What is a Strategy Proposal?

A strategy proposal is a cohesive, thought-provoking and well-defined document that demonstrates an enticing statement to convince clients or the management to give their approval of the initiation of a specific strategy management process. It is composed of the strategy management project summary, strategy management team profile, strategy project scope requirements, budget, strategy development project timeline, and other essential aspects. As an effective project management and planning tool, it helps business owners, project managers, strategy development consultants, product developers, content production specialists, product marketing specialists, and other professionals in various fields and industries to create and develop worthwhile business development strategies. 

According to a statistical report, 70% of business firms and organizations that used a formal process to manage strategy out-performed their peers, and 80% of other firms have at least one formal system for managing commitments across silos.  Executional excellence in business strategies is the most challenging that many corporate leaders around Asia, Europe, and the United States experience along with other concerns in innovation, geopolitical instability, and many others. 

Thus, if you are currently developing a strategy, or renovating an existing strategy for your brand, company or organization, the first thing you need to do is prepare a compelling strategy proposal. Developing an effective strategy proposal will help provide crucial information to your prospective clients, investors and stakeholders about your strategy development projects. Additionally, your proposal will enable you to showcase an edge in your field and persuade your potential clients, investors, and stakeholders to accept your strategy development project and make it into reality.

Different Types of Strategy 

It is important to consider planning, studying the situation, defining a goal, and drawing up a step-by-step path to achieve success in the business industry. However, project managers and executives need to develop a proper strategy or strategy plan to attain favorable business and organizational outcomes as strategy is a method of problem solving and the optimal approach depends on the specific issue at hand. If you are an aspiring strategy development consultant in your company or organization, learn and understand some types of strategy that exist in various fields and industries.  Below are different types of strategy:

1. Brand Strategy

There are many types of brands that exist around the world like premium brands and fun brands. Premium brands promise the top functional performance in the marketplace at a premium price as they cater to the universal appeal of the best product one can buy. They also appeal to risk averse B2B purchasing managers who buy the best quality brand. Also, most premium brands overlay functional logic with emotion in their appeals. On the other hand, fun brands are about lifestyle, enjoyment, and change. Fun brands provide the universal need for stimulation and new experiences. Many companies use brand strategy to outline how their business and brands will establish and boost rapport and favorability within the market.

2. Digital Marketing Campaign Strategy

A digital marketing campaign strategy is a strategy action plan that clearly outlines the goals and methods of how your business will reach its marketing goals by using different online channels such as search and social media. It is very crucial to create a digital marketing campaign strategy because it acts as a strategy map that guides your business to map out and accomplish its major goals or objectives and results. Digital marketing specialists work on defining brands, building their buyer personas, creating S.M.A.R.T. goals, selecting the right digital marketing strategies, setting their marketing budget, brainstorming the strategy, launching campaigns and tracking campaign results. 

3. Social Media Marketing Strategy

The 2021 Social Sprout Social Index reported that the most common goals for social media marketing strategy are increasing brand awareness (58%) and increasing community engagement (41%). Business professionals use social media marketing strategy to elevate brand reputation, generate leads and sales, grow their brand’s audience, boost community engagement, and drive traffic to their website. Also, it is important to consider that different social media platforms attract different audiences. For example, Instagram and YouTube are top social networks among Millennials and Gen Z, Pinterest are mostly used by women, and LinkedIn is for well-educated professionals.

4. Investment Strategy

Investors need an effective investment strategy to help them achieve their financial and investment goals and objectives. There are different types of investment strategies: value investing, growth investing, momentum investing, dividend growth investing, contrarian investing, and dollar-cost averaging. After learning some basics of investing in the stock market, you need to create an investment strategy by quantitatively figuring out what you are looking to achieve and being specific of your financial goals.

Basic Components of a Strategy Proposal 

In this section, you will learn how to craft a proficiently-written strategy proposal so that you are able to catch the interest of your prospective clients, investors, and stakeholders. However, a proposal has different components. Include the following elements for you to create an impressive document:

Cover Page: One of the key elements of a strategy proposal is the cover page. It is an eye-catching section of the documentwhich highlights the background of the business brand, main topic, or subject of the strategy, as well as to attract the attention of the client or management to check and read the proposal thoroughly. Description of Strategic Goals and Objectives:Describe clear strategic goals, objectives and outcomes that are essential in order to execute the new strategic plan. Explain how your strategic management and planning team will fulfill the strategic goals and objectives. Executive Summary or Strategy Plan Overview: Outline a clear and well-integrated summary of the business strategies that will be implemented through the new strategic plan. Use some simple visual representations to illustrate the flow of the strategic planning process. Another factor to add in this section is the significance, implications and other contributions of the new strategic plan that may help to build the business brand image and reputation to the people.Timeline of Strategic Plan:Construct a clear timeline of your strategic plan activities, and methods according to the time period of the different stages of your strategic planning process. Include the day, allotted hours, and overall date. Conciseness and Precision: Highlight the core details when it comes to your strategic plan. Write concisely and precisely. Keep it as brief and specific as possible. Avoid the usage of ambiguous words which are irrelevant to your strategy proposal.

