50+ Sample Training Proposals

What Is a Training Proposal?

A training proposal covers the whole plan of what a business or organization can do to offer professional development, corporate training, and so much more. Training proposals basically describe the training program from the venue, schedule, duration, etc. And once organizations approve of the proposed training scheme, the training session will follow eventually.

It has been reported that the US training expenditures totaled up to $83 billion in 2019.

Reasons to Prepare a Training Proposal

Why should you consider a training proposal, you might ask? A lot of possible reasons apply as to why you should have it. But some of the most notable reasons for preparing training proposals are the following:

Meeting Training Goals: Every organization has different training objectives and goals. So it is only right to propose a training project plan that can really meet such goals. So whether a company is concerned about improving customer service, managing new equipment, and more, set a proposal that really helps in meeting the training objectives.Smart Training Plan: Training proposals are a great way to create a training plan. The reason you propose first is to eventually judge if the plan itself is good or not. Hence, companies eventually set the best strategies to apply for their training program.Training Evaluation: How can managers track the training’s step-by-step process? Expect the proposal to also plan about how to evaluate training. That way, evaluation reports follow to prove if employees really took training or if the program itself is really that effective in reality.Employer and Employee Satisfaction: Most importantly, the employees and their employer would be satisfied in the end when everyone delivers their job effectively, thanks to training. Training programs aid professional development plan, effective management, and improved performance anyway. Thus, all the budget and efforts given to it will pay off.

How to Craft a Proper Training Proposal

If you have already settled for your planned training proposal’s purpose, take a step further by putting the proposal into writing. Rest assured, the process to make a training proposal properly is simple. You only have to follow these steps:

Step 1: Identify the Training’s Purpose

What is your main purpose for conducting a training program in the first place? That is what you should answer first until you can slowly outline and create your training proposal. Training isn’t only limited to employment anyway because you can also train students, assistants, interns, and even sports players. What matters most is that your training proposal will be tailored according to your purpose.

Step 2: Set the Training Program into Steps

Begin stating your Analysis plans for the training scheme. It doesn’t matter if the procedures are still quite a mess because you will arrange and organize them accordingly afterward. The key is to divide your training program into categories and steps. That way, there will be a clear classification and sequence to every step to be taken from the program. And that is just what your proposal should observe.

Step 3: Incorporate a Timeline or Schedule

Don’t forget to associate the time and date for the training. Maybe you have excellent training activities but the problem leads to when they must be done. Thus, create a realistic Training schedule wherein the listed activities and their expected schedules are attainable.

Step 4: Finalize Your Proposal’s Format and Design

Most importantly, organize all the information written by adjusting your proposal’s design and format. A proposal doesn’t have to be a very long paragraph form because you can format it with tables, charts, diagrams, and more. Present your training proposal in the easiest and most creative way possible if you can. And what matters most is that they are achievable and well-planned to guarantee approval.


What sections should your training proposal have?

You can divide your training proposal according to the following:

  • Cover page
  • Training purpose
  • Training benefits
  • Course outline
  • Evaluation plan
  • Training budget
  • Participant’s details

What are the common types of training programs?

Training programs are commonly associated with soft skills training, technical training, quality plan for training, and safety training.

How manage pages should a training proposal have?

There is no specific number of pages for training proposals as long as you can deliver the important details about the training in your document. But just like any other proposal, it works best to keep it around three pages maximum.

The next time you assemble a comprehensive plan towards training for any sector, be sure to use sample training proposals first. Such a proposal marks the introductory statement of what to expect from training and how it will push through effectively. And the best part is you won’t have to start from scratch. Samples are already provided for you to customize, download, and print anytime. Download now!