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What is an Architectural Bid Proposal?

An architectural bid proposal is a concise and engaging written document that focuses on convincing and inviting prospective clients while demonstrating fundamental architectural project goals, objectives, and plans when it comes to soliciting bids or proposals for a specific type of architectural project. It is usually prepared by professional architects, construction engineers, structural engineers, commercial architects, industrial architects, residential architects, environmental engineers, geotechnical engineers, building designers, and many others to set an agreement on a specific architectural project bid. 

IBISWorld reported that the annual growth of the global architectural service industry increased by 2.1% from 2014 till 2019 and it was predicted that the increase within the annual growth rate would become 2.2% from the year 2015 till 2020. Since then and now, the architectural, engineering and design teams worldwide continue to grow and flourish exponentially, as there will also be an increase in employment in the architecture industry globally. So, if you need to solicit bids and make requests for proposals (RFP) to start a particular architectural, engineering and construction design project for your prospective clients, one of the things you need to accomplish is to construct a clear and persuasive project proposal for your architectural bid project.

Different Types of Architectural Bid Proposals

One of the common phases of the construction process is bidding as it is the phase when the architect, engineer, and/or construction designer works with the client to bid out the project to one or more building contractors. That’s why all kinds of architects, engineers, and designers in the architectural design and construction industry need to impress and showcase their professional skills and competencies to their respective building contractors and th Also, it is important that you consider what type of architectural bid proposal that you will use for your work.  Below are different types of architectural bid proposals:

1. Formal Architectural Bid Proposal

Do you need to seek project proposals for architectural and engineering services?  You need to write a compelling bid proposal by defining the receipt and opening of request for proposals, complete proposals required, number of copies, and preparation of proposal. Write in your bid proposal that your community or organization invites proposals from qualified architectural, engineering and design firms and how and when the proposals will be received at the community or organization. Explain that the bidders are required to provide all of the details requested in your RFP, as well as any details or alternates requested. Point out that the bidders are responsible in addressing all requested information thoroughly and to articulate the benefits of the proposed architectural and engineering services in fulfilling the needs of the community or organization and the evaluation criteria established in the document. Inform them to read the specific requirements carefully and follow the response format of your request for proposal because any deviation from the formal and requirements listed may be cause for rejection.

2. Architectural Design Service Bid Proposal

If you need to write an architectural design service bid proposal, provide bidding instructions for architecture and design services. First, write in your bid proposal that the bidders need to identify the title of solicitation and number clearly on the submitted envelope. Indicate the full address details of the location where the proposals will be delivered to. Explain the important details when writing bid proposals such as the originality of the bid proposal, essential supporting documents and other related appendices, a cover letter signed by an official authorized to bind the proposer contractually, the signature of the offeror’s authorized official(s) and all information in the response of the offeror. All of these components should be well-structured and presented in a clear and concise format.

3. Architectural and Engineering Services Bid Proposal

Prepare an architectural and engineering services bid proposal while defining the background of the architectural and engineering project, the project summary and other basic details necessary for the bidding process of the architectural and engineering project. Discuss the decision adopted by all stakeholders and the committee representatives in the prioritization of the construction of the buildings at various location sites. Highlight in the bid proposal the summary of the architectural and engineering project as the committee is seeking an architectural, engineering and design firm or team which can provide architectural and engineering services when preparing comprehensive design and specifications for construction processes of the buildings. Then, add the additional consideration to be included in the final design.  For example, include in each task the specific description.

4. Architectural Bidding Phase Services Proposal

Developing an effective proposal for your architectural bidding phase services is an essential method to the realization of the architectural and engineering design project fully well. Identify the specific objectives of the bidding phase services such as ensuring all facilities allow for equitable access to education across the district, maximizing efficiency in facilities utilization across the district, addressing identified facility/space needs in the district in an efficient and cost-effective manner, etc. After that, create a clear and well-detailed background of the request for proposal for architectural and engineering design services.

Basic Elements of an Architectural Bid Proposal 

In this section, you will learn how to craft a proficiently-written architectural bid proposal so that you are able to entice the attention of your prospective bidders/clients. However, an architectural bidding proposal has different components. Include the following elements for you to create an impressive document:

Cover Page: One of the core elements of an architectural bid proposal is the cover page. Create a striking cover page of your documentwhich introduces the main topic, or subject of the architectural bid proposal, as well as to gain the prospective architectural bidders’ attention to notice and read the request for proposal and fund your architectural bid project. Introduction: Define your firm, institution or organization, especially the building that will be constructed, or renovated or simply, the establishment that is being pointed out in the request for proposal. Indicate the full address of the firm or organization or the establishment. Project Description/Overview: Describe the historical background of the architectural bid project or the building that will be constructed or renovated. Note the specific needs of the building to acquire a deep interest from your prospective project bidders and contractors.Preparation of Proposals: Include the specific name and location of the architectural project, the name and address of the architectural project bidder, etc. Then, address the proposal to the committee or district. Pre-Qualification Requirements: Indicate the pre-qualification requirements of the eligibility of submitting a proposal such as prior experience of the architect/engineer/designer in designing the specific establishments, and other spaces and many others. Scope of Work: Explain the scope of work and responsibilities for the architectural, engineering and design project bid. For example, include in the scope of work that you will develop design options for the replacement of floor finishes, etc. Form of Proposal: Specify other requirements of the architectural bid proposal such as cover letter, technical qualifications, experience with similar projects, experience of key staff personnel, list of professional or owner references and cost history, and cost services breakdown in accordance with the scope of work as applicable.

