50+ SAMPLE Development Request for Proposal

What is a Development Request For Proposal?

A development request for proposal is an essential written document providing well-defined project goals, and objectives in order to initiate the process of soliciting bids from third-party contractors that are available to support in a development project. This concise communication tool is widely used by development project managers including website developers, real estate developers, software developers, and many other development management professionals as they bring together interested parties and formulate a decision on who they prefer to contract with for a specific development project. Doing this RFP document can be helpful in the production and submission of competitive development proposals from among which the last pick can be determined while interpreting the scope of the development project, and  the payment for the products and services.

Establishing an impressive process for your development project which is suitable for your development management  is one of the key ingredients for the success of meeting your development project goals. According to a report, companies and organizations that have project teams with an advanced system in their management reach 77% of their goals, while others have a success rate of 56%. Additionally, those teams with advanced project management systems deliver 63% of their projects on time while others only have 39%. That’s why it is beneficial for business firms and organizations, particularly development managers  to prepare an effective request for proposal (RFP) in their development projects. It can also facilitate solid commitment to the development process, and quality control in  reaching the success of a project.

Different Types of Development Requests for Proposal

As one of the integral components of project management, development management focuses on planning and managing all aspects that are fundamental during the development lifecycle of a project which includes project management, marketing, and the financial management. Compared to project management, strategic planning is imperative within the sphere of responsibilities of development management projects. Also, if you are one of the development managers or if you are part of a development project, it is important to consider what type of development requests for proposals that you will use for your company or organization.  Below are different types of development requests for proposal:

1. New Development Bank Request for Proposal

Creating an effective request for proposal for your new development bank project is one of the essential methods that you should be skilled in order to get your development RFP to receive approval from the development project bidders, making a way for successful delivery and completion of the overall new development bank project. To write a new development bank request for proposal, include some simple instructions and tell them to follow contact information for all the correspondence with the new development bank project concerning the RFP. Describe how the proposals will be submitted. Perhaps you require them to prepare their proposals in English and you might accept both hard copy and electronic versions. Mention the deadline, due time, closing date, etc. Tell them that they can submit questions in writing by e-mail and they should refer to the specific RFP paragraph number and page while quoting the questioned passage. Detail some things about the ownership of materials, proposal costs and proposal format if applicable.

2. Rural Development Request for Proposal

The main objective of rural development is to elevate the living standards of people living in rural areas by utilizing the easily accessible natural and human resources. Sectoral approach, area development approach, community-driven development approach, growth center approach and integrated development approach are different types of approaches when it comes to rural development projects. When you prepare a rural development request for proposal, inform them about the selection procedures and requirements which include the letter of invitation, instruction to bidders, data sheet, summary and personnel evaluation forms, standard forms of technical proposal, standards forms of financial proposal, and many others.

3. Software Development Agency Request for Proposal

Based on a research report, 61.60% of the software development companies and agencies established a common average developing time period of 4-6 months, while 10.81% of the software development firms deliver fine software with proper maintenance and support, in a time span of more than 6 months. Create a software development agency request for proposal while writing the instructions on the bid process for the purpose of responding to this RFP document covering the general instructions for bidding process, bid evaluation process including the parameters for pre-qualifications, technical evaluation and commercial evaluation, payment schedule, and commercial bid and other formats, and functional and technical requirements of the software development project such as the project overview, scope of work, project schedule, etc. 

4. Skill Development Request for Proposal

If you need to request proposals from corporate groups and other institutions to provide skill development training for individuals who need to hone their skills and talents, it is important that you use some simple templates to outline your skill development request for proposal in a structured manner. Write the basic requirements that bidders need to do like submitting hard copies and scanned copies of certain documents. Include a clear explanation on the specific documents, contents, and file types the RFP document submissions will be uploaded online. Add simple instructions for the online bid submission.

Basic Components of a Development Request For Proposal 

In this section, you will learn how to craft an impeccably-written development request for proposal so that you are able to get the interest of the readers of your RFP which include the project bidders, administrators, and many others. However, this document contains different kinds of components. Take into account of the following elements for you to create a unique document:

Organizational Background: One of the significant elements of a development request for proposal is the organizational background. It is an engaging part of the document which introduces what your organization is all about by specifying the constituents and services of your organization. Define the long-term goals of your organization and point out what fulfilling these goals makes possible on a larger scale. Development Project Description: Describe the development project goals, and desired outcomes that are integral in order to initiate and complete the overall development project. Explain the major qualities of the project. /ns_tblspan]Development Project Requirements and Objectives: Include the specific requirements or necessities of the development project proposals and explain why the development project needs them. Then, determine the clear and realistic objectives of the development project. Development Project Budget: State the total estimated cost of working on each development project activity over each stage of a development project. It is important in establishing the expenditure expectations and getting the project approval in order to secure funds for the development project. Project Milestones and Deadlines: Draw a clear and detailed timeline of the development project milestones and specific deadlines. Contact Information and Deadline for Development Proposal Submission: Tell your bidders to add the details of the contact person such as phone number, e-mail address, and many others. Set the deadline for the submission of the development proposals. Accuracy, Conciseness and Precision: Concentrate on the priorities of your development RFP. Write concisely and precisely as you keep it as brief and specific as possible. Be accurate in your development request for proposal writing.

How to Write a Development Request For Proposal

If you are having some difficulties in writing a development request for proposal, we suggest that you follow the simple steps below while freely using one of our development request for proposal templates in this article:

Step 1: Describe the Organization

Clearly describe the primary elements of the organization.  Let your potential development project bidders know and understand about the uniqueness of your development project. Make sure that this section  is accurate and precise. Keep things simple and only point out the key points.

Step 2: Indicate the Demands and Specific Requirements of the Development Project RFP

Next, you need to indicate the demands and the specific requirements of the development project RFP. It is also helpful that the information in this section can be cited from the specific requirements and other specifications of the development project.

Step 3: Structure the Eligibility Criteria of the Development Project Bidder 

After indicating the needs and specific requirements of the development project RFP, another step that you need to perform is structuring a clear eligibility criteria for the development project bidder or contractor. This eligibility criteria for the development proposals will be used in scanning and shortlisting the bidders or contractors of the development project.

Step 4: Set the Development Project Budget, Milestones and Deadlines

When you’re done on the eligibility criteria, now is the time to set the estimated budget, milestones and deadlines of the development project. Be clear and precise when you determine the development project budget, milestones and deadlines.

Step 5: Highlight the Value of the Development Project

What are the outstanding advantages of promoting development? Highlight the unique value and benefits of the development project. Inform your readers the significance of the development project, and include the steps on showcasing the process of synthesizing the development project success.

Step 6: Prepare the Final Draft of the RFP 

Last but not the least, prepare the final draft of your development request for proposal that consists of logical and useful details. Set up a schedule for a meeting with the development management project committee, or the people who will receive your development request for proposals like software development project bidders, real estate development project contractors, and more. Then, ask for some help from your work colleagues and other development project managers in your area for efficient proofreading and revision of your RFP document.


How to make a request to developers for the desired changes in software?

Make a request to software developers by requesting any supporting materials, identifying whether the change request in software is in inside or outside of the scope, allow your software development team assess the priority of the change request, think on approving or rejecting the change request and decide on a course of action to step forward.

What are the different types of RFP?

The different types of RFP are selected panel proposals and matter or project specific proposals. Selected panel proposals are typically issued when business firms are looking to identify a group of law firms that they are planning to send the major portion of their work to.

What are the fundamental elements of a development request for proposal?

The fundamental elements of a development request for proposal are organizational background, development project description, development project requirements and objectives, development project financial budget, development project milestones and deadlines, additional information and/or questions, and contact information and deadline for submission of the proposals.

What are some examples of development requests for proposals?

Some examples of development requests for proposals are development of the apo website request for proposal, software development project request for proposal, new development bank request for proposal, rural development request for proposal, mobile application development request for proposal, property development request for proposal, website design and development request for proposal, training development request for proposal, software development agency request for proposal, skill development request for proposal, development and maintenance request for proposal, consultant services for development request for proposal, brand development request for proposal, and many others.

What is the difference between an RFP, RFI, and an RFQ?

A request for proposal (RFP) is a brief document that lays out the bidding process and contract terms of the project to guide the bidders while request for information (RFI) is a less complex document which is used when a business knows what it wants from a bidder but needs more information and explanation. On the contrary, request for quote (RFQ) is also a less-detailed document which concentrates solely on the particular amount the vendor or contractor wants for their product or service.

Whether you are writing mobile application development request for proposal, property development request for proposal, website design and development request for proposal, training development request for proposal, and many other types of development RFP, it is efficient and productive that you use a simple and effective development RFP document template for your development management work. Thus, we suggest that you carefully follow the aforementioned tips and steps in this article so that you are able to craft a compelling and well-integrated development request for proposal. Plus, download our sample development request for proposal templates here today such as construction development services request for proposal templates, development consulting services request for proposal templates, project and portfolio management request for proposal templates and many others!