What is a Partnership Business Proposal?

A partnership business proposal is a letter proposing a particular venture in partnership. It is given to business partners to approve the steps in business that a businessman has in mind. In partnership, you need to be transparent with your business partners that every time you move, you need to inform them about your decisions. Especially, if you have a new business venture. You have to present your ideas in a business letter that will express your interest. Also called a joint venture proposal, a partnership business proposal can settle everything in business better. You can tell your partners about your goals and if you have something new in mind, you can be sure that you can let them know. Thus, a partnership business proposal builds trust in the partnership. It is also a formal way on how you can do dealings with your business partner. It is a letter of intent that reveals your actions and your aspirations for the business. It can be done in any collaboration letter format. You just have to ensure that you can tell your business proposition well. Whatever business you are in, whether in a media partnership or a partnership in a restaurant, you have to send a partnership business proposal now and then to execute things in your business.

Tips on Partnership Business Proposal

Are you going to make a partnership letter proposal? Do you need a partnership business proposal sample or a partnership proposal template because you want to make your proposal better? Well, we suggest that you use some tips in making it better. Read the following and consider these tips:

Good Introduction: Whether you will win or lose with the proposal, its approval depends on the introduction. For this reason, you have to make a very good introduction. It is the first thing that your partners can read, so you have to make them impressed even from the first time to be sure that you will get what you want. Your partners should agree to the business that you are proposing so you have to be careful in everything in the proposal. Start strong so that your proposal will be compelling. The proposal needs to be perfect even from the start. If you can get initial interests, you have more chance that you can receive what you are after.Meaningful Leads: In proposing, you have to make sure that you have wonderful leads that you can show to your business partners. You need to introduce a good venture that they know can benefit them. To be sure of this, you need to make a partnership business plan. Through the business plan, you can express the beauty of your deal better. Your partners can have something to read about the venture that you are thinking of. They will understand what you mean by the idea that you are proposing. They will have something solid to consider. A business plan can make your idea meaningful. You will have a good partnership proposal presentation. It will be easier for you to discuss things with them.Clear Provision: In the business proposal, be clear about what do you want to give. Consider the 3 Ps of a business proposal. They are the problem statement, proposed solution, and pricing. You need to give a need statement that will show the problems that you can address. Through this, your proposal can have its essential essence. It could only mean that what you are proposing is truly needed. Especially, after you have provided a solution to this problem. It denotes that your business is the necessary thing to address the problem. Then, do not forget pricing because it shows that your business is viable or feasible. Your partners will know that your venture is a probable idea and it can be accomplished.Social Proof: You have to show some testimonials about the venture that you are proposing. It can be good stories about your clients. Or some photos about your past projects. This will prove that the business that you are having in mind can be successful. This will support your idea. If your partners will see good social proof about the venture that you are thinking of, they can be convinced about your business idea. They will think that your idea is a good idea because you can prove that your goals are achievable. Testimonials are convincing. Anyway, it is about something that is proven and tested. So, aside from your portfolio, you must show social proof.Steps Transparency: In the proposal, be clear about everything. You need to tell your partners what to do next. If they will accept your proposal, you have to explain the necessary steps needed for your venture. Do not leave them clueless about the next things that they should do. They have to be informed about everything. If there is anything that they should do, you must enumerate them in the proposal. Have transparency in your venture. Your business partners need this so that they will know how to help you achieve your goals. If you will also experience problems with your venture, they will know how to help you out. So, inform them about the next thing that they should do after they have favored your proposal.Include Terms: Because it is a new venture, you must include terms that you and your business partners can follow. In everything, terms are important so that you will know what to do if ever unexpected things happen. Boundaries are important to set to be sure that we do not step against someone else’s bounds. They may be your business partners, but you have to be careful always about your dealings with them. You have to protect their right and you should be good to them. You have to make sure that you will not suffer disputes. So, to avoid any controversy, you have to set some terms and conditions that all of you can follow. These can solve any problems that you may encounter.Send Early: You should keep on being proactive. In having a proposal, you must remember that you have to send it early. This way, your proposal can be prioritized by your business partners. A lot is going on in corporate partnerships. Your business partners may be always busy so you have to take advantage of time. Send your business proposal quickly. Just after you finish your plan, make a draft of the proposal. Finalize it and send it to your business partners in a matter of time. This is one sure way on how you can catch blessings. Send the partnership business proposal letter or financial partnership proposal at the earliest time.Know the Market: In your business proposal, you have to tackle everything about the market. So, before sending it, you have to know the market. You have to make a market analysis to ensure that your venture is right. Make a marketing plan for your business plan. Create some marketing strategies that you can apply to the venture that you have in mind. Knowing how to target the market can assure you that you will succeed in your venture. You have to analyze what your place in the market can be. Through this, you may be able to position your venture accordingly. You can have a clear description of all your expectations.Situation Analysis: You have to understand the situation of your business partners. Show them that you are listening to them and your conversations are important to you. If you will be good at communicating with them, they will see that you are a good business partner. They can admire your diplomacy and they might be persuaded to listen to your project. They can be encouraged by your goodness. They will find it hard to say no to you. They will also think that you are just thinking about the welfare of your partnership. They can consider your venture as a good idea. Everything will fit and they might accept your offer immediately.Appealing Presentation: It will be good if you will use a partnership proposal design. Make an appealing presentation for your proposal. You can use a PowerPoint presentation or other tools that can provide designs for your proposal. If your proposal will be visually appealing, it will be good to look at. Visual designs can encourage your business partners to consider your proposal. They can recognize your efforts in making it. They will know that you have given your best to the proposal and it may denote that you truly have the best venture, too. Also, through the design, your business idea will be enhanced. Just like its effects, it can also be effective in persuading your business partners to approve your proposal.Proofread the Proposal: Any material that has grammatical errors can be disappointing. To be sure that you can impress your business partners, you have to proofread the proposal. After writing it, read it a couple of times, looking for mistakes in your proposal. You can even hire a proofreader to perfect your proposal. Or if you have talent in proofreading, just make sure to proofread it about 3-5 times. Or if you want to make it perfect, maybe about 10 times. Ensure that your proposal will have correct spellings, right punctuations, and grammatically correct sentences. You have a better chance that your proposal will be accepted if it is perfect. Besides, it is a shame to pass a proposal that has grammatical errors. It can ruin your reputation in the eyes of your partners.Differentiate the Venture: Not that you have to be convincing, but you have to let your partners know that your venture is a good one. Differentiate your venture from all other ventures. State how good it is from others. If you can give a boost to your venture in the eyes of your partners, they will know that you have the best venture in mind. Enumerate the benefits that you can all get from it. Cite your goals for it. They might persuade your partners if the goals are good enough. Great objectives can make them take part in the venture that you are thinking of.

