50+ SAMPLE Management Contract Proposal

What is a Management Contract Proposal?

A management contract proposal is an integral written document that acts as an excellent communication tool while presenting definite goals, objectives, and plans to set a legal agreement between one’s company and a management services provider to accomplish a management project. It is usually written by workers and professionals in a widemaintena array of management services such as construction management services, IT software management services, infrastructure management services, property management services, consulting management services, events management services, healthcare management services, website management services, risk management services, product management services, faculty operation management services, safety management services, food management services, change management services, and many other project management services.

Based on a PMI study report, numerous business firms and organizations will need 87.7 million people to work efficiently in project management-oriented positions by 2027. China, India, United States, Japan, Brazil, Germany, United Kingdom, Canada, Australia, Saudi Arabia and UAE are the countries that were analyzed in this study as there appears to be a shortage of skilled project management professionals in various businesses and organizations. This is a very crucial problem because it will present a risk for them in the near future as it could cost a potential loss of $207.9 billion through 2027 if they don’t assess this concern. Thus, if you are currently working on a specific management work contract for your clients like construction firms, design agencies, healthcare facilities, IT software development firms, artists/celebrities, consulting firms, and other businesses and working professionals the first thing you need to do is prepare an effective management proposal for your management project.

Different Types of Management Services

Management services are to be performed by persons who have sufficient training and experience in both the application of the analytical approach, process, and consideration, as well as possessing independent and reliable mental attitude and providing professional care in all matters related to the management services contract that they need to accomplish. So, diligence and proper attention in carrying out the management service are important aspects that project managers and other management employees need to be equipped with. To be successful in management services, management service workers and professionals or management service firms need to understand the significant matters related to their work. Here are the different types of management services:

1. IT Project Management Services

Gallup reported that the failure rate of IT projects range from 5% to 15%  as the project management industry trends in the past decade demonstrate that the EU spent €440 million on gas projects, which have already or will most likely fail. Although IT project managers are the ones who always manage the processes and technologies, people in these firms must be led. As the IT industry continues to attract various individuals who think analytically and logically, these people only prioritize placing more emphasis on certain tasks and technology than people. Because of this, many IT professionals face challenges such as poor communication, poor relationship management, and poor stakeholder engagement. Computer operators, software developers, database administrator, systems administrators, project managers and program managers are emotionally resilient, tough minded, and open minded individuals but they need to have mental and moral strength, to communicate well to others, to be proactive, to be able to establish and pursue a unified vision and other notable qualities when they work in providing IT project management services to their clients.

2. Property Management Services

There are different kinds of property management services being offered by property managers. They usually make and evaluation of the property and determine a proper rental rate, market the property for rent, conduct tenant screening and selection, collect rent payments, perform periodic inspections on a predefined schedule, provide accounting property management services for the detailed documentation of expenses via invoices and receipts, providing and overseeing an in-house maintenance crew, and many other property management services. For example, property management professionals work in cleaning homes for rent and optimizing their  interior appeal and manicuring landscaping to increase the curb appeal. They also create ads which are tailored to the property and advertising medium such as fliers, print publications, signs, MLS, and paid and free rental listing websites.

3. Artist Management Services

Based on the book Managing Your Band, personal management means being responsible for every aspect of the artist’s career, like the 24 hours a day, seven days a week. The personal manager in the music and entertainment business commonly coaches the artist and the artist’s team as he or she makes decisions that they can live with and develops a trusting relationship. That’s why personal managers need to maintain their record of success and truly consider the opinion of their artist about their career. It is very crucial for a personal manager to never let the artist feel that their opinion is worthless because their opinion can be and should be a fundamental part of the decision-making process and this will empower the artist to do their best in their craft. Some responsibilities of an artist manager are developing marketing plans, working with the labels to create artwork, staying on top of the press and PR departments. 

4. Risk Management Services

One of the most widely adopted practices in various business firms and organizations is risk management. According to a project management statistical report, almost a third of organizations (27%) always use it while 35% use it from time to time. On the other hand, only 3% of the respondents have said they never use risk management practices. Some of the benefits of using risk management services are leveraging a team of experts in identifying and providing a deeper understanding of all types of risks, bringing insights and support to the Board of Directors, getting credit for cooperation, building a better defense to class-actions, reducing business liability and framing regulatory issues. 

