50+ Sample Partnership Proposal

What is a Partnership Proposal?

A partnership proposal is a letter that tells an interest to have a partnership with someone. It could be a joint venture or a partnership in an organization, NGO, sponsorship, collaboration event, social media, or university. This letter can be sent to the email of the person with whom you want to have a partnership. You will have to propose your idea of partnership for a particular business or activity that you have. Whether it is a business or a program, you have to express your desire of sharing the same goals with the person that you want to be a partner with. You must describe your business in a way that the desired partners will have an interest in it. Introduce yourself and tell your experience. You must tell that person that you can be a good partner with whom they can learn a lot of things. And you are someone with whom he or she can trust. Trust is something that you need to build even at the time of your proposal. You need to convince your partners in the proposal that they will never go wrong if they will have a partnership with you. You can grow together as partners and you can share a common benefit. So, a partnership proposal can be one great start for both of you to start a good relationship that revolves around a partnership.

Tips on Partnership Proposal

Are you looking for a partnership proposal sample or a business partnership proposal sample? Do you need it because you need some tips for a partnership proposal? Although an example of partnership proposal letter or a partnership business proposal letter may help you, it is still better for you to have direct tips for your partnership proposal. Read the following and apply these tips:

Long-Term Objectives: You have to be honest with your prospective partners. Discuss your long-term objectives with them. Introduce these objectives in your proposal. Describe briefly why you want these objectives. Explain how you can both achieve them. You have to let the partners know that your business has great objectives that can encourage them to join you. So, build great objectives for your business or program to attract your prospective partners. Anyway, who will not want to join a joint venture that has great objectives? If they can foresee beautiful things for the future, they can surely engage with you to have a part in it. Concentrate on creating good long-term objectives and you can get partners that can help you.Recognize Strengths and Weaknesses: You must be transparent with your prospective partners. Honestly tell them your strengths and weaknesses. Be proud of your strengths and tell them how you can excel in what you do. Admit your weaknesses so the prospective partner will know how to help you. Being honest will let the prospective partners know that you are going to be truthful with them all the time. They can trust you and you can have good business with them. They do not have to fear that they will become deceived in partnership. They will not also be surprised with you because you have told them your strengths and weaknesses firsthand. The partner can know you better and will know how you can conduct business.Show Respect: Even with the proposal, you should start to show great respect to your partners. Be kind to them. Use good and nice words as you speak to them. Show your sincerity for wanting to have partnerships with them. Show that you have appreciated them as a person. Be professional but be friendly. You need to build a connection with the partners. They have to see that you are a good person so that they will want to engage with you. They need to know that you can respect them all the time and you can be good to them throughout your whole dealings. You need to have a good relationship with them even at the start.Identify Roles: Even from the start, you may need to discuss things about job roles. Be transparent also with this thing. Make a brief description of the work that you are expecting from your partners. With this, they will know what they will do within your partnership. You can discuss milestones in your proposal. Sharing job roles can also make them know about the work that you will do for the partnership. As you discuss job roles in the proposal, you can set things clear between the two of you. Both your expectations can be set even from the start. There will be no need for you to discuss this thing anymore. A little talk will do.Good Design: Make a good partnership proposal design. Strategic partnership proposal letter nowadays keeps the current trend in technology. You can insert images or videos in your proposal. This can better explain your purpose and you can use tools that can make your proposal better. You need to express some good ideas in strategic partnership so you need to use some good things on how you can make this happen. Whether you will be engaging in a non-profit or a business partnership, you need to be creative in your proposal to better convince partners to have partnerships with you.Same Values: In choosing partners, you must consider their values. Pick someone with whom you can share the same values. It will be better if the two of you will go along together. You will not argue on anything and you can make decisions a lot easier. You can agree on common things and your business will run smoothly. It is so hard to do things with someone with whom you contradict all the time. You must avoid this thing. To be sure that you can get the right helping hand, choose someone with whom you can get along well. You can save yourself from headaches from disputing with someone. There can be great harmony in your partnership.Complementary Skills: Choose partners that can give you the greatest benefit. Select somebody that have skills that can complement yours. If you have skills in the technical aspect of your business and you do not have skills in marketing, you may choose partners that have this particular skill. You can support the needs of your business through this. You can fill in the gap where you are lacking. It is important that in choosing partners, you should consider their skills. You are sharing your business with them, so you have to ensure that they can do you good. Well, what is a partnership for but to benefit each other? So. if you can learn someone who has the complementary skills that you need for your business, send a proposal to him or her to become your partner.Financial Contribution: Another thing that you need to be transparent about is the financial contribution. Discuss in your proposal the contribution that you expect from the partnership. Explain the financial projections of the business. State also your financial plan and financial strategy so that the partners can see that there is a lot of potential for profits for your business. This can encourage them to join you in your business. They will know that they will profit if ever they will give a contribution.

