But there is one way that we could find a job, and that is through companies that give a job bid form. It was a way where the aspiring applicant for a particular job will have to give a job bid proposal. This type of proposal is given to companies that can provide job opportunities to people through given projects. This also happens in freelance marketplaces. Before getting the job, an applicant has to submit a job bid proposal that will convince the employer to give them the project. They also have to compete with other bidders on that particular job. A job bid proposal may be an easier or a harder way to get a job. Easier because you will find a way on how to reach an employer. And harder, because you will have many competitions before getting a project. But whether which of the two is more true, a job bid proposal is a good means on how one can apply to a job.

What is a Job Bid Proposal?

A job bid proposal or what is simply called as ‘bid’ is a document where one expresses desire to do a project or a certain job. It is a form or a letter that summarizes all their capacities to perform that job. It states how qualified they are. It contains proposal ideas that can convince a buyer or an employer to give them the project. When you are a contractor or subcontractor, you usually have to give this kind of proposal first before having a job. Acceptance from an employer is the most important in bids. We really have to convince them that we are suitable for the project. We must be also be careful abot the whatabouts in the proposal. We should give them a desirable cost and timeline for the project. A job bid proposal should be really good and perfect. We have to get the buyer or the employer’s approval. What we have to send them is a winning bid. In a project, a number of applicants make bids so we have to triumph over them. Making an easy bid will require a lot of effort from us. We cannot just sumbit a bid and see our luck. We must make our bid effective. We should have the convincing power that could make us have the project. To propose an idea may be hard, so we have to study on how we could make a winning bid. Whether the project that we are targeting is a short project or part time jobs, our target application or the sheet that we have to submit should be flawless. It should be one bid proposal that should make the buyer smile thinking that they would have a great project with us.

Key Elements of a Job Bid Proposal

If we are a contractor that have to send a professional bid or a contractor proposal, you must know first the key elements that you have to write in a job bid proposal. A template may be useful but sometimes if you cannot find a sample, you must know the key elements of a bid proposal so you will know what to write in every circumstances. Answer these questions in writing your proposal:

Who is Your Client?

The main information about your client must be included in a job bid proposal. It should contain their name and their contact information. It includes their email and mobile or phone number. If they have a business address, it should be properly included. Be accurate in mentioning their information as you would not want to disappoint them just by a wrong input of their information.

What is Your Personal Information?

Whether you are filling a contractor bid sheet or a construction bid form, or making a sample bid proposal letter, you must not forget your personal information above all. Of course, your client must know who you are. Carefully put your name in the proposal and all your contact information. Do not forget your contact information as the client should know how to reach you. Your effort would be futile if you would not put your contact information. You may have the chance to follow up on your proposal but the client would notice that you are careless and they might not entrust you the project.

What is the Job That You are Applying For?

Clearly put what is the job that you are applying for. Include the job name in your proposal. Maybe you are applying on one of the online jobs or remote jobs. Be certain to put the name of the job that you are targeting. Target jobs should be clear so the client will know your purpose in the first place.

What is the Purpose of the Proposal?

Plainly tell the purpose of the proposal. If you are referring to a short project or a long term project, you must include it on your job bid proposal. Also, tell them the purpose of the project. Cite of a few reasons how it could benefit your client. Convince them that it would be good for them. Tell them how good your project is.

What are Your Qualifications?

Enumerate your skills in your bid proposal. Tell the client about the education that you had. Cite your experiences that could convince them that you are suitable for the project. These experiences could be a proof for them that you are able to deliver the job. Then enumerate some of your past projects to show them that you are really skilled in that job. Your past projects would be a real evidence for them.

What are the Services That You Will Provide?

The service that you are going to give should be well-described in a job bid proposal. Tell the whole package of the project that you can provide. Cite what are included in your services and what are not included. You have to be definite on the scope of the project so the client would know what they could expect. It will also be good for you so that there would be a limit in the work that you will give in case you will be faced with a demanding client.

What is the Pricing Information?

The cost of the project must be clear. Put a reasonable price that you have estimated for the project. Compute first of everything which that project would cost you. Add up the cost of the materials and the labor cost. Put a profit margin that would be best for you.

What are the Terms and Conditions Within the Project?

Another important thing is the terms and conditions. It is necessary because you and the client must know the certain rules within the project. Have some terms and conditions that the both of you can follow. With these, you may do the project better and will have a better relationship.

What is the Timeline For the Project?

How long will you make the project is important. You should not make the client waiting. Also, if you will have a lengthy time for the project, the client may not consider you because they cannot wait for a long time. Know when you can deliver the project and put a desirable timeline.

Will You Put Signature Block?

