50+ Sample Conference Presentation Proposal

What is a Conference Presentation Proposal?

A conference presentation proposal is a significant written document that presents clear goals, objectives, and plans about your proposed presentation for a particular conference or event. This is a beneficial tool that describes the overall purpose of the proposed presentation and highlights its significance or value to the audience. It  includes a thesis statement as it appeals to your target audience so that your proposed conference will get an approval. 

According to several reports, 85% of marketers considered attendee satisfaction as a success factor and 55% of virtual event organizers are planning to invest more in virtual events especially during these pandemic times. Measuring attendee satisfaction through capturing live social media activity, post-event online buzz, real-time written feedback and post-event surveys is important when you are managing a conference presentation. While virtual events like webinars, virtual conferences, and internal hybrid events are currently the trend and becoming integral in everyone’s businesses. Thus, if you are currently developing a specific conference presentation for your work and other business ventures, the first thing you need to do is prepare an effective conference presentation proposal for your unique conference presentation.

Different Types of Conference Presentation Proposals

<46% of presenters feel that the most challenging part of creating a successful presentation is crafting a compelling story based on a published report. If you are having difficulties in coming up with an effective narrative that goes well both for your data and for your audience, do your best in finding the common ground with your audience by using an audience needs map. Write a narrative that really captivates what your audience prefers, feel afraid of, dream about and many others. However, there are eclectic forms of conference presentations in various fields and industries. Below are different types of conference presentation proposals:

1. Art Education Association Conference Presentation Proposal

The book Lingering with the Works of Ted T. Aoki stated about attending and discerning several virtual events like the National Art Education Association (NAEA) Annual Convention which was held last March 4-7, 2021 during the COVID-19 pandemic. It attracted over 4,500 visual arts and design education professionals as it created an online community. The first presentation in the event is the 2020 Higher Educator of Year Award Lecture given by Rita Irwin on March 4, 2021. She held a copy of Curriculum in a New Key in her hands and spoke of Aoki’s impact on her thinking. The lecture then moved to a contemplation on a/r/tography. The second presentation is a panel discussion entitled Arts-Based Research and the Ruin of Art Education Scholarship in Higher Education? The scope of their conversation is stated in the programme: Is it time for art education experts to set guidelines and standards for arts-based research, What is it? Who can or gets to do it? Who benefits from it? What are the limits and possibilities of this type of research? Thus, developing an effective proposal for an art education association conference presentation is one of the crucial ways that educators and researchers in several art associations and firms should be skilled in order to get their art and design ideas and projects to be presented to their audience. 

2. Visual Arts and Design Conference Presentation Proposal

As one of the leading arts and design conferences in the Philippines, Graphika Manila hugely influences many artists, illustrators, designers, and creative enthusiasts as it continues to showcase multidisciplinary creative approaches in art direction, identity, animation, web, as well as designed environments, as contributed by creative thinkers, design collaborators and partners. A must-see event among design professionals and students which has enticed over 25,000 attendees, this visual arts and design conference typically holds a two-day event which aims on the creative side of design instead of the technology. This year, Graphika held its first ever virtual conference and streamed last February 5 as it hosted 6 amazing talks from the world’s top creative minds: Ross Tran, Natasha Jen, Christian Alzmann, Campbell Walker, Alexei Bochenek and Anni Atkins. If you are planning to hold a visual arts and design conference in your local area, It is essential that you also create an appealing proposal for your visual arts and design conference.

3. Digital Video Conference Presentation Proposal

According to a 2021 video conferencing statistical report, the growth of the market is projected to reach a CAGR of 11.45% in the years 2020 to 2026. Some predictions estimate it might go over $9 billion by 2026.  Video conferencing is an effective tool that provides transmission of audio, text and video, particularly full-motion video images and high-quality audio  between two or multiple locations. There are advantages and disadvantages of video conferencing technologies. The advantages are they allow both audio and video communications which can be used for teaching that involves demonstrations, they support visuals related to lab experiments and animations in order to explain abstract topics and they promote interactive learning. However, these digital technologies are expensive,and require properly-trained teachers and educators to be familiar with the use of these modern technologies. Teachers, professors and other educators need to write a compelling proposal for their digital video conference presentation projects.

4. International Creative Writing Conference Presentation Proposal

Orson Scott said: “Everybody walks past a thousand story ideas every day. The good writers are the ones who see five or six of them. Most people don’t see any.” Writers who want to further hone their writing skills need to attend a creative writing conference. They will get to learn from other fellow creative writers and authors through lectures, panels and top literary agents to guide them in achieving their dream of being published. Some examples of international creative writing conferences are AFCC Writers & Illustrators Conference, PWAC Conference, Newcastle Writing Conference, OnWords & AGM, Sozopol Seminars, Writing Workshops in Greece: Thessaloniki & Thasos, Dublin Writers’ Conference, Melbourne Writers Festival, and more. Writing a striking proposal for an international creative writing conference presentation will help you in further engaging audience interest.

Benefits of Writing a Conference Presentation Proposal

In order to achieve intellectual and professional success in your work, it is essential for you to stand up and present your findings which will allow you to move on to even more interesting projects. Consider the wonderful benefits of writing proposals for your conference presentation and what you will acquire from participating to conference presentations. Below are the benefits of writing a conference presentation proposals:

1. Testing Out Theories 

Developing a presentation proposal and working on your conference presentation successfully can help you in testing theories on like-minded people to see what they think, as well as testing out your hypotheses and your material on yourself. When you speak out loud, you will find your thoughts to crystallize especially when something does not sound quite right. Doing this will help you to analyze your presentation once again and revise your work, making it clearer for you as you prepare to present your material.

