What is a Daycare Lesson Plan?

A daycare lesson plan is a teaching material that contains the instructions needed to provide knowledge to daycare students. It may be a little different from an ordinary lesson plan because you have to teach toddlers. It requires more careful attention and strategic planning in creating it. You are going to teach little kids, so you have to adjust your techniques of teaching to little kids who usually have tantrums and bouncy behavior. Teaching toddlers may not be easy. It requires a lot of patience on your side. They can be considered an infant so you have to think of the best ways on how you can teach them. A toddler may be cute but you need to find ways on how you can get his or her attention. By nature, toddlers will not easily listen to you. You need to be playful to make them follow you. Whether you are in a home daycare or daycare center, you have to make them at ease with you so that you can make them do things about school. It may be hard for them to be away from their family. And with their weekly schedule at school, things may be too much for them. So as a teacher, you are supposed to have a huge understanding of the toddlers. Take care of them while they are in school. Make a daycare lesson plan that can nurture their needs.

Benefits of a Daycare Lesson Plan

Maybe you have daycare lesson plan themes and daycare lesson plan ideas. Good for you. You can create a good lesson plan that you can use in your daycare center. But what is a daycare lesson plan for? What benefits does it give to teachers and students? Keep on reading and know some of its benefits.

Right Curriculum: If you will prepare a daycare lesson plan, you can adhere to the school’s curriculum plan better. You may swerve to other things if you will be impromptu in teaching. But planning a daycare lesson plan can make you follow everything that is written in the curriculum. You can create a lesson plan that is according to it. Your lesson plan will be complete, all the instructions will be according to the right educational structure. It will be a good thing to follow the curriculum for daycare students. You can be sure that toddlers will get the right education that they need.Better Learning: The quality of your teaching can be enhanced by using a daycare lesson plan. Because it is planned, you can be sure that you can instill better learning in students. Planning can make you think of better ways that you can use in your teaching. You can think of daycare lesson plan themes and ideas that can encourage kids better to learn. You will be effective in your job because you will have the perfect material to use. It is hard to teach without a lesson plan. You will not have something to use to help you in your teaching. So, if you want to ensure that the kids will truly learn from you, you must use a lesson plan.Roadmap to Follow: If you want a guide in your teaching, you must create a daycare lesson plan. It will guide you and it will be a roadmap that you can follow. It will be hard to teach without something to use that will instruct you what to do. With a lesson plan, you can ensure that you can give the right strategy to your teaching. You can have step-by-step instruction that will let you know what to do next every time. The flow of your teaching will be smooth and nothing can hinder you. It will be easy to teach with a daycare lesson plan.Saves Time: One of the best benefits of a daycare lesson plan is you can save time. You have the lesson plan prepared and you do not have to waste time thinking about what to teach every day. By saving time, you can focus on your teaching better. It will give a chance for the students to learn better. By the time that you are in school, you can have all the materials prepared and you can teach without barriers. It is better to be prepared especially for kids who will get a lot of your attention. So, you should have a lesson plan that you can follow so that you can teach well.

Tips on Daycare Lesson Plan

Are you considering a daycare lesson plan template or a daycare lesson plan sample? Do you need it because you want to have some tips in creating a daycare lesson plan? Well, look no further. Read the following and have some tips that you can apply:

