What is a Data Entry Proposal?

A data entry proposal is a letter that a freelancer sends to clients to get projects for a data entry job. It is a kind of freelancer proposal or job bid proposal. Certain companies need the work of a data entry specialist or virtual assistant proposal that can work for them as a freelancer and do varieties of data entry work. Hiring data entry assistants as freelancers gives freedom to companies to choose workers that can be best for the job. Even if freelancers will not work in the office, they can give them the job that they need with the same quality that an employee can give. That is why projects for data entry jobs are many in freelance marketplaces.

Just like any other job bid proposal, the data entry workers need to bid for a certain project that is offered by clients. They need to compete with other bidders and show that they are the best to do the job. For this reason, the freelancer should have the best skills in data entry. They should be adept at using various software that is needed to do the job. They should have good typing skills because this skill is much needed in this work, aside from the ability to use different computer tools. If you have the required skills and experience in data entry, you can have an ace against other bidders to win the job.

Freelance marketplaces like Upwork, PeoplePerHour, Freelancer, or Guru are good places where you can send your data entry proposal. Just learn how to create an Upwork cover letter sample and be sure that you can have a good Upwork profile, and you can be sure that you can get projects from clients on the site. The case is the same with all other freelance marketplaces. Many data entry jobs are posted on these sites and you can choose the project that you like. You can consider your skills in choosing a project. And of course, the pay per hour that is offered by the client. Here are some of the skills that you need for data entry jobs:

Sample Data Entry Proposal


I am Ryan.

I have learned that you have an opening for a data entry position. I would like to apply for your job. I have a passion for data entry. My experience in this field is 7 years which makes me confident to do this project for you.

I have great typing speed which is 70 words per minute and can make me a great asset to your company. I have excellent skills in Microsoft Word and Microsoft Excel, having 10 years of experience in using these tools. I know I can contribute well to this project. I have a recent client named Mr. Parker who can testify that I have five stars rating for all my work. I am very available for this project and I can work immediately if you will hire me. I have also marketing skills which might help to make the project better.

The feedback evaluation and experience section that is attached to this letter can prove my skills. Kindly look at the client’s review so that you will know that I deserve this project. I can give the same quality of work to this project. I am hoping to hear from you soon.

I am good-natured and you can freely discuss your project with me. I will work according to your requirements. You can have a short interview with me to see if I will be fit for the project. Kindly have a short interview with me so that you can also assess my communication skills.

Thank you very much!



Elements of a Data Entry Proposal

If you want the best proposal for data entry, you must ensure that you can put all the essential elements needed for this letter. If it will lack an element, the proposal may not be complete. We have prepared for you some of the elements that you need to put in your data entry proposal. They are the following:

Freelancer Information: In your data entry proposal, you must be clear in stating your name. Write your name carefully in the proposal. If you have a business name, you must include it in the proposal. Place your address and contact information. Your contact information is needed in the proposal because you must provide a way how the client will reach you. Add your logo. The logo will make your proposal more professional. You can build your brand strategic plan by placing your logo. Client Information: You must write the name of the client carefully in the proposal. If the client is a company, write its business name. Then include the address of the client and the contact information. You must know how you should properly address the proposal. So, write the client’s information sheet carefully.Proposal Data: Some important proposal data are necessary for your letter. You need to state the client’s number and the proposal number. You should also state the date when you have proposed. If there is any other vital information about the proposal, you must include these things in it.Subject Line: A subject line can help you to make your proposal succinct. You must include a good subject line that will make your proposal attractive to the client. If the client can have an initial interest in your proposal through the subject line, then you will have a better chance for your proposal to be approved. Use the best words in creating the subject line and you may win the project.Scope of Work: You must describe the services that you can provide to the client. Write scope of work proposal that will detail all the tasks that you can perform. Be as detailed as possible so that the client will know what to expect from you. Remember that you will be paid for these services so you have to be clear about the things that you can do. Through this, you can set limitations for the work that the client can require from you. Be sure that you are offering a good service that can make the clients be encouraged to give you the project.Skills and Experience: You have to convince the clients that you are the best for the job. To do this, you should enumerate your skills that will prove that you are capable of doing the project. If you can prove your skills, the clients can trust you with the project. You should tell the clients about your experience. This is how you can show that you can deliver the project well. Showcase your skills and experience, and you will see that clients can give you the project because you are qualified.Estimate Price: You need to include your price quote in the proposal. The clients have the right to know how much should you ask them in return for your service. Set a reasonable price that will encourage the clients to hire you. Never underprice your service. But do not overprice your rates also. Give a price that will be good enough for the client to consider your service.Discounts: You can offer discounts to clients to attract them to get your services. You can offer work packages that can make them save money. If the clients can save some money in your service, they can be fond of getting your services. You can have a great ace that they will like your job because they can get something good out of it. Offer discounts and you may never know that through it, you can get a lot of clients.

