What IS a Cleaning Work Proposal?

JTB Cleaning Services, to get its clients, has to make a winning presentation that sells and best represents what they offer and what they can do. That is what a cleaning work proposal is all about. Typically, a cleaning work proposal is a document presented to potential clients that provides an outline of what the business has to offer, the services, the benefits, and values, including the budget and timeframe for the work to be done. Its main purpose is to win a “project” or win over a client to avail of the services that the business offers. Winning a project, or winning over a client, means funds for your business. If your cleaning service is still in a startup phase, then making sure that your cleaning proposal is well-drafted, well-planned, and polished is a good first step. A cleaning work proposal also serves as a roadmap. It guides the direction that your cleaning business is going, putting everyone on the same page on how to execute any agreement between your business and with your client. Aside from that, the cleaning work proposal can also help you in realizing and achieving your plans and goals for your cleaning business, goals that are SMART (Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Relevant, and Time-bound) since during the process of creating the proposal, you delve into what are some of the challenges and opportunities that your proposal could potentially raise.

Payoffs of Availing a Cleaning Service

The current pandemic has brought the world’s attention to the importance of cleanliness and proper hygiene, if not, heightened further its significance that should be embedded in our day-to-day routine. With that came also the boom of the cleaning service industry, the business group who takes charge that your house and office is properly cleaned and disinfected. The latest trends in cleaning technology that introduce tougher disinfecting tools and ingredients, or easy-to-use cleaning tools also pushed the cleaning service industry as one of the most in-demand businesses in these past few years, since these businesses are the ones utilizing the latest gadget or equipment when it comes to home or office cleaning. That domino effect when it comes to health and hygiene goes to show that the cleaning service industry turned out to be a lucrative business to get into! Not only does the current market trend benefit the business owners. Turns out, the customers are the ones getting the value for their money should they choose to avail of a cleaning service. What are these benefits?

Time Saver: Perhaps the number one benefit that people look forward to when they avail of a cleaning service is that it saves them the time from doing the actual cleaning themselves. If it were a busy day, people could just go on working overtime without worrying about the state of their house when they get back from work. With just one call, they could have somebody come over and do the house cleaning for them. Or, if you’re a mom looking to spend some quality me-time, or if you and your family are planning to go somewhere on a vacation, and you worry about leaving your house in a total mess, then, hey, just give those cleaning service agencies a call! They’d be very willing to take that burden off your shoulders!Value for Your Money: Cleaning service agencies are considered “the professionals” when it comes to cleaning. So, you’re saving money by having professional cleaners come over and do over your house! How so? For one, since they are professionals, that means they are already trained in the art of cleaning and housekeeping. What would take you almost three hours (or even more!) just to clean the bathroom would take them less than an hour to do so. That’s some serious elbow greasing they do there! Another reason why you’re saving more money when availing of a cleaning service is that they’re using more efficient cleaning materials to thoroughly clean and disinfect your house. For instance, you go shopping, and you buy cleaning supplies, let’s say a detergent, that was “highly recommended” to you by one of the store’s sales personnel. So you go home, start wiping and scrubbing, and you suddenly realize that you are using more than just the recommended amount of volume to use! So much for efficiency! Then you ask yourself, “Is there something wrong with the detergent? Or is it just me? Or is it the fault of the sales rep?” Hey, it could be anyone’s fault at that point! To save you from further stress, frustration, and from making bad purchase decisions in the future, why not just go ahead and call your nearest cleaning service agency?Cleaner, Healthier, and Disinfected Space: We have to emphasize the disinfected part because, after all, the focus on cleaning has shifted greatly to disinfection over the past couple of years. You can only do so much when it comes to cleaning and disinfecting, but at the end of the day, you’ve got to admit that you haven’t pretty much-covered everything that you’re supposed to. That’s where trained professional cleaners come in. They know which soap or detergent to use on those tough grease, stains, or molds, and they know which tools or equipment to use to scrub, wipe, or vacuum off that stubborn dirt and dust. The best is, ever since the start of the pandemic, they know which cleaning tool or soap to use to best disinfect your house from the bacteria or viruses that can make people sick! Your living space is healthier, cleaner, dust-free, or allergen-free, and all because you wisely choose to avail a home cleaning service!Fatigue and Stress-free Service: Convenience is what we are all after when we want to avail of any type of service. Especially when it comes to cleaning services. Why spend half the day (or even the whole day) cleaning the whole house, not even doing it right nor properly, when you can just send somebody over to do it for you the right way, and then you can just go ahead and relax and do whatever you want? We all want a stress-free service, and that is exactly what the cleaning service offers. They take care and do the dirty work for you so that you can just take off and have that well-deserved day of rest. A good example of a stress-free cleaning service is right before the day of a planned house party. You’ve got guests coming over for dinner at your house for some sort of a celebration, or even just a simple dinner party, and you don’t want your house looking like some sort of twister just came blowing in and leaving a disaster area. What will your guests think? Of course, you don’t want that to happen! What do you do? The solution? Pick up that phone, and dial your local cleaning service agency. They’ll have your place spick and span (even disinfected!) at no time at all! And not just before your house party. They could even do the clean-up for you after your party!

