What is a Diet Meal Plan?

A diet meal plan is a document that has your plan of what you will going to eat daily to maintain a good body. This plan ensures that you will not gain weight or you will lose weight if you will take the diet plan. It contains healthy means that ascertain that you can maintain a fit body. It can be a 7-day diet meal plan or a 30-day meal plan for weight loss. In this plan, you will ensure that what you are going to eat on breakfast, lunch, and dinner will have fewer calories that will not make you fat. All the food that you will assign for the meals of the day will be nutritious, following a healthy lifestyle that can give you a great body. People who make this plan are health-conscious people who want to maintain good health so that they will be far from a sickness that can be gotten through having a fat body. We know that certain diseases attack a person who is fat. The one who relies upon a diet meal plan is wise enough to know that he or she must take care of his or her body. Some of the examples of diet meal plans are keto diet meal plan, Mediterranean diet meal plan, DASH diet meal plan, plant-based diet meal plan, diet meal plan for the diabetic, diet meal plan for vegetarian, low carb diet meal plan, diet vegan meal plan, and diet detox meal plan. Having a diet is not easy. It needs some discipline for the person who will do it to maintain the eating habit. Whether you are on a keto diet, vegetarian diet, or low carb diet, you have to follow your diet plan and eat only the foods that you are meant to eat. But we have to remember that we have to take some pain sometimes so that we can gain something. If we want to have a perfect body, we should be careful of what we are going to eat.

Types of Diet Meal Plan

For those who want to attain something for the welfare of their bodies, a diet healthy meal plan is the answer. All they have to do is to be careful with every food that they will have in every meal. There are certain types of diet meal plans that can be suitable for any particular need. Read the following and learn some of the types of diet meal plans:

Paleo Diet

This diet is good for weight loss. This is a diet plan where you can control your appetite. If you have high blood pressure, you can lower it by using paleo diet. The focus of this diet is to eat fish, meat, fruits, and vegetables. You are going to say no to sugar, dairy, and legumes or to the foods that emerged 10000 years ago. You are going to eat like the people before who survive from hunting or like the caveman. At all costs, you are going to avoid processed foods like soft drinks or foods with artificial sweeteners.

Wild Diet

This is a type of diet that has been started by Abel James in 2015. You will eat like your grandparents, eating only fresh foods. This is an effective way of diet that can make you lose weight like 20, 50, or 100 pounds. You will have a moderate carb diet and refined foods are strongly discouraged. Though, you can eat a cheat meal once so you will not be deprived. You can have a week for this. And this type of diet may be costly because you have to eat meat and fish that are organic and fresh.

17-Day Diet

This is an extremely disciplined diet to take. You will only eat fruits and vegetables, and foods with proteins for the next 17 days. It may be flexible and balanced and can be very good for weight loss. On these days, you have to mix it with exercise. And there can be a drawback because the meal preparation can be time-consuming.


The DASH diet or Dietary Approaches to Stop Hypertension is a good diet plan so that your high blood pressure or hypertension will be healed. This includes eating meats, grains, fruits, vegetables, and foods that are low in salt, sugar, and fats. This is not a diet for weight loss, though, you can get this benefit from this diet. In the DASH diet, the servings of food are given with care and you have to consider your calorie intake. The other benefit that you can get is you can avoid heart disease.

Mediterranean Diet

In the Mediterranean diet, you are more likely to eat foods that are eaten in Greece and Italy. The purpose of this diet is to avoid the risk of heart disease but it can also be used for weight loss. This will work if you will eat fruits, vegetables, seeds, and seafood. You should have moderation in poultry and dairy products. You should also limit your intake of meats. Highly processed foods are restricted. To achieve weight loss, you must have an intake of fewer calories.

Low-carb Diet

This is a popular diet plan when you want to lose weight. Some of its examples are the Atkins diet, ketogenic diet, and LCHF diet. Instead of taking more carbs, you should eat foods with proteins and fats. It can increase your metabolism and you can have a great muscle mass. The fatty acids you get from foods are converted into ketone which can make you have a better body. Though your cholesterol level may be increased and it can give you a digestive problem.

Plant-Based Diet

This diet can make you lose weight. Some of its examples are vegetarianism and veganism. Animal products are avoided because of some reason. Though in a flexitarian diet, you can sometimes eat animal products. The usual way to follow this diet is to not eat meat, chicken, and fish. Dairy and eggs are also not permitted. It takes a lot of effort to follow this diet because you should keep eating fruits, grains, and vegetables only.

Intermittent Fasting

This is a dietary strategy where you should fast or not eat sometimes. You should set periods when you should eat and take fasting. Through fasting, you can decrease your calorie intake. It will surely direct to weight loss if you will not eat much during the times that you allowed yourself to eat. Your fats will be burned, you can have a good muscle mass, and your metabolism will become better.

Low-fat Diet

This has been popular in years like a low-carb diet. You have to lower your fat intake by up to 30%. This aims to limit the fat that you consume. Ultra-low-fat diets even decrease your fat intake up to 10%. So, your eating must be mostly plant-based and you will decrease eating meats. Because calorie intake is also decreased, you can lose weight. Analysis has found that through a low-fat diet, you can have a good waist circumference.

