What is a One-Page Proposal?

A one-page proposal is a short document expressing an interest in a certain project or research. It is a brief proposal that is relayed on one page only. Whether you will have a proposal for a project, research, or fundraising, you can create a one-page proposal that will not make any audience to be bored with your proposal. You should make it short and you will be straight to the point so that you will be sure that the stakeholders will read your whole proposal.

If you will see one-page proposal examples, you will see that all of them can be juicy proposals though they are short, if the writer will just know how to write a good short proposal. You just have to be skilled in creating a one-page proposal format. You can use a one-page proposal book to have some ideas of how to create a one-page proposal. A good executive summary will do and be creative with the proposal details. Use a good marketing strategy so that you can convince the audience of your purpose.

Writing with a single page may be a challenge because you have to jampacked all the information in it. But the project proposal may have a better chance to be read if you will make it short. By being professional, a one-page proposal is a good pitch to get any grant in fundraising, get an investment for your small business, or have a long-term project as your job. You do not need to be scientific in your proposal. You just need to say what you have to say. Express your interest with sincerity and your proposal can be approved. It can also go well with entrepreneurs. A one-page proposal can be a good accompaniment with a business plan. With any sponsorship, it makes the proposal easier to be accepted. Even in research, you do not have to be extravagant in proposing a paper. If you know how to outline so that all the information will fit into a single page, a one-page proposal will be best for you.

Elements of a One Page Proposal

Do you know how to write a one-page proposal? How do you write a one-page proposal? Are you making sure that it contains all the essential elements? You have to know that every component is what can make a proposal successful. In that case, you may want to learn the elements of a one-page proposal. Read the following:

Executive Summary

Like all the other proposals, a one-page proposal should have an executive summary. It may be short, but do not forget to include an executive summary. It can put a great essence to the proposal. You can get your audience to be excited with your project by having an executive summary. It is a form of pitch that can convince the audience to accept your proposal. Though the executive summary will be short, about 3-5 sentences only, you have to be descriptive stating great things about your project. The executive summary needs to be impressive. You should get the approval of your audience with the executive summary.


The next thing that you have to include in the one-page proposal is your history. You should tell some background about yourself. You should relay all your past projects. State your experience so that the audience will see if you are fit to have the project. If you are asking for a grant, you should convince the audience that your project is feasible. If you are aspiring for a job, you should lay out all your skills so that you can get projects. If you are about to make research, you should state your ability to handle the project. A background is something that can help the audience to be convinced to give you what you need. If they will see that you are apt for the project, then they can approve the proposal.

Project Requirements

This section states the details of the project that you are going to have. It states the scope of work, the timeline for the project, and the materials that you need for the project. Whatever are the requirements for the project, you must include them in this section. You just have to remember that your proposal is just going to be a single page so you have to know how you can fit all the information into your proposal. You do not have the chance to describe every detail of the project so be sure that you can include all the important information.


You can have a problem statement in your proposal. Then, provide a great solution for that problem. This can mean that your project is truly necessary. You can address the problem in the best way by doing your project. You just have to provide a realistic solution that anyone can consider. Be sure that it can encourage the readers to approve your proposal. The solution should be apt for the problem statement that you have stated.


At the end of your proposal, you should include an appendix. This can educate the stakeholders further. It contains information that cannot be found in your proposal. If you want something to support your claims, you can state them in the appendix.

Tips on One Page Proposal

Are you looking for a one-page research proposal sample? Do you need it because you want some tips in creating a proposal? Well, you do not have to look any further. We can provide some tips for you. They are the following:

Avoid to Be Irrelevant: Because a one-page proposal is such a short proposal, you should not have the time to be irrelevant. Speak only about important things. Go straight to the details of your proposal. Be direct with your goals. You cannot afford to beat around the bush because you only have limited space for the things that you will say. So, avoid unimportant matters.Be Direct to the Point: You will not have the luxury to tell so many things in your one-page proposal. You have to be direct about everything. Be direct with everything that you have to say. There will be no chance for you to tell stories. Make your point by stating them in short sentences. If you will not be direct, you cannot fill in all the information that you have to discuss in your proposal. So speak directly.Avoid Fluff: There will truly be no time for you to make fluff in your sentences. Your sentences should be meaningful. Avoid saying anything that will just lengthen your proposal. Keep your sentences simple.Use Graphics: A picture can tell a thousand words. Because you have such a little space in your proposal, you can use graphics to depict what you want to say. It can simplify whatever you want to discuss with the stakeholders. A short caption will explain everything.Use Lists: A space saver technique is by using lists in your proposal. You can enumerate the details about the project through it. You will be able to tell many things with just a few words. You can use a bullet list or a number list.