How to Create a Strategy Proposal

Strategy consultants and project managers develop efficient tools and solid frameworks for understanding and improving strategic performance of various business firms and organizations. A strategy project proposal can effectively outline the primary dimensions and elements of your strategy development project. In this matter, we suggest that you follow the simple steps below while freely using one of our sample strategy project proposal templates in this article:

Step 1: Identify Strategic Goals and Objectives

Conduct in-depth market research so that you are able to identify strategic goals and objectives for your proposed strategy. Think about the key aspects you and your target audience prioritize in your brand, product, or service, as well as the vision in fulfilling the strategic goals and objectives. This step allows you and your strategic management team to guide your prospective clients, investors and stakeholders to recognize and decipher what kind of strategy you will be developing and why you will work on that particular strategy launch and development project.

Step 2: Include a Compelling Overview

Your strategy management project proposal should include a simple yet compelling overview or background of your strategy. Arrange and connect your ideas into an enticing story while conveying your readers the goals, objectives, and anticipated outcomes of your strategy plan in a creative yet formal manner. Consider the management and your audience when you outline your strategic plan, and add the schedule, budget, resources and status as well.

Step 3: Add the Company or Strategy Management Team Information and Strategic Plan Summary

What is the major purpose of your strategic management team? What specific problem are you and your team trying to assess? What type of strategy does the company or your team utilize? Who are the lead strategy development project managers and consultants? Add a well-structured overview of your company and/or strategy management team to clarify how your company and/or strategy management team works, your core values and many others. For the strategic plan summary, describe the strategy, the target consumers of the strategy, and the significance or value  of the strategy plan.

Step 4: Outline the Future State or Anticipated Business Outcomes

Describe the future state or anticipated outcomes of the business firm or the organization as you describe these important elements: vision statement, mission statement and core values, future business models, desired future value proposition and aspirational statements. Also, define the corporate directions, and other financial projections while using the new strategic plan that you are planning to implement.

Step 5: Prepare the Final Draft

Combine all the major points while preparing the final draft of your strategy proposal. Attach any supporting documents for the strategy and development plan. Schedule a meeting with the members of your strategic management team and/or the prospective client or company/organization who will receive your strategy proposal. Then, proofread and revise your document so that you can successfully submit your strategy proposal.


What are the fundamental methods of the strategic planning process?

The fundamental methods of the strategic planning process are discovering your strategic position, prioritizing your objectives, creating a strategic plan, executing and managing your strategic plan, executing and managing your plan, and plan review and revision.

What are the major principles of strategy management?

The major principles of strategy management are aiming on the most significant, leveraging capabilities and strengths, communication, creating momentum and enthusiasm, flexibility, and outside resource investment.

What are the main components of a strategy proposal?

The main components of a strategy project proposal are executive summary, company or strategic management team profile, strategic planning development project summary, problem summary, strategic management plan success criteria, strategic plan cases examples, stakeholders, strategic plan project scope requirements, budget, and project timeline.

What are some examples of strategy proposals?

Some examples of strategy proposals are brand strategy proposal, request for proposal marketing strategy & plan, proposal for digital strategy, investment strategy proposal, patient & public involvement strategy development proposal, working strategy proposal, strategy execution consultant proposal, habitat management strategy proposal, unified marketing messaging strategy proposal, draft proposal for a resource mobilization strategy, strategy review consultation proposal, data strategy plan proposal, strategy support fund call for proposal.

Many businesses and their management encounter the challenge of convincing investors and stakeholders to share confidence in their strategic plans. That’s why you need to focus on developing and managing strategies that will surely build and sustain performance into the future. So, writing a clear and compelling  strategy proposal is a powerful tool for strategy management in order to effectively persuade your clients, investors and stakeholders or the management about the new strategy development and implementation project and let them know and understand the overall strategy development and process. We suggest that you follow the aforementioned tips and steps here so that you are able to craft an exceptionally-written strategy proposal. Plus, download our sample strategy project proposal templates here today including brand strategy proposal, request for proposal marketing strategy & plan, proposal for digital strategy, investment strategy proposal, and other strategy project proposal templates!