What is an Enterprise Sales Plan?

An enterprise sales plan is a document that contains the sales strategies of a for-profit company or an enterprise. It is a list of sales techniques that can be mapped out to achieve success in sales. It brings increase to revenues and growth for metrics that can improve sales. Together with a marketing mix, it brings the best profit that a company can have. Strategic marketing process can make its brand popular and a sales plan can ensure that customers will buy after the brand has been introduced to them. This plan in sales is the best process and action that can be done in any B2B company or SaaS firm in the industry. B2B SaaS sales process is important so that it can get its expected profits for a month or a year. B2B sales and B2B marketing should be given extra care because they are what can make the business successful. A sales plan can surely drive sales and it gives a view on how you can reach your business goals. It can be better than a marketing plan because its approaches are more direct. A marketing plan can help you to get your targets but a sales plan can ensure that your products can be bought by customers. It gives great control to your business. You can have a high revenue through a sales plan. You will have high-level tactics and you can overcome obstacles of your company through it. What can be better other than knowing that something can increase or ensure your profits? It is what a sales plan can do. Your company can be sure of success if it will have a sales plan.

Components of an Enterprise Sales Plan

Have you seen sales plan examples? Have you noticed that it has essential components? Well, an enterprise sales plan will not be successful unless it has all the complete components that it should have. Whether you are making an enterprise sales territory plan, enterprise sales account plan, enterprise sales compensation plan, or enterprise sales close plan, all of them should have complete components that can ensure that they will be effective. Read the following and learn the components of an enterprise sales plan:

Executive Summary

The executive summary of an enterprise sales plan is an overview of its content. It summarizes the goals and the strategies that need to be performed to achieve the target sales. It gives key information on how your company can come to potential investors. It can define a problem statement and show the solutions in overcoming this problem. It gives an idea of how your business can have the best potential to succeed. It shows projections, sales management, and sales cycle.

Mission Statement

The mission statement is the company mission that you should bring to life. It is accompanied by a vision statement that can show you the way how to achieve success. It can give background information about your company because it can reveal the core values of your company.  This is needed so that you will know how to direct your sales plan. You will have objectives to reach while ensuring that you are keeping the company’s values.

Prospecting Strategy

You should be aware of the qualified buyers that can help you to get sales. Make a checklist to know the criteria of how you can reach qualified buyers. A pre-screening can be done so that your sales representatives will not waste their time on unqualified customers. You should also know your target market. Write facts on how you can reach your target market. Make a description of the demographic that you are targeting and know that they can always change. Know things about your customers and know their struggles. Be aware if they belong to a specific industry.

Sales Team

An important component to your sales plan is the team management on sales. You should write the names of your sales team in the plan. Opposite their names, write their roles. Without your team, the sales plan will not work. Including them in the sales plan can get you all to be organized. You can also fill in the gaps in the roles if ever that happens.

Business Product

There should be a complete description of your products in the sales plan. The things about discounts, promos, and special packages are also written in it. They are important so that you can assess how you can sell the products better. You will know how to adjust the sales plan according to the prices. You can also assess how can your product be apt for immediate sales.

Target Revenue

The main reason for the sales plan is the target revenue. The enterprise sales cycle is all about it. Your enterprise sales skills should point to one thing. And that is to obtain the target revenue. Your company should reach the expected sales that are written in the sales plan. You need to be realistic in having the target revenue, though you can be optimistic to target a high revenue. Study the sales cycle carefully so that you can include an apt target revenue that is high but is possible for the sales team to achieve.

Performance Appraisal

This is a sales forecast of your company. You should have a list of your past sales so that you can assess how you can set a target revenue. Appraise the performance of your company. This way, you will know how to strategize and make techniques for you to increase your sales. You can also troubleshoot problems in the sales of your company. Through it, you can provide solutions so that you can improve your sales.

Competitor Analysis

There should be a competitor analysis in the sales plan. Name your competitors and examine their products. Know the prices of their products. This way, you can adjust the prices of your products so that they can be more competitive in the market. You should also know what your competitors are doing. Maybe they are doing something that you have not tried before. This is important so that you can keep to the latest techniques in sales. Your company cannot be left out of your competitors. You should be ahead of them and not behind.

Marketing Strategy

A marketing strategy goes together with the sales plan. Before you can apply your sales plan, you first need to have a target market that will patronize your product. It is only possible through a marketing strategy or a marketing plan. Through marketing, you can have promotions that can be implemented to give brand awareness. Your products will have visibility in the market and you can have good lead generation. Using marketing can amplify the success of your business.

Action Plan

An action plan is needed in the sales plan. It can make your goals and objectives possible. But do not make a complicated action plan. Create a simple action plan that can make you to manage your objectives. Make something that is easy for your team to achieve. Outline the action plan so that it will be easier for your team to implement it.

