41+ Sample Equipment Purchase Proposal

Equipment Purchase Proposal: What Is It?

An equipment purchase proposal is an official business document used in detailing the need to purchase specific equipment, the equipment budget plan, potential risks, ideal outcomes, and more. Also, this proposal lets you offer specific equipment or products to potential buyers. And the proposal should be detailed and compelling enough so the recipients get inspired to push through with purchasing the needed equipment rather than rejecting the idea.

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Why Are Equipment Purchase Proposals Important?

Anyone can simply ask a favor to buy new equipment so why is there a need to write an equipment purchase proposal? Here is a list of reasons why equipment purchase proposals are essential:

Formal Business Protocol

First of all, putting any organization purchase into writing is a formal business protocol. So be sure to write about the need to buy equipment for the company because spoken requests may be forgotten or be regarded as false promises in the end. With a written proposal, you actually document the request as a formal business report and it shows how well-thought-out the purchase proposal is compared to just explaining everything via word of mouth that could be misconstrued.

Detailed Request to Purchase Equipment

Don’t forget that the equipment purchase proposal answers the who, what, when, where, why, and how of any equipment planned to buy. So be sure to write as many details as possible so no one has to ask repetitive questions anymore. Anyone involved in the proposal can simply refer to the document since it serves as an answer sheet for equipment purchase queries. More so, forgetting any detail about the proposal won’t happen anymore since you can refer to the document anytime.

The Importance of Reasoning

A very important feature of an equipment purchase proposal is how it values reasoning. The document does more than just ask for the budget to purchase new equipment. It also provides a detailed explanation of why the equipment is needed in the first place. And that is a critical element for businesses since no manager would simply want to spend on something unnecessary, especially for small businesses budget.

Applicable for Different Equipment

Do not assume that equipment purchases are only related to computers and related office equipment because it can be any type of equipment. You could request new excavators for construction work proposal businesses, trucks for real estate enterprises, 3D printers for photography businesses, mobile medical equipment for healthcare companies, and other examples. So be sure to specify what purpose and specific equipment you need in the equipment purchase proposal to ensure the request pays off.

The Parts of a Standard Equipment Purchase Proposal

Although equipment purchase proposals differ in content, there is a similar format for how the information is presented in most proposals. Generally, basic equipment purchase proposals contain the following parts:

Title Page: The very first page of the equipment purchase proposal is the title page. And it is as simple as stating the title “equipment purchase proposal.” But, you can follow it up with an introductory statement that briefly expresses what the main document is all about.Table of Contents: The next part is the table of contents. And just like any book, it is normally written last because you will have an idea which pages the specific parts of your proposal are after making everything. The table of contents will guide readers on what the standard parts of the proposal are and where to find each part of the equipment purchase proposal.Executive Summary: An executive summary marks as the overview of your proposal. So if proposals reach at least three or more pages, then be sure to have an executive summary that can summarize the content in just one page.Introduction: The introduction is where you introduce who you are and who you are addressing to. Then, shortly describe the equipment to purchase, its price, and the reason it is needed. A brief background statement may suffice, especially if you can angle it to a point where the equipment is greatly needed in the first place.Description of the Situation: Be sure to include a segment that describes the ongoing situation and insert the details of why new equipment is necessary. Another way to input this section is to treat it as your equipment purchase proposal’s problem statement. Hence, the solution should lead to ensuring the equipment is bought.Description of the Solution: Address the appropriate solution for the situation given earlier. Don’t simply guess the benefits of the equipment but be sure to incorporate research as to how the new equipment will eventually solve problems. In this section, the entire equipment list should already be enumerated so readers know what equipment is being asked.Alternative Solutions: Be prepared for possible rejections. But, you can write a proposal where the other option is not simply to receive a rejection letter. Instead, incorporate alternative solutions that can solve the situation or ongoing problem. An example is to introduce less expensive equipment in case the initial equipment proposed was beyond the company’s budget.Budget: Speaking of budget, there should be a whole section about the equipment budget sheet in the proposal. For every proposed equipment, write down each of their estimated costs. Hence, research is key to being accurate with the pricing. You can also show how you accumulated those numbers by showing proof and calculations.Evaluation of Solutions: Bear in mind that it is not always about the good side of the equipment to purchase. Balance your proposal by stating both the advantages and disadvantages of having the equipment. If there are pros, then risks or drawbacks are also there. An example is when one piece of equipment is easy to use but highly expensive while the other piece of equipment is cheaper but requires heavy maintenance.Conclusion: The proper closing statement is to have a final say on why you think the equipment is a great option for the organization. Write a conclusion that your proposed equipment to purchase is worth it.Recommendations: Lastly, include some recommendations such as when to actually purchase the equipment, where to buy its cheaper versions, and how to install it easily, perhaps.