Yes, you should put signature blocks. Your name and the client’s name must be printed in the document and there should be lines where the both of you can sign. You are doing business with your client so everything must be formal. The document also should be binding because your dealing involves money.

Tips on Job Bid Proposal

Whether you are using a job bid template, proposal templates, or a blank template in PDF or Excel, you may want to have some tips while you edit it. Use the following tips so you can have a better job bid proposal:

You cannot bid on all projects. Chances may come to you in bidding, but you cannot bid on all the projects that you can see. For one thing, a marketplace site usually has a thousand projects that in store. You have to choose the project that you will bid on. First, know your skills. Be sure that you can do a certain project. There are also times that you will be torn between projects within a particular skill. If that is the case, then choose a project that would be easier for you to do. Choose a better opportunity between those projects. Do not bid on all of it. Choose your projects and you will have the better chance on spending your skills.Read the project first before bidding. Before making a bid, be sure to read the information about the project first. Know all its details. You cannot commit to a project that you do not know. Be sure that you have the skills to deliver a certain project. Carefully read the information within a given project. See if the qualifications match your skills. Reading the whole post can set you more properly with the project. You will know the particular requests of the clients if you will study the project better. It is better to know the specifics within the project than to get a project where you would have many questions.Do not sound too scripted. Do not sound like a robot. Avoid using scripted proposals. That is the reason why we should make a proposal that is sincere and true. All our wotds should come out of our hearts, meaning that we are really going to make the project good. It should appear that we should give our best to the project. If you will use a scripted proposal, there would be a chance that the client has already read that kind of things on the internet. You may not have the chance to impress them. Actually, you may disappoint them. Make your proposal with good sentences that will flow naturally from you and submit a modest proposal.Do not be impersonal in your proposal. Aside from the thing that your proposal should not be scripted, you should not also be impersonal. Show the client that you are sincere in the project. Somehow make them picture that you are a good worker. Be nice in all your sentences and show respect. With these, you can impress the client.Do not overcommit on projects. Yes, there could be a lot of projects out there, but you cannot bid on all of those. If you are going to do that, you may overcommit yourself. If you will have too many positive projects, how can you be able to deliver everything? Choose only a few projects that you can deliver on time. You may lose your clients if you will readily say yes to a project that you cannot deliver. Be wise in using your time and accept only projects that you can provide.

How to Write a Job Bid Proposal

Sometimes it is hard how to write a proposal. It is because we have to convince the client to get what we want. And that is the project. To be able to make a winning job bid proposal, you may use the following steps:

Step 1: Have a deep understanding of the project.

Before you can actually make a project, the first thing that you will have to do is to understand the description of the project. Know first the details of how can you make the project. Be quick to understand the scope of the project and know what skills you can apply to it. It is also needed that you have the client’s information so you can ask them questions regarding the project. It is necessary that you fully understand everything about the work that you are going to give.

Step 2: Have a research about the client.

You are submitting your job bid proposal to the client, so it is essential that you know everything about them. You must know how to please them. Have a background search so you may know what they like and on what particular business could they engage. After all, it is their approval that you are searching for.

Step 3: Evaluate other bidders.

In every business, it is a must to know your competitors. In giving a job bid proposal, it is also needed that you have knowledge about your competitors. You may know the things on how you can stand out against them. Have also a background search of them so you will know and set your aces. You may not want to send a bid where you will have better competitors and will just waste your time.

Step 4: Offer additional services.

To make your proposal better, you can try offering your client packages that would make them say yes. Add extras in your services. You can also offer them discounts. This can give you a better chance against your competitors and can entice the clients. Put additional services that will not cost you much but rather will give profit to you.

Step 5: Attach relevant documents.

Upload your documents and send to your client. By adding these, you can provide proof of your skills. Add proof of your past services and you can convince the client that you can provide a good work. Send your certificates that could seal your skills.

Step 6: Do proofreading with your proposal.

After writing your bid proposal, proofread it. You cannot afford to let the client read of your mistakes. Be sure that you are going to send a perfect proposal. Grammatical errors may disappoint them and could somehow mean that you are not a good worker. After you have done proofreading, you can send the proposal to your client.


Can I Alter the Things That I Have Said in the Job Bid Proposal?

No. Whatever you have put in the proposal, it is final. The scope of work, the timeframe, and the cost would be the exact things that you have said in your proposal. They were what the client would expect when you deliver your work. You cannot alter it anymore. So be sure about your bid proposal.

In this post, we have included templates and printable print sheets that you can choose from. Use these as you make your job bid proposal. Well, you have to submit a winning bid proposal. It is what could make you have your work. A  job bid proposal should be something convincing, compelling, and interesting to the readers. Choose a template wisely and edit it with great writing skills. Have fun in making your job bid proposal!