What Is a Hotel Proposal?

Statista defines that in recent years, an increasing number of individuals around the world have begun to regard travel as an essential element of their lives. A hotel proposal is a document created by hotel managers in response to a potential opening of an establishment, to cater to those who want to stay at the hotel or to arrange an event at the said hotel. A hotel proposal should include all of the information a potential customer needs to book your hotel, including processes and pricing. The most important thing is to persuade the client that your place is the best fit for their needs. Continue reading the article to gain hotel proposal ideas.

Efficient Hotel Packages

Hotel marketing covers a wide range of subjects, skills, and techniques that you should be familiar with if you want to maximize the success of your hotel. You can ensure that your visitors and potential clients are influenced by your brand by developing an efficient hotel marketing strategy. You can focus on building packages that will keep your guests coming back for more, in addition to an appealing Website with excellent online reviews and fantastic content that will lure your target audience. Give this curated list a read to find out what hotel proposal packages are missing in your establishment.

Ready-Made Itineraries: Every vacation or holiday should be stress-free. The hassle of organizing a trip, on the other hand, can often be quite the opposite. You can build customized holiday packages that include museum tickets, restaurant specials, and other offerings to assist relieve your guests’ stress and expedite the entire preparation process. Your guests will not only save time, but they will be grateful that you have made it easier for them to plan their trip.Host a Tasting Event: You can arrange a tasting and encourage people to participate and experience the exceptional delicacies. This is a unique package that you can offer if you want to expand your hotel’s list of potential customers such as through a particular kind of wine, a certain local recipe, etc. You may do the same thing with your conference room slots. You may host a lunch for local business owners to give them an opportunity to see your facility or the Services you provide. This might be combined with special incentives for guests that stay at your hotel to make the deal even sweeter.Celebrations: Keep an eye on the calendar for celebrations, holidays, and other noteworthy days. You can provide special discounts to your clients by creating packages like Easter, summer holiday, Halloween, Christmas, or New Year’s Eve. Since there is a sentimental attachment and excellent memories associated with staying at your hotel, you may boost the number of bookings and make additional cash from your property this way. You will find that guests will appreciate it more when your hotel’s decorations correspond to the various holidays.Develop a Loyalty Program: A loyalty program is a powerful tool for encouraging clients to return to your business. You can choose from a variety of client loyalty techniques; the key is to make the rewards worthwhile. Instead of employing a typical point system, you might offer gift cards, rebates, or charitable donations to your customers when they make a reservation with you. This isn’t a package in and of itself, but it can help ensure that your guests remember you when they are seeking a place to stay in the area.Include Employee Promotions: Employees should be included in any upcoming promotions. Modern travelers are fascinated by what or who is happening behind the scenes. This can be accomplished in a variety of ways, including live streaming on social media networks or generating images or movies that highlight your personnel and what they do to make your guests happy. An exploration for your guests, in which they get to experience a regular day in the life of a hotel employee, or access to a specific region of the hotel that is generally not open to the public, is one example of this particular package.Early Bird Discounts: Though this method may not appear to be particularly inventive, it is an efficient way to win your guests’ loyalty when they book early. When customers book early enough in advance, you could, for example, offer them free breakfast, room upgrades, or a complimentary drink upon arrival. If you promote this package on your website or Social Media, make sure to clarify that it will end when supplies, rooms, or other specifics last or if there is a certain duration of when it would end.Utilize Social Media: You may use social media to communicate with your customers and display your services in greater depth. It enables you to share photographs or videos of your property with visitors, potentially resulting in increased bookings. You may also use social media to distribute discount codes or hold a competition where the winner receives a special package or stay at your hotel.

Essential Hotel Amenities

Before we get into our list of unique features, we want to make sure that each hotel includes the essentials. These features used to be a major selling point for hotels, but they are now standard. Simply expressed, customers expect these products to be easily available and free of charge when they stay at a hotel. You can make use of this list to increase the number of potential guests you will gain through the addition of amenities you will offer. Think of this list as additional assistance like a hotel proposal example would in presenting ideas for the contents.

Free Meals: Guests desire to save money and have the convenience of making their own meal or having breakfast delivered right to their door. Hotels may compete on the breakfast front by offering some form of complimentary breakfast option, whether it’s a continental buffet or a sit-down hot meal since most short-term rentals include kitchens. Sometimes, it could also be considered to offer promotions for other meals within the day.Free WiFi Internet Access: Free WiFi is increasingly becoming an amenity that customers expect and do not want to pay for. The lack of free WiFi can be a deal-breaker for some guests. The more top-tier you want your hotel to be, the more offers you will hand to the guests. That goes without saying that you can also allow visitors to watch their favorite TV shows on your hotel’s TVs via streaming platforms like Netflix or Hulu.Free Parking: Parking is a leading reason for guests and customers to compete with short-term rentals. Some short-term rentals include a parking spot, so if your hotel charges for parking, that’s another motivation for guests to choose another kind of vacation lodging. It’s a good idea to do some more research on Short-Term Rentals in your area to see what the current parking patterns are. The more luxurious your hotel is, the more valet parking will be expected.Gym or Fitness Center: Nowadays, travelers don’t want to miss out on their training regimen, therefore even if your hotel does not have its own fitness center, lower prices at a neighboring fitness facility will be appreciated. This amenity would not always be available for other types of hotels such as bed and breakfast style or a motel that only accommodates for a specific number of hours.VIP Shopping at Local Merchants: If you are a luxury hotel with a concierge, then it is expected that you should already have excellent souvenirs or areas to dine in; if not, it’s time to start adding them. Create a personalized regional coupon book to save money and encourage guests to dine or purchase locally. This doesn’t have to be a solo initiative; collaborate with local companies to create a community coupon book with Restaurant specials, store discounts, a free fitness class, or savings on tours and activities. It’s a win-win situation for your hotel, your guests, and your partner businesses.

