36+ Sample Field Trip Proposal

What is a Field Trip Proposal?

A field trip proposal is a letter that is requesting to approve a suggested field trip or an educational tour. It is also called an educational tour proposal. It proposed a tour where students can participate. This tour should be something that can enhance the students’ academic experience by visiting historical places or educational places that can bring them new knowledge. It can also consist of outdoor activities where students can learn many things. Field trips are fun and students can enjoy this particular day. They can share moments with their classmates where they can have new educational experiences. A proposal is needed especially if the field trip will be free and it has to gather some grant that it can be used for all the expenses. The proposal will be sent to the stakeholders to gather the money that it needs. If the field trip has payments, the proposal will be sent to the principal so that he or she will approve the supposed field trip. A field trip proposal is useful because it can be a way on how to come up with the best field trip that will be given to students. It can enhance the children’s experience because the proposed tour is something that has been thought of well.

Tips on Field Trip Proposal

Are you searching for a field trip proposal example or a school field trip proposal sample because you need some tips that you can use for your field trip? Consider the following and apply these tips in making your field trip proposal:

Advance Planning: Strategic Planning can make your proposal perfect. Before you will write the proposal, be sure that you know everything about the field trip. You should know how to reach the tour site, how long will the field trip be, and where can you all have food. You must know everything first, like what are the activities will the children do. This can make your proposal to be more realistic and reliable. The stakeholder and the principal will know that you have taken care of everything and the only thing that is lacking is their approval. They will know that you already have a well-planned field trip ahead of you. You can be assured that your proposal will be granted.Ensure Learning Objectives: In your field trip plan, you must ensure that you will have learning objectives. Plan for a trip that can give an educational experience to students that can enhance their learning. Be sure that they can learn many things from the tour. Make some objectives so that you can ensure this thing. Before choosing a particular trip, make sure that it can reach your learning objectives. Set that as a standard. Also, if you can show that the field trip can achieve learning objectives, the principal will know that it will be a good field trip. There will be no reason for him or her to not approve your proposal.Permit Chaperone: In your field trip proposal, you can state that children can bring a chaperone. If parents will know that they can go with their children on the field trip, they can like the trip better. Having a chaperone is a good thing because the school will not be solely responsible for the safety of the children. Because they are entrusted with a chaperone, the children will also be safer. Children will also have an adult company that can explain to them the things about their educational experience. The school can better approve your proposal because the safety of the students is ensured.Student Engagement: Make sure that the field trip can give a great experience to the students. Make good activities where the students can engage in. Encourage them to join every activity that you will have on the trip. You can make games or have some outdoor activities where any student can take part. Include these activities in your proposal so that the school will be informed about your field trip plan. In these activities, you can give simple awards or certificates so that students can have some sense of achievement. They can have fun and they can say that they have achieved something.Pre-visit and Post-Visit Activities: You can make pre-visit activities and post-activities for the field trip. Pre-visit activities are things that can prepare any student before having the field trip. The children can become more excited about the field trip and they can prepare their thoughts for the tour. Post-visit activities can make the students extend their happiness for the trip. They can tell their experience and can show what are the things that they have learned from the tour. You can include these activities in the trip permission form or field trip proposal form. These activities can enhance the experience of the children on the trip.Evaluation and Feedback: Suggest that after the field trip, students should make an evaluation. They must give some feedback form for the trip. You can include this in your post-visit activities. Know what the students are thinking about the trip. Ask them what are things that they have gained from the trip. If you can have positive feedback, you will know that you have facilitated a great field trip that you can do again next time. Tell the students to tell what they honestly feel so that you can improve their educational experience. If there are some things that you have to improve, you know that you should make a better proposal next time.Parental Permission: You should include in your proposal that your field trip should require the permission of the parents. It is the school’s responsibility to have at least their permission. They will bring the kids to far places. The parents should permit them to do this thing. They are going to bring children that are under the legal age and they need the consent of parents. Without this, they are exposing their school and the children to great danger. What if something bad will happen? The school can be sued for this thing. So, to make everything proper and safe, you must seek parental permission.Set Budget Guidelines: Before submitting a proposal, you must be sure about the budget that you are going to spend for the field trip. Set some guidelines for the budget to be sure that you can allocate well for every need. This is especially needed if your school is seeking a grant that can make your field trip possible. You must make a budget plan that can sustain all your needs for the field trip. Consider the cost of entrance fees and transportation. Make also a food plan where you can also assess the budget that you need for it. After you have calculated the total budget, you can include it in the proposal.Trip Selection: You must know that you have to be picky in choosing a field trip for your students. Choose the best field trip for the children, something that can give them the best experience. Be sure that it can meet the learning objectives of your school. Personnel must conduct research that can make them know the best available field trips that they can have. In picking a particular field trip, they must know its location and make a pre-visit to the place. They can also search for places that can give students discounts. They should also be aware of the available activities in that place. These are the things that they have to consider in trip selection.Safety Measures: You should set some safety measures for the field trip. One of these is by having chaperones for children. You should also be sure of the emergency contact information of each child. Make medical information accessible and medications that you can use if ever an emergency happens. In your proposal, you can make some safety measures clear so that your school will know that it will be a safe field trip. Mention the meeting place where all of you can gather. Include the safety measures that you have prepared for the field trip. As the one who is proposing, it is your responsibility to ensure that the whole tour will be safe for the kids.Rules for the Trip: Set some rules for the children on the trip. You can adapt some rules that you have when they are in school. Be sure that they will not misbehave on the field trip. You can set a particular punishment for every misbehavior that they will have. This punishment can be inflicted on them as they return to school. Remember that rules are important because all of you are going outside and you have to ensure everyone’s safety. If they will misbehave, something bad may happen. Before anything like this will take place, you must ensure that the kids will fear and will not misbehave. Set some rules to follow so that the trip will be perfect for everyone.Good Schedule: You must propose the best schedule for the field trip. If you think it will be best for the weekend, then choose a particular date on a weekend. Pick the best time for the field trip. You can start to have it at 8:00 am. Just be sure that everyone will be ready with the schedule that you will choose. If you want to be sure about the best schedule, you can ask the kids what is the best schedule that will suit all of them. Then afterward, you can write it in the proposal.

