What Are Lawn Services Proposals?

A lawn services proposal is basically your lawn care company’