How to Write a One Page Proposal

Are you searching for ways how to write a one-page project proposal? Do you need a one-page proposal sample so you will have a guide in creating a proposal? Well, we have prepared some steps for you that you can use when you create the proposal. They are the following:

  • Step 1: Compile the Data

    For you to be able to create a brief proposal, you must first compile all the data for your proposal. This way, you can analyze which of them should be the most important things to be included in your proposal. Remember, the proposal is only short. You need to give importance to every space in the proposal. Every content should be meaningful and you should not waste opportunities in every sentence. Compile the data so that you can sort them out. You need to put important details only in the proposal. You do not have room for a lot of things, so you have to choose the best details.

  • Step 2: Craft the Best Title

    To start the proposal, you should first create a great title for it. A good title is a chance for you that your audience will see that your proposal is great. If you can give a great title that will be interesting enough for readers, they might consider your proposal to be a good one. The title should be the summary of your whole proposal or project. It should give a hint about your project or a taste of whatever you are proposing. Create a title that will make the readers impressed. Capture their interest with the title.

  • Step 3: Make an Introduction

    After the title, you should begin with an introduction. You should start strong with this. You have to amaze your readers and capture their hearts so that they can approve your proposal. The introduction should be 2-3 sentences long. It includes the scope of the proposal. Because it is such a short statement, you should say the best introduction. You need to be convincing in this segment. You cannot lose the chance to make your whole proposal interesting. Just as with the title, you should make the introduction great and impressive.

  • Step 4: Make an Executive Summary

    After the introduction, start stating your executive summary. Start defining your proposal. Make an ‘elevator pitch’ that can encourage the stakeholders to approve your proposal. The executive summary can contain your purpose. You can bring up a goal that can make the readers admire your project. But remember, you only have such short space for the executive summary. So make it succinct.

  • Step 5: Provide an Overview of the Project

    The next thing is you have to discuss the project. Provide an overview that will explain the whole project. Give the audience an idea of what they can expect with your project. This is the introduction to the project that you are going to have. You should tell why your project is important. You can also include some benefits that the stakeholders can have from your project. The overview should be in 3-4 sentences. Make the readers informed of your objectives and introduce a solid approach to the project. The audience should deem your project as necessary. This way, they will understand your project.

  • Step 6: Create the Deliverables

    After the overview of the project, you can talk about the project in detail. You should describe the deliverables that you are about to give. Mention a good timeline for the project. Cite the price that is involved with the project. This is important in all kinds of proposals. If you are requesting a grant, you need to cite the budget that you need. If you are about to do research, you should ask for the cost of the research. If you are a freelancer, you should mention your price quote. Then state the scope of work that you are going to provide or the scope of the project that you will have. The audience should have minimal details on the project that you are going to hold. Include data that will be enough for the audience to understand the important things in your project.

  • Step 7: Cite Your Terms and Policies

    You should include your terms and conditions in the proposal. The stakeholders should know the things that they should comply with in having business with you. This way, they will know if they will want to participate in your project. Be clear with your terms and conditions. It can promote good harmony with your work with the stakeholders.

  • Step 8: Include a Call-to-Action

    You should create a section for call-to-action in your proposal. The stakeholders should be guided on what they should do given the chance that they will accept your proposal. A call-to-action can make everything easier for both of you. You can deal better if you will have some things to follow to start the project. Summon the stakeholders to accept your proposal and show some ways on how you can begin the work. In this way, the stakeholders may be encouraged to say yes to your proposal.

  • Step 9: Add Your Contact Information

    At the end of your proposal, do not forget to include your contact information. This is to ensure that the stakeholders and sponsors can reach you anytime that they have approved the proposal. Without your contact information, you may lose the project. You must provide a means of how to reach you. This is the only way how you can get your project to start.


Is a one-page proposal better than longer proposals?

The one-page proposal is better in the way that you will not bore your readers. Most stakeholders are busy and they do not have enough time to read long proposals. If your proposal is only a single page, it has a greater chance that it will be read. That is why there are companies who are requesting a one-page proposal only.

On what will I focus on with a one-page proposal?

You can focus on your executive summary. Like with other proposals, the audience will just look at the executive summary first to consider the proposal if they will read it. So, you have to make a great executive summary so that your proposal will be considered.

If you are freelancers who are about to propose a project or if you are students who are about to propose research, you have to be sure that you will have a great proposal. If you want to ensure that your proposal will be read, create a one-page proposal. You can increase the chance of your proposal being accepted. Well, are you in need now of a one-page proposal template? This post has 10+ SAMPLE One Page Proposal in PDF | MS Word. You can have any of them. They are downloadable and free. Download now!