Making a farming proposal is like writing a small farm business plan. You have to give your best in writing it because the success of your business depends upon it. In this guide, you can find some help for you to be able to come up with the best faming proposal as possible. Read on and learn some new things about the farming industry and learn how you can be able to make a good farming proposal.

What is a Farming Proposal?

A farming proposal is a kind of a grant proposal. It can also be called agriculture proposal or agriculture project proposal. It is a form of a formal letter that expresses the wish for a grant for a certain farming project. When you have an organic farm or a family farm that you need to cultivate but you do not know where to get the capital, you can resort to a farming proposal, so you can have the money that you need. You just have to find an organization or a funder that can give you the money that you should have for your farming project. Cultivating a farm is usually costly, more especially if you own a big farm. You can find yourself seeking for somebody who could help you with funding the needs of your farm. Some are new farmers, who possess a land but do not know how to start making their land productive through farming.

Since they are new, they do not have enough capital yet that can be used in farming. Having the truth that farming is pricy at most times, whether we will have fish farming or goat farming, the best thing that the farmer can do is to ask for help from somebody who can grant them the capital. Now, it can only be possible through a farming proposal. This proposal explains the project that they will have to do in their farm and states the amount of money that they need. Only through a farming proposal can a farmer get the desired grant for their farms.

Types of Farming

In your farming proposal, you may want to put the kind of farming that you will have for your farming project. Here are the types of farming, so you will be aware how to categorize the farming that you will do.

Fish Farming

Also known as aquaculture, it is the agriculture of producing fish. These fishes can be raised in large fish tanks or ponds. The fish farms are clean and easy to cultivate. It can also yield protein with the best quality.You may also see Aquaculture Or Aquaponics Business Plan.

Sedentary Farming

When you till the same land in a number of years, you are doing a sedentary farming. This land is permanently used in tilling crops or raising animals. This practice is used since 10000 B.C.E. Early civilizations developed with this kind of farming.

Commercial Farming

Commercial farming is a farming type that you do when you have the purpose of having a profit. The livestock or crop is cultivated in a large scale to gain a big amount of profit. Technology is greatly used in this kind of farming. Machineries and latest equipments are bought to be used in tilling the land. Monoculture is often involved in this, where a farmer has to produce a single crop. you may see the profit and loss statement.

Mixed Farming

Mixed farming is producing both crops and animals in the same farm. The farmer have a good choice if ever one of the produce is not giving any profit. If the crops are not produced well, they can turn for the animals as a source of money.

Arable Farming

Arable farming is farming crops in a hot climate. Usually, farming is done in slopes and flat farms with fertile soil. The land should also be good for using machineries.

Poultry Farming

Poultry farming is the raising of turkeys and chickens. They are raised to produce meats and eggs. You can do it in a large scale or even small scale agricultural farms. The demand for poultry is high. Many have been doing this type of farming. It is a good business with sure profits. You just have to be careful that your poultry will not catch any disease, or your farm will be destroyed.

Subsistence Farming

When you are going to cultivate your land for personal use, then you are doing subsistence farming. There are people who wants to have their food clean and healthy. They do organic farming as they have their daily lives and they rely on their farm as their primary source of food. This is especially true with people who live in big ranches or in a province with hectares of land.

Benefits of a Farming Proposal

Farmers use a farming proposal because it sustains their needs for their farm. They can get benefits when writing a farming proposal. Some of the benefits are the following:

The organization funder will see that you are serious in business. Your seriousness in your farming can be seen in the farming proposal. If you will give an organization a formal letter requesting from them to give funds, it only implies that you mean strict business. They can be sure that you are really going to use the funds in farming. If you will ask for money through word only, you will have no chance to get a fund. But through a proposal, everything is formal and the funder can pay attention to you. So a farming proposal is essential for you to get funds. It is the first thing that the funder will look at. They will rely on it whether they will grant you money or not. If a farming proposal denotes your seriousness, then there is no reason for you not to make one.There are more chances for fund. Your chance to get a fund relies in a farming proposal. You can send multiple farming proposals to different organizations if ever you badly needed to have a capital for your farm. To ask capital in person is a hard thing and a farming proposal can make everything easier for you. At once, many organizations can have your proposal and who knows if two or three can respond to you? So with a farming proposal, it will be easy for you to collect funds. You just have to make a great farming proposal that can catch the attention of the funder and can make them sympathize with your needs. You can instantly get the money that you need in cultivating your farm.You can get the amount of money that you need. The farming proposal is somehow a straight letter. It contains the amount of money that you need for your farming. It is clearly stated in the farming proposal. It is true that whatever you have written in your proposal, you will get that amount of money. You can get what you have asked for. You just have to be straight in putting the desired capital that you need. Some farming proposal may not have the amount of grant that they need, but it will be better if you will put it. Be sure to include it so you will know what to expect. The funders will not be also in confusion in thinking how much they will give to you. So as much as possible, put the amount of the grant that you are requesting about.It has a good description about your farm. The farming proposal has the details about your farm. The funder will have a knowledge about your farm and it will make easier for them to decide whether they will give you the grant. The farming proposal describes your farm, the type of farming that you will do, your purpose in farming, and even your vision. With these descriptions, you can convince the funder. Without a farming proposal, how can you be able to relay these informations to them? But through a farming proposal, they will be informed about your farm.There is a better chance of approval with a farming proposal. A simple letter is not enough to get a grant for your farming projects. It has to be a proposal. You have to elaborate your proposed ideas for the farming project. Asking a grant should be done professionally and it is only possible through a farming proposal. You will see that you will have a better chance of approval for your project. The funder will have something good to read on and you can express your desire for a grant better. In the end, you will prove a farming proposal to be useful.