Benefits of Partnership

Why does a person want to engage in partnership? By making financial partnership proposal or partnership business proposal, he or she will search for a potential partner that can help him or her in his or her business. Well, for sure, partnerships have benefits. Read the following and know some of them:

Business Stability: Partnership can give stability to your business. You can have someone to help you always. If you are alone in running your business and you will face bankruptcy, you can do nothing but close your business. But if you will have a partner, there can be someone to save your business. Through this, your business will become stable. It will not face unwanted bankruptcy because you will have your partner to help you in the financials. Instead of bankruptcy, your business will have more capital that you can use for expansion.More Customer Base: Because many are managing your business, you can gain more clients. Each one of you can get clients so you can attract more clients to your business. This will increase your customer base. Working alone can make you earn a few clients with your limited time. Working together, you can be assured that you can achieve better. It is also true with your goals. You can better accomplish all of them because many of you are working.Business Credibility: There will be more credibility for your business. It is handled by many investors or businessmen that can make it a strong business. If there is someone who will learn about your business and will know that it is run by a partnership, they will think that your business is well-established. It may be hard to run a business when you are alone and you are new in the field. But partnerships can build your business and can give it the credibility that it needs.Competitive Advantage: Partnership can give plenty of competitive advantages. There can be two of you or many who are working for the company. With this, your company will truly profit. You can expect to get greater outcomes or results. Your company can get multiple inputs. Through this, you can expect more profit for the company.Knowledge Access: Each one of you in the partnership has knowledge that can be used in the business. You can apply this knowledge as you conduct the business. If you can encounter problems in the business, you can sort things out through the knowledge that each one of you has. If you do not know the solution, your partners may know them. Two heads are truly better than one.

How to Write a Partnership Proposal

Do you know how to write a partnership proposal? Are you looking for a Partnership Proposal Email Template to help you? Well, if you need some steps that you can use in creating the proposal, you can consider the following:

  • Step 1: Have a Research

    The first thing that you need to do to make Partnerships is to research. You have to research companies that have outstanding businessmen that can be your prospective partners. Learning about their business can make you know good people that can be your partner. The research can also make you know the basic things about these people. Through it, you can learn about their likes and background and you can adjust the proposal according to it. It is better that you know about them so that you will know how to convince them to be your partner.

  • Step 2: Proposal Template

    The next thing is you need a Template that you can use. Search for partnership proposal templates on the internet. You need a good format that you can use for your proposal. This can make your proposal better and will guide you in writing. It is better to have a pattern so that you will not be clueless about what a partnership proposal will be. You can have something to start with.

  • Step 3: Milestone and Timeline

    Set milestones for the partnership. Through this, your partners will know what to expect from the business. Make a timeline for events that you will do. With this, your partners will know what they should do. Inform your partners about the things in your business. They have a right to know about this. They should know how they can relate to your business when they have accepted the proposal.

  • Step 4: Cover Letter

    Give an introduction letter. You should convince the partners through this. You may tell your purpose and can enumerate your goals. You can state your vision statement and mission statement. If the prospective partners will know that you have great goals, they can be encouraged to join you in your business. Make your Cover Letter captivating and compelling. It needs to be impressive.

  • Step 5: Social Proof

    To better encourage your prospective partners, you have to give some social proof. You can give some good testimonies about your business. This will build the reputation of your business in their eyes. You can also send visual content that can prove that you have a good business. Showcase the accomplishments of your business. You can also show proof of past clients where your business has truly achieved something.

  • Step 6: Executive Summary

    In the last part of your proposal, make an Executive Summary. This can give a climax to your proposal. Also, an executive summary is important because it is the first thing that readers look at in a proposal. Make it great. You have to capture the heart of your audience with the executive summary. Afterward, sign your proposal and send it to your prospective partners. Then, set a meeting with them if ever they accept your proposal.


Why Do We Need a Partner?

A partner can help us in everything that we do. If we will have problems in our business or organization, we do not have to face them alone. We can have a helping hand always.

How Can My Partnership Proposal Be Accepted?

Show your sincerity in the proposal. Show your prospective partners that you truly appreciate them to let them know that you truly want them on the business. Research about these persons so that you will know the things that they approve of. If you can get their interest in the proposal, they might accept your offer.

Getting a partner can make our business or organization succeed. We can run it better. We can gain help in all aspects of the business. There will be someone who will support us if ever we fail. Do you need a template for partnership proposal? This post has 50+ SAMPLE Partnership Proposal in PDF | MS Word. If ever you have to create a partnership proposal, it can help you. Download now!