What Is a Health Promotion Proposal?

A health promotion proposal is a formal proposal that actively promotes health, in all its forms. The proposal can either be aimed at individual or collective health, depending on the objective of the health proposal. 

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Examples of Types of Health

Health is a very broad and general term. There is a need to classify and specify the different areas of health. It is important to note that there are more than four types of health. But for the sake of this article, the following examples describe and provide some insight on just some of these different areas of health. 

Public Health. One of the pillars of a functioning society is a reliable public health system. The collective health of a community is paramount to an individual’s overall health and well-being. If a person’s surroundings or environment is not conducive to their health, it can directly or indirectly affect other areas of their life as well. For instance, growing up in a clean and safe neighborhood or locality can bring more benefits as opposed to living in a disintegrating or neglected neighborhood. Public health is also a fundamental and basic service that state authorities must deliver to their constituents. Whether it is accessible healthcare, public health infrastructure or even community support, this type of health encompasses a broad range of services. These days, especially in a pandemic-era, the safety and individual health of people cannot be separated from the overall impact of public health. Mental Health. One of the most important types of health that many people often forget to take care of is mental health. Thankfully, the conversation and dialogue on mental wellness and health continue to be a popular topic especially with the ongoing global pandemic. The importance of protecting one’s mental health cannot be stressed enough. Many people are aware of the benefits of good physical health; yet there are still people who are skeptical or who don’t understand the full weight of mental health. Although the stigma is slowly being chipped away, there is still much to be done in the field of mental health and wellness. Further, mental health affects all other areas of health whether people realize it or not. A stable emotional health, intellectual health, relational health and physical health are all linked in some way to the state of one’s mental health. Physical Health. Perhaps the most common and universally understood kind of health is physical and biological health. Thousands and thousands of studies and research have been done with regard to physical health. When people speak of physical health, two things usually and immediately come to mind: diet and exercise. Individuals need healthy amounts of both in order to achieve a good state of physical health. Essentially, diet and exercise are both linked to one’s lifestyle or life choices. A healthy lifestyle consists of a balanced diet and regular exercise. An unhealthy one is usually the result of a poor diet and a lack of physical activity. Doctors, nutritionists, fitness coaches and other health professionals all say the same thing with regard to physical health. Taking care of one’s health by making better lifestyle choices is a fundamental step in achieving overall well-being. Examples of lifestyle changes could be simply lessening sugar consumption, quitting smoking or alcohol, or getting into the habit of regular exercise. Oral Health. One of the most overlooked aspects of health is oral health. Some people do not realize that poor oral health can sometimes be an indication of poor overall health. Dental health is more important than most people give credit for. And this goes beyond taking care of one’s teeth only; your gums, tongue, cheeks, and essentially the entire mouth is part of oral health. If constantly neglected or left unchecked, minor dental problems may lead to more serious conditions and could further worsen. Fortunately, there are simple steps that one can take to improve one’s oral health. By practicing good oral habits and hygiene, regularly visiting a dentist and having your teeth cleaned by a professional, dental issues and oral problems can be properly addressed. Oral health may seem comparatively minor versus the greater whole, but it does not make it less important.

Ways to Promote Health

There are various ways to promote health.  It takes determination, creativity, resourcefulness, and diligent planning to advance the cause of health in any form. The following are just some examples of how you or your team can promote health in your respective communities. 

