50+ Sample Cleaning Service Request Proposal

What Is a Cleaning Service Request Proposal?

A cleaning service request proposal or a janitorial service request proposal is a document that details specific guidelines for cleaning request services to different industries, companies, or contractors. Cleaning service companies that receive the request proposal have a particular time frame to respond to the cleaning request with accompanying documents or information about company processes and procedures, including cost analysis, availability of services, and other necessary details. The hiring company then receives the attached information with the initial proposal and evaluates which option is best for the cleaning agency. Writing the cleaning service request proposal allows various cleaning agencies to know the specifications of a business or its management about the services they need. Through this, cleaning service companies are well aware of the set expectations before their response to the proposal. If the agencies think they can cater to the needs of the company, they reply to the request in an attempt to win the deal.

According to the statistical data from Statista about the market size of janitorial services in the United States from 2011 to 2020 published in June 2021 by the Statista Research Department, there is a steady increase in the market size of janitorial services from 2011 to 2019 with an estimated value of over 77.25 billion US Dollars. However, due to the COVID-19 pandemic this 2020, a significant decrease in industry size results in revenue of 72.66 billion US Dollars.

Components of a Cleaning Service Request Proposal

Cleaning service request proposals aim to find the most suitable solution to keep a commercial or residential area neat and clean. For the hiring company to guarantee they can receive the service they ask for, the proposal document must contain essential information about the company and the service they will receive. Below are the components of a cleaning service request proposal for cleaning agencies.

Background: The background of the cleaning service request proposal contains the name of the hiring company and its office location. It also indicates the purpose of the request with a brief description of the agreement time frame and conditions of the service request. The background also states the classifications and qualifications of possible cleaning agency candidates.Scope of Work: The scope of work indicates the services that the company demands from the cleaning agency candidates. The section includes information about the locations within offices, including common areas, kitchens, corridors, glass panels and partitions, windows, doors, cabinets, etc. It also indicates useful information about the office like its total area, number of rooms, and classification. The scope of work also includes additional information, including dress codes, best practices, and other requirements from the contracting company.Schedule of Services: The schedule of services section contains information about the office cleaning schedule with the days and time of contracting staff to report to work. It also includes information about overtime services and holiday schedules that the contractor adheres to when working for the hiring company. It must also specify that the hiring body pays for any overtime pay that cleaning service staff renders during reporting hours. Offered Cleaning Services: In this section of the cleaning service request proposal, the hiring company details the services they require from the cleaning agency. It includes daily activities and weekly tasks in different locations of the company, ranging from offices, toilets, reception area, lobby, conference halls, meeting rooms, and cafeteria services as necessary. The cleaning services that the hiring company requires from the cleaning agency must have sufficient detail for the cleaning staff to follow.Equipment, Supplies, and Other Consumables: This section of the cleaning request service proposal contains information about all the essential equipment, supplies, and consumables that the contractor provides to its cleaning staff to perform the expected duties. The equipment list must indicate the necessary items that employees utilize to execute cleaning services throughout the timeframe of the agreement. Materials and equipment that must be visible in this section include, but are not limited to, vacuum cleaners, trash cans, brooms, dustpans, brushes, mops, buckets, liquid detergents, and other cleaning supplies. Lavatory Consumables: For the bathroom consumables, the cleaning service request proposal indicates the necessary items that must be present in the restroom with the care of the contractor. These items include toilet paper, liquid soap, and paper towels that are billed to the hiring agency separately. The section also states that the contractor must supply these consumables regularly to the select department handling supplies. The unit price for each item must have an attachment to the price schedule.Staff and Labor Requirements for Contractor: The section includes contractor requirements by the hiring company. It consists of uniform conditions, staff benefits like social security, medical, and life insurance coverage, and medical and annual leave entitlements. It must also indicate staff entitlement requirements, including salary packages that consist of a comprehensive breakdown of staff salary following national provisions. The section also specifies that the contractor submits the social security coverage, medical, and life insurance receipts within 90 days of the contract. Safety and Security: Information about the safety and security protocols of the hiring company for the members of the contractual staff falls in this section. The details in the safety and security section specify requiring identification cards and security clearances that the staff members need to gain access into the company premises. It also indicates that all potential candidates must go through a selection process by management.Personnel Qualifications: This section of the cleaning service request proposal indicates the specific requirements for a particular position that a company is looking to hire from the cleaning agency. The section lists down information like the area of designation, number of staff members, required qualifications, and experiences.Operating Procedures: The operating procedure section indicates the required actions, steps, and activities from staff members to fulfill their duties and responsibilities to the organization. These procedures specify the routines that the staff members must adhere to for the company to achieve efficiency, high-quality service, and performance, consequently lessening miscommunication and misinformation leading to the failure to meet company standards. Possible information includes daily attendance, availability, staff list, a note of duties, and cleaning checklists.Contractor Qualifications: The hiring company requires a specific set of skills and experience from the contractor, similar to the personnel qualifications section. The qualifications a company seeks from a cleaning contractor range from entity registration, good reputation and feedback, years of operation, equipment and supply ownership, and financial stability.

How To Create a Cleaning Service Request Proposal

The cleaning service request proposal must contain the goals and objectives the hiring company aims to achieve, writing the details in a concise and organized manner. Writing an effective request proposal leads to more respondents and a chance for a better relationship with the cleaning company. Below are helpful steps in constructing a cleaning service request proposal for your organization.

  • 1. Create an Overview of the Background of the Company

    Indicate an introduction that helps identify the company objectives and submissions requirements for the proposal. Indicate a brief description of the history of your business and a glimpse of the company vision to the prospective cleaning agencies. Introduce your organization with the reason or purpose of writing the proposal. The background must specifically address essential information about the company, including the organization’s name and location. It must also contain a brief description of what the company does, the industry it serves, and the best match of cleaning agency for the job. It must also indicate the special considerations your company requests to identify whether the cleaning agency is a good fit for your needs. The more specific the considerations are, the better the matches and proposals from qualified agencies. It must also state a deadline for submitting a completed proposal in return with specifics on proposal formats and other essential information.

  • 2. Indicate the Cleaning Goals of the Company

    Identify all possible outcomes you envision acquiring from the cleaning service. List down the problems the company currently faces, writing down the possible solutions and action plans that you wish the cleaning agency to address. Inform the cleaning personnel exactly what you need from them by providing a direct cleaning schedule on a daily, weekly, monthly, or annual basis. It must also detail the cleaning products the cleaning agency must use and the areas that require cleaning.

  • 3. List the Scope of Work Requirement You Expect From the Agency

    Indicate additional details about the cleaning service job. Indicate the cleaning schedule you want to happen for the company. Whether it is a daily or weekly schedule, whether the cleaning is before, during, or after work hours. The timetable must fit the company’s needs to ensure the work environment remains safe, clean, and organized. Indicate the supplies or equipment your company provides and those that the contractor supplies. The scope of work also indicates the terms and conditions of the contract. Specify the length of service and possible termination clauses that is visible in the cleaning agreement.

  • 4. List the Industry Standards, Payment Preferences, and Payment Schedules

    If your organization requires specialized cleaning services to function effectively, then the cleaning agency must adhere to industry standards and required training programs. Indicate in your cleaning service request proposal that the business must meet the regulatory benchmarks by different organizations, including the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA), Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), among others. It is also necessary to indicate payment terms and timelines to prevent any misunderstandings in the agreement.

  • 5. Identify Additional Services Requests

    There are situations wherein the company requires unforeseeable services like window cleaning or upholstery services. It is advantageous to discuss these situations in the cleaning service request proposal. Indicate the contact information of the individual responsible for any additional project-based services. Write down that any further expenses, including time, resources, and labor have separate invoices.

  • 6. Identify Evaluation Criteria

    Since there is a possibility of attracting multiple cleaning contractors, you must indicate specific criteria that you consider before hiring. The evaluation criteria must incorporate information about the years of experience or operation and the cleaning company qualifications. The criteria allow contractors to answer relevant questions about their business like provided services, unique credentials and certifications, fees for additional services, and other references or customer feedback.


How do you write a letter for a cleaning service?

When writing a cleaning service letter, start by stating an appreciation or thank you sentence and mention the excitement for acquiring the cleaning project for your company. Provide necessary background on your letter, including the beginnings of the company to build trust and confidence with the client. Restate the services the company offers and indicate other special benefits and assistance that the cleaning company offers. Establish a commitment to achieving company goals and focus on positive outcomes. Encourage clients to ask questions and reassure that lines are open for any inquiries. Close the letter by thanking them once again for selecting the cleaning agency.

What is a cleaning proposal?

A cleaning proposal is a business document that contains a list of services that a cleaning company offers to its potential clients. Cleaning agencies offer these proposals to different businesses in various industries to deliver high-quality and professional assistance.

How do you quote for a cleaning service?

When quoting cleaning service prices, start by recording the average cleaning time. Establish a baseline for each room or section of the building to have more accurate pricing. It is also relevant to identify pricing models for the service, whether it is on an hourly basis, flat rate, or area. Lastly, monitor overhead expenses, including supply costs, employee wages, travel expenses, among others.

When writing cleaning service request proposals, the hiring company must create a comprehensive document that details their needs according to company goals and standards. A presentable and clean office help boost productivity, attract more clients and encourage partnerships with other businesses. Select the best cleaning agency to partner with and watch them uphold your business ideals while keeping the company clean and productive. In the words of Ikechukwu Izuakor, “Neatness and cleanliness is not a function of how rich or poor you are but that of mentality and principle.”. Get started with your cleaning service request proposal by downloading the available samples above and begin a safer journey for your company.