Balance Activities: Activities are important in teaching daycare students. You have to provide activities that will enhance their learning. These can make them active in school. It can be fun and they will have the chance to participate. You have to balance the activities that you should give. Make sure that these activities are something where every kid can participate. Make activities that can bring out their talents and those that can easily instill learning to them. You can prepare one activity for each day. This can make the children busy every day. They will have something to do and they will not be bored with class discussions. Just make sure to prepare the best activities for them.Enhance Creativity: One thing that you can bring out in toddlers is their creativity. They are just small and you should prepare activities that they can easily do. Though these activities should be something that they can enjoy. You can make activities where they can enjoy and can sharpen their creativity at the same time. Creativity can sharpen their brain, making them prepare for other academic things while they are still young. You can prepare art lessons for them or some games that can make them learn new things. If at such a young age, they can be creative, they can learn how to be resourceful. You can teach them something that they can bring when they reach elementary school. Or even when they grow up.Integrated Environment: You need to prepare the environment where the kids will study. You have to adjust the classroom to the lesson plan that you will make. Put the necessary materials that you need in the classroom. Before you can teach, you need to prepare the materials that you will use. If the place will also be comely for students, they will be more encouraged to study. Make your room colorful and enchanting for the children. This can energize them to be active with every activity. It will be fun to study in a good environment. Even children can feel that you are preparing things for them. Even children know how to appreciate. Through this, you can make them study plan better. They will listen to whatever you will say if they will think that you care for them.Make it Fun: We know it. It is hard to motivate toddlers. They have tantrums and it is not easy to get their attention. They get bored easily and will not follow everything you say in school. To avoid these things, you must know how to create a lesson plan for them that will be fun. Every activity should be playful enough. You should think of something where they can study and play at the same time. Or else, they will not move. You have to show them something that can get their interest. If you will not make everything fun, then you are giving yourself a headache. You have to face their tantrums. So to better care for them, adjust your lesson plan to things that will motivate them.Build a Routine: To make everything easier for the toddlers, you must make a routine for them in school. You can repeat activities that are effective to them. Through this, they will have the confidence to participate in your activities. They will be more fun for them. They can be more active if they will know what to do. You can make them recite the same songs every time you start or end. A routine can help the mind of the kids to be prepared every day. They will be accustomed to what they do. You do not have to teach them everything all the time. They can make school a part of their routine. You can better teach them through this.Transition Plan: If you are going to have more than one activity every day, you have to create a transition plan. You should know how to shift the attention of the kids from one activity to another. Make some techniques or strategies for you to be able to do this. The kids should not be bored with the things that they should do. They have to be interested in all the activities. You can give them a countdown when changing activities. Or you can all chant when shifting to another activity. Just be sure that you will keep the kids going so that the class will not be disrupted.Use Tips: Tips can always make your work better. To be sure that you can give good work, search for tips that you can use. You can surf the internet for tips for preparing a daycare lesson plan. You can also learn from daycare lesson plan template or daycare lesson plan examples. Use whatever you can find as long as it keeps to your standards. Finding many tips can give better instructions for your lesson plan. You can also have many ideas for activities that you can insert into your teaching. Tips can give you perfect work if you can find the best of them.Right Tools: Remember that you should give the kids the right tools for learning. Provide tools that can make the kids express their feelings. This can make them be more interested in the studies. So, in your daycare lesson plan, you must plan what are materials that you are going to use in teaching. Give the kids the best tools for daycare learning.

How to Prepare a Daycare Lesson Plan

You may use a Free Printable Daycare Lesson Plan Template or a daycare preschool lesson plan template but still, you may need some steps that you can use in preparing a daycare lesson plan. Continue reading and consider these steps in creating a daycare lesson plan for toddlers:

  • Step 1: Identify Objectives

    First, you should know the purpose of the daycare lesson plan. Through this, you can plan better. You can have an Activity Plan that is according to good objectives that can enhance learning. Make some objectives that can bring benefits to the kids. Before you can make a lesson plan, you have to bear in mind the importance of these objectives. Construct your lesson plan according to them. If your lesson plan will not have its purpose, how can you be sure that you can perfect it? Your lesson plan has to follow some objectives for it to be good.

  • Step 2: Follow Requirements

    You have to know that your lesson plan should follow the Curriculum that your school has. It has to follow the standards of teaching. If you will not keep the requirements of your school, you cannot provide a good lesson plan. You have to follow all the requirements of the curriculum because they are what can guide you to prepare the best lesson plan.

  • Step 3: Learning Materials

    In preparing a daycare lesson plan, you must consider the tools or materials that you are going to use in your teaching. Be sure that you can provide the necessary materials. Materials are important because it is the resources that can make the students capable of learning. They have to use something that can give them the knowledge.

  • Step 4: Activity Plan

    Plan for activities that the toddlers will have. Remember that all activities should be fun or the kids will get bored and will stop participating. Have some ideas for activities that can be possible for the kids to have. You can search for these ideas on the internet. It can suggest many activities that you can use in your teaching. You can consult the department about the activities that you can provide. But most of all, you must keep the activities interesting. All of them should be according to the interest of the kids.

  • Step 5: Make Strategies

    In your teaching, you also have to make a Data Strategy Plan that you can use. You have to use some techniques in teaching. These can help the daycare students to learn better. Search for tips and strategies that you can apply. They will help you to become a more effective teacher.


What are the Activities for Daycare?

Some of the activities for daycare are water play, play dough, singing, dancing, arts or drawing, jigsaws, and character play. There are a lot of activities that you can give to daycare students. You just have to be creative.

How Can You Make a Toddler Participate in Activities?

You have to be fully nice to them. You need to persuade them to participate. Understand that they are small and need encouragement.

Being a teacher in daycare is not easy. But it can be fun. You will be surrounded by adorable kids every day. They are like angels that can be a beauty in your life. Do you need a template for daycare lesson plan? This post has 10+ SAMPLE Daycare Lesson Plan in PDF. Is it not good that you can have one now? Wait no more! Download now!