This proposal is sent to the donors if ever they will be good enough to give sponsorship form for the health projects. Health projects are costly, from alcohol to injections, it really needs some donor to fund it. So, facilitators of health projects have to be equipped in having health project proposal ideas so they can gather funds for their advocacies. In this article, you will learn some things about health project proposal. You will know its components and you will have some tips for it. You will also know how to write a health project proposal. Do you think these can help you? Well, be relaxed and read further!

What is a Health Project Proposal?

A health project proposal is a document that expresses an interest to hold a project about health. It is a kind of grant writing. Health projects can be expensive and will only be possible through sponsorships. Whatever it is, whether about mental health, nutrition, research, wellness, or others, materials and resources that are used in these projects requires a lot of budget that needs funding. That is where the proposal comes in. It enables an organization or NGOs to gather funds that they can use. There are different kinds of health project proposals. Some of them are mental health project proposal, school health project proposal, environmental health project proposal, health center project proposal, health and wellness project proposal, health promotion project proposal, health education project proposal, health and sanitation project proposal, and health awareness project proposal. The proposal will be sent to the medical committee so that they can be convinced to give a grant for the health project. Without the grant proposal, a project could just be hanging somewhere. The proposal is what can mobilize it as it needs a budget that only board of investors can give. So, organizations should have the skills in making a proposal so that they can gather the funds that they need. A proposal is an important part of their health projects.

Components of a Health Project Proposal

Before writing a health related project proposal or a public health project proposal, you must first know the components that it consists. It is vital so that you can construct the proposal well. Its content will be complete and will not be lacking. Here are the components of a health project proposal:


This is the most essential part of a health project proposal. You should give the proposal the best title that it could have. The abstract can be half a page or even a page if you will have more things to say in a summary. But 1 page should be its maximum length. You should make subheadings and you should highlight the topic sentence. Remember that you have to make the abstract great because it is what can captivate the interest of the readers. Be sure to include the whole description of the project in the abstract. In just a few words, describe what your health project is all about.

Need Statement

You have to tell the matter that you are addressing and why it is important. State who will benefit from it. You should also show your knowledge for the project. You have to make a statement of the problem that can provide help for a health issue. Tell why it has not been addressed before and what you can do for it in the present. Cite who has been working in that kind of field and what have they done for it. Give an evidence that you will not duplicate their work.


This is the method that you are going to use to address the need statement. Methodology is the approach that you can do for the situation. Tell all the health activities that you will do, and who are going to do them. Give a timeline for all the activities. You can use tables and charts to illustrate them. You can convey comprehensive information with a few space. Tell the results that you can achieve and the things that it can change. State why is your organization the best to do the proposed idea. You can also tell of a project that you have successfully completed before. It can make your proposed idea to seem relevant to the things that you have already achieved.


The evaluation should be qualitative and quantitative. Give feasibility to your health project. You must use assessment for the success of the project. Make an outline for the methodology in a clear manner.


You should have a dissemination with your goals and objectives. Give a description for your sample strategy in communication. You have to be resourceful and creative.


Make a budget narrative. You can show it in table form. Introduce the sources that needs funding. Tell how the health project can be funded. Consider all the policies of the health committee.

Tips on Health Project Proposal

Are you searching for a health project proposal template or a public health project proposal template that can help you in making a proposal? Do you need some tips that you can use so you can have a better proposal? Well, here are some tips that you can consider:

Make a project plan. While you are making a project plan, you can answer some questions that can be useful for you as you make the proposal. The planning phase can give you ideas for the possible donors that can help you. You will know if your organization will be eligible for the criteria of the board of investors. You can have an idea of the problems that can be tackled in the proposal. You will know who will be involved in writing the proposal. You will be aware of many things that you cannot know if you will not make a project plan. Planning is always good, and it can give benefits to writing a proposal.Know the donor and what they like. To make things more simple for you, you need to have an idea about the donor. You should know what they are looking for in a proposal. It is good for you to make a research about them so that your proposal can coincide to the things that they like or approve for. You will have an idea on how you can talk to them and how you can convince them to agree to your proposal. A little background statement of research will really do you good. You can have a clue on how your proposal can be accepted.Make your team work. You do not need to burden yourself with writing the whole proposal. You can get your team to cooperate with you. Assign each section to each team members. Just be sure that each team members has good writing skills and technical knowledge needed in writing the proposal. If you want, your team can make sections of the proposal and you can pick the best one that your team can produce. You will have a great choice and you can create the best proposal for your organization.Refer to winning proposals. One of the best tip that you can do is to read other proposals. Choose the winning proposals and refer to it. You can pattern your proposal to the winning proposals that you can read. Of course, you can have some points on how you can also make a winning proposal. Use those points as you make your own proposal. Structure your proposal according to the terminology and language that usually wins the hearts of the donors.Select the best project title. You have to make a title that will show the essence of your project. This title should be compelling and should capture the heart of the board of investors. At first glance, it is your title that matters. You can easily capture the attention of the donor. The donor can grasp the importance of your health project through the title. It will tell the goodness of your project and its essentiality.Make a good structure for the proposal. The format of your proposal is an important thing. You have to give the best format that can make your proposal to look good and comprehensible. If the agency does not provide a template that you can use in formatting, you can search for a proposal template that you can use on the internet. It will help you to make your proposal to look better.Give innovative ideas. You have to introduce some great ideas for the project. Innovative ideas can make the donor to consider your proposal because it is something good. It is not some boring old stuff that they usually encounter. Projects need to be innovative so you have to be a little creative in having health projects. You can show that your project is useful for the present age and that it can help many in a great way.Make a great executive summary. Because the executive summary is very important, you should have to make a great one. Sometimes, the donors first look at the executive summary. If it is the only thing that they can look for, you must be sure that it is well taken cared of. If you can rely for the executive summary, you must ensure that it is great. That it is something that can make the donor to read your whole proposal. That it will be something that can give an initial interest to the donor to accept your proposal.Do not boast your accomplishments. You must show that you are capable of success, but you must not be proud of your accomplishments. It may give a negative impression for you. You must stay humble because you might never know what the donor will think of you. It is better that you will do the right thing so that you will not lose your chance.

How to Write a Health Project Proposal?

Do you need to write a health care project proposal but you do not know how to do it? Do you need some guide in writing it? Well, here are some steps that you can use in writing a health project proposal:

Step 1: Make a statement of purpose.

First, you need a purpose statement. You must state the validity of your project. Tell how important it is and what it is for. Purpose is important so that the donor will know where their money can go. If they will see that it is for a good cause, they might be convinced to give you the project. So, state your purpose so the donor will know what you are up to.

Step 2: Define the research.

Next, you have to introduce a research in your proposal. You can answer the following questions:

Step 3: Provide a methodology.

You should give a hypothesis or some questions about the project. Tell how each variables coincide with each other. You must have a complete procedure in gathering all the data. Give time estimates and a concrete design for the project. Tell how you will analyze information. Measurements are also important. The methodology should be something that will state how your health project can be done. What resources do you need? What can make your projects possible? You can also tell who can be involved with the health project so that the donor will have an idea on how the project can be done. It is better that the donor will know how your project can evolve and how it will going to be accomplished. Cite the details that can describe the execution of the project. It can make your project clearer to the donors. They will not have a vague guess on how you can accomplish your project.

Step 4: Make a conclusion.

You should tell the possible results of your health project. You can provide possible findings or conclusions that you can gather. Even up to the conclusion, you have to convince the board of investors that you have a great project ahead of you and that they will not waste their money on you. You can provide citation resources at the end of the conclusion.


Is it Essential to Know the Donor First Before Sending the Proposal?

Yes, it is essential. If you are sending a health project proposal to an agency who gives funding only to people with disability, how can you get a grant? You must first make sure that you are on the right track. Be sure that you are sending a proposal to a donor that can give a grant to your particular health project. Through this, you will not waste your efforts.

What is a Project Rationale?

A project rationale is the description of the problems in community and how you can address this problem. Through this, you can convince the donor that your project is a good one, something that can benefit the society. You can make the donor know that you can provide solutions for this problem through your health project.

Health projects are meaningful projects that can help the society regarding health. There is no question that these projects should be funded. Sponsorship is a great way that can help an organization with all their health projects just by giving a health project proposal. Do you have an organization that needs this thing? This post can provide a template for you. It has 13+ SAMPLE Health Project Proposal In PDF. All the templates can help you in making a proposal for your health project. What are you waiting for? Download now!