45+ SAMPLE Travel Contract Proposal

What Is a Travel Contract Proposal?

A travel contract proposal is a proposal that travel agencies or travel business companies offer clients to avail of their services. It essentially contains the general components of a proposal but with stipulations based on travel services and tour products.

According to an article by Travel Pulse, Expedia tops the 2020 list of the 12 Most Powerful Travel Agencies. The Expedia Group reported a staggering amount o f $107.9 billion in sales the previous year. Among the highest ranked companies along with Expedia were Booking Holdings, American Express Global Business Travel, BCD Travel and CWT.   

Services Of a Travel Agency

Travel agencies extend help in multiple ways. Whether individual or group clients, travel and tour businesses cater to clients by offering them various tour packages and specialized services that are enumerated and described below. 

Passport and Visa Assistance. One of the main reasons people engage the services of a travel company or agency is for greater convenience and efficiency in obtaining or renewing their passports, visas and other travel documents. Depending on your residence or location in the world, it can be quite burdensome for others to go through the process of visa application or passport application. Travel agencies assist in this time-consuming and often meticulous process. Especially if clients come in big tour groups or clans, it can be overwhelming to handle all the requirements on their own. But for a reasonable fee, this fundamental step of acquiring travel requirements and documents can be left to the experts instead. Tour Group Packages. When it comes to travel, it becomes doubly more challenging to plan for big groups, families and even official business trips with multiple travelers. Whether it is a month-long family vacation or an out-of-town business conference, it is a long list of preparations and requirements to plan for. Many travel agencies specialize in catering to big tour groups and group itinerary packages. If you are the type that takes pleasure in planning and organizing for families, clans and big groups, then you may find that enlisting the help of a travel services company may be unnecessary. But if you lack the time and resources to take on the task, then perhaps tapping a travel agency for help may be a wise decision.Educational Tour. Not all travelers seeks leisure and relaxation. Of course, there are official business trips and work trips but others seek to broaden their minds and horizons by stepping out of a familiar place and into completely new and foreign lands. Travel agencies and tour companies also offer curated tours purely for the sake of educational and informative purposes. From simple field trips, shore excursions to multi-stop educational tours, travelers who seek to deepen their knowledge of the world would be happy to know that such tour packages exist. Whether it is a historical tour of an ancient city, a day tour of national monuments and landmarks or an entire weekend visit to museums and galleries, educational tours are not merely limited to students. Professionals, families and groups who take interest in broadening their view of their world are those that will ultimately benefit the most from education tours. Pilgrimages. If people seek to travel in order to expand their education and knowledge, then there are also people who do so for religious and spiritual reasons. One of the most common tour packages available are religious pilgrimages. And it does not matter what faith one subscribes to, there are several sites around the world frequented by millions of people every year for their religious significance. The Holy Land, Mecca Tours, and a long list of prominent and historical cathedrals and churches are just some examples of widely visited religious sites. Travelers go on pilgrimages not just to enjoy the sight-seeing but to fulfill a religious duty, vow or simply to express their faith. Travel agencies curate pilgrimage packages that even include flight and hotel bookings in addition to planned itineraries for visits to religious sites. Personalized Travel Itineraries. A travel agency may be known for their ready-made and predetermined tour itineraries; but they are also known for customizing unique tour packages for individuals and groups. If there happens to be a specific site or request from the client, the travel company would typically accommodate the client’s needs. Flexibility is important for travelers and agencies alike. So offering personalized tour packages have become the norm for a lot of travel agencies. This allows the client more freedom and room to explore places and sites that they are more interested in. And when the clients-whether individual or not- are engaged, interested and happy with their overall travel experience, customer satisfaction rating increases for the travel agency. Bookings and Reservation. Aside from passport and visa assistance, another primary service of most travel agencies is handling ticket bookings and reservations on behalf of clients. Whether the client needs help booking a flight, a hotel, a car service, entrance fee tickets, or even slots for a show or event, a diversified travel and tour company is typically willing to assist clients if it will make their travel preparations and experience easier and more convenient. Although this added service can be seemingly unnecessary when it is so easy to book online these days, there are still those people who prefer coursing their travel preparations through an established travel agent or accredited tour agency. Cruises. Air travel is not the only common service travel agencies offer. Tour packages such as cruise liners are also a popular vacation option for many. Cruises are often luxurious and offer a host of enjoyable activities for guests onboard. The destinations and routes are varied and scattered around the world; and guests either choose predetermined itineraries or can sometimes modify and curate their own cruise package with the right resources. Clients of tour agencies rely on the latter to coordinate and prepare the necessary requirements including booking reservations, visas, shore excursion slots or even tour brochures and meal tickets.


