What is a Charity Sponsorship Proposal?

A charity sponsorship proposal is a letter or a request letter asking corporations to give them a grant that a non-profit or nonprofit organization can use for projects and events that they will have. It is also called a charity run sponsorship proposal, charity sponsorship request letter, charity project proposal, or charity event sponsorship proposal. The charity has projects and events that need to be done but as a nonprofit organization, they do not have the budget to make them possible. Sponsorships will truly help them because they can gain support so that they do their events with the help of the money of the sponsors. If not for sponsorships, where can a nonprofit will get its budget? It solely relies on grants so that their organization will work. Sponsorship can be the framework of a charity that makes it move and function. Charity is used in sending grant proposals that will give them funds to be used in their organization. That is why in a charity, they even hire grant writers because they badly need that kind of service. Well, that is the usual way how a charity goes. Without sponsors and grants, it cannot do all its advocacies.

Benefits of a Charity Sponsorship Proposal

Have you seen a charity sponsorship proposal template or a charity event sponsorship proposal template? Are you wondering what it is for? Why does a nonprofit organization has to use a charity sponsorship proposal? Well, there are certain reasons. For one thing, they have sure benefits. Some of the are the following:

Charitable Image: A proposal letter for charity sponsorship can give a great benefit to a corporation when it comes to giving them a stronger brand identity. The image of their brand will become better if they will engage with nonprofit organizations. It gives a heart to their organization and people can consider their company as a good company. Their brand will have a good reputation, having a good scent for the customers. It will be known as a brand that supports unfortunate people, with its profits going to good deeds and not for nothing. This will be very good for your company. You can have good fame that can make you have more consumers that can be loyal to your brand. What a great image can your brand have!Increased Visibility: In all the events that you will sponsor, the nonprofit will invite you to be the guest of honor there. It will give better exposure to your company. To add that your company will have a charitable image. Your company will have more visibility. Many people will learn about your company. Even to the flyers that the nonprofit will give for the events that they will have, your company will be written there as a sponsor, and people will know about your company. It can give curiosity to people to research about your company and through that, they might know your products and services. Sponsorship letter for the project will surely help your company to have an increase in visibility.Perks for the Sponsors: As the nonprofit organization invites the sponsors to attend their events, the sponsors can get many perks. They can be given good gifts like gift certificates and new electronic devices. They can have gift bags having unique items inside them. Of course, they will be given tickets for the event that they can give away to others. And in the event, they can have the opportunity to see celebrities that are invited to that event. They will also have a chance to have a wider network. For sure, there will be many VIP attendees that can be their new acquaintances. This will help them in their business. Who knows the good that it can bring to them? So, it can be proven that sponsors can get a lot of benefits from having the sponsorship proposal letter.More Grants: The nonprofit organization will have the chance to have more money for organization if they will send a charity sponsorship proposal. If they will merely rely on donations, it might take them some time to reach a particular budget. But if they will work to get a grant, it can come to them naturally. All they have to do is to exert some effort in creating a charity project proposal and they can have as many sponsors as they want. They just need to be patient hunting down good corporations that can have a heart for their organizations. Many can give a grant if they can see that your projects are good. By giving enough effort to the proposals, a charitable organization can have sufficient grants that can support all their projects. So, with a proposal, you must know that you can have more grants.Successful Event: With a charity event proposal, you can be sure that you will have a grant that can make your events successful. Waiting for donations may take time. If you want to be sure that you will get the budget that you need, you must send a charity sponsorship proposal to sponsors. Through this, you can get sufficient money early with the timeline within your expectation. In donations, you will never know when a good-hearted person will come. It is better to have prospects that can give you the money to support your events. You know that you can start the event on time and you can get everything you need ahead of time. This only means that all your projects will not fail. And as a result of successful events, they can give a good name to your organization.

Tips on Charity Sponsorship Proposal

Do you know what to say in a sponsorship proposal? Do you know what should be included in a sponsorship proposal? Or do you need some tips so that you can create a great proposal? Well, read the following and consider these tips in creating your charity sponsorship proposal:

Make a One-Pager: The charity sponsorship request letter need not be a long one. Sometimes, a one-pager is enough. It can be enough for you to tell your purpose and your goals with a one-page proposal. You just have to remember that you have to be good at writing. You should tell everything that you have to say in that brief proposal. Chunk the details that you need to include. Sincerely state your purpose. With a one-pager, the sponsors will not be bored with your letter. It is also good to be direct to the point. There is no reason for you to make a proposal that seems like a novel. You have to tell the sponsors shortly what you need. Your request will also have better visibility if the proposal is only one page. So, have a short proposal to make everything easier.Know Your Needs: In creating a charity sponsorship proposal, you must first know the needs of your organization. What will you put in the proposal if you are uncertain of the needs of your institution? First, know the budget that you need for your projects. Make a budget plan so that you will know how much will you request as a grant. Plan so that you will know what you will need for your events. If you will plan, you will not miss anything. You will know the important things that you have to consider to make your projects successful. By the time that you will create the proposal, you know that everything is taken care of and the only thing that you need is the budget. This will accelerate your process of making your events successful.State What You Can Offer: Be sure that you can offer something in return to sponsors. You must ensure that they will benefit through the sponsorship somehow. You can display their logo on your website to promote their brand image. To whatever channel you may have, you can increase their visibility. If you are having a blog on your website, you can make a blog about them. Help the sponsors to get more customers. It is your way on how you can thank them for giving a grant. Also, if you can have something to offer, sponsors will be enticed to give you funds. They will immediately accept your request because they will know that they can benefit from your organization.List of Prospects: For your proposal to be effective, you must first know who your prospects will be. List all prospective sponsors that can make the fundraising a success. There may be sponsorship levels but be sure that you can list prospects that can support your organizations. Research for possible sponsors. You can surf the internet and search for corporations that usually sponsor nonprofit organizations. A donation letter can also be useful to you. A person who has donated to your organization can be a possible sponsor in the future. List that person also. It is better that you have many prospects for your fundraising. Through this, you will get the sufficient grants that you need.Follow-up: One thing that is important in grant proposals is that you have to follow up after you have sent your proposal. After a week, inquire with the corporation and make a follow-up. If you will do that, even if they are not decided to give a chance for your request, the corporation may consider your proposal. And sometimes, people in the corporation are busy. You have to remind them about your pending request. Follow-up may denote your sincerity also. The organization will see your persistence and will understand your need. Follow-up is a must in proposals, you have to understand. It is included in the process of getting a grant.Be Persistent: In getting a grant, persistence is necessary. You have to be persistent and do not give up even if your proposal gets rejected at first. You have to always try again. Do not be dismayed if your proposal is rejected by one corporation. Continue and keep on sending it to other corporations. If you think your proposal is not good enough, you can improve it before you will send it again. Or you can hire a professional writer to write a great proposal for you. Do not surrender until you reach the mastery of the art of sending proposals. It may not work well at first, but if you will be persistent, you will see the fruits of your efforts. Everything has its own time. So be sure that in time, your proposal can be also accepted by many sponsors.

How to Create a Charity Sponsorship Proposal

Do you know how to ask for sponsorship? Do you know how to write a proposal for charity sponsorship? Well, if you are about to write a charity sponsorship proposal, we can provide some steps that you can use in creating a proposal. They are the following:

  • Step 1: Search for Sponsors

    To know to whom will you send your proposal, you must first search for potential sponsors. Use your connection to learn about companies that support fundraising. You can also search on the internet for possible sponsors that can grant you money. When you have chosen a corporation, research them. Know if they give a grant to organizations like yours. Make a background search so that you will know what they are searching for when giving a grant. Know the details and if ever they have requirements.

  • Step 2: Know the Needs of the Funders

    To have a better chance for your proposal to be accepted, you must know the preferences of the corporation to whom you will send your proposal. You have to be aware of what they need. If they need a boost for their brand, be sure that you can offer something that can make it happen. The sponsors must know that they can benefit from you. Offer them something that they cannot resist. Be sensitive to their needs so that you can get their approval.

  • Step 3: Create an Enchanting Proposal

    You must know that your proposal should be attractive. You have to convince the sponsors to support your project. So, in writing the proposal, make it compelling and use powerful words that can win the hearts of the sponsors. You can do this by telling a good purpose for your project. If the sponsors will know that their money will go to a good cause, they might be encouraged to say yes to your proposal.

  • Step 4: Writing Skills in Sponsorship Letters

    Maybe you know how to convince the sponsors. You can have a great cause that can make them say yes. But, if you have bad writing skills, your effort will be nothing. Your proposal may be disappointing to read. So, you have to realize that you need to have good writing skills. Your proposal will be attractive if it is well-written. You can also relay your message more easily if you are good at writing.

  • Step 5: Thank the Sponsors

    If the sponsors will say yes to the proposal, do not forget to thank them. Give a thank you note to them after you have received the grant. Do not forget to invite them to the events that you are having. Be true to your word about the offer that you have told them. Do everything so that you can give something in return for their goodness.


Where Can We Get Charity Sponsorships?

There can be a simple way on how you can get charity sponsorships. You can go to your local stores and ask them to sponsor your events. You can get a minimal budget through this. But if you want a bigger grant, you can search for corporate help from corporations that give funds to organizations.

Is it Hard to Get Sponsorships?

No, it is not hard to get sponsorships. You just have to exert some effort. You need to create the best proposal and be patient in having follow-ups to sponsors. If you will persevere, you can get the budget that you need.

A charity cannot live without sponsorships. Because of this, they have to maintain a good relationship with corporations that can give them funds. And of course, they have to create the best proposal to get new sponsors every time. Anyway, are you interested in a charity sponsorship proposal template? This post has 15+ SAMPLE Charity Sponsorship Proposal in PDF. They are free and downloadable. Maybe you will need it. Download now!