It is possible through a project proposal or grant proposal. A nonprofit grant proposal is needed to be exact. This proposal would get funds from a funder. The funder would give money to the organization according to their needs or in accordance to the requested budget. Nonprofit grant proposal is truly helpful because without it, a nonprofit is somehow lost in finding sources. But with this letter or type of business document, they could ask for money in a good and proper way.

What is a Nonprofit Grant Proposal?

A nonprofit grant proposal is a type of grant proposal that is given by nonprofit organizations. It has no much difference with a grant proposal, only it is more definite that a nonprofit organization will provide it. If you might be wondering how a nonprofit organization gets their sources, the answer is that they have it through a nonprofit grant proposal. This process is an easy one. Though, it may require some effort for the nonprofit to solicit money. For one thing, they have to make their proposal great. The funder would depend on this proposal letter whether they would grant money to the NPOs or not. That is why the NPOs should make a nonprofit grant proposal convincing. This letter should compel the reader to have the charity to provide money for their projects. Nonprofit organizations live through this kind of letter-giving. This may be easy, but sometimes it require more time to gather money. Writing grants for nonprofit also requires an effective way of writing. Well, you have to convince the funder to grant you the budget that you need. So you really have to make your nonprofit proposal good.

Types of Nonprofit Grant Proposal

Before you will write a nonprofit grant proposal, you may want to consider its types so you will know when to provide a certain proposal. Here are the three types of grant proposal:

Letter of Inquiry (LOI)

This type is a direct letter that is given to the government or foundations. It is the first way of knowing whether they would have interest in your request before actually sending them a full proposal. Letter of inquiry are commonly 2-3 pages long. It is a summarize of the project where you will spend the sources that you are requesting of. The details of what your project is about and how you will accomplish it are included in this letter. Also, the reason why they would be interested with your proposal. When the funder has shown interest with your letter, then you will send them the funding proposal. But be aware to customize your LOI. You must also always know the specific grant that you are appying.

Letter Proposal

This is almost similar to LOI, but you cannot interchange them. An LOI is a simple expression of your request or proposal, while a letter proposal is more extensive than it. There are corporations that do not like lengthy proposals and only request for a letter proposal. Usually, it is 3-4 pages long. With a letter proposal, everything that you have to say in a full proposal could be well-written in that 3-4 pages, including the budget you are requesting and the reasons how you can defend your project.

Full Grant Proposal

A full proposal is usually up to 25 pages long, depending on the scope of the project. Your proposal ideas are explicitly explained in this type of proposal. This nonprofit grant proposal requires more effort like when you are making grants for college or SBA grant. It is definitely more formal and your project is much more detailed. You will fully explain what do you mean to do with the funds and how you can make things happen. This type of proposal can be more like a pitch. You really have to convince the funder to grant you the money.

Tips in Nonprofit Grant Proposal

The main purpose of the nonprofit grant proposal is to convince the funder to give you money for the project. If this is so, you must learn some good ways on how to get them say yes. Apply these tips and your nonprofit grant proposal will be more effective:

