50+ SAMPLE Catering Bid Proposal

What Is a Catering Bid Proposal?

A catering bid proposal is a letter that expresses a desire to win a bid on a catering project. It is submitted to clients who want to hire a catering service for an event that they are going to have. In all kinds of events, food is an essential thing and we need a caterer to provide this need. We do not have the time and effort to prepare the food and we want to have the food that we are going to give to have a better Presentation. Because of this, we decide to hire a catering service. Through it, we can serve food on an occasion with different recipes without us doing anything. A catering business is an in-demand business nowadays. Even in canteens, catering services are hired, You just have to win the bid to get the catering work. And of course, you have to send a catering bid proposal.

The proposal is also called a catering business proposal, catering service proposal, or project proposal. Some of its examples are restaurant catering proposals, event catering proposals, wedding catering proposals, and proposals for catering services for the staff canteen. In proposing, the catering company should ensure to present a menu that will be chosen by its clients. Thus, they have to make their proposal impressive so that clients will give them a chance to let them taste their food for approval. If their clients like the food, then that means the catering company won the bid.

Components of a Catering Bid Proposal

What are the components of a catering proposal? Do you know what it consists of? There are some important things that a proposal should contain. They are the following:


A catering bid proposal has an introduction. You have to introduce your business. You can make a description of your background. You can describe your relevant experience. Tell things that can make you earn points to win the hearts of your clients. You have to give a great introduction that can make any readers impressed. You can tell a good story about your business. You can describe your catering business by depicting a story. The introduction must be something that can hook your clients to read your whole proposal so that you will have a greater chance of approval. Do not make a mistake in your introduction. Or you may miss the chance of your proposal being accepted.


Another component is the description. You have to describe the events which you are going to cater. You have to show that you have food specialties for this event and that you can make a good decoration for it. If you can provide a special venue for the event, you must add it also. Add the date for the event. Include the number of participants that you can accommodate or tell how many people the catering service will be.


The most important component is the menu. You have to make a good presentation of all the foods that you can provide. You have to show a variety of foods that you can serve. They have to be very good foods, with different recipes that are people’s favorites. If your menu is great, you can be assured that the clients will like its varieties. So, fill your menu with the most delicious recipes in the universe. If the foods are irresistible, your clients cannot help but hire your service.


You need to be transparent about your price list when writing your bid proposal. Tell the total amount of the particular number of foods that you can serve. If you have special packages, you must state them in the proposal so that the clients can choose the package that they will desire. Make your price reasonable or you may not get approval for the proposal if your price is too high. You should also compete with the other bidders so you have to make the price attractive. Make sure that the pricing that you will choose will be accepted because it is a good price.

Terms and Rules

In your proposal, you have to include terms. You must let the clients know about your rules. You have to put some policies. This is important so that your clients will know the bounds of your upcoming agreement. Policies can make everything clear between the two of you. The clients will know what to expect and what is not included in your services. If a dispute will arise, you will also know what to do. So, set some terms and policies so that you will have a project that will not suffer disputes.

Tips on Catering Bid Proposal

Are you looking for a free catering proposal template or a catering bid proposal template for your upcoming event? Should you need tips about them, we have them prepared for you. So, look no further as we provide you with these useful tips. Read the following:

Best Menu: In your catering bid proposal, you need to include a menu so the clients will know all the foods that you will serve. But remember, you have to be careful in presenting the menu. Give the best menu that you can provide. Choose the best recipes that you can include. Make a good set for all the recipes. To make the menu delectable, you can include images for it. These can make your food more pleasing and attractive to the tastes of the clients because they will see a picture of the foods that you will serve. You can also search what are the trendiest food in the market so that you will not be left out of that latest trend. Through this, you will also know that you will serve the best menu.Affordable Price: Set a good price for your service. Be sure that it is affordable. It does not need to be cheap. Just make sure that it is the thriftiest price, that it is something where the clients can save money. To make everything likelier, you can set discounts for them. Through this, you can make the price of your service attractive. Discounts can make them want to avail of your service. They will know that they can have a good deal with it. You can have many clients through this. Your proposal can be accepted by many clients.Bid Early: Early birds get the first prize. So, in having the proposal, be sure that you will send it early. Never procrastinate. Make sure that you will be one of the first who is going to send the proposal. Do not afford the chance of sending the proposal late. Or another bidder may have already gotten the project. Be early in sending the proposal, and you may get the chance to win the bid, especially if your offer is good enough. You do not have to outbid anyone anymore because you have already gotten the project because of your being proactive.Great Cover Letter: You have to bear in mind that you have to send the best cover letter in your proposal. You have to convince the clients that they should hire you. Enumerate good reasons why they should choose your catering service. Showcase past projects so that they will be convinced that you are a good provider of catering services. Write compellingly in your cover letter. You have to impress your clients. Before writing, you may need to learn some good writing skills so that you can write better. Apply these skills to make a captivating cover letter that will be irresistible for the clients.

