What is an Employee Proposal?

An employee proposal is a compelling and formal proposal that presents the employee’s pitch about a specific concern or issue within the company or organization. It typically includes vital information about the new work role’s responsibilities, the salary increase, job promotion, training program, work health benefits, and other matters.  Project managers, operational managers, training program managers, HR managers, employee project coordinators, consultants, and other professionals create an appealing employee proposal for a variety of purposes such as team building events, job promotion, referrals, workers’ compensation, and other notable events and programs for employees. 

According to a 2022 statistical report published by Zipia, 80% of employees would work harder if they felt better appreciated and employees who are recognized are almost six times more likely to stay at their jobs than those who are not. Additionally, strong employee recognition programs lower turnover rates by 31%. If you are one of the project managers, team leaders, or coordinators in your company who are planning to set some employee recognition programs, training programs, team-building workshops, and other business events for your employees, you also need to be skilled in writing a thought-provoking employee proposal.

Employee Proposal Examples

There are eclectic examples of employee proposals like employee engagement proposals used by many employees, staff members, project managers, operational managers, team leaders, coordinators, and consultants in a wide array of fields and industries such as arts, design, construction, e-commerce, entertainment, fashion, IT, food, medicine, and many others. What are some common examples of employee proposals? 

1. Mobile Work Employee Proposal 

Mobile work is a type of work arrangement carried out by employees who are working at different locations as they are not tied to a physical location. Employees in this type of work arrangement are usually dependent on technology so that they can connect to the services and networks necessary to accomplish their job. If you are considering and planning to work in this option, a mobile work employee proposal is an essential document that allows you to discuss your preferred mobile work arrangement with your supervisor. Include your employee and position information and employee proposal information such as your full name, position, manager’s name, manager’s position, proposed new work schedule/work location, and other details. 

2. Employee Project Proposal 

Do you need to conduct evaluation surveys to capture how business firms, institutions, and organizations responded to the COVID-19 pandemic and to analyze the changes in employees’ work practices, time management, and productivity? If you are working on some projects for your employees, staff, and management, you need to complete an employee project proposal. It is an example of an employee proposal that highlights the main concern or issue, goals, objectives, methods, and solutions regarding a specific matter that greatly affects the employees. Write in your employee project proposal the problem statement, project overview, goals, objectives, methods, and solutions to assess the given issue. 

3. Employee Health Benefit Proposal 

An employee health benefits proposal is one of the health care proposals written by healthcare institutions and employee benefit consultant agencies when proposing a valuable healthcare benefit to the client and the employees. It provides the main purpose, background, and phases of the new health benefit plan. Point out the core objective of the proposal which is to improve the health of the client’s employees while lowering the overall healthcare expense of the client. Construct some tables to display each phase, objective, strategy, and healthcare partner institution.

4. Employee Compensation Proposal 

If you want to address to your employer that you are seeking a new or improved rate of pay, you must write an effective executive compensation proposal to negotiate a higher salary. Conduct research and formally present your proposal to increase your chances of having a successful negotiation. Collect any positive feedback to attest your value to the company. Familiarize yourself with the typical pay range for your work and level of experience within the industry. Consider the timing and the budget of the company and submit a compensation and benefit form. When structuring your proposal letter, format the letter properly, begin with a cordial statement about your job satisfaction, highlight your past accomplishments, mention your compensation rate in connection to the industry standard, ask for a specific amount, and end your proposal with a positive note.

5. Employee Training Program Proposal 

Write a compelling employee training proposal to initiate the development and improvement of the technical and soft skills and knowledge of your employees so that they can do their respective job more efficiently. Some common examples of employee training programs that you may propose are internal training, outsourced training, industry conference, management training, and technical skills training. Indicate the fundamental goals, objectives, methods, and desired outcomes of your proposal such as assessing and evaluating the current skill level of the employees and creating professional employee training videos. 

Basic Features of an Employee Proposal

Every proposal letter has its standard format and style based on its purpose. Take note of the basic features that you need to include in your employee proposal.