You must fully realize what grant means. You should have a quick realization of what grant is really all about. A grant is a gift of funds that is given to an entity so that they can obtain their goals or projects. Commonly this money comes from two kinds of funders: the government and the foundations. Government funders are the city government, state government, and the federal government. While the foundations could be private or the foundations in the community. You must have a true expectation of what the grants can do to your NPO. If you would know what a grant truly means, you may know how you can use it properly. Know how it affects your organization, including all the factors that is involved with it.You must know where you should find grants. A grant may not be as simple to find. You may be alloting time on searching on the internet of who could probably give you a grant. Where could one really find a grant? One of the important thing is that you should have a large network for you to find a funder. You may want to consider your banker or your insurance company. Probably they have a grant program or they could lead you into an established foundation. Writing a nonprofit grant proposal is easy, but it is a little hard where you would give them. Use your connections to find the possible funder. And of course, dig on the internet. Your funder might just be hanging on a click. It is the quickest way to look a grant. Use a grant database. Google search may slow things down, so go directly to a grant database. You can find grant opportunities in seconds.Have a good relationship with your funder. The key for a succcessful nonprofit grant proposal is a good relationship with the funder. At the first time, you would have to submit a good proposal which shows respect. Earn their respect and approval from the first time that you would have encounter with them. When you will have the time to finally talk with them, whether in email, chat, phone, or in person, you should be respectful to them and show that you are really thankful for their help. Aside from the fact that you have to impress them, be extra nice to them because it was them who gives life to your organization. Know them and invite them on your projects. It does not matter if they would agree to go. What is important is that you invited them to see where they money will go. You can also know their goals why they are funding you. Be intimate with them somehow. Be also engaged on some of their activities. In other words, be a friend to your funder. You may be doing business. But the fact that they are so good to your organization by providing sources for you is a good reason to consider them as a friend. Take them as a friend, and you will see that you will have a lasting relationship with them. It means you will have a regular funder.Have a partnership with another NPOs. In all sorts of things, a helper is a good one. You may want to have the help of another nonprofit organization. Partner with a one or two organizations that have the same programs as yours and you can make the search for grants more convenient. You will find a help in making those things. A lot of time will be saved and you can find funders better. If not only you will work, you may also find more funders that will give sources to your projects. Have a good relationship with these NPOs and engage together on projects. Be involved with their projects and help on building it. Make a better community by working with them. Multiple projects can be accomplish if you will find NPOs partners. The world will be a better place.Have a professional training in making grant. If you are not born a writer or you do not have much skills in writing, you should get a professional training in writing a grant. You should not miss the opportunity of getting a grant so you cannot afford to risk having a badly written grant proposal. Thousands of dollars can be lost if our proposal was not good enough and the funder turned it down. So get a training and you can write a great proposal. There are 4-6 weeks training of grant writing where you can allot 3 hours each day. After attending this training, you will be confident enough with your proposal. You know you are on the right track because you can make your proposal good. Your proposal will appear more formal and more professional if you will have a professional training.Know how to write a right grant. Every grant is written for a specific purpose. Before writing a grant, assess the project that needs to be funded. Know which grant would fit it. You must also consider the amount of money that is needed. Be sure to write a right grant to get the approval of the funder. If there would be inconsistency in your proposal, there will be a chance that it will be denied. Be sure to properly explain the purpose of your project. Define the means on how you can achieve it. Allot a right budget that would not put the funder in question. If the proposal is rightfully made, it will get its purpose.Allot enough time in making your application. You should spend a good time in making your application. Do not rush in making a proposal. Allot enough time for it. Be careful with all your sentences and be sure to polish it. Perfect it if possible. It is necessary that it is well-constructed so that you can convince the funder. If you will rush in making it, you may miss something. Write it carefully and make others read it to ask their opinion. You have to be successful in your proposal.

How to Write a Nonprofit Grant Proposal

If you do not have a time to get a professional training in writing a nonprofit grant proposal, here are some steps that you can consider in writing a nonprofit grant proposal. They are the following:

Step 1: Provide a summary.

Like any other proposal, a nonprofit grant proposal needs an executive summary. Grant application should have it so that in the first page of your proposal, the funder will instantly know your purpose. Give a brief overview of your whole proposal. The amount of money that you are requesting should be mentioned in the summary as this is the main purpose of the proposal. Tell briefly on what project will it be spend and defend the necessity and the pupose of your project. With your summary, catch the interest of the funder.

Step 2: Have an introduction for your nonprofit organization.

Introduce your organization to the funder. Describe things about you and give proof that can tell that you are a credible applicant. This introduction will be like a resume that is used in applying for a job. Tell everything that is needed to be known about your organization. This is to give confidence to the funder that you can deliver the project that you are saying. If they would consider you as credible, they would give you the grant.

Step 3: Provide a statement of the problem.

Give a factual description of the problem that your organization will want to address. This would tell why the project is needed. Tell the good things that can come out after making the project. Tell why the project matters and why it should be built. If you can lay out a statement of the problem properly, the funder may have the wish to provide the solution to it as they could sympathize with you.

Step 4: Give an evaluation plan.

Evaluate the proposal and answer these questions:

Step 5: Request for a realistic budget.

The main point of the nonprofit grant proposal is your request for the budget. Consider all the factors that can affect the real cost that you need, and after doing so, come up with a reasonable budget that you can request. At the end of your written document, put your name and the name of your organization.


Do I Have to Give LOI First Before Sending a Full Proposal?

It would be up to you if you will send LOI first or if you will send a full proposal. It would be better if you will research the background of the funder so that you will know what they prefer. If you are hesitant to give a full proposal in the first meeting, then you can give LOI first and follow it with a full proposal.

Is Nonprofit Grant Proposal Effective in Getting Funds?

Yes. Many NPOs survive by making grant application. They just have to make a nonprofit grant proposal and they could get money from funders that could give them their trust. It is an effective and known way of getting a grant. It has been practiced in many years.

A nonprofit grant proposal is needed in any grant application. Writing it may require from us a little of our time and effort. If you are starting a nonprofit organization, one of the things that you have to learn is how to write a grant proposal. Included in this post are downloadable templates of nonprofit grant proposal. You can choose from it and use it to send a full proposal to a funder that you have in mind. Good luck to your proposal!