What is a Virtual Assistant Proposal?

A virtual assistant proposal is an application letter proposing to have a job as a virtual assistant to clients. An applicant will propose to have projects or do a long-term job of providing administrative support like data entry or customer service to clients. Virtual assistants are usually freelancers who are required to submit a business proposal to clients so that they can give them jobs or projects. Being a freelancer, virtual assistants need to have their equipment to use for the job. In this modern age, many engage in remote work, and the work as a virtual assistant is one of the jobs that an individual can choose. You do not have to go to the office to work. Many freelance marketplaces can help you to have a job like Upwork and Freelancer. You just need an Upwork cover letter sample that will guide you to have the best Upwork proposal that can help you to get projects. And on the side of entrepreneurs, getting a virtual assistant is good. They can save money that they will spend if they will have a regular employee in the office. They do not have to buy a working space for the person who will work for them. In the fast pace of technology, the virtual assistant job is an in-demand job that can help any person to earn a living. Freelancers just need to create a great proposal that can convince clients that they will be the best person for the job. They have to showcase their experience and skills to prove that they can do the job virtually. With proper skills and studies for the job, anybody can have a stable virtual assistant job even more so if they can give the best proposal.

Elements of a Virtual Assistant Proposal

Whether you are going to make a real estate virtual assistant proposal or an Amazon virtual assistant proposal, you should make it complete by having all the elements written in the proposal. What are the elements of a virtual assistant proposal? Read the following and know some of its elements:


You need to make a brief introduction in the proposal. You should express your interest to do jobs for the clients. You should start to build a connection with the clients through your introduction. The introduction should be good enough that the clients will read your whole proposal. In it, you should build a good impression in the eyes of the clients.

Work Benefits

Then, you should make the clients know that they will have benefits if they will work with you. Convince them that you will be the best for the job. You can give them reasons why they should hire you. Let them see that by hiring you, their needs will be provided. The job that they require will be given in the best way. You have to be straightforward in telling the clients that you can do the job. Have confidence so that the clients will see that you are enthusiastic to do the job.

Job Description

The next thing that you should discuss is the services that you can provide. You should tell the clients the work that you can do. If you can be lacking, you can tell them that you are always willing to learn. Enumerate the services that you can give. Opposite each service, you should cite the skills that can make you able to do the job. Showcase your talent and your experience so that the clients will know that you are adept to do the work.

Work Plan

You should state a work plan to clients. You should tell your timeline for specific works. This is to help the clients assess if you are suitable for the job that they need, if your service can be timely for the work that they will require. You should also cite your rates for your services. Cite rates that are reasonable but will not be too low for you. Mention rates that you know will compensate for the job that you are going to give.

Expiration Date

You should be straightforward in telling when the proposal will expire. This will tell the clients that they have to decide whether they will say yes or no to your proposal. You need an expiration date so that the clients can give you a prompt decision. You cannot let the proposal be effective for so long or you may have other works to do and will not have time to work for that client. So, leave an expiration date so that everything will be clear.

Benefits of Getting a Virtual Assistant

You can find yourself having an assistant contract template because you want to have a virtual assistant for your company. You want someone who can work for you remotely without giving much supervision. It is good to have an agreement with virtual assistants because getting them has many benefits. They are the following:

Increased Quality of Work: Virtual assistants are more productive. Because they work per hour, they do their job to the best of their capacity. They do not want to commit mistakes. They do it because they want their clients to continually hire them. They always give productivity at work so that the clients will see that they are having a good job. Because of this, you can expect a higher quality of work. Your regular employees might be relaxed because you are having them for a long time. But virtual assistants are always enthusiastic about their job. This gives your company a great benefit because you can expect the job that will be given to you to be better.Money Saved: You will have fewer expenses if you will hire virtual assistants. If you will hire regular employees, you have to pay many things in addition to their salary. You have to pay medical benefits, taxes, and other things. But with virtual assistants, you just have to pay the remuneration. You can save a lot of money because you are only going to pay for the tasks that need to be done. Most virtual assistants also do not need to be trained, so you can save money that you can spend on training.Flexibility at Work: The work schedule of virtual assistants does not follow the 9 am – 5 pm schedule. You can make them work anytime that you need them. This gives a lot of flexibility to the job. You can hire them on-call if you want. You can make them present if the need arises. This makes them better for the employees who work in the 9 am – 5 pm schedule. If ever there is a particular work that is urgent to be done, you can pull the virtual assistant anytime to go to work. You just need to negotiate about that by the time you are going to hire them.Gives Scalability: Yes, virtual assistants do not need to follow the 9 am – 5 pm schedule. If you have more work to be done, virtual assistants can help you. They work by the hour, so they will be happy to accept more work. This can give scalability to your business. You can be sure that all the work can be done. You will have workers that can support you with what you need. You can have tasks finished on time and with great quality.Access to Fresh Skills: Hiring virtual assistants can give you access to fresh skills that your company can use. Every time you need new talents, you can hire virtual assistants for your company. Your company can have virtual assistants that have the necessary skills that you need. It is always good to have new workers with a new set of skills in your company. You know that they can contribute well and can help your business grow.Streamlined Organization: Virtual assistants can give streamlined organization to your business. They can take of everything and will just give you the best results. You do not have to exert much effort just to be sure that tasks are being done. Working with minimal or no supervision, you know you can have what you need at work through their help. Everything will fall into place because they are skilled. You do not have to worry that something will go wrong in your business.

