42+ Sample Concept Proposals

What Is a Concept Proposal?

A concept proposal is a formal proposal that outlines the various aspects and also explains the concept or idea of a particular subject. The term concept proposal is pretty broad and it can encompass different fields and disciplines- such as business, design and project management.

According to academic research platform Academia, there are four basic types of concepts. These are perceptual concepts; abstract concepts; relational and associated concepts; and complex concepts.

Examples of Concept Proposals

There are different types of concept proposals. As stated earlier, the term is broad and can be applicable to multiple areas. The following describe some common examples of concept proposals. 

Business Concept Proposal. A business concept proposal is a common type of concept proposal. Whether you are an aspiring entrepreneur or you simply want to generate a small business on the side for additional income, a business concept proposal is helpful as it can help you clarify your objectives and see if the business is feasible enough. It can likewise be a helpful guide or map as to which direction to take. Coming up with a business idea can be a spontaneous stroke of genius or it can be a product of years of research and commitment. But nonetheless, if you have a viable business idea or concept, creating a concept proposal can be a practical step in turning the idea into a reality. Lastly, a business concept proposal can often be confused with a business proposal. But normally, a business concept paper or proposal is not as lengthy or detailed as a formal business proposal. Event Concept Proposal. An event concept proposal is a tool that can help your events materialize. If you have a vision for how an event will unfold, it might be helpful to gather all your ideas and put it together in an event concept proposal. This is especially useful for event organizers, event planners, or event coordinators. You can have a promising concept or idea of an event, but it can remain just an idea if you don’t take the steps to make it happen. Thus, concept proposals have a lot of planning and strategizing involved. It is about taking a concept and finding ways to implement or apply it in actuality. An event concept proposal is also essentially a pitch to clients. It can help the client better understand the background or specifics of the organizer’s vision for the event. Design Concept Proposal. Another type of concept proposal is a design concept proposal. Just like the term concept, design is also a broad term. Creating a design concept proposal could mean product design, architectural design, or even art. There are many elements in design. Having a concept proposal can help break down these various elements and help the client or customer understand the direction or even origin of the design. For most people, design matters as long as it works and it fulfills a function. However, for those involved in the creation and production phase of design, there is a whole process and system involved in it. A lot of research, trial-and-error, and experimentation go into coming up with the right design. A clear example of this would be product design. Product testing is a standard step in the design process to ensure the product is fit for the market and ready for consumer use. Fundraising Concept Proposal. A fundraising concept proposal is another example of a concept proposal that is primarily focused on obtaining support and donations. Charities, foundations, and non-government organizations are known to hold fundraising events. But any kind of group, community, or organization can engage in fundraising. The concept of fundraising is pretty simple. Individuals and groups seek sponsorship and support from donors, patrons, benefactors and the general public. Support can be expressed in a number of different ways- it can be monetary, in-kind, manpower, or even in the form of one’s time. A fundraising concept proposal basically provides a clear-cut summary of the various objectives, methodologies, and other information that may be relevant to prospective donors and other stakeholders.

Tips for Writing a Concept Proposal

If you want to create an impactful concept proposal, it does not only need to be well-written and well-researched. It should also have a clear purpose and direction. Keep in mind these simple tips the next time you’re tasked to craft a concept proposal. 

Be Specific. Like any proposal, it is important to provide specific information. A proposal that is too general or ambiguous can end up not being as effective. Whatever the objective of your concept proposal, whether it is to pitch a new product or launch an event, make sure to use specific examples and precise language. For instance, if you need to include a budget in your business concept proposal, specify the figures and give a clear summary of the projected expenses. If your project concept proposal contains a timeline, cite specific dates and time frames. Being detailed and specific in your proposal also has a practical advantage because it helps prepare you for potential questions, in case there is a need to defend your proposal. Strengthen your Argument. Since it is a concept proposal, there still must be an element of persuasion. To propose or persuade, you need to find ways to build or strengthen your argument. If you want to add credibility to your arguments, the easiest way is to use existing research to back up your claims. Of course, the research or related literature must come from credible sources. It is important to cite evidence only from dependable and trustworthy sources. Anything that can help boost your arguments such as government statistics, science-backed figures, or professional opinions can add luster to your proposal. Break it Down. It is also important to keep your audience in mind when creating a concept proposal. You need to picture how the reader might interpret or respond to the proposal. You don’t want to burden the reader by over-complicating things. Keep your concept proposal informative but at the same time, reader-friendly. If the concept itself is quite complex or has multiple layers, you can simplify it by breaking down the different ideas or terminologies. Breaking it down to simpler concepts can be helpful, practical, and accessible. Defining the terms and explaining the meanings of some complex ideas can make it easier for the reader to grasp the overall concept. As much as possible, try to keep the concepts easy to digest for the reader.

How to Create a Concept Proposal

A lot of planning and preparation are involved in creating a concept proposal. And if you are short on time or just need additional help to start your concept proposal, there are free editable templates above to get you started. Just choose one that suits your needs and follow the instruction guide below.   

Step 1: Summary or Introduction

The first section in a concept proposal is the summary or abstract. Most proposals start with a summary so as to give the reader a preview of what to expect in the concept proposal. When writing the summary, only include the main points and the most important ideas in the proposal. Alternatively, you can also start with an introduction. Since it is still considered a formal proposal, you may begin with an introduction. Keep it brief but substantial enough that your audience has an idea of what’s to come. Avoid going beyond a few paragraphs for your introduction. You want to be able to hook the reader with an interesting intro but also propel them to move on to the next section.  

Step 2: Objectives

The next step is to establish the objectives of your concept proposal. It is important to set a viable goal or at least provide some direction. Your objective or objectives will set the overall tone of the concept paper or proposal. Whether it is a project concept proposal, an event concept proposal, or a product concept proposal, having a set objective will help keep your focus and attention on what truly matters. This section should be short and straight to the point. You can list your objectives bullet points or number them accordingly, depending on the format you choose. Lastly, the objectives must be realistic and attainable. What’s the point of setting goals if they are unattainable?   

Step 3: Advantages

After establishing your concept proposal’s objectives, the next step is crafting an argument for your concept. This section is crucial because it is where you get the chance to present the concept as feasible or viable. Explain in detail the different benefits or advantages of your product, event, business, or project. You can also cite the different resources or related literature to further strengthen your claims. You can describe the methodologies used or provide a background of the concept. Any of these have the potential to help boost your argument. You don’t even have to limit yourself to just text. You can incorporate visuals into your concept proposal as well- graphs, images, figures, etc. 

Step 4: Timeline

The last step in creating a basic concept proposal is to set a timeline. Establishing a timeline is part of the implementation or execution phase. If you want your concept proposal to materialize, then you need to have a plan in motion. A realistic timeframe or even just tentative due dates should suffice. Another advantage of having a timeline is that you can track and monitor your progress as you go along. You will be able to know if you are on track, behind schedule, or if you have to modify your timeline in order to accommodate changes in plans.       


How do you write a concept proposal?

To write a concept proposal, you need to have a clear objective, a strong argument on your chosen topic, and a realistic timeline on how to implement the proposal.

What is the difference between a concept paper and a proposal?

A concept paper can be considered a shortened version of a proposal since a formal proposal is much longer and usually more comprehensive.

Is a concept paper a full proposal?

A concept paper is more of an initial proposal that is normally submitted before a full proposal.

Creating a concept proposal is so much easier and convenient when you have a predesigned template to use as a reference guide. Browse the wide selection of printable sample templates above, select one that suits your needs, and create your own concept proposal today!