Tips on Catering Business

Restaurant catering service is an up-to-date business. It can get clients from everywhere who need a provider of food for their events.  If you have a restaurant, you can start with a catering service. If you will have this business, you can consider the following tips in setting up a catering business:

Catering Business Plan: In all businesses, business plans are important. You have to make a business plan for your catering business. The business plan will be a roadmap for you that will guide you in running the catering business. You will have something that you can look into when you need something for all your plans. You can set your goals and it will be easier for you to achieve them. You can also get a lot of investors and you can have more clients.Register Your Business: You have to make your business legal. If the clients will see that your business is registered, they can better trust you. They know that you will not dwindle them. They will not fear to pay you in advance. This can help you to have more clients. You can get more clients who are good payers. Besides, you will be more proud of your business because you know that it is licensed.Office Address: To give clients the best experience in your business, you have to make an office address for your catering service. Choose a location for your business. Do not settle for having it at your home. An office address can better attract clients. It is more formal and the clients will see that your business is well-established. You can also take care of your business better if you will have an office. So, set a budget for your office to make your catering business better.Best Employees: You have to know that you have to hire the best employees that will do the serving for your catering business. Hire key workers and give the best training to your employees. Dress them in the best uniform. Train them to give the best customer service. They all have to be nice to the people at the events to protect the reputation of your catering business. So, when hiring, be sure of the demeanor of your employees to protect your business.Good Marketing Strategy: Make a catering marketing plan for your business. You need to have some great marketing strategies that you can use. Marketing is very important because it is what can make you have many clients. It can decide how much will your profit be. You can hire a good marketer so that you can make a better marketing plan for your catering business. They can have better marketing suggestions and the best marketing skills that can make your business succeed. If you have marketing skills, this can be great for your business. You do not need to hire a marketer then.

How to Write a Catering Bid Proposal

Any catering company needs to send a catering bid proposal before getting any client. They have to have the best catering menu and the best proposal form. Do you need to write a catering bid proposal? Then, you can consider the following steps in creating your proposal:

Step 1: Make a Cover Letter

The first thing that can be in your proposal is the cover letter. It is a letter of introduction that describes your catering business. It goes together with your curriculum vitae or resumes. First impressions are made with the cover letter. You have to make it great because it is what can make the clients decide whether to consider your proposal or not. It is the first thing that they can read. Make your cover letter succinct to secure points and for your whole proposal to be read.

Step 2: Menu Items

Food is what any person is looking for in an event. If this is so important, you have to make sure that you can provide the best menu for your catering service. You have to make assorted dishes for your menu. You can combine local dishes and international dishes. To be sure that you can provide the most delicious foods, you have to perfect all your dishes. Do not provide food that can be mediocre in value. Make it perfect in taste. Then, you will know that you can keep your clients because they will be satisfied with your food.

Step 3: Price Quote

Include the best price quote in your proposal. You have to set a good price for your service. Make the price of all your food variants likable for everyone. Set in a package where clients can have discounts. Just be sure that you can still have proficient profit from your price quote. Consider all the costs before deciding on the best pricing that you will set for your service. If you have decided on a reasonable amount, then set it as your price quote.

Step 4: Payment Terms

Payment terms can be important for the proposal. The clients should know that they can have an easy way of paying for your service. Provide as many possible payment method options as possible. They should know that they will not have any trouble paying you. It can make them buy your service more likely.

Step 5: Policies and Signature

In the last part of your proposal, explain your terms. Set some policies for the agreement that you are going to have. The clients should know the resort to any problem that they can encounter with the deal. Then at the end, put your signature to signify your sincerity for the proposal. Then, send the proposal to the clients and wait for their approval.


How much is a catering service?

The usual catering service costs from $300 – $5000. It depends on the number of people that are going to attend the event. It also differs on whether you will have an informal event, buffet, or corporate event.

What is the benefit of a catering service proposal?

A catering bid proposal can help you to win the bid in any catering service project. It can introduce your business in a way that can attract clients. You can have as many clients as you like if you can win on bids by having the proposal.

It may be competitive to make bid proposals for your catering service. But through it, you can get many clients. You can win over other bidders if you can just make your proposal great. Do you need a template for the catering bid proposal? This post has 50+ SAMPLE Catering Bid Proposals in PDF. Choose any if you have to create a bid proposal. What are you waiting for? Download now!