How to Write a Field Trip Proposal

Is your school planning for an adventure-based field trip? Are you going to have a virtual field trip proposal, high school field trip proposal, or a Field Trip Proposal Letter? Are you looking for a field trip proposal template or a school trip proposal template? Well, if you need some help in making a field trip proposal, you can consider the following steps in making it:

  • Step 1: Choose A Topic

    Before you can make a field trip proposal, you must first pick a topic for the Tour. Find a topic that will be interesting for the kids. Choose something that can enhance the learning objectives of the students. Pick something where you can have any activity that can be fun for all the kids. When you have decided on a topic, research it. Know the prospective places where you can have an academic experience with this topic.

  • Step 2: Make Objectives

    You have to set some objectives for the field trip. This can make you choose the right field trip for your school. The objectives should go together with the target field. For example, if you want to enhance the Writing Skills of the students, you can have a field trip to a newspaper publication. Through this, you can follow your objectives. So, set objectives so that you can be sure that the students will benefit from the field trip.

  • Step 3: Tour Details

    Next is you have to be definite about the field trip details. Include the name of the organization that you are going to visit. You can also include the names of the individuals with whom the students will interact. Be accurate when describing the outing. Include all the activities that you are going to have. If you are going to stop for lunch, provide the name of the restaurant where you will eat. Allot a timeframe for it and be sure that it will fit your budget for the trip. To make the details of your field trip more interesting, you can include your reasons why you have chosen the trip in particular.

  • Step 4: Plan a Schedule

    Make a Schedule Plan. You should plan a schedule for the departure and make some schedule for the arrival to each destination for the field trip. You should also set some time for the activities and presentations. Time for meals should also be allotted. To make the schedule perfect, assess everything first so that you will know that you can give a proper schedule for everything.

  • Step 5: Resources Assessment

    After setting a schedule for the field trip, you must assess all the resources that you need for the trip. Be sure to take care of the activity costs. List all the personnel that is going to go on the trip. Know the important things about the transportation requirements. Be sure that your transportation can accommodate all the persons that are going to be on the trip. Indicate the things that the students will have to bring. They may need to bring clothes, Writing Materials, and pocket money.

  • Step 6: State Your Needs

    Make a Summary of all your needs for the field trip. Sometimes, you may need a budget that you should use for it. You can tell this need to the stakeholders or the administrator. But above all, be sure that the field trip will be one great experience for the students. FAQs


How Much Does a Field Trip Cost?

Field trips are expensive. Parents can pay as much as $1000, especially for four-day trips. The cost covers airfare, lodging, entrance fees, and other activity costs. Anyway, the cost can be worth it because the children can have fun and can learn something.

What are the Usual Places for Field Trips?

There are certain places where students can have field trips. Some of these are the great outdoors, planetarium, art museum, aquarium, farm, zoo, TV station, botanical garden, and theater. There are also historical places where the students can go and visit.

When choosing a field trip for students, make sure that it will give educational objectives to them. Consider this carefully as you make a field trip proposal. Aside from having fun, students must learn something academically through the tour. Well, do you need a template for field trip proposal? This post has 35+ SAMPLE Field Trip Proposal in PDF. Choose which seems to be the best for you. Download now!