How to Make an Equipment Purchase Proposal

A technical proposal such as an equipment purchase proposal is not that difficult to make, especially with a free sample template and easy-to-follow guide as your reference. So without further ado, here are the steps you need to create an equipment purchase proposal seamlessly:

  • Step 1: Do Your Research about the Equipment

    Don’t simply ask about the need to buy equipment because knowing a lot about the equipment, its price list, and other equipment specs are what makes your proposal detailed. The key is to do research and come up with an analysis on how important would it be to have that equipment in the workplace. For example, is there really a need to own heavy equipment in the office? And it is through knowing your requested equipment and its purpose that you won’t have a hard time writing the proposal later on.

  • Step 2: Optimize a Sample Equipment Purchase Proposal

    You can benefit a lot from using an equipment purchase proposal sample template compared to making it from scratch. Premade samples already give you an idea of what the format, layout, and data of a standard equipment purchase proposal look like. And you can edit your way to every template since personalization is certainly welcome. You may opt for a software purchase proposal template, computer purchase proposal template, and many other examples. Download now!

  • Step 3: Insert the Basic Parts of an Equipment Purchase Proposal

    From the title page, table of contents, down to the recommendations section, be sure to add each part of the equipment purchase proposal to complete your document. And there is also room for more parts in case you wish to add more provisions or clauses in the proposal that are important. But as much as possible, know when to introduce certain information sheet in which the ideas given are presented in a smooth and easy-to-read manner.

  • Step 4: Mind How Detailed and Specific Your Writing Is

    Remember that just because a proposal is detailed, it does not always mean that you are straightforward. The key is to balance how direct and detailed your proposal is. You can write a draft in one whole swoop and revise your work afterward. Be sure to keep sentences brief such as the subject-verb-object structure since it is easy to follow. Also, write in a professional tone because the proposal is a business document all in all. In fact, proposals request something and sounding too demanding will not give a good impression.

  • Step 5: Assign a Reliable Friend to Proofread Everything

    Finally, give room for any friend or colleague you rely on when it comes to proofreading business documents such as an equipment business proposal. Someone who wrote proposals before and knows what the standards of a specific company are will bring an advantage. This is a good idea because you might have some mistakes you have not noticed until a colleague does the evaluation for you. At least there is still time to rectify everything before pitching the proposal to the key decision-makers.


What are the other names of an equipment purchase proposal?

An equipment purchase proposal can be referred to as an equipment proposal letter, equipment permission request letter, or simply a purchase proposal.

What are important questions to answer while writing the equipment purchase proposal?

Here is a list of essential questions worth answering upon writing an equipment purchase proposal:

  • What is the equipment you want to purchase? Describe it.
  • How will the equipment be used?
  • What are the benefits of having the equipment?
  • What are the risks involved in obtaining the equipment?
  • Who will maintain the equipment?
  • Who can access the equipment?
  • When should the equipment be bought?

What are the six types of business project proposals?

The six types of business project proposals are formally solicited, informally solicited, unsolicited, continuation, renewal, and supplemental.

Always remember that in writing the equipment purchase proposal, the reasons behind such purchases should be focused on the business point of view. For example, you are not just going to need a new computer with advanced technology since it is the current trend. Instead, explain more on how the old computer is slow enough that it affected your productivity and time while working. At the end of the day, the intent behind the equipment purchase proposal is clear—for the best of the company.