How to Write a Data Entry Proposal

Are you looking for a data entry proposal letter sample? Do you need to know how to write a data entry proposal? If a sample bid proposal for a freelancer is not enough for you to write a proposal, then you can use the steps that we have provided for you in creating a data entry proposal. Consider the following:

  • Step 1: Read the Job Description Carefully

    Before you should create a proposal, you must first read the job description carefully. You should know the requirements needed for the job. You should respond according to the job description. Some things may be written that are necessary to do the job. You must show the clients that you are aware of all their requirements. You are going to speak about these requirements in the proposal. This way, the clients will know that you are carefully considering their projects. This can mean that you will also be careful in handling the project. So, show that you perfectly understand the job description so that your clients can entrust you with the project.

  • Step 2: Show Your Reliability

    At the beginning of your letter, you must get the approval of the clients. Show your deep sincerity to do the project for them. If the clients will have the initial approval of you, they might consider you as a reliable worker. Express your deep interest in doing the project, letting them see that you have the full interest to do the job properly. Data entry is a job that needs accuracy. So, you have to show that you can be consistent and make the clients see that you are hardworking. Data entry is a repetitive job that requires patience. You have to show this quality to your clients. You can do this by letting them have their time in accepting the proposal. You have to make the clients see that you are patient and reliable. Show good qualities that can encourage them. Be good at communicating with them. Show respect at all times.

  • Step 3: Time Schedule

    You need to have a good work schedule for the project. Having a good timeline can make the clients see that you will have good work. This aspect can help you to make the clients agree with your proposal. Be sure that you can deliver the project with the timeline that you can suggest. Do not make a timeline that can make the clients wait for too long. A considerable timeline will be something with speed. Through this, you might convince the clients to give you the project. A perfect schedule is suited for any project so you must create a timeline that will work best. If possible, you can ask the clients for the timeline that they need. This way, you can follow the thing that they will require.

  • Step 4: Showcase Your Experiences

    The best way to convince the clients that you will be good for the project is by showing them your experience. Showcase your experiences as proof that you will be perfect for the job. Your experiences can speak your qualification for the work. If you have enough experience, there will be no reason for the clients to not give you the job. Your experiences are assurance that you can do the tasks well. The clients do not have to look for anything else. You can deliver the project well, with care and with accuracy.

  • Step 5: Pricing and Services

    After showcasing your experiences, you should describe the services that you can give. Set right expectations for clients on the job that you can give. Enumerate the exact services that you can offer. And with these offers, let the clients know of your pricing. Set a good price for all your services, something that can make the clients agree with your proposal.

  • Step 6: Do What You Have Promised

    If you will be lucky that the clients will accept your proposal, be sure to stick with your words. Do what you have promised in the proposal. Give the exact services that you have promised. Deliver the project in the agreed timeline. Be sure to deliver a good job. You can have your clients as your regular clients if you will be good with your job. They can hire you again for future projects or bigger projects if they will like your work. Love the work that they have given to you so that you can perform well and with all your heart. Through this, you can keep your clients and this will mean a continuous flow of work to your side.


What should I avoid in writing a data entry proposal?

You should remember that you should not make your proposal too long. Keep it concise. Do not use words that are not necessary. Avoid fake claims. Be truthful to the clients. Fake claims might destroy your reputation.

What are the common data entry jobs?

Data entry jobs can include typing jobs, transcription jobs, administrative jobs, customer service works, data research jobs, and other jobs that require working with a computer.

Because of technology, many workers engage in having data entry jobs. It is one great job in the market that can help you to earn a living. If you want to do data entry jobs, you might consider being skilled in writing data entry proposals. This is how you can get a lot of good projects. If you are someone who is about to enter a data entry work and you need a template to use, you can refer to this post. It has 5+ SAMPLE Data Entry Proposal in PDF. Download now!