What Is a Bachelor Thesis Proposal?

A bachelor thesis proposal is an academic document written by undergraduate students to discuss and propose feasible research projects about a particular topic or subject that is beneficial to a specific group of stakeholders. Most people involved in writing this type of paper are university students as their final academic requirement before graduation. For this proposal to be accepted by the department’s chosen panelists, it should outline a well thought and highly informative content from the introduction, rationale, theoretical background, statement of the problem, and significance of the study, down to the research methodology.

When writing this document, choose a research topic that is within your interest. Just make sure that it aligns with your program and is feasible to complete within the given period. This way, you would find it easier to gather and synthesize your data. To do this, you may require the assistance of a project timeline, a research checklist, a research study plan, and a research project plan or work plan.

Elements of a Bachelor Thesis Proposal

Your idea matters a lot in a bachelor thesis proposal. So, to be able to write properly, you must know the elements of a bachelor thesis proposal. The following elements of this document are as follows:

Title Page: This has the descriptive title of the proposed research. You need to provide a good title page for your proposal. Through the title page, your stakeholders will have an idea about the topic of your research. If you have a good title page, you can get the initial interest of the stakeholders. You can capture their attention. They will think that you have a good project if your title is compelling. So, create a good title page to get a good first impression from the academic committee.Abstract: The abstract is the summary of your proposal. This part of the proposal should not be over 200 words. You must make a brief introduction about the solution that you can give to the community. Have a key statement that can amaze the academic committee. Provide an explanation of how you want to solve the problem statement. This is a good implication for your work if you are going to finish your study. Your abstract must be good because through it your proposal can be summarized. So, if you want your audience to pay attention to your whole proposal, make your abstract great.Table of Contents: To give a concrete idea about the contents of your research, you must provide a table of contents. Write items that can describe the contents of your proposal. Be sure that the outline of the table of contents will be good. Give a definite hint about the goodness of your study. Make great headings and subheadings that can encourage the stakeholders to read your proposal. Have indentation so that your table of contents will be easy to read.Introduction: Another part of your proposal that should capture the interest of your readers is the introduction. You should create a great introduction. Introduce the background of your study. Provide some answers to the possible questions that your audience can have. Make a good review for your research topic. The audience must understand the point of your study. Provide an introduction with a level that can help your audience understand the background of your research.Thesis Statement: A good thesis statement is a part of the bachelor thesis proposal. You need to provide a couple of sentences that can give a hypothesis for your research. You should have a goal statement or a project statement. The thesis statement should have the essence of your study. It should describe the feasibility of your research. It can also talk about the boundaries of your study. Make sure that your thesis statement will be effective. Craft a good thesis statement that can boost the feasibility of your study.Methodology: Describe your approach in this section of your proposal. Talk about your materials and procedures. Name the methods that you are going to use. Mention how you will collect and analyze data. Enumerate all the materials that you are going to utilize. Add calculations and techniques. You should include the equipment that you will use and other calibration graphs. If you have limitations and assumptions, you must mention them. Be clear about the range of validity of your research. Provide citations of your data sources. But you should know that results and discussions are a part of another section of your proposal.Preliminary Results: You should provide an expected result for your research. If you already have some results, you should provide them with the proposal. You should give a discussion about the framework of your research. Be sure that your study will have a good outcome. So, it is necessary that you have all the required resources to make your research possible.Work Plan: You should include a work plan for your proposal. Include a timetable that will show how you will obtain your study. Include the things that you are going to do to complete your research. Enumerate the stages for your study. Have them in a table format. Mention the deadlines for the completion of each stage. If you already completed some stages, you must state them in the proposal. Provide a discussion of the challenges that you can have. Give some strategies on how you can overcome these challenges.Research Implications: We mainly do research to provide new knowledge to the community. So, you should talk about the possible implications of your research. State what you expect to share with the community through your research. You should be able to provide something that other people do not know. State why they are worth knowing.Reference List: You need to cite all the ideas and data that you have used in the research that is not your own. Provide the references for all the statements that you have made. List all the references to give respect for all the intellectual rights of others. Avoid using footnotes.

