What is a Scientific Research Proposal?

A scientific research proposal is a letter submitted to stakeholders and school administrators suggesting a scientific study that has to be done for a specific purpose. The main topic of the research can be chemistry, biology, physics, and other branches of science that can reveal knowledge through conducting studies by using different variables. The proposal is needed so that the administrators will know if you have the right expertise to launch a scientific project. Most researchers should have a Ph.D. to be qualified to do a study. Except for a university scientific research like a thesis, researchers must have a very high academic achievement. This is to ensure that the researchers will know what they are doing. It requires high knowledge to keep up with all the methodology and to come up with the right conclusion. Without expertise, the stakeholders cannot make the right assessment for research. The doer of the research should be highly qualified. Stakeholders might not accept the proposal if they will think that the researcher cannot give the right results for the research because he or she does not have the right expertise. Scientific research proposal ideas may not be enough. Even if they will give the best scientific research proposal presentation, stakeholders must still make sure that they have the right knowledge to conduct the research. So, a scientific research proposal is not something that anyone can do.

Elements of a Scientific Research Proposal

Do you know the parts of a scientific research proposal? Are research proposal examples enough for you to learn the elements of a scientific research proposal? Whether you are going to create a research proposal example for students or a scientific proposal for a biology background, you have to ensure that you know its elements for you to include the right things in it. Learn the structure of a scientific research proposal as you read the following:


This contains the main details of the proposed work. It is a very brief summary of what your proposal is all about. It is the subject of your proposal. In creating a title, you should not include too many details. Make it brief. As much as possible, do not let it exceed 30 words. But make it informative enough. The reader has to know the contents of your proposal through the title. Be also sure to make it compelling. It should be a headline that anyone can have interest to read.


The abstract gives information on your hypothesis. The goals of your experiment can be revealed in it. You should provide a summary of the answers you are seeking to have through the experiment. The abstract can be the summary of your whole proposal. Here you can relay your purpose and your reasons why you want to start the research. Readers can assess the premise of your letter through the abstract. Whatever you want to highlight, you can include it in the abstract. Your readers should have an initial understanding of your proposal through reading it. This is an important part because it is something that readers look at first to consider the importance of the research. Usually, an abstract should not exceed 300 words.


This is where you should get your readers to be hooked. Use a great storytelling technique in giving the introduction. Start with the basics of the scientific research proposal topics. Give the pertinent details that are important in your research. Your proposed work should contain information that is presently known by modern-day scientists. Most introductions start with a problem statement. It relays the problem that the research can address. Introduce a framework of your research so that the readers can understand the nature of your study. Your introduction should have answers to why your research is essential, why your research should be conducted.

Literature Review

A literature review is important in the scientific research proposal. You have to ensure that it conforms to the already presented knowledge that has been given by other scientists. Include a literature review that can make your research feasible. The readers have to know that you are going to follow the right methodologies that can give an accurate result to your research. Through the use of the literature review, you will be guided to give the best conclusions to your research. Whatever knowledge is offered by other scientists, they are there to ensure that humanity will get the right information in dealing with science.


Be clear on your objectives for the research. The research has to give value that can help others in the field of science. You need to have objectives that can contribute to the welfare of society. These goals should make our world to be a better a place. Your research should be some help that we can use in our everyday lives.


You need to put the key variables of your research in the proposal. There are four types of variables that you can include:

Research Hypothesis

This is the kind of hypothesis that you are going to test. You should identify the questions that you are going to give answers to. Explain the result that you are expecting. You can give your thoughts in creating a hypothesis. You can make predictions as you formulate the hypothesis. Explain the relationship between variables in your experiment. The hypothesis provides an outcome to the problem statement. It may not be haphazard guesses but should give a deep knowledge through investigation.


The methodology is an important part of the research proposal. You have to enumerate how you can make your research possible. You should make a guiding principle that can provide the right information that can make the readers say that your research is appropriate. You can answer the following questions in doing the methodology:


There should be a justification in your proposal. You need to justify that your research is important. You have to provide a conclusion that can show that you are doing good scientific research. Make the readers see that you can give an advance knowledge through your research. Enumerate the effects of your study. You should tell how can it change practices. It should give an expected outcome that can contribute to the policies that have already been used. Justify why your research is appropriate to get funding or grant.

Time Schedule

You should provide a timeline for your research. Use a Gantt Chart so that you can provide a good timeframe better. There are two types of timelines that you can use. They are full-time study and part-time study. The full-time study can have a timeline of three years. After that, you can have the fourth year as the year of registration. The part-time study will have a timeline of six years on the other hand. It can be registered in the seventh year.