How to Create a Cleaning Work Proposal

Having a well-prepared and well-thought cleaning work proposal is the first step to getting your cleaning service business going. It is, after all, the document that gets your first clients, which in turn funds the operation of your business. A lot is at stake in how you prepare your business proposal. There are a lot of advantages to be had when you successfully make a good proposal. First off, it provides clarification for your business’s vision, or where and how you want your business to go. Next, the proposal also serves as a roadmap for both you and your clients. It describes exactly what your business offers, what your clients can benefit from it, the processes, deliverables, payment procedures, and so on. This will prevent confusion on both parties on what was agreed upon, and in fact, will also serve as evidence, just like a business contract. There’s no hard and fast rule when it comes to the format of a cleaning work proposal. To make it effective, though, it would be best to have the following elements included in it.

  • 1. Cover Page

    A cover page adds a touch of formality to your proposal, letting your clients know that you are serious about your business, about what you do, and that you are equally serious about them doing business with you, that you care about their business. The cover page should include basic information such as the name of your business or the company that you are representing, your name, the date of the proposal, and the name of the person or the business to whom you are proposing for.

  • 2. Executive Summary

    The executive summary explains why you are proposing. It should provide a brief overview of the cleaning service business, an outline of what your business does, and what your clients can benefit from your services. Executive summaries essentially should be interesting or engaging to make the reader want to read the rest of your proposal. Oftentimes, executive summaries also contain a mission and vision statement. A mission statement describes the reason for the cleaning work proposal, and at times reflects the business’s culture and values. A vision statement depicts what the business hopes to achieve with the proposal within a given time frame.

  • 3. Presenting the Need

    This is the section where you present why there is a need for a cleaning service business such as yours. Before presenting the need, or an existing problem, it would be helpful to do a market analysis first. A market analysis helps identify the current market situation, such as the market trends, growths, opportunities, challenges, and even the competitor’s profile. Doing a SWOT analysis can help in analyzing the market. SWOT means Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, and Threats. Strengths are those features of your cleaning service business that makes it unique or stands out. Weaknesses are those aspects that limit your business’s growth or success. Opportunities are those factors that your business can use to grow and be successful. Threats are those aspects that can potentially harm or put your business at risk. Once you’re able to identify your SWOT, then you can present the need in your proposal. So for a cleaning work proposal, the need could be that because of the current pandemic, we need to be sure that our houses are properly disinfected from bacteria or virus-causing diseases or sickness.

  • 4. Proposing the Solution and the Pricing

    After you have listed down the needs or the problems, the next is to present the solutions to these problems. This is the section where you list down what are the services your business is offering. You could also include what are the added-value services that your clients could benefit from if they choose to avail of your services, such as discounts on the next services, free carpet cleaning, or even discounts for every client referral made. Right next to your services are the pricing offered. Be sure that your prices are reasonable, and are concurrent with the latest market pricing for cleaning services. You don’t want to scare your clients away with high and unreasonable price quotes!

  • 5. Terms and Conditions

    The terms and conditions section is the legal legwork of the proposal. If the clients agree with your proposal, the terms and conditions describe how the services will be implemented, the timeline, the payment process and method, and other legal considerations.

  • 6. Signatures

    Always leave a space at the bottom of the proposal for the signatures. This is where your clients sign that they have agreed to your proposal and signifies that they are ready to do business with you according to the terms stated in the proposal.


What are some of the different types of cleaning services?

There are a lot of cleaning services that are being offered, but here are some of the top common services. Basic house cleaning – this is a general cleaning type of service. Usual tasks include sweeping, mopping, vacuuming, polishing, dusting, and so on. Deep cleaning – deep cleaning is more of an intensive type of cleaning. It usually involves vacuuming upholstery, cleaning ovens and stoves, cleaning filters or air conditioning units, and so on. Sanitization services – probably the most in-demand in this time of the pandemic. This is where your whole space gets properly disinfected from germs, bacteria, or viruses.

What are some tips when writing a cleaning work proposal?

Include positive previous clients reviews and testimonials. Prospective clients would often go for services that have a good reputation with other clients. Another great tip is customizing a proposal for your clients. Clients would love to have the flexibility of designing their cleaning service. Another tip is to make the proposal relevant to your clients. Meaning that how you design and present your services to your prospective clients should be done in a way that they can relate to.

What are some of the latest types of business proposals?

These are a web design proposal, a sales proposal, a marketing proposal, a social media marketing proposal, a content marketing proposal, and so on.

Who wouldn’t want to get home from a busy day at work to a house that’s clean, almost pristine-like, right? That’s what businesses such as JTB Cleaning Services offer to you and make you want to feel after you took up their services. Cleaning services businesses are one of the lucrative industries to get into today, especially with the need now that’s highlighted on cleanliness, sanitation, and proper disinfecting. For a cleaning service business to thrive in today’s aggressive, competitive market, they need to get as many clients as they can find. And the tool that could help them with that is a well-prepared cleaning work proposal. Go ahead and download our cleaning work proposal templates now, and start getting as many clients as you possibly can!