Tips on Bachelor Thesis Proposal

Tips can always make your work better. If you want to send the best proposal, you should search for practical tips that you can use. Using a bachelor thesis proposal example as your reference may not be enough. You need some tips that can guide you in creating a better proposal. Have these tips that you can use for a bachelor thesis proposal:

Follow Instructions: The academic committee has basic instructions for crafting a proposal. You ought to follow these instructions for your proposal to be accepted. How can you prove that you can make a good study if you cannot follow the basic thing of creating the right proposal? Conform your proposal to all the instructions of your university. Make sure that you are going to comply with all the criteria.Know Your Audience: You should be aware of the preferences of your audience. Be sure that they are going to like your proposal. So, before sending a proposal, you must research the audience. Know their likes and dislikes. This way, you are going to write the things that they like and you are going to avoid the things that they do not like. Know the needs of the audience so that you can make a good proposal that can serve their needs.Start Strong: The academic committee is made up of busy people. To get their attention, you have to start strong. Create impact with the first sentences of your proposal. Be sure that you can get the readers hooked with your writing. Make the proposal easy to understand so that the readers can have an interest in it. Make your readers excited about your proposal from the very beginning. Prove that your study is valuable. Start with innovative ideas so you can make your proposal contagious. Make sure that your proposal is well-integrated and is clear in making a point.Get Feedback: Have your proposal reviewed by other people. You can ask your friends to read the proposal. Seek comments that can enable you to improve your proposal. By getting feedback, you can adjust your proposal to make it better. You can be sure that when the academic committee reads it, it will be perfect. You will see, asking for the opinions of others will prove to be helpful.Be Original: Your proposal has to be unique. So, your research should have an interesting angle that was never made before. Be creative in creating your proposal. To do this, you can refer to other proposals. Read them to have an idea of what a winning proposal can be. Get inspiration from the work of others. Be sure that your work will be original. Avoid plagiarism at all costs.Budget Your Time: You should plan for your proposal. A part of the plan is to allot some good time to create it. You have to set a good schedule for you to focus on making your proposal. This way, you will not be in a hurry in making it. So, budget your time so that you can create the best proposal.

How to Write a Bachelor Thesis Proposal

Having a bachelor thesis proposal template may not be enough for you to create a bachelor thesis proposal. Maybe you need some steps that you can use to make your proposal perfect. We have prepared some steps that you can apply in creating a bachelor thesis proposal.

Step 1: Create an Outline and Think of a Problem

An outline is the first thing in a bachelor thesis proposal. When writing your thesis, it is essential that you know its structure and content flow. Once you are familiar with each section, it’s time for you to think of a problem. What topic do you wish to study? What problems do you wish to tackle? Are there any related studies made in the past that you may refer to later on? Is your chosen topic too common? These are the questions you should consider when making your thesis statement.

Step 2: Gather Related Literature

Now that you have a topic, it’s time for you to search for related literature to support your study. Visit your local library or log in to reliable research databases online—there are plenty of tertiary, secondary, and primary resources you can refer to when gathering reference sources. If you want, you may seek assistance from your librarian, they are always willing to help you search, locate, and retrieve your needed information.

Step 3: Write Your Rationale

After gathering all your related literature, the next step will be writing your rationale. Your rationale will state your purpose for creating your study in the first place. When doing this part of the paper, be sure to be concise with your words and thoughts as this should be written within 400-600 words only. Once you’re done, you may proceed to write the significance of your study, which should discuss the benefits your work will offer to your stakeholders when completed.

Step 4: State Your Research Methodology

And of course, explain how you plan to conduct your thesis through your research methodology. Indicate your research environment, your research instruments, and respondents, as well as your research procedures from your data gathering process and data treatment to your data management plan. Then, review your entire work from its structure to its grammar.

Step 5: Cite Your References

Lastly, once everything is in place, make sure to cite all your research references at the end of your paper by compiling a bibliographic list of your related literature. Depending on the format you are using, whether it’s APA, MLA, or Chicago Manual, be sure to be consistent from start to end. Otherwise, your paper won’t be accepted.


How long should a thesis statement be?

A thesis statement should be 30-40 words. It should be as brief as possible. Just be sure that you can provide your main argument.

How can a thesis be good?

A thesis can be good if it is specific, unique, and succinct. It should have these qualities so that it can be approved by stakeholders.

For students to graduate, they should give a good focus on making a great bachelor’s thesis proposal. Through it, they can complete their requirements to graduate from college. No wonder students are tense in creating a proposal. So, they have to exert great effort to create the best proposal so that they will have what they need to graduate.