2. Gain Encouragement, Motivation and Valuable Feedback

Preparing your conference presentation proposal helps you to have the opportunity in receiving encouragement and motivation from your peers. This will allow you to have the opportunity to gain valuable feedback on the major aspects of your work. For instance, if you are presenting your research work in the conference, the audience will help you to receive proper feedback in real time so you get an immediate response from them.

3. Refresh Your Creative Mind

Proposal writing and presentation writing can help you to refresh your creative thoughts as you relax a bit from your usual day-to-day activity. It can be an immensely critical factor in your practice because when you are having a break from your everyday research, design, analytical, and/or other aspects of your work, you are allowing yourself to have an intellectual refresh time which then leads to more creative and innovative thoughts to appear constantly from a conference.

Basic Components of a Conference Presentation Proposal 

In this section, you will learn how to craft a proficiently-written conference presentation proposal so that you are able to gain the interest of the readers of your proposal, especially your prospective clients. However, a conference presentation proposal has different components. Include the following elements for you to create an impressive document:

Abstract: The most integral component of a conference presentation proposal is the abstract. It showcases a striking 50-word paragraph which will appear in the conference program book if your presentation is approved. It reveals the aim of the conference presentation which includes the background information to guide convention-goers who are trying to select between multiple sessions on the program.Conference Session Description: Write a 300-word conference session description in your proposal. Explain the key message that each session or talk wants to convey to the audience. Outline of the Conference Presentation Program: Structure the overall conference program by arranging the sessions and talks in the proper order. Adjust the time duration of each session if necessary. Include the names of the speakers and the themes or titles of their session or talk. Outcomes of the Conference Presentation: It is crucial that you focus on highlighting the outcomes of the conference program by providing the significance and benefits of the conference program to your audience, encouraging the readers to accept your proposed conference presentation effectively. Professionalism: While developing your conference presentation proposal, you need to keep up the professional tone of the document, and avoid making it sound casual. Maintain a friendly tone with proper balance of formality. Be mindful, responsible, and ethical.

How to Create a Conference Presentation Proposal 

70% of marketers believe that presenting interactive content is key for engaging your audience as stated by a certain report.You need to encourage direct interaction with your audience like answering audience questions, polling listeners about a wide array of topics, etc. A conference presentation proposal can effectively outline what your definite goal and aspiration in your conference is all about. In this matter, we suggest that you follow the simple steps below while freely using one of our free conference presentation proposal templates in this article:

Step 1: Set Goals, and Objectives

Clearly identify and set clear goals and objectives for your conference presentation by assessing the needs and preferences of your target audience.  Think deeply about the fundamental topics you and your audience highly prioritize in the conference presentation that you and your team or company will be holding, as well as the vision in attaining the project goals and objectives.

Step 2: Write a Concise Summary of the Conference Presentation

Your conference presentation proposal should include a brief and concise summary of your conference presentation. Briefly explain the main theme, and concept of the conference while telling an interesting story of the overall design and production process of the conference presentation. Take your readers into careful consideration.

Step 3: Present Clear Outcomes 

What do you look forward to that attendees or participants will be able to do or know at the end of the conference presentation? Include the potential benefits that your audience will receive when they attend the conference.

Step 6: Review and Prepare the Final Draft

Print out a draft of your conference presentation proposal and a copy of the proposal rating rubric so that you and/or your colleague can review your proposal properly. Add their editing and proofreading recommendations in your proposal. Then, prepare a final draft of your conference presentation proposal. Attach any supporting documents in your document. After doing the revision, finalize your proposal accordingly.


What is the difference between a conference paper and a journal?

The difference between a conference paper and a journal is that a conference paper is a brief and concise document which is presented at a conference, seminar, or workshop, while a journal is a comprehensive and extensive piece of academic writing with a definite structure, standard layout and is published in journals.

How to write a compelling conference session description?

Figure out a good, interesting, and thought-provoking conference session title to make a unique impression on your prospective attendees. Use descriptive words that will empower your conference session description. Create strong learner objectives and indicate who should attend both by group and experience level.

How many pages should a conference presentation paper be?

A conference presentation paper should be 8-10 pages, having double-spaced paper which is remarkable for a 15-20 minute presentation. Stay within the time limit and ensure that your written document conforms to the conference presentation constraints.

What are some examples of conference presentation proposals?

Some examples of conference presentation proposals are conference presentation proposal announcement, international conference presentation proposal, virtual HR training conference presentation proposal, annual conference presentation proposal form, conference presentation speaker proposal, national conference presentation proposal application, global learning conference presentation proposal, educators conference presentation proposal submission, digital conference presentation proposal, rural schools association conference presentation proposal, summer conference presentation proposal, conference and exposition presentation proposal, florida art education association conference presentation proposal form, academic conference presentation proposal and many more.

Being seen to present in conferences, symposiums, speech presentations, webinars and other workshops successfully is linked to being successful in professional and academic settings. So you need to make your presentations and proposals right and compelling. So, writing a clear and striking proposal for your conference presentation is an effective tool to settle an agreement with your business partners and the management concerning the execution of the conference presentation event. We suggest that you follow the aforementioned tips and steps here so that you are able to craft an exceptionally-written conference presentation proposal. Plus, download our free conference presentation proposal samples here today including summer conference presentation proposal templates, digital conference presentation proposal templates, international creative writing conference presentation proposal examples, and more!