Tips on Virtual Assistant Proposal

Maybe you are wondering what does it need to make a great virtual assistant proposal letter. Maybe you are needing tips that you can use in writing a virtual assistant proposal. This article can be timely because we have some tips that you can apply in writing a virtual assistant proposal. Consider the following:

Be Professional: In your proposal, remember to be professional. Choose the right words that you can use to convince the clients. Have good courtesy and do not use words that can give a wrong impression to you. You should also be careful of the appearance of your proposal. Ensure that it will have a professional look. Choose the right colors and fonts. Use a logo so that it can be more professional. Remember, you will only propose once. So do not waste the opportunity. Be as professional as possible.Keep It Brief: You should not make your proposal overly long. You should keep it brief. Make it simple. Be straightforward with the things that you have to say. Express your interest respectfully and cite your skills that can win the job. You do not have to tell a story to the clients. Be direct to the point. Just express your interest to work for them and enumerate your good qualities. Just give them a reason why they should hire you. You do not have to beat around the bush when what you only have to say is you want to work for them. Make your proposal short so that you will not bore the clients in reading your proposal.Use Templates: Templates can be useful at all times. You should find a good template that you can use for your virtual assistant proposal. A template can guide you on what you will write in your proposal. It can give you ideas of what you are going to say. Templates are ready-made and you can choose among many available designs. It can give a better appearance to your proposal. You can be sure that your proposal will look good.Have the Right Skills: Before applying for a virtual assistant job, you should look at the requirements of the job. Know the skills that are needed to do the work. You must have the necessary skills so that you will know that you have a better chance to get the job. If you do not have the required skills yet, you can have workshops that can make you equipped for the job. It is better that you know that you will be capable of the job before sending a proposal. It can give you confidence and you will be sure that you can do all the tasks well.

How to Write a Virtual Assistant Proposal

Do you need a template for a virtual assistant proposal or a free virtual assistant proposal template? Do you need a sample proposal letter for a virtual assistant because you are about to make a virtual assistant proposal? Maybe the steps that we have prepared for you can be useful for you. Consider these following steps:

  • Step 1: Start Strong

    You need to start strong in your proposal. You have to convince the clients that you are a good worker. You have to make them impressed even with the first words of your proposal. Have confidence in expressing your interest to work for them. Be courteous or respectful so that the clients will see that you are a good person.

  • Step 2: Enumerate Your Skills

    After giving an introduction of your skills, you should enumerate your skills to the clients. Cite your experience that can make the clients hire you. Mention all the skills that will be suited for the job. The clients should see that you are equipped for the work. This way, they will trust you to do the job for them.

  • Step 3: Cite Your Rates

    After enumerating your skills, you can start discussing the services that you can give to the clients. Be definite in citing the services that you can provide. Then, cite the rates for each service. The proposal is your first chance of negotiating for the compensation that you can get. Mention a rate that will be enough for you to pay for your services.

  • Step 4: Design the Proposal

    After you have written everything, you must design your proposal. This will make your proposal more professional. Choose a layout that will make your proposal look better. You can design your proposal with colors that can make it attractive. Use the best font that can make it readable. If the clients will see that you exert some effort to your proposal, they will think that you will always exert effort to your job, too. They can hire you because of this.


Do You Need a Degree to Work as a Virtual Assistant?

Though some companies may look for a degree, you do not need to have a degree to work as a virtual assistant. Many companies hire virtual assistants without a degree. If you have the skills that they need, there is no reason for them not to hire you.

Will I be Easily Hired If I Will Apply as a Virtual Assistant?

You can be hired more easily if you have the necessary skills needed for the job. You can learn these skills through workshops. Or you can study the tools that are needed for the job. Though there are companies that hire virtual assistants without experience. Your chance of getting hired is easy because many companies need virtual assistants.

If you need a rewarding career that you can do in the comfort of your home, you can shift to the career of being a virtual assistant. You can be paid for your skills and have a flexible job. The only thing that you need is to be great in writing a virtual assistant proposal. Well, are you searching for a template for a virtual assistant proposal? This post has 8+ SAMPLE Virtual Assistant Proposal in PDF. They can help you in your journey as a virtual assistant. Download now!