What is a Catering Service Proposal?

A catering service proposal is a letter that catering businesses sent to clients to get the work of serving food for them. They do event catering and they are in charge of the food supply for the events. A catering service proposal is a kind of event proposal, bid proposal, or project proposal. It is also called a catering bid proposal, catering menu proposal, event catering proposal, catering package proposal, food catering proposal, or catering business proposal. It can simply be called a catering proposal.

Whether you own a restaurant or just simply have a catering service from home, you need to send a catering service proposal first to get clients that can give you catering work for their events. Though some can hire you without it, it is a better way on how you can get projects. You should be the one who will approach clients so that they can give you the job. On some occasions, clients can come to catering services and will require a proposal before they can get their services. So a catering business should indeed learn how to create a proposal so it can get projects.

A business proposal for catering services can bring more profits to a catering business. If it will just wait for clients to come them, days will be passing and it can only get a few clients, or maybe even none. But if the catering business will be proactive to search for clients, it can get numerous clients that can buy its services. It can even have multiple clients at the same time. It can expand its business through the proposal. So, a catering business must be the best in writing the proposal. Whether it will serve to a canteen or an event, it has to make a professional proposal with the best proposal format or letter format.

The proposal should go along with the best menu that the catering service can offer. Anyway, it should discuss its menu in the proposal. Without a great menu, the proposal will be meaningless. The food is what clients are after. If the proposal looks good and the client gives the catering business a chance, food tasting is the next step. The catering business has to prove the quality of food that it has promised in the proposal. Its food should taste great or the client may reject the whole project. So, before creating a proposal, you must be sure that you have the best food to offer. This can make your proposal successful.

Elements of a Catering Service Proposal

Seeing a catering proposal template or sample catering proposal template, you can learn that it has essential elements. What are these elements? Are they vital in creating the proposal? The answer is yes. Without these elements, the proposal may be lacking. Read the following elements:


You should begin by introducing your catering business. Give a brief introduction about your background and experience. You should tell how long your business has been running. Mention some points that can make your business good in the eyes of clients. Cite some words that can lift your business. The introduction is a great chance for you to get the initial interest of the clients to have your services.

Kind of Event

You should be detailed with the kind of event that is going to be held. This will make you adjust the theme of your catering service. Will it be a wedding or a debut? Or is it a celebration of a holiday? And because you may have different packages for every kind of event, it is necessary to be definite with the kind of event.

Event Description

You should describe the event in detail. This includes the scope of the event. If you will describe the event, you can make the clients know what they can expect from every particular event. Every event needs a different kind of theme and applicable services. So, you have to describe the event so that the clients will have a taste of what you can bring to the table.

Event Schedule

This is the schedule of the event that is going to be held. The time of the event should be definite and the catering business should confirm that they will be able to deliver its services at the exact time of the event. In the proposal, you should propose a schedule that will fit the needs of the client.

Event Venue

The place where the event will be held should be placed in the proposal. The clients may have a particular place in mind but you can suggest a place where it can happen. The place may be a rented place or a restaurant that you own. You must have a good venue where you can have your catering service. No client will want to hold his or her event in a place that is not comely. So, you must know a good place where the event can take place.


You should have a great menu ahead of you. Pick the best menu that you can represent to the clients. Your food is the reason why the clients will choose your service. So, be sure that all your food tastes great. To introduce your menu to the clients, you can have a PowerPoint presentation where you will have images of your food. Compose a complete menu that consists of different foods that can complement each other.


You should suggest a price quote in your proposal. The clients have to know the price of your packages so that they can choose what service will they like. Calculate all your expenses and make a markup up to thrice of all the costs of the ingredients. This way, you will get enough profit from your business.

Number of Guests

The clients have to know the guest count for every package that you have. You cannot serve food to an event where there can be a number of people that will be more than the food that you can serve. Every event should have a definite number of guests so that the food can be enough and will not be lacking.

Terms and Policies

It is vital to include your terms and conditions in the proposal. You should let the clients know about your terms so that they will know if they can comply with them. Without rules, you may have bad dealing. To ensure that everything will be okay, you need to be transparent with your clients.

