46+ SAMPLE Architectural Proposal

What is an Architectural Proposal?

An architectural proposal is a short and appealing written document that aims to set a unique impression for prospective clients while presenting major goals, objectives, and plans to create and execute a particular type of architectural project. It is commonly prepared by professional architects such as residential architects, commercial architects, restoration architects, interior design architects, sustainable or eco-friendly architects, landscape architects, urban designers, industrial architects, lighting architects, and many others. 

Based on several statistical reports, the total annual revenue growth of architecture and engineering services grew by 12.4% from 2017 to 2018 and in 2019, the total revenue of the architecture industry is estimated to be $292 billion. Since 2018, there has been a 4.4% increase in the revenue growth of the architecture industry due to the increase in government-funded projects that exist in some developing nations. Today onwards, the demand for architecture and engineering firms continues to rapidly thrive.

So, if you need to start a specific architectural design, engineering and building project for your prospective clients, one of the things you need to do is to construct an engaging project proposal for your architectural work.

Different Types of Architectural Proposals

According to Elements of Architectural Design: A Photographic Sourcebook, many of us are accustomed to thinking of buildings as the homes we live in, the offices and shops we work in, the places we worship, and the vast arenas for our recreation. Still, the majority of buildings covering the earth provide more than shelter, more than refuge, and more than utility as they offer this wonderful element that we call architecture. Understanding the structures around us through observing all architectural design elements inquisitively and thoroughly and setting higher goals for your work as an architect can help you to be successful in your profession. Also, it is important that you consider what type of architectural proposal that you will use for your work.  Below are different types of architectural project proposals:

1. Architectural & Engineering Consultancy Proposal

Planning creative, innovative and astounding building design solutions for clients is what licensed architecture consultants primarily do as they own or work for independent architecture and engineering firms. They are experts in master planning and project management of architectural and engineering projects as they design visually-aesthetic and highly functional landscaping and buildings that while strictly upholding the optimal health and safety standards and guidelines. Architecture consultants possess unique visualizing skills, organizational skills, technical knowledge skills, business and close attention to detail. A report stated that this type of career is anticipated to grow 8% and produce 11,200 job opportunities across the US between 2010 and 2028. Are you a new architecture consultant? One of the things you need to accomplish is writing an engaging proposal for your architectural and engineering consulting services in order to get approved by your prospective client. 

2. Architectural Services For Preservation Plan Proposal

Preservation or conservation of architectural structures means protection and maintenance of valuable architectural buildings or architectural values. It is not just about optimizing and preserving the physical aspects of the buildings, but it is also a process dealing with the semantic elements of the architectural heritage. Some examples of architectural preservation projects are Zaha Hadid’s Antwerp Port House, Frank Gehry’s Philadelphia Museum of Art, Rahul Mehrotra’s Taj Falaknuma Palace, OMA’s Fondacodei Tedeschi, Abha Narain Lambah’s Royal Opera House, and Tadao Ando’s Bourse de Commerce. Thus, if you are a new conservation architect, create appealing architectural services for preservation plan proposals so that you will have chances of receiving approval from the management of the heritage architectural structures.

3. Urban Design Architectural Proposal

A research report entitled The Value of Urban Design suggested that good urban design adds value by elevating the economic viability of development through producing high returns on investments, placing developments above local competition at small cost, reducing management, maintenance, energy and security costs, and creating an urban regeneration and palace marketing dividend. Improved urban design is beneficial when it comes to delivering social and environmental benefits through creating well-connected, inclusive and accessible new places, delivering mixed-use environments with an extensive range of facilities and amenities available to everyone, enhancing the sense of safety and security within and beyond developments, boosting civic pride and enhancing civic image and many others. Writing a striking proposal for your urban design architectural project will help you in catching the interest of more prospective clients such as government officials, building owners, commercial establishment owners, etc.

4. Robotic Architectural Proposal

These days, robots are widely used in various architectural and construction projects, complex machines that are outstanding when performing several activities and tasks much faster than humans. Using robotic technology for some dangerous tasks is a preferred method without putting someone’s life in danger. Construction managers can also optimize their workforce and budget because utilizing robots and other types of modern technologies can be a cost-effective solution, without the need to hire more people on their architectural projects. Do you want to plan and execute your architectural projects quickly and efficiently? Consider using robotics in your projects as it greatly helps in creating accurate models, and achieving sustainability. In the future, robots are useful when it comes to construction in uninhabitable environments, developing smart buildings, and facilitating architectural design and building advancements. Developing an effective proposal for your robotic architectural project is a significant method to achieve your robotic architecture project fully well.

Basic Elements of an Architectural Proposal 

In this section, you will learn how to craft a proficiently-written architectural project proposal so that you are able to attract the attention of your prospective clients like CEOs, business managers, and residential owners. However, an architectural services proposal has different components. Include the following elements for you to create an impressive document:

Cover Page: One of the integral elements of an architectural proposal is the cover page. It is an aesthetically-pleasing part of the documentwhich highlights the major topic, or subject of the architectural project proposal, as well as to entice the client’s interest to read the overall proposal thoroughly. Introduction: Describe the architectural project goals, objectives and expected outcomes that are fundamental in order to accomplish the architectural design project properly. Explain how your architecture and engineering design firm will execute the design project goals and objectives. Executive Summary or Project Overview: Provides a brief and thorough summary of the architectural design concepts, ideas, themes, styles, methods, and strategies that will be accomplished while working on a specific architectural design project. As the compelling part of the architectural proposal, add some visual representations like mood boards to illustrate the essence and flow of the architectural design production process. Plus, write the significance, implications and other contributions of the architectural project to the prospective clients and other people.Project Budget and Timeline: Set an estimated budget for the architectural project. List down the construction fees, engineering fees, and many others. Construct a clear timeline of your activities, and methods based on the time period of the pre-production, production and post-production phases of your architectural project. Add some graphs, tables, and other visual diagrams to demonstrate the status and performance of the architectural project. Conciseness and Precision: Point out the key information of your architectural project. Write concisely and precisely. Keep it as short and specific as possible. Avoid the use of complex words that are unnecessary to your project proposal.