Information Campaigns. They say knowledge is power. This cannot be more true for the present time. In this day and age, information is everything. Whoever holds the information, holds the power. If you want to push for a health agenda, then you need to inform and educate people on its benefits and advantages. Conducting an information drive or campaign can help generate awareness and initiate the conversation on what needs to be done. In the time of a pandemic, timely and proactive information dissemination can spell the difference between life and death. It is also not just swift information that must be taken into account, you need to ensure that the information you share is accurate and evidence-based as well. Legislative Action. A key player in the promotion of health and wellness is the state. It is the role of government to safeguard the health of its citizens. Whether it is creating clean and safe communities or enacting laws and ordinances that promote health, the state has a major part in the advancement of health and well-being. The latter involves the use of the legislative process to improve the system and delivery of health services. If there are laws that protect and further the cause of health, it would have a wider and greater reach thus impacting more people. Legislative action such as awarding more responsibility and accountability to the public sector on account of healthcare or encouraging more public-private partnerships for health are just some positive examples. Grassroots Approach. One simple way to promote health is by starting at home or starting small. Never underestimate the power of seemingly small acts. Even the smallest act can have the biggest ripple effect. Health can start at your home, family or even at your school or workplace. If you can empower those around you to take health and wellness more seriously, then you would have already done your part. You can promote and encourage healthy living not merely by your persuasive words or arguments but by your acts and the example you set. Taking a grassroots approach can greatly help lay a strong foundation needed for greater and more ambitious health agendas. Health Incentives. Another way of promoting health in your community is by offering incentives that will encourage people to join the cause. In order to do this, you need to stress the benefits and make people see the advantages of a healthy community. When individuals realize that their own health will greatly benefit from a safe and healthy environment, they will be more inclined to support the cause. Whether it is convenience, economic support or additional rewards, incentives need to be tailored to fit the needs of the community. Not all communities and localities are born equal. Some require more assistance and empowerment than others. Thus, you need to make sure the health incentives you promote are suitable and sustainable.

How to Create a Health Promotion Proposal

To create a health promotion proposal, it is important to know your audience first. If you are looking for ease and convenience, using a ready-made template is recommended. Simply select a sample template that suits your needs and edit it accordingly. Once you’ve chosen a sample proposal from the collection above, follow the basic steps below. 

Step 1: Objectives

The first step in writing a health promotion proposal is identifying the objectives. What is the purpose of your proposal? What goals do you want to achieve if the proposal materializes? It is important to state the objectives of your promotion proposal in a clear and direct way so the reader or the recipient of your proposal can manage his or her expectations accordingly. For this section, you want to avoid long and dragging paragraphs. Try to keep your objectives to a minimum, but make sure they are descriptive and specific enough. You can arrange them in bullet points to make it more organized. 

Step 2: Background and Analysis 

The next step is proving some context for your health promotion proposal. Before diving right into the details of your proposed plans, offer some background or a useful analysis of the health issue at hand. Whether your promotion proposal is about mental health or public health, it is always advisable to guide your audience and help them transition smoothly into the proposed plans and initiatives. Another alternative is to present an analysis of your health topic. You can either conduct a deep dive or even a SWOT analysis would do. Whatever framework or approach you decide to use, the point is to help the reader understand where you’re coming from.  

Step 3: Marketing Plan

Since it is a health promotion proposal, you need concrete steps that will help market and publicize your goals. This section should contain a comprehensive and detailed marketing and promotions plan that can meet your objectives. As much as possible, you want your plans and strategies to be descriptive, concrete, and realistic. Although it is good to be idealistic, you also need to balance our idealism with pragmatism. In other words, make sure your initiatives and proposed plans are feasible and attainable. A good marketing plan is also measurable and logical. If you are unsure of the format of this section, there are dozens of marketing plan templates available for your use.       

Step 4: Timeline

The last step in creating a health promotion proposal is to set a timeline for your plans. This is crucial because you need a guide as to when to accomplish and implement your proposed plans. What good is it if your plans are not moving forward? For each action item or step, assign a date or time frame to accomplish it. Specify deadlines but do not be too inflexible as well. Yes, it is good to make plans but you also have to give allowance or consideration for unexpected roadblocks or detours. In this section, you can plot a simple timeline, Gantt chart, or any format that you are comfortable with. 


How do you write a health proposal?

To write a health proposal, you need to identify your main objectives, conduct a thorough analysis of the topic, outline your action items and plot a detailed timeline. Refer to the previous section for more detailed instructions on how to create a health proposal.

What are examples of health promotion strategies?

Examples of health promotion strategies include information drives, coordinated marketing campaigns, health conferences and events, and legislative action.

What are the 3 strategies for health promotion?

According to the National Center for Biotechnology Information, the three strategies for health promotion are enabling, mediating, and advocacy.

An effective health promotion proposal should present a comprehensive and compelling argument. If you are short on time but need a reliable sample template, browse the collection above, choose an editable template that suits your needs and customize your own proposal now!