How to Write an Architectural bid proposal 

An architect should demonstrate fairness and equality to all parties and all prospective bidders and contractors regardless of the relationship and/or proper work history. Plus, an architectural bid proposal can clearly outline what your definite goal and objectives is all about. In this matter, we suggest that you follow the basic steps below while freely using one of our sample architectural bid proposal templates in this article:

Step 1: Identify Specific Architectural Bid Proposal Goals, Objectives and Outcomes

It is fundamental that you identify the specific architectural project bid goals, objectives and outcomes. Discuss and settle an agreement with your prospective contractors/bidders about their priorities and needs for the architectural, engineering and design project. Also, show that you fully understand the concern or issue that will be addressed in the project, particularly the bidding process of the architectural project. Consider the primary concerns and issues that exist in a particular situation and establish a hierarchy so that you are able to identify the key architectural bid proposal goals, objectives and other RFP details.

Step 2: Develop a Concise Overview 

Your architectural bid proposal should contain a clear and concise overview of your architectural bid project. Tell your prospective bidders/contractors how you come up with the specific architectural bid project goals, objectives and anticipated outcomes, as well as the requirements and explanation of the needs of the people. When you develop this section, we highly recommend that you consider your readers as you keep them in mind so that you can convince your clients/bidders about the architectural bid.

Step 3: Detail Architectural Design Solutions and Methodology

Discuss with each member of your architecture and design firm while interchanging different opinions and perspectives about effective architectural design solutions and methodology to possible concerns and issues which are associated with your architectural bid. Then, incorporate these details in your architectural bid proposal.

Step 4: Construct the Project Timeline and Budget

Create a well-detailed, organized timeline of the architectural bid project, indicating the bidding process of the project. After that, carefully calculate the financial budget of the architectural bid that you will need to accomplish in order to start the design and execution process of the architectural bid. Provide a run-down of the cost for the architectural bid such as schematic design fees, design development fees, construction fees, architectural design production costs, structural engineering costs, interior design construction costs, and other miscellaneous fees. 

Step 5: Prepare the Final Architectural Bid Proposal

Lastly, prepare the final architectural project bid proposal that presents useful information about your pitch. Include any supporting documents and other appendices and references. Schedule a meeting with the members of your architectural and engineering firm and/or the prospective bidders, clients, and contractors. Ask some help from your colleagues or use some proofreading and revising apps/tools for efficient document proofreading and revision. Submit your architectural bid proposal properly.


What are some examples of architectural bid proposals?

Some examples of architectural bid proposals are request for architectural bid proposal, architectural bid proposal for improvement, architectural and engineering consultancy bid proposal, architectural design service bid proposal, general architectural bid proposal, professional architectural bid proposal, architectural bidding and negotiation proposal, architectural bid phase proposal, architectural bidding phase services proposal, formal architectural bid proposal, and more.

What is the difference between bidding and negotiation?

When architects, engineers, and construction designers participate in bidding, the bidding process in architectural contracts and projects possibly yield a higher final price but lowering the need for team collaboration. On the other hand, the process of negotiation will presumably yield a lower price, but a positive outcome is strongly dependent on the quality of the architecture, engineering, and construction firm selected.

What responsibility does the architect have during the bidding process?

The responsibility of the architect during the bidding process is to assist or guide in the issuance of bid documents, solicitation of bids, holding pre-bid conferences, providing clarifications, and many others.

What are the main responsibilities of an architect?

Some of the main responsibilities of an architect are researching, programing, planning, designing, and administering building projects for clients, applying knowledge of architectural design, construction detailing construction procedures, zoning and building codes, and building materials and systems. An architect also produces conceptual plans, renderings, and documents, plans and programs project layout, coordinates and integrates engineering elements into cohesive design for client review and approval. Plus, architects work in tandem with highly collaborative multidisciplinary design teams.

How to write an architectural design proposal?

When writing an architectural design proposal, it is important to discuss important matters with your prospective client to assess and find out their real needs and preferences. Then, conduct an in-depth research about your architectural design project. After that, arrange the content and outline of your design proposal logically. Present your design solution and its significance by giving a specific course of action when outlining individual steps for the fulfillment of the solution, illustrating hard stats and data to support the course of action being proposed, and specifying a clear explanation of how your strategy will help your prospects.

Marco Frascari said: “It is my opinion that it is necessary to foster a better understanding of the role of demonstration in the realm if architectural representation because this is the way the architect—as a mime—makes visible what is invisible.” This means the demonstration is within the larger “realm of architectural representation” and it relates specifically to how and what architects select to draw from the invisible into the visible realm. The way architects represent buildings is connected at the most integral level to the nature of the buildings they represent. Thus, writing a clear and impressive architectural bid proposal is a significant method to showcase your creative prowess in architecture to your prospective clients, bidders, and building contractors. Follow the aforementioned tips and steps here so that you are able to craft an impeccably-written architectural bid proposal. We highly recommend that you easily and quickly download our sample architectural bid proposals such as request for architectural bid proposal, architectural bid proposal for improvement, architectural and engineering consultancy bid proposal, architectural design service bid proposal, general architectural bid proposal, and other architectural bid proposal writing template examples here today!