What is a Church Event Proposal?

A church event proposal is a letter given to a church to propose an event that will take place in the ministry. It can be a sample of a church project proposal. This formal letter consists of church proposal ideas, suggesting a certain activity that can happen in the church. Many events can be suggested to a church. Some of them are Bible Day, Prayer Day, Worship Concert, Celebration for Occasions, and other Christian events that can make the church grow and its church members have fellowship. Events are important in a ministry because they kindle the faith of every attendee. They will have the chance to serve the Lord by dedicating themselves to participating in events. If a ministry has events, you can say that the fire of the Lord is with them. They are not a sleeping church that does not move when the Lord moves. So, events are a must to have. Church members should make plans to come up with events that can be given to the congregation. Because of this, a church event proposal is a must, too. Occasionally, you have to create a proposal so that you can suggest events for the ministry,

When an event needs funding, the church event proposal will ask for a grant. It can be given to stakeholders that can give sponsorship. Events have costs. As the people gather in a congregation, they use facilities and they need to be given food afterward. It is not a joke to feed the congregation. Sometimes, the attendees of a church are hundreds. Or if the church is big, its members can be more than a thousand. Events can be costly. Activities need materials to use. Without a grant, the event will not be possible. So, with this, the writer of the proposal needs to make a budget plan for it. He or she also has to give a good reason for the event that he or she is proposing. Anyway, when writing a proposal for a church event, we have to make sure that we can complete all of its elements. This way we know that we are not failing the church with the proposal. We will have a better chance that the event that we are proposing will be favored.

Elements of a Church Event Proposal

Before you make fundraising for your proposed event for the church, you should first know how you can write your proposal. Find a sample proposal letter to a church and you may find its elements. Whether you are already an event planner or a new member of the church who is new in proposing events, you must make sure that your proposal will contain all the important components. Read the following and know the elements of a church event proposal:

Cover Letter

In any proposal, a cover letter is important. Whether you are aspiring for a job or a grant, the cover letter can tell your purpose. It is the best way on how you can relay what you want to say. You can include a summary of what is included in your proposal in the cover letter. The cover letter will give you the first impression so you have to make it great. Talk professionally and give respect even at the start of your cover letter.

Executive Summary

Whatever you have written in the cover letter, you can expand in the executive summary. Like the cover letter, you have to make it great. Give a summary of what your proposal is all about. But you have to know that the executive summary should be precise. State the positivity of the event that you are thinking about. Explain how it can show the passion for the ministry. You can state the necessity of the event by telling a story. Through this, the reader will not be bored with your executive summary.

Need Statement

There should be a statement of need in the church event proposal. You should tell why the event is needed and what problems it can address. Through this, you can tell the importance of the event and the readers will know why they should accept your proposal. It is because the event will be so beneficial to all the church members. It is an event that can be memorable for the ministry.

Event Objectives

You have to mention the goals for the event. Maybe you want your church members to have better fellowship. Maybe you want to strengthen the faith of every attendee. State the objectives that you can achieve by attending the event. Through this, you can show that the event is meaningful and it is something that the church members should not miss.

Budget Information

Whether the event will be needing the funds of the church or whether it will be needing a grant, you have to set a budget for your proposal. Events surely need funds that can be spent for all the expenses needed for it. Prepare a budget plan for the proposal. You have to tell a particular budget that you are requesting for facilitating the event.

Event Theme

Mention a theme for the event. It may be about a particular story in the Bible. It may be about strengthening the ministry. A theme will be good so that audiences will know what your event will be for. They will also know the possible things that may happen in your event. They can share your success with the event just by reading the proposal. Through this, you may get their interest to approve your proposal.

Event Strategy

With the event strategy, you will mention some things that can be the solutions to the need statement. You should tell how you can address the problem. Enumerate the solution by telling some strategies that you can do. Tell how the event can provide the solution to the problem. This means that you have to state the good things that your event can give.

Evaluation Plan

You should include an evaluation plan in the proposal. Evaluate the event that you are planning. State how important it is. You can tell its benefits and its advantages. Explain how each church member can benefit from the event if they will attend. State also and show that the event is carefully planned.

Event Marketing

There should be a church event marketing plan in the proposal. Many people can attend the event and you should know how you will advertise it. A marketing plan can ensure that the church members will be excited about it. It can make people want to attend the event more. Their attendance is essential to the event. You should not host an event that no one wants to attend.

Organizational Chart

It will be good if you can mention your organizational background. Include a Detailed organizational chart in your proposal. You must let the readers know how people can participate in your event. You must mention how all things will be organized.

Event Activities

Enumerate all the activities that you will have for the event. These activities are what can make the event exciting. They can make the church members be encouraged to attend the event. You should make all the activities to be fun. But remember also that these activities should nourish the faith of the church members and should glorify the Lord.