A bibliography is needed in the scientific research proposal. You should list all the articles that you have used as a reference. Include all the texts and sources that you have used. This can make your research reliable. Follow guidelines in formatting your bibliography. You must make the right citation because your proposal must be presented in the best way.

Tips on Scientific Research Proposal

Maybe you are needing a scientific research proposal sample because you need some tips to use in creating a proposal. You should know that we can provide some tips for you. They are the following:

Follow Instructions: When sending a scientific research proposal, you must tailor it to the institution where you are going to get a grant. Know their guidelines and follow their instructions. How can you prove that you are going to make appropriate research if you will not follow instructions? So be careful with the instructions.Use Headings and Subheadings: To make your proposal look good, break down your proposal into headings and subheadings. You can better explain your points with the use of these. Your texts can be understood more clearly. You can better introduce your topics when you separate your paragraphs.Be Familiar with Your Audience: Like in any proposal, you must know your audience. You must tailor your proposal according to the particular audience that you will have. Research about the stakeholders so that you will know what they are looking for in a proposal. You must adjust your writing according to their preferences.Start Strong: You should know that you have to make your readers impressed with your first sentences. You have to start strong. You should make an impact with your first words. Your first sentences will dictate whether the readers will like your proposal or not. So you have to give your best in it.Clear Title: The title is the first thing that the readers will see in your proposal. You have to provide the best title. To do this, you need to be clear with the title. Just with a few words, the readers should know what your proposal is all about. It should give essence to your research.

How to Create a Scientific Research Proposal

Do you know how to write a scientific research proposal for funding or how to write a scientific research proposal example? Are you about to create a scientific research proposal? If you do not know how to write a scientific research proposal, you can consider the following steps in creating one for yourself. Read the following:

  • Step 1: Define Your Aims

    In everything, the purpose is important. Aims are vital so you have to define your aims before starting creating the proposal. Know your purpose for the research. Set aims that you have to achieve. Maybe you want to contribute to give advanced knowledge to society. Maybe you think there is a need for a change in some policies. If you will have aims, the readers can see that you are going to provide purposeful research. There is nothing wrong to consent to a good cause. Your aims are what can make your proposal to be accepted.

  • Step 2: Make a Work Plan

    you should make a work plan for your research. Know what are things that you have to do when you conduct the research. Provide a timeframe for your study. Plan the methodology that you are going to use. Prepare the necessary materials for the research. Plan carefully. Planning can make you know what you need throughout your research. You may not tend to forget anything that is essentially needed for your work. Outline the things that you need so that you can meditate on how you can keep up with these things. You can make a layout to make everything more visible or a table that can show all your needs. You need to have a perfect work plan that can provide everything for you.

  • Step 3: Set a Budget

    Because a scientific research proposal needs funding, you have to set a particular budget for your research. You need to include a budget that you will request in the proposal. Through the work plan, you will know the materials that you are going to use in the research. You can be aware of the expenses that you are going to need throughout your study. After knowing your expenses, make a budget plan that can assess the right budget for the study that you are going to conduct. Be sure that you can request a sufficient budget. The research should not be hindered just because of money.

  • Step 4: Proposal Template and Format

    You should consider the best scientific research proposal format. Your proposal will look good if you will choose the right format. Search for a proposal template that can guide you in writing. After finding the best template, you can start writing your proposal. Include all the elements of a scientific research proposal. Be careful in writing each part. Make sure that every part will be compelling. After writing, proofread your work. There should be no grammatical mistakes. When all looks good, you can submit your scientific research proposal.


What are the Benefits of a Scientific Research Proposal?

Through the scientific research proposal, the stakeholders can ensure that every proposal is sound. They can only approve the best research that can be conducted. Through this, we can only have the best breakthroughs in science.

Is a Scientific Research Proposal Important?

Yes, a scientific research proposal is important. The government and private institutions have to ensure that every research will be appropriate to be done. Every research should be good enough. We cannot let mediocre study pass through. This can give a gap in our knowledge and can cause some errors.

Whether you are a student or a scientist, you have to ensure that you can provide the right study for society. Every research should be feasible. You should provide a change that can help other people. Well, are you searching for a template for a scientific research proposal? This post has 13+ SAMPLE Scientific Research Proposal in PDF | MS Word. If you badly need it, this post can help you! Wait no more! Download now!