Strategy and Methodology

The most important part of the sales plan is the strategy that you are going to apply in your business. Provide a methodology that your team can follow. Enumerate the techniques that you will have so that you can drive sales. You can include already tested tactics and new tactics. Adjust the techniques to steps that will be easy for your team to follow.

Sales Budget

The purpose of the sales plan is to make more profits. So you need to balance everything in your financials. In executing the sales plan, you may have certain expenses to make it possible. You should provide a budget that can keep your sales plan working. Make a budget plan that will answer all the costs for the project. Set it as a sales budget that your team can spend to reach your sales objectives.

Performance Workflow

You should have a monitoring technique for your sales team. You should keep track of the pace of your success. Monitoring your team will let you know if your sales plan is effective or not. If it is not effective, you can adjust the sales plan. If it is effective, you need to ensure that your team is continually observing it. Keep track of your performance workflow so that you can make your sales plan effective always.

Tips on Enterprise Sales Plan

Are you going to make a strategy plan for enterprise sales? Do you need some tips on enterprise sales and operation planning? Aside from knowing the fundamentals of enterprise sales, you should have some techniques so that you can have a better enterprise sales plan. Read and consider the following tips:

Know Your Target Customer: For your sales plan to be effective, you must have complete knowledge of your target customers. You should know what they like and what will make them avail themselves more of your products. This way, you can adjust the sales plan according to their needs. If they are more likely to buy when there are discounts and promos, then you can create discounts and promos on your products. You must know their preference so that you can hit the possibility of making them buy your product always.Good Operational Process: Your sales team is the one that is going to execute the sales plan. But you should know that you need to have a good process in doing sales. When every member of the team knows what to do to drive more sales, you can be assured that they can fulfill the action plan of your sales plan. Let every member know the things that you should do to obtain your goals. Ensure that every process is done smoothly.Use Your Key Workers: Some people may have the best talent in sales. In this case, you should know how to use your key workers to the fullest of their potential. Make them lead the team because they have more enthusiasm than the others. Give them the work where you know they can use their best abilities. To have more key workers, you should start hiring the best talents. Or give the best training to your new hires so that they can be transformed into a very talented sales representative. Your workers are your key to your success sometimes. They are the ones who give efforts to bring profits to you.Good Communication: Good communication is needed so that you can build a good relationship with your customers. You need to take care of your customers so that they will keep on buying your products. One way that you can use is by sending them emails. You can ask them about their hobbies or their vacation so that you will know how to offer help to them. A good line of communication with customers will make them be loyal to your company. You will have a place in their hearts and they will patronize your products, seeing that they are dealing with nice people.

How to Create an Enterprise Sales Plan

Do you know an example of enterprise sales? Are you equipped in making it to have a great profit? Maybe you need a sales plan that can help you drive sales. The following can give you steps of how you can create an enterprise sales plan:

  • Step 1: Identify Your Goals

    Before creating a sales plan, you must first know your goals. If you will be aware of your goals, you will know what to reach for. A sample of a goal is a definite target revenue that you will want to achieve for a particular time. It is the usual goal of a sales plan. You should achieve a particular number of sales. Set a realistic goal. Set something that you know your company can achieve, given your sales team will give its best.

  • Step 2: Understand Your Customers

    The next thing is you have to consider your customers. Be familiar with the demographics that you are targeting. You should know how you can make them buy your products. Know things about them and their preferences.

  • Step 3: Identify Stakeholders

    Then you have to know who can make your sales plan possible. Know your sales team. You may have a manager or sales representative that will be the best for the work. You should assign every work in your action plan to your best worker that can do the job. This way, your sales plan will be effective.

  • Step 4: Use ROI Metrics

    Then you should know how to generate the best ROI (Return on Investment) in your company. You should provide some metrics so that you will generate more sales. Assess what can improve your revenue. Some effective metrics may have been used by other companies. Research and try some of them.

  • Step 5: Have the Best Offer

    To generate sales, you must be sure that your products are buyable by the customers. Do you have the best offer that can make any customer buy from you? You should have promos and discounts, or special packages that can attract customers. It is the best way how you can have many consumers.


How much is the average revenue of an enterprise?

The average revenue of an enterprise in the United States is $3.93 billion annually. The revenue differs according to the size of the enterprise and its product.

What are the benefits of an enterprise sales plan?

An enterprise sales plan can identify your target for the business. You can choose your sales strategies that can suit your target demographics. You can motivate your sales team and will help them to be focused on their work.

The main purpose of a company is to get profits. An enterprise sales plan is what can make it possible. You can generate sales for your business and you can have continuous customers that can buy your product. Do you want an enterprise sales plan template? This post has 6+ SAMPLE Enterprise Sales Plan in PDF. If you are in a sales team of an enterprise, it is your chance to have a free template. Download now!