Tips on Catering Service Proposal

Maybe you need a catering event proposal sample or catering proposal example. You want to have it because you need some tips that you can use in your catering service proposal. Well, good news for you. We can give you some tips that you can apply in your proposal. Whether you will be hiring a catering company or you have a catering business, you can use these tips. Read and consider the following:

Consider Food Safety: When hiring a catering company, you should ensure that your event will be safe by having foods that are not contaminated. You should consider the safety and hygiene practices of the catering service. Be sure that they prepare the food clean and that they apply all the safety methods that will make the food healthy. You cannot risk the health of your guests. So, look in the proposal if the catering business can ensure that they can provide clean foods.Look for Reputation: Get a reputable catering service. It is better that you will check the reputation of the catering company that you will hire. Remember that they will face your guests. Your reputation is also at risk with them. If they will screw your party, you will bear shame in the eyes of your guests. You cannot hire a catering service that will provide unsavory foods and get shame for it. You have to ensure that they are good and can provide the best foods that can make your guests happy. Check the reputation of the catering companies by doing brief research. You can also examine the social proof or testimonies that they can provide in their proposals. Better check their reputation than be sorry for their food afterward.Check Licenses: Before hiring a catering company, you should check its licenses. Be sure that it is legal to operate. Not only that it can denote professionalism, but you can ensure the safety of your guests. Before getting its licenses, it may have passed a health and safety inspection. This can make you relaxed that you do not have to worry about the safety of its food. You should also check if they have insurance. Through the insurance, they will be liable if any accident or injury will happen in the event. If anyone will have allergies from its food, it can pay you all the damages. So, check its license and insurance before it is too late and something may have happened.Have a Restaurant: If you are into a catering business, you must consider having a restaurant. It is a very good thing that you can put in your proposal. If the clients will know that you have a restaurant that can be the venue of the event, they can be encouraged to get your service. They do not have to worry anymore about the place where the event will be held. It will be easier for you to get event catering packages because you can offer a place for the event. This can only mean that many clients will get your services. A very good thing for your business because you will have greater revenues.Be Realistic: Remember to be realistic when making offers to clients. Do not get a project that you cannot handle. If you only operate from home, you cannot accept big events. Expand your business first before compromising in big events. You can keep your clients if you will be honest with them that you cannot handle the job. You will keep your reputation if you can only get jobs that you can deliver well. A failure in service may ruin your reputation. So, you have to be realistic so that you can provide what you have promised in the proposal.

How to Write a Catering Service Proposal

Do you need a catering proposal sample or a catering menu proposal template? Are you going to create a catering service proposal? If you need some steps that you can follow in creating, we can provide them for you. They are the following:

  • Step 1: Start with a Cover Letter

    A cover letter is an essential accompaniment in your catering service proposal. You should write a letter expressing your interest to provide a catering service. This is the first thing that the client will see before reading your whole proposal. So, you need to start strong and make the clients impressed. You have to get their initial approval by using respectful words so that they will like you. This will only mean that you have a great chance that your proposal will be accepted.

  • Step 2: Introduce Your Menu

    The main focus of the proposal is the menu that you can offer to clients. Be sure that you can offer them the best foods. You have to create a menu with all the best recipes that can attract the tastes of clients. Ensure that your foods are delicious so that when it is time for taste testing, you will not be ashamed with the clients and they can praise your food instead. Make a good presentation of your menu so the clients will see the greatness of your offer. If you have so many foods or recipes to offer, pick your bests and have some images of them to show to clients. Then list all the recipes that you can offer so that the clients can see the variety of your services. Make special packages for your offer so that the clients will see that they can save money.

  • Step 3: Price Quote

    Then you have to negotiate your prices. Include the price quote for every package that you have. Be sure that you can get profits from the price that you will put. Do not forget to add extra charges for the clients. This is to pay the costs of dinnerware, linens, silverware, and other things that you will use in the service. If you will provide extra services, you should also charge the cost. Then, place the total quote for the service.

  • Step 4: Terms and Signature

    Then, include all the details that are important for the service. Describe the events, include the venue, provide an event schedule, and all other things about your offer. After you have written all the necessary things, cite your terms and policies for the service. You have to know that the client is good to deal with and will not break your terms. Then, at the end of the proposal, allot spaces for signature. Sign your proposal and leave a line for the signature of the client. If you will be lucky that the client will accept your proposal, then you have one new client ahead of you.


What you should wear to a catering job?

A chef’s jacket is the usual uniform in a catering service. It is paired with black shoes. Depending on the formality of the event, the staff can wear black pants or denim.

What makes a caterer good?

A catering service is good if it can provide flexibility to the service. If it can have creative themes for the event, then you should more likely hire it. It should give a good service that can make the guests content with the food.

Having a catering business can be a great business if you will have many clients. Its projects can be big. Be skilled in creating a great proposal so that you can have an advantage in getting clients. You can have projects that you will never think you will ever have. Well, are you looking for a template for a catering service proposal? This post has 20+ SAMPLE Catering Service Proposal in PDF. You can have a template for free. Download now!