How to Write a Farming Proposal

Submitting a farming proposal to a funder is the tenseful part. The grant depends on your farming proposal, so you have to make it really good. Follow these steps in creating a farming proposal and maybe you can get the grant that you want.

Step 1: Learn how to write a business proposal.

Do you have knowledge in writing a business proposal? If no, the first thing that you need to do is to learn how to make a business proposal. A farming proposal is a business proposal. It is not a simple letter that you should write. Your proposal should have the sound that you are really doing business with the funder. Roam through the internet and study the different business proposals. Know which were effective. Search for styles that you can adapt when you write your farming proposal. It does not matter if you will tumble to about a hundred of business proposals. Search thoroughly. You have to be adept in writing. You will send your proposal only once, and you cannot lose the chance of getting the grant. So you have to learn some ways on how you can make your farming proposal perfect. Read thoroughly every business proposal that you can encounter, and remember the points that make it good. Gather tips that you can use as you write the farming proposal. It is not bad if you will remember many tips to make the farming proposal the best.

Step 2: Start the farming proposal with a cover letter.

After you have gathered tips and styles of writing to make the farming proposal, then it is your time to actually write it. Draft a cover letter. Express your desire of asking for a grant that you need to continue your farming projects. Introduce yourself and your farming plan. Make a letter in a business but friendly tone. One thing that you should have in mind, you need to make the funder at ease with you. With your sentences, you have to make the funder impressed. Be courteous and warm even in the letter. The cover letter should be a good introduction to your proposal. If you will miss, the funder may not read your whole proposal, so you have to make it really good.

Step 3: Make a title page for the farming proposal.

Now, create a descriptive title for the farming proposal. It could be – “A Request For Fund For an Organic Farm”, “Plan to Have Development in Phillips Farm”, “Research Program to Produce Crop in Wilkins Farm”, “Fresh Produce For the Colton Supermarket”. The title that you should choose should plainly describe the project that you will be having. It is true that it should be attractive. It should have an effect to the reader that will uplift your proposal. So choose the title carefully. Do a brainstorming and write all the possible titles that you can think of. After you have written a couple of titles, pick the best out from them and write it as the title page.

Step 4: Know the needs of the funder.

The next thing that you have to do is to have a description for the needs of the funder. You should know what your potential customer wants. Put youself in their shoes, so you can describe their limitations and deadlines. If you can put things that align with their needs, your proposal will have a better chance of approval. In this section, you may have titles like ‘Project Assessment’, ‘Target Market’, ‘Project Schedule‘, ‘Farming Restrictions’ or ‘Farming Opportunities’.

Step 5: Get onto the meat of the proposal.

The next section is the purpose of your proposal. In this section, you will greatly describe the project plans that you have in mind. You will tell how your farm can accomodate this project. You will discuss all the details that have to do with the farming project. You have to remember that your farming business proposal should be complete so it should have all the details. Be also specific about the kind of farming that you will use, whether it is a dairy farm proposal, organic farming project proposal or an urban farming project proposal. It is important to put definition in your farming project proposal.

Step 6: Name your price and proofread.

Then after discussing the whole project, tell the amount of the grant that you need. Do not also forget to include objectives and goals in your proposal. This will make your proposal better and more meaningful. After you have finished the draft, write it in the template that you have chosen. Then proofread to be sure that everything is well-written.


How Can I Make My Farming Proposal Approved?

The approval of a farming proposal is not certain, but if you really want your farming proposal to be approved, be sure that you are talking about a good project. Research what could a good project be, and also know the market trends, so you will know what project to choose. It is the best thing to do when having a contract farming proposal or a project proposal in agricultural crop production.

Your farm may be ready to be cultivated and only lacks capital. It is time for you to make a farming proposal. You can find a funder that can provide you the capital that you need. Just construct a farming proposal that can make them sympathize with you and grant you the capital that you need in your farming project. Use this article and the downloadable templates that it provides to help you make a decent farming proposal that you can submit to the funder. May the funder grant the capital that you need!