How to Create a Travel Contract Proposal

A travel Contract Proposal would vary depending on the needs and expectations of clients. However, there are some basic and general components of a typical travel contract proposal that you can easily incorporate into your document. Follow the step-by-step guide below to create your own travel contract proposal.

  • Step 1: Provide a Brief Background

    Since it is a formal proposal, you need to give the client or recipient of the proposal a quick overview of your company. In this case, the travel agency or tour company would need to offer a paragraph or a couple of paragraphs detailing either the history or background of the company. You do not necessarily have to provide too many details or be too specific. What matters is that you are able to draw the client in with a Captivating Introduction. You may provide significant dates or mention key people in your introductory paragraphs but it is not always required.

  • Step 2: Mention the Products and Services

    The next section should describe your list of services and products. Depending on the size and goals of the travel company, the list may vary and can either be targeted or generic. However, it is important to offer not only enough information but accurate information as well. For instance, you want to inform the client of the different destinations your agency offers. Make sure you convey your products as clearly as you can. You can even include photos of the various travel destinations or tour sites. Having the proper visual aids can help boost interest in your proposal.

  • Step 3: Give the Pricing Structure and Range

    In addition to enumerating your travel services and products, it is ideal to also inform your clients of your pricing and rates. Dedicate a section detailing your price structure or a chart of rates. Provide the price range if you are unable to give an exact figure. It is important for the client to get an idea, no matter how general, of the Monetary Cost of the services or products. Whatever your services- whether it is visa application, tour package customization or hotel reservation- make sure to price fairly and reasonably. While it is crucial to maintain competitive prices, you also want clients to find the rates attractive at the same time.

  • Step 4: State the Terms and Conditions

    A key component of any contract or proposal is the statement of terms and conditions. The content of this particular section may vary depending on the travel agency or company. But you can incorporate any of the following into the stipulations: privacy and confidentiality, payment guidelines, security deposit payment, Release Of Liability, travel insurance, contract amendment and termination, tour cancellation, operating hours, contact details and the like. Terms and conditions should always be clearly drawn so as to set and manage expectations from either party.

  • Step 5: Include the Signature and Date

    Lastly, like in any contract, the author should always provide and leave adequate space for both parties to affix their signature as well as the date. If the client is amenable to the stipulations provided by the travel company, then a signed contract will formalize the agreement. Make sure to provide clear lines which the signatories can immediately recognize and sign on.


How do you write a travel proposal?

To write a travel proposal, you need to format your proposal in a structured and organized way. The length of the proposal does not really matter as opposed to the quality and accuracy of the information provided in the travel proposal. Basic sections include an overview or background, list of services, price range, terms and conditions and you have the option to include other additional information as well.

What is the format of a proposal?

The format of a proposal should be structured enough that the recipient or client reading it can follow a logical flow of information. It can start with an introduction or brief background of the company, then followed by a detailed and complete list of products, services or even benefits. Terms and conditions can also be incorporated so as to help manage expectations early in the proposed partnership.

What is a travel proposal?

A travel proposal or a tour proposal is basically a sales pitch wherein a client is presented with a convincing set of options, information and arguments in the hopes of winning over the client or gaining approval. The travel agency or tour operator presents their services and terms in a collated and structured written proposal.  

If you are looking to create a well-thought out and persuasive travel proposal contract or letter, you can save more time by using a sample template where you don’t need to start from scratch! Simply browse and select any of the dozens of sample templates above to start customizing!