentally-friendly or greener buses. You may also add that you will improve safety for girls and women. Highlight in your plan that the new bus system will provide a viable service for the early morning or late evening shift workers, the caregivers who need to make numerous journeys, job seekers, students, young people and many other people.

2. School Service Improvement Plan

A school service improvement plan or school action plan for improvement covers a specific time period as it fully assists the school heads, educators, teachers, and faculty members in shaping the strategic direction for the service and outlines the key priorities, actions, programs, and improvements which they will deliver to their students. The integrated approach in the plan shows that early years, primary and secondary education are being supported, protected, and cared for in various functions. Developing a school service improvement plan enables school professionals to best respond to meeting the needs of their children, young people and families, providing a sound basis for them to reach their vision and goals. 

3. Continuous IT Service Improvement Plan

Continuous service improvement is a method to determine and accomplish opportunities to develop various processes and services while objectively measuring the effects of these efforts frequently. Many IT service providers strive their best to improve the quality of their service. If you need to initiate a transformation project for your IT services, define your goals and vision for your IT services carefully in a continuous IT service improvement plan or IT service continuity plan. Tell your management that you and your IT management team aim for increased customer satisfaction by keeping promises and performing high quality services, strengthened core competencies, excellent communication skills and optimal service quality. So, having a continuous improvement plan guides IT professionals to continue creating and maintaining value for their customers through better design, introduction and operation of IT services by combining principles, practices and methods from quality management.

4. Service Delivery Improvement Action Plan

Are you targeting the acceleration of service delivery in your community? Construct a well-coordinated service delivery improvement action plan as it acts as an engine room which provides the push for incremental improvement in service delivery within the broad context of public service transformation. Outline the important aspects of your improvement action plan like primary goals, objectives, new delivery methods, delivery evaluation criteria, new service delivery standards, and other activities which are needed for further improvement and modification. Indicate in your service delivery plan for improvement that you will do your best to achieve better standards for the service delivery.

Basic Components of a Service Improvement Plan 

In this section, you will learn how to construct a well-written and organized service improvement plan. But you need to learn about the different kinds of components of a service improvement  plan. Include the following elements for you to create a professional piece of writing;

Abstract: Construct the abstract which includes purpose, mission, vision, and status of the service that will be evaluated, and improved. Table of Contents:Design a clear and standardized outline of your service improvement plan by arranging the major sections and main headings, subsections and subheadings and pages of the contents of the service improvement plan. Goals and Objectives Statement: Provide the aim and direction of the service will be assessed, developed and improved. Specify what will be discussed throughout the service improvement such as the deliverables and project processes, deliverable quality standards, and customer satisfaction criteria and why it is fundamental for the service of your business or organization. Service Improvement Methodology:
Outline the service improvement methodologies used in the plan. Justify the applied quality methodological approach. Describe the tools and resources that will be needed in the service improvement plan including the client/stakeholder expectations, quality control activities, process quality standards, and quality assurance activities and tasks.
Service Quality Control Development Plan: Organize the breakdown structure of contents in the service improvement plan. Classify the service improvement activities in phases and content blocks which monitor and verify the service deliverables that reached high quality standards. Specify the dates in which the contents of the service improvement will be done. Conclusion/Summary: Write a brief and cohesive summary of the main points of your service improvement plan. Then, correlate the value or outcomes of the major points of your service improvement and management plan.

How to Write a Service Improvement Plan

If you are having a hard time in writing a cohesive service improvement plan, we are glad to assist you in creating this plan for your services in your business or organization. Below are some easy-to-follow tips that indicate how to write a clear and structured service improvement plan:

Step 1: Explain the Purpose 

Improving customer service, increasing value perception of the customers, and elevating customer satisfaction are the common reasons covering the purpose of a service improvement plan. Medical health professionals, academic managers, project managers and service developers need to clearly explain the main purpose of the service improvement plan. This allows the clients, management and executives to know and understand your initiatives on why you are working on improving and modifying a particular service.

Step 2: Define the Goals and Objectives, Quality Standards, and Customer Satisfaction Criteria

What are your goals and objectives, quality standards, and your customer satisfaction criteria for your service improvement plan? Indicate in this section that goals, objectives, quality standards and customer satisfaction criteria to guide you in further improvement of the service. Identify the current issue that exists while performing the service that you are planning to improve. Explain the right quality standards that you are looking for when improving the service and align them with the customer satisfaction criteria.

Step 3: Describe the Roles and Responsibilities of the Team

The next step is to incorporate the description of the roles and responsibilities of the service improvement team. Tell how your service quality control management team will create harmony with the needs and expectations of customers and stakeholders with service cost, schedule, and professional standards, and how you will evaluate the costs and benefits of chosen service quality objectives and the processes to be used.

Step 4: Make a Summary of the Activities, Standards, and Expectations

Work on the summary of the service improvement activities, process quality standards, and client/stakeholder expectations. Document and highlight the major points of your service improvement plan. Outline the  statistical techniques, analysis and evaluation process, data collection, discussion and other major quality assurance results for further improvement. 

Step 5: Set Clear Timeline 

Create a clear timeline to help guide the implementation of the service improvement plan. Elaborate which evaluation work has to be performed and when it will be done and how you and your service management team further improve the service. Be accurate while outlining  your performance improvement plan methods and techniques.

Step 6: Proofread and Prepare the Overall Plan

Review your overall service improvement  plan and ensure that you fully include all the significant points in your plan. Point out the correlation between service improvement goals, objectives, resources, strategies and methods used for the fulfillment of the objectives, and the evaluation of the project managers or service developers involved in the service improvement plan. If you realize that you forget some sections that need more important details, we highly recommend that you edit and revise the document as soon as possible.


What are the essential steps for process improvement?

The essential steps for process improvement are define, measure, analyze, improve and control. First, you need to define the target audience by mapping out the process flow, and the parameters of the improvement project. Next, use effective metrics, measurement tools and criteria to measure the latest performance of the business process. After that, the collected data is analyzed to make sure the difference between the latest process performance and the targeted performance. Make some further improvements that will be recorded and executed. Lastly, the new process must be controlled and documented.

How to improve service quality management?

In order to improve service quality management, you need to support agent or employee feedback, allow them to listen to their calls, send post-contact surveys after every interaction, set up clear KPIs, check and examine regularly, provide them clear and consistent standards, and uphold a team approach.

What are some examples of service improvement  plans?

Some examples of service improvement plans are service improvement plan update, service improvement plan actions, bus service improvement plan, children’s service improvement plan, standard service improvement plan, IT service improvement plan, service delivery improvement plan policy, 3 year service improvement plan, direct service provider quality improvement action plan, and participant service improvement plan.

What are the principal dimensions that could significantly improve service?

The principal dimensions that could significantly improve service are tangibles, reliability, responsiveness, assurance and empathy. Tangibles refer to the appearance of equipment, communication materials, personnel and physical facilities. Reliability is the ability to do the guaranteed service accurately and dependably. Assurance is an important quality to convey confidence and trust. Empathy is essential as it shows caring and individualized attention to the customers.

Benjamin Franklin said: “Without continual growth and progress, such words as improvement, achievement, and success have no meaning. “ Allow improvement and progress in your service while using a clear and well-integrated service improvement plan. To assist you in writing your service improvement plan, you can learn and apply the tips aforementioned in this article. As the blueprint of various working professionals in extensive fields and industries, it contains the right quality development strategies for carrying out, developing and improving the service fully well. Plus, we have included several service improvement plan samples, 3 year service improvement plan, direct service provider quality improvement action plan, participant service improvement plan, and other service improvement plan templates that you can download and use for your work.