Basic Components of a Management Contract Proposal 

In this section, you will learn how to craft a proficiently-written management contract proposal so that you are able to get the interest of the readers of your proposal, especially your prospective clients who need your management services. However, a management contract proposal has different components. Include the following elements for you to create an impressive document:

Cover Page: One of the integral aspects of a management contract proposal is the cover page. It is a compelling component of the documentwhich define the key concept, or idea of the management contract proposal, as well as to capture the interest of the prospective client to read and accept the proposal. Abstract/Introduction:Identify the management contract goals, objectives and desired outcomes that are very essential in order to accomplish the overall management project. Explain how your management team will fulfill the goals and objectives of the management contract. Comprehensive Scope of the Proposed Management Contract: Provide a comprehensive scope of the primary management methods, and strategies or other management solutions that will be implemented while carrying out the management work. Another element to incorporate in this section is the significance or benefits of the management services to the client and the public. A Detailed Timeline of the Management Contract:Construct a clear and detailed timeline of the management activities, and methods of the stages of your proposed management services. Use some graphs, tables, and other visual diagrams to display the status of the management work. Statement of Work Contract: Indicate the key specifications of your management services. Write concisely and precisely the terms and conditions of the management contract. Be accurate in writing this part.

How to Create a Management Contract Proposal 

Johnston and Romzek described the fundamental requirements for contracting services: “Good contracting requires a clear understanding of costs, understandable, and clear statements of the scope of work, clear specifications of performance expectations, and defined obligations on the part of the contracting agency and contractor. Contracts need clarity regarding the contract deliverables, including contractor reports to facilitate state monitoring of cost and performance.” Aside from developing an elevator pitch in your proposal writing, a management contract proposal can effectively outline what your goal and aspiration in your management services contract is all about. In this matter, we highly recommend that you follow the simple steps below while freely using one of our sample management contract proposal templates in this article:

Step 1: Identify Definite Goals, and Objectives of the Management Services Contract

Discuss the management services contract with your management team, project managers, management administrators, operation managers, and others regarding the overall management activities, responsibilities and tasks concerning your prospective client. Ask your client on their needs and preferences regarding the specific management service that you will offer so that you are able to clearly define the goals and objectives based on the contract.  Think about the things you and your client prioritize in the management work, as well as the vision in reaching the management service contract goals and objectives.

Step 2: Write a Cohesive Summary of the Management Service

Your management contract proposal should provide a clear and cohesive summary of your management service. Carefully take note of your proposal readers as you reference all the documents associated with the management services. Then, finish your management service contract summary with primary details including legitimate references, valid findings, and more, as well as the range of capabilities and efficiency of the management activities, and tasks.

Step 3: Demonstrate Effective Management Strategies and  Solutions 

Showcase effective management strategies and solutions to solve issues that are linked to your management work. Some examples of management strategies are action items, alignment, assumptions, automation, benchmarking, best practice, budget control, capability management, change control, contingency planning, cost management, delegation, facilitation, financial analysis, goal setting, integration, job rotation, leadership development, accounting management, performance management, and many others. After that, incorporate these details in your managementcontract proposal.

Step 4: Set the Management Contract Timeline, Budget, and Terms and Conditions

Indicate a clear timeline of the management service contract. Make an accurate calculation of the financial budget of the management project contract that you need in order to start the implementation of the management service contract. Remember to clearly explain your terms and conditions of the management contract to your prospective clients.

Step 5: Prepare the Final Draft

Finalize your proposal by preparing the final draft of your management contract proposal. Attach any supporting document. Schedule a meeting with the members of your management team, management agency, and/or the prospective client or company who will have your management contract proposal. Use some editing and revising tools for optimal proofreading and revision of your document or ask some help from your colleagues so that you can submit your management contract proposal in the right manner.


What are different types of management services?

The different types of management services are artist management, data center management, network management, infrastructure management, backup and recovery management, communication management, security management, IT software management, hotel management, product management, asset management, risk management, property management, food service management,and many others.

How to write a management contract?

Detail in your management contract how much control the management firm is to have over the client by describing how much the management employees are to be paid and how often and what both parties need to expect and how their performance will be evaluated. Determine how long the management contract is to be carried out. Specify what happens if either party is in breach of contract. Explain the specifics and scope of the work. Lastly, all members need to sign the contract and have their own copy.

What are some examples of management contract proposals?

Some examples of management contract proposals are management contract software proposal, management contract system proposal, operation management contract proposal, technical assistance management contract proposal, community management contract proposal, parking management contract proposal, property management contract proposal, travel management contract proposal, process management contract proposal, food service management contract proposal, construction management contract proposal,  risk management contract proposal, asset management contract proposal, product management contract proposal, workflow management contract proposal, and many more.

Many business firms, organizations and professionals need management services especially these days. However, most of them are greatly affected by the COVID-19 pandemic, forcing them to delay or cancel several of their management services and other projects. Still, they need to build strong management project practices to get up and continue their management business. So, writing a clear and striking proposal for your management contract is an effective tool that propels you to inform your management services with your prospective client and settle an agreement with them in carrying out the management service contract. We suggest that you follow the aforementioned tips and steps here so that you are able to craft an exceptionally-written management contract proposal. Plus, download our sample management contract proposal templates here today such as property management contract proposal, travel management contract proposal, process management contract proposal, food service management contract proposal, construction management contract proposal,, and more!