Title: One of the significant features of an employee proposal is the title. It is a thought-provoking line of the document which highlights the main idea, or subject of the employee proposal. It should be unambiguous to pique the interest of the reader. Ensure that your title helps your reader to visualize the main point of your employee program or project. If you are creating an employee new position proposal letter, indicate the new position title and the company name. Problem Statement: State the main concerns and issues related to the main idea you presented. For instance, tell the reader what you noticed about some duties that are unfulfilled in a specific department or team. Executive Summary or Project Overview: This part is the key section of your employee proposal. Demonstrate a brief and cohesive executive summary of the background of your employee program or project. Highlight the significance, implications, and other notable contributions of the employee program or special project you are proposing. For example, briefly explain the health care program you want to offer to the employees and the benefits they will receive. Scope of the Employee Program or Project: Design a clear and systematic scope of the employee project. Structure some charts, graphs, tables, process maps, and other visual representation tools to display the status of the employee program or project’s development and completion. Appreciation and Gratitude: Show your sincere appreciation as you end your employee proposal letter. Express your gratitude toward your readers for taking the time to review your proposal. Conclude your proposal by mentioning that you have documentation that supports the statements you added to the proposal.

How to Write an Employee Proposal

You must obtain full advantage of the relevant tips and templates available on Sample.net. Work hard on researching the matter while drafting your employee proposal letter. Be informed on the best practices and steps to write an impeccable employee proposal.

Step 1: Define the Concern or Problem

What is the specific concern or problem you want to address to help your employees improve their skills and other areas required to accomplish their jobs? Identify the main concern or problem that your employee proposal will solve. Write all of the issues and concerns in your rough draft so that you may include or remove some parts when you reached the writing, proofreading, and revision process.

Step 2: List the Benefits

Create a list of the benefits of your proposed program or project for your employees or your proposed job promotion, salary increase, or new position to your project manager, or employer. Help your boss or the reader of the proposal to be aware of the essential benefits of your proposal.

Step 3: Highlight the Skills and Past Achievements

If you are writing a proposal for a job promotion, salary compensation, or a new work position, you need to point out your core skills and unique work experiences, especially past achievements to help the readers see that you are the ideal candidate for the job promotion, salary increase, or new work position in the company or organization. You may incorporate examples of times when you have exceeded expectations, past work achievements within the business firm while doing volunteer work, and other aspects of your life.

Step 4: Be Concise and Specific

Keep your pitch clear, concise, and specific to one page as you prove to the employers, project managers, or readers of the proposal that you highly respect and value their precious time. Be straightforward as you outline the core points of your employee proposal.

Step 5: Finalize the Employee Proposal

Search, download, and use a professional and systematic sample employee proposal. Then, transfer the fundamental information from the rough draft to the final employee proposal template. Use bold text in the title, subheadings, subtopics, and bullet points to easily guide your reader in reviewing the key points in your pitch. Lastly, show your thanks and gratitude to them for giving their time to review your employee proposal and emphasize your interest in your proposal.


What are the major elements included in an employee proposal?

The major components included in an employee proposal are a brief overview of a specific issue or concern that takes place in the company, a description of a new role that would solve the problem, and other information about the new responsibilities of the new role and particular methods the employee would utilize their skills and qualifications to reach in their position.

How to write an effective employment proposal?

When you write an effective employment proposal, you must describe the issue or problem of the company and define the actual value of the position. Next, explain the key responsibilities and qualifications. Then, tell your history with the company and finalize your employment proposal.

What are some common examples of employee proposals?

Some examples of employee proposals are mobile work employee proposals, employee project proposals, employee health benefit proposals, employee request for proposals, employee insurance proposal forms, contract employee proposals, employee compensation proposals, employee recommendation proposals, employee budget proposals, business employee proposals, employee campaign grant proposal letters, employee ownership proposals, employee satisfaction survey proposals, employee team building proposals, and employee training program proposals.

How to negotiate and offer salaries to potential employees?

First, conduct comprehensive research on the average pay range so that you can know the industry standard for that particular position and help you to stay within your budget. Be aware of the specific laws in your state and see what specific job candidates anticipate. Next, publish a salary range in the job posting and know what factors will put an employee in the higher or lower ranges. After that, set your initial offer and add the benefits.

How to convince a candidate of salary?

Demonstrate how your company culture supports their life and give a firm assurance to the candidate that you are his or her advocate. Perform market salary research to set a fair salary range. Understand the main concerns and values of the candidate. Understand the main goals and priorities of your candidate, as well as the other benefits besides cash. Talk effectively with one another and search beyond the resume.

Most business firms, companies, and institutions develop engaging employee proposals when offering job promotions, training programs, and salary increases for their respective employees. Make things easy and quick in your proposal writing when you use our well-designed sample employee proposal templates that you can conveniently download such as employee management system project proposals, employee turnover research proposals, employee recognition program proposals, employee salary increase recommendation letters, new employee proposal forms, and other types of employee proposal forms.