How to Write a Hotel Proposal

This is the section of the article where a guide will show you how to prepare a business proposal for hotel management. If you are new to the industry, then it is more than normal that you will encounter challenges or confusion throughout the process. To best avoid that, it is recommended that you utilize the hotel proposal template prepared for you. Not only will this save you time, but you can also focus on other more important aspects of preparing a hotel proposal.

  • 1. Executive Summary

    This part commonly consists of defining two main parts including the mission statement which is often found in the introduction section. Don’t forget to include the company description simply to state the essence of your hotel. It explains why you are in business or which significant need you are solving that currently is not being met. This is followed by the Objectives which are the specifics of what you hope to accomplish throughout the operation of your hotel.

  • 2. Company Analysis

    The next section will lay out more detailed pieces of information on the unique selling points of your hotel concept. In order to gain strategic insight, a business study must be comprehensive. The company analysis, as a detailed study of an organization, provides insight on how to streamline procedures and improve revenue potential. This will also persuade investors or the employees to see where the direction you want your business to end up.

  • 3. Industry and Competition Analysis

    This section will state information on current industry developments, market conditions, as well as how they will affect your hotel. This is necessary since investors want to know that you have a thorough understanding of the hotel industry. This serves as the foundation for judgments such as which trends and advancements to pursue. An examination of your local or worldwide concept competitors, including their strengths, flaws, occupancy rates, and market share through SWOT Analysis is advisable. And don’t forget the most vital aspect, specify what sets you apart from the competition.

  • 4. Strategic Plan

    The proposal would not be complete without the strategic plan, oftentimes this section will include three parts. Marketing is crucial in helping businesses increase bookings and income. It is the most common way for hoteliers to express their key marketing proposition and brand values to potential customers. Most hotel distribution tactics aim to raise exposure among your target guests, resulting in more bookings. Make sure your distribution plan is in line with your sales goals and data. Revenue management assists hotels in reducing costs by better managing resources according to their needs. This allows properties to make the most of their resources while eliminating unnecessary expenses.

  • 5. Management Team

    Concentrate on what makes you uniquely qualified to make your hotel a success. A clear description of the extra value everyone contributes to the table will impress stakeholders, and having a great team is the key to success. This section is where you are able to highlight your team’s biographies. A chance to market your hotel as a healthy working environment is to demonstrate that you value training and improvement. It is unquestionably beneficial to implement Employee Training sessions in proper customer service techniques as it not only benefits them but also your hotel.

  • 6. Financial Plan

    Provide the hotel’s initial startup costs or capital Investment, ongoing business costs, operational expenses, and five-year income estimates. Your hotel feasibility should always be used to calculate these statistics. Expected occupancy, average daily rate, and revenue per available room are some of the KPIs to consider. If you are raising funds, have a plan for how much money you will need and when you will need it. Explain how you plan to give investors a return on their investment or when loans will be paid back.


What is the best way to define a hotel concept?

A hotel concept brings together the numerous parts of hotel management into a coherent and appealing whole. It defines what a hotel looks like, what services it offers, how it promotes and markets itself, and how its personnel interacts with guests, starting with its distinctive story. It is best to keep your ideas organized through a hotel design proposal to help you keep track of all your intentions and bring them into reality.

What entices guests to stay at a hotel?

To keep their target audience interested, hotels frequently provide discounts or special promotions. These are usually promoted through social media, but they can also be promoted through pop-ups on the hotel’s website. Offers or discounts, on the other hand, aren’t the only ways to keep your audience interested. If you missed the lists above, then review the contents of the hotel packages and hotel amenities you can include to draw in more customers.

What services do the top hotels provide?

They offer the convenience of living in the heart of the city while maintaining the views, services, calmness, and tranquility that you expect from an ideal hotel. Luxury spa therapies, dining options such as restaurants and cafes, beverages at the bar, fitness centers, and a variety of well-designed rooms and suites are all available at their hotels.

It is an unspoken truth that opening a hotel will require all the effort you can put into the planning and execution phases. No matter the interest, at the end of the day, you can’t immediately start one without a thorough plan. This is why having a hotel proposal will help you to keep all the ideas in one organized document so you won’t have to undergo heavy revisions later on.