What is a Small Hotel Business Plan?

A small hotel business plan is a document that has the plans of entrepreneurs for their small hotel business. It has a plan outline of its aims and goals. It has a strategic plan that is going to be used to make the business successful. A business plan is a roadmap that businessmen can use to guide them in running the business. It has a complete marketing plan with the best marketing strategy that can be applied in the small hotel business. It contains the hotel’s operational plan that can make the procedures in the hotel easier. Some examples of a small hotel business plan are a small budget hotel business plan, a small food hotel business plan, a small boutique hotel business plan, and a mini-hotel business plan. Whether you are having a hotel resort or your business is just a startup, you need a business plan that can support your business. You need a pattern that you can follow in building your business. You should use some explicit rules that you can use in financial strategy, marketing strategy, and sales strategy. Through the business plan, you can also have a good competitor analysis that can make your business apart from other businesses. The main drawback is if you will not create a business plan, you will not have something that can direct your business. You may lose your way as you run your business. A guide is necessary so that you will know what to do every step of the way. You will have solutions prepared for you because you have planned everything before time. In every problem that you may encounter, you can have a strategic plan that can make you find the way out. A small hotel business plan is very advisable in any small hotel business because it is what can make the entrepreneur successful.

Elements of a Small Hotel Business Plan

Maybe you want to know how to start hotel business with no money. You can do that by making a loan. But then maybe, you want to know hotel business ideas. Or you want to know what are the elements of a small hotel business plan. Knowing that you can make a loan, these are the next things that you should need. Read the following and learn the elements of a small hotel business plan:

Executive Summary

This is your first chance to showcase the best of your hotel. Make an introduction of your business plan purpose. Show how competitive your business is. Start with a simple strategic plan that can show your aims. Use some methodology for business planning. Start to develop the business plan through the executive summary. Make objectives for your small hotel business. Maybe you want to attract investors that can give you more capital. You have to focus on ideas and make your objectives firm. Define all of your objectives and know how you can track growth. Start to have benchmarks of how you can measure success.

Business Summary

The next thing is you have to give the company description. You should tell who you are. Describe your company and cite things that are unusual with your company that set it apart from your competitors. State good things about your company. You can tell a short company history and you can tell a good experience that you have encountered when building your business. Be clear when stating ownership. Mention your names and the date when you have created the business. Mention also the key advisors and other important members of your company. You can tell about your management or mention an organizational summary. You can better introduce your business if the readers will come to know you. Include a development plan and share how your business has grown.

Business Overview

Provide an overview of your business. Share the type of business that you have been doing. You can cite your competitive advantage. You should tell what makes your business unique. You can write about your secrets to success. Share the design of your property. Mention your programs that make your business successful. Cite the latest technology that you have been using. You can show how you control operational costs. List all the keys that make you successful.

Market Analysis

You should make a market analysis for you to know the trends in the market. You should know how you can control the factors that are affecting the market environment. There are certain market environments that you have to consider:

Competitive Analysis

You need to make a competitive analysis in your business plan. You should tell that you can keep up with all your competitors. Mention some of your competitors. Then, mention your ace from them. Cite things that make your hotel better than theirs. This way, you can show the good qualities of your hotel.

Advertising and Operational Strategy

There should be a marketing strategy in the small hotel business plan. You should know how you can market your services. You should make a product strategy and pricing strategy that can help you sell your services. Advertising strategy is a good effort for your business. By mere techniques, you can attract customers that can patronize your hotel. You just need to be good at pricing and providing the best service.

Financial Plan

Another thing that is important in the business plan for small resorts is the financial plan. Even with a small hotel business model, you have to analyze your financial projections and make a financial strategy so that you can handle your financials better. A good sales plan can be a part of the best financial plan. You have to ensure that you can get more profits than expenses. You need to make sure that many will get your services.

Tips on Small Hotel Business Plan

Are you searching for a small hotel business plan template or a small hotel business plan sample? Are you doing that because you need some tips that you can apply to your business plan? For you to know, we have some tips for you. Read the following:

Capital Planning: Planning is important when you are searching for capital. You may need millions of dollars to start a hotel. You have to know where you can get your money. You have to be skilled of how you can get investors. If you will not plan, you may not get the capital that you need. Starting a hotel is not a joke. You have to be serious about how you can accumulate all the capital that you need.Pick the Best Location: Realize that to have many customers, you have to place your hotel in a location that is accessible to people. You should pick the best location for your hotel. What is the use of your business if you will build a hotel and only a few can see it? Pick a location that is visited frequently and near to tourist attractions. This way, you can ensure regular customers.Great Business Plan: You should make your business plan great. By doing this, you can attract investors. If you will not make it great, the investors will get bored and will not read the whole business plan. You will lose the opportunity of having capital and expanding your business. Know that you have to exert some effort in writing it. You truly have to make it great. It should be impressive.E-commerce Strategy: Use e-commerce in your business. You should have a website. Hire a web designer that can make a great website for you. Present your best rooms on the website. Make special packages for bookings. Discounts can make customers buy from you. Then, be best in advertising your website. Many people should visit your site and see what you can offer.Provide the Best Services: Your services are the main point of your business. If your services are good, you can expect customers to buy from you. So, you have to provide the best services in the world. Make the amenities of your rooms complete. Get the best staff so that you can give the best support. Be sure that your small hotel business will get a good reputation of having a good service.

How to Start a Small Hotel Business

Do you need a hotel business plan example because you are about to start a small hotel business? Are you out of ways on how you can do it? Well, we can provide some steps that you can use in starting your small hotel business. They are the following:

  • Step 1: Start with a Plan

    Everything starts with a plan. It has no difference in starting a small hotel business. You have to plan first so that you will know what to do as you start running the business. A business plan can be the foundation of your business. It can direct your success and you will know the right time when you are going to launch your business. You will not have the opportunity to waste time. You will be definite of where you are heading and you will know that you are only chasing success. So, planning is necessary so that you will know all the steps that you should take.

  • Step 2: Make a Proposition

    A proposition is something that you can promise to the customers. Give them something that will make them buy your services. To make this possible, you should create a UVP (Unique Value Proposition). This can be a 10-20 minute read that can showcase what you can offer to customers. Be proud of your services. Make them attractive to the eyes of the consumers. Make a great presentation that can present it the best way. Make sure that after reading your UVP, the customers will want to avail your services.

  • Step 3: Make a Marketing Plan

    A marketing plan plays a great role in the small hotel business plan. Through the marketing plan, you can attract customers. In the marketing plan, you can use your vision statement and mission statement to let the customers know that you have good aims in your business. And of course, you have to use marketing techniques that can make your services attractive. You can use online or offline marketing, or online or offline advertising.

  • Step 4: Get Capital

    To start your hotel business, you first need to have enough capital that you can use in building it. There are certain ways on how you can raise capital. You can start having loans that can accumulate enough capital for a small hotel business. Or you can search for venture capitalists or investors that can grant you money that you can use. Whatever is your means of finding capital, be sure that you can gather enough so that by the time you will start, you will not experience any hindrances. You can make a budget plan so that you will be aware of all your expenses.

  • Step 5: Build the Small Hotel

    Then, start building your hotel. Get all the necessary permits and licenses to start building your hotel. Hire the best construction service that will construct your hotel. Consider construction services proposals so that you can hire the best. Hire a designer so that your hotel will be more elegant. Choose a design that can be comely with people of all ages.

  • Step 6: Hire Key Workers

    When your hotel is ready, you need to hire staff that can work for you. Get the best staff for your business. Be sure that they are all skilled. Train them before they will start working. It is better if you can hire key workers. They can give a good reputation to your hotel.

  • Step 7: Launch the Hotel

    When everything is done, you can launch your hotel. You can do it by having a press release. This can better introduce your hotel to the public. After that, you can open your hotel. Invite many people on your first day. It is the first day of your business. You should make it memorable.


How Large is the Market for Hotels?

IbisWorld has research that 74,372 hotels are in the market. It is generated by revenue of $166.5 billion. It grows annually with a rate of 4.7%.

How Do Hotels Get their Revenues?

Hotels generate their profits by making rentals with their rooms. A hotel guest can get the service of a room by staying there for a night or days, depending on their needs. The room is complete with amenities but has a considerable price that covers all the costs.

A small hotel business plan guides entrepreneurs so that they can generate more profits from their business. It can direct them to get more customers that will get their services. Do you need a template for a small hotel business plan? This post has 6+ SAMPLE Small Hotel Business Plan in PDF. If you need a template, it can give your need. You do not have to wait a minute more. Download now!