Clean Eating

This is the type of diet where you will eat natural foods. You will never eat food with artificial ingredients. So, processed foods are a complete no-no. Through this diet, you can avoid gaining weight and you can prevent any health issues. Though this diet is costly and it may take you some effort to prepare the food in every meal.

South Beach Diet

South Beach Diet is a very effective method to lose weight. You can be sure that you will have weight loss in the long-term. You should eat unsaturated fats and low-carb foods. You do not have to count the calorie intake. You can easily have a transition with this eating habit. A prepackaged meal can also be delivered to you every day because it is an available option. You can make your heart healthy.

Tips on Diet Meal Plan

Maybe you are looking for a simple meal plan to lose weight. Then, you will search for how you can make your diet meal plan better. If tips are what you are looking for, we can provide them for you. Consider the following tips that we have prepared:

Plenty of Water: Water is good for the body. That is why there is also a thing called water therapy. We ought to drink 8 glasses of water every day. This will saturate the food that we eat in every meal. Before eating chips or anything, you must consider drinking water first. Sometimes, we feel hunger, not knowing that what we only need is water. We must drink a lot of water. Or if you like, you can have flavored sparkling water or herbal tea.Choose Your Snacks: It is hard not to take snacks, especially if you will spend your rest while watching TV. It is so good to have a little something to eat. But you must know that you should choose your snacks. You might never know, it can make you gain so much weight if you will not watch out. If you will have cookies, limit the calories to 100. If you will take ice cream, be sure that it is low-fat. You can risk your health and figure just because you want something to eat. Be careful of what you will take for snacks.Moderation with Your Favorites: Your favorite foods are so irresistible. You love them so much that sometimes you cannot watch the amount that you are taking. But this is not good for your health. You should have moderation with your favorite foods. To do this, do not buy large packages of your favorite foods. Buy a considerable amount that you can enjoy. You can still enjoy your favorites even in a small amount. Remember that you should not risk your health.Eat Protein: Foods with protein will not make you feel hungry for a long time. You must include foods with protein in your meals and snacks. Some of them are meat, seafood, egg, yogurt, and cheese. These foods are satisfying and can burn your fats. You can have good muscle mass and get the best nutrients for your health.Use Spices: Spices can make you satisfied. Through them, you will not each much. It gives flavor to your food where you can be satisfied with only a small amount. Research has it that you will not long for more because the spices can satisfy your appetite.Stock Your Kitchen: To avoid buying food that might not be good for your health, you must stock your kitchen regularly. Shop for nutritious foods and stock them in your kitchen. If you will have something to get immediately when you are hungry, you will not have to order pizza or burgers just to have food. You can be sure that you can have nutritious foods instead of foods that are highly processed.Eat More Vegetables: You may not love vegetables, but you have to know that they can do you more good. They are nutritious and will be very good for your health. You should choose a cup of vegetables over a cup of meat. Train yourself to eat more vegetables. It will lengthen your life because you will be healthier. You can be free from a lot of diseases.

How to Create a Diet Meal Plan

Are you going to create a diet meal plan for a week? Do you need a 7-day diet plan for weight loss? if you are about to create a diet meal plan and you do not know what to do, we can help you. We can give you some steps that you can follow. They are the following:

  • Step 1: Find Nutritious Foods

    First thing first. You should know the nutritious foods that you can eat in every meal. You should research this. Search the foods that will be good for your health or for your particular purpose of having a diet. Know what are nutritious and what is not. This way, you can avoid foods that are not nutritious and can put risks to your health. List all the nutritious foods so that you can start your plan.

  • Step 2: Choose Recipes

    After you have listed all the nutritious foods that you should have, you should know how you can insert all of them into your meals. Research again. This time for recipes that contain the nutritious foods that you have listed. Make a grocery list that contains all the ingredients for the recipes afterward.

  • Step 3: Make an Eating Schedule

    The next thing that you should do is to set your schedule. Consider your hourly schedule so that you can set the time for your meals every day. Be sure that you can take your meals at these times. So, you better arrange your schedule because you need to stick to your plan. You need to eat on time. This is much recommended to make the diet meal plan more successful.


How Much Does Nutritionist Charge for a Diet Meal Plan?

The normal amount that nutritionists charge to give you a diet meal plan is $70-$100 per visit. If you want to have a more effective diet plan, you must afford this cost. But you can also create your diet meal plan if you want to save money.

Is Diet Meal Plan Effective?

Yes, it will be effective if you will stick to the plan. There is a study that it can be only good in the first years. But it is because people do not adhere to the plan. But if you will diligently follow the diet meal plan, you can continually have the results, even for years.

Our health is important. If we can take care of it by having a diet meal plan, then there is no reason for us to not do it. Let us create a plan that can help us to have better health and body. Are you wanting to take a look at a diet meal plan template now? This post has 25+ SAMPLE Diet Meal Plan in PDF. You can have any of them if you like. Download now!