Food Plan

Like in the Word, when people are doing the work of the Lord, afterward, they hunger. It is still true up to these days. After the congregation has done something, they need to be fed. So, you need to make a food plan for the proposal. A certain amount of money will be needed for the food and you have to mention a food plan that will be the reason for this budget.

Tips on Church Event Proposal

Are you looking for a church event proposal template or church event proposal sample because you are about to create a church event proposal and you want to make it better? Do you need some tips that you can use for it? Well, read the following and consider these tips on church event proposals:

Monthly Calendar: A calendar can help you in scheduling the event that you have to create for the church. Use a large calendar and monitor your monthly celebrations. Through this, you may come up with the best events that you can use for your proposal. You will be reminded of the special occasion with each month and you can think of any possible events for them.Budget Planning: Planning is important for the budget that you will need for the event. You must plan the budget first before creating the proposal. Know all the expenses that can be associated with the event that you will be proposing. Calculate all your needs for the event. It is better that you plan first the budget so that you will not find yourself lacking in the event.Get Volunteers: To save money that you can spend for the event, you can recruit volunteers. It can lower the budget and you have a better chance for your proposal to be accepted because you are only requesting a small amount. Volunteers can help a lot to the event. They can do the work without payment. And sometimes, they are more dedicated than ordinary workers because they serve from the heart. Especially, the church volunteers. They came to serve the Lord so you can be assured that you can get good works from them.Give Attention to Details: To be sure that you will not miss anything on the proposal, you must be meticulous with all the details. Carefully plan everything. Consider a food plan and know firsthand how you can make decorations for the event. Set prizes if you are going to hold activities of games. Ensure that the seat accommodations will be perfect. If you will be a fundraiser, be sure that the products that will be on sale will be taken care of. Make sure that there will be facilities for the entertainment and the needed furniture will be supplied. All of these things, you need to mention in the proposal so you have to make a plan for all of them.Good Advertising: You should know how you can advertise the event better. You can mention the ways on how you can do this. You can use church bulletins, website announcements, social media advertisements, flyers, posters, radio advertisements, TV advertisements, or press releases. It is important to advertise the event so that more people can attend it. The Gospel must be preached and more people should know it. The event is one good way to achieve this purpose. Do not waste the opportunity.

How to Create a Church Event Proposal

Do you already know How To Write A Proposal For A Church Project? Are you aware of how to write a ministry proposal? A proposal for a church event may seem challenging to write. Maybe you need some steps that you can follow. Consider the following:

  • Step 1: Make an Overview

    First, you should make an overview. State what your proposal is all about. There are two ways on how you can state this thing. You can write a cover letter and an Executive Summary. Well, both of these things are needed in the proposal. Make an excellent cover letter and executive summary. The readers should be impressed with how you will introduce the event that you are thinking of. Be a great storyteller in providing an overview.

  • Step 2: Statement of Purpose

    After the overview, you must include a Statement Of Purpose. You must tell the purpose of the event. The audience needs to know that you have good objectives for the event. They must know that the church will benefit so much from the event. You can better tell the statement of purpose if you will also include a need statement and solutions for this need. It can show that the event is meaningful and can solve problems in the ministry.

  • Step 3: Event Description

    Next, you have to give an exact description of the event. State how many people are you expecting to attend this event. State how huge it will be. Mention your organizational chart. Do not forget to state your budget or the budget that you need. List also the facilities and furniture that you are needing for the event. And of course, cite what kind of event will it be. Mention a theme for the event so that the readers can have an idea about the event.

  • Step 4: List Activities

    The event will not be complete if it does not have activities. List all the activities that can happen in the event. Mention the tasks that are included with these activities. Remember that all the tasks must be something that can strengthen the faith of the church members. Be sure that they can learn something from the activities. It should make them more dedicated to the ministry. Though, be sure that all activities will be fun.

  • Step 5: Marketing Strategy

    You need to create some strategies for the event. Make a marketing plan and an Advertising Plan. You should know that you have to convince the reader that there will be many people that will attend the event. So present a good marketing plan that can ensure that people will be excited about the event. An advertising plan, however, can ensure that many people can see that you are having an event and they can be possible attendees.


Why are Events Necessary in a Ministry?

Events have activities that can nourish the faith of the church members. They can also have continuous fellowship by having events. Fellowship is important in a ministry. By celebrating occasions, church members can become closer and can more feel that they are brothers and sisters in Christ.

What is a Congregation?

A congregation is a group of people that are gathered for spiritual things. Usually, they are together for worship. When church members are gathered in an event, they are called a congregation.

There are always events that will take place in a ministry. It is because church members need to have fellowship and share their faith. Events in a church are good. It can strengthen our faith and we can do something for the Lord. It is one way of serving in the ministry. Anyway, do you need a template for church event proposal? This post has 18+ SAMPLE Church Event Proposal in PDF. You can download anytime you need a template to use in creating a church event proposal!