How to Write an Architectural Proposal 

Although there was a sharp decline in revenue in 2020 due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the revenue for the architecture industry is expected to grow 7.3% in 2021 as reported by the analysts of IBISWorld. Do you have some new prospective clients who need your expertise and services for architectural building projects? An architectural proposal can clearly outline what your specific goal and aspiration is all about. In this matter, we recommend that you follow the basic steps below while freely using one of our free architectural proposal templates in this article:

Step 1: Define Specific Architectural Project Goals, Objectives and Outcomes

One of the primary steps of writing a compelling architectural proposal is defining the specific architectural project goals, objectives and outcomes. Unravel specific goals and objectives behind this architectural building design project. Discuss and settle an agreement with your prospective client about their priorities and needs. Also, have an understanding of the issue that will be concluded through the project. This will fully guide you properly in the architectural project planning and management. Contemplate on the major concerns that appear in a certain situation and set a hierarchy so that you are able to define the key project goals, objectives and outcomes.

Step 2: Write a Concise Overview of the Architectural Project

Your architectural proposal should have a clear and concise overview of your architectural project. Tell your prospective clients how you come up with the unique architectural design project ideas, concepts and styles in addition to the culture and values that your architectural project will provide to the people. When writing this part, we highly suggest that you take your readers into sincere consideration. 

Step 3: Explain Useful Design Solutions and Methodology

Talk with each member of your architecture and design firm while exchanging different viewpoints and comments about useful design solutions and methodology to potential concerns and problems which are associated with your architectural project. Then, include these details in your architectural project proposal. 

Step 4: Indicate the Project Timeline and Budget

Structure a well-detailed, systematic timeline of the architectural project, presenting different phases such as conceptual, logical, structural and concrete. Estimate the financial budget of the architectural design project that you will need to complete in order to start the design and execution process of the architectural project. Provide a run-down of the cost for the architectural project including schematic design fees, design development fees, construction fees, architectural design production costs, structural engineering costs, interior design construction costs, and other miscellaneous fees. 

Step 5: Highlight the Uniqueness

The next step is to highlight the uniqueness or significant value of your architectural project and why it is second to none. Each architectural design is as unique as the client, the site and the program. Remember Frank Lloyd Wright’s words: “There should be as many (styles) of houses as there are kinds (styles) of people and as many differentiations as there are different individuals. A man who has individuality has a right to its expression and his own environment.” There is a wide array of styles and themes of buildings and structures in your architectural works because no two homes or buildings look alike. 

Step 6: Prepare the Final Draft

Lastly, prepare the final draft of your architectural project proposal that presents valuable information about your pitch. Attach any supporting documents like an architectural and engineering design portfolio. Schedule a meeting with the members of your architectural and engineering firm and/or the prospective client or company who will have your architectural proposal. Ask some help from your colleagues or use some efficient proofreading and revising apps/tools for optimal document proofreading and revision so that you can submit your architectural proposal.


What are some examples of architectural proposals?

Some examples of architectural proposals are architectural & engineering consultancy proposal, architectural design services proposal, landscape architectural design proposal, architectural engineering design proposal, collaborative architectural proposal, architectural competition proposal, robotic architectural proposal, facility project architectural proposal, architectural services for preservation plan proposal and more.

What are the fundamental elements of the architectural proposal?

The fundamental elements of the architectural proposal are the cover page, introduction, architectural project overview, project budget and timeline, and deliverables.

What are different types of architectural projects?

The different types of architectural projects are urban house projects, rural house projects, multi-housing development projects, residential renovation projects, civic building projects, cultural building projects, business building projects, hospitality building projects, small building projects, landscape architecture projects, house interior projects, business workspace interior projects, large retail interior projects, and sustainable architecture projects.

How to make a good architecture presentation?

Make your vivid images and text stand out from the rest by using a minimalist and plain background. Incorporate some humor while presenting your architectural project as you make your prospective clients laugh because it also helps you to gain points and to be remembered for your work. Simplicity is key in everything so be careful of using excessive and complex terms.

How to write an architectural project statement?

Describe and point out the concept and style of the architectural structure. Clarify and elaborate carefully the reasons for choosing a specific concept or style for the architectural project.

Writing a clear and thought-provoking proposal for your architectural project is an effective method to attain your goals and objectives when it comes to lending your creative prowess to the people who need your skills and expertise. Thus, follow the aforementioned tips and steps here so that you are able to craft an exceptionally-written architectural proposal. We highly suggest that you easily and quickly download our free architectural services proposal samples, architectural and engineering design services proposal samples, architectural interior design and construction services proposal templates, architectural services for preservation plan proposal templates, and other proposal writing template examples here today!