How to Write a Partnership Business Proposal

Do you already know how to write a partnership proposal or how to write a partnership business proposal? Are you looking for a Collaboration Proposal Template or an example of a partnership business proposal? Maybe you need these things because you are about to create a proposal. If you want, you can use the following steps in creating a partnership business proposal:

  • Step 1: Title Page

    Your proposal should start with a Title Page. You have to give a good title for your venture. Make sure that with the few words of your title, you can give a good idea about your proposal. Then, add your name and the name of your company on the title page. Make a good design for this section. It is the first thing that your partners will see so you have to make it look good.

  • Step 2: Table of Contents

    Next is you have to make a Table Of Contents. Cite the parts of your proposal. Make a good title for each part. Or you can simply tell what each section contains. Like the title page, you need to make a good presentation for the table of contents. You can use a PowerPoint presentation in making it. Make it attractive and appealing.

  • Step 3: Executive Summary

    After the table of contents, the first section will be the Executive Summary. This will tell why your venture will be the best solution for your business. Make specifications about the venture. Cite why it is the best option for your business. Similar to a value proposition, the executive summary outlines the benefits that can be given to your company through the venture. It can give a clear idea about your proposal.

  • Step 4: Problem Statement and Solution

    Give a summary of the issues that can impact your business. It is an opportunity for your business partners to know that you have a good understanding of the needs of your business. Cite a Problem Statement. Here, research and deep thinking are the keys. Then, provide a solution to the problem. You have to state some strategies that you can use. You need personalization in this one. You have to customize the solution.

  • Step 5: State Qualifications

    Describe the venture that you are thinking of. Then, state the qualifications that you have for the venture. This can ensure that the venture can be possible. A partnership business plan can be the best help in this. You can relay all the partnership business purposes. Convince your business partners that through their resources, you can have a great venture that can bring you all to success.

  • Step 6: Space for Signatures

    At the end of the proposal, give some space for signature blocks. You and your business partners need to sign the proposal. This will serve as an agreement between all of you. When the proposal is signed, you can start the venture that you have in mind and start making your business grow.


What is Partnership?

A partnership is a formal agreement between two or more people to manage a business and to share its common benefits. Many engage in this thing because they need someone to support them in their business and have someone that can help them to run the business. A partnership is good because it can make a business solid.

What is a Business Proposal?

A business proposal is a sales letter sent to clients endorsing their products and services. It is the best way on how you can get clients or someone who can engage in business with you.

Writing a business proposal for a partnership can be not that easy. Every time you have to send a business proposal letter of intent for a business partnership, you have to ensure that you can send a great proposal that can be approved. Great writing skills may be the key and of course, a good business purpose. Well, are you about to create a proposal? Do you need a template for partnership business proposal? This post has 10+ SAMPLE Partnership Business Proposal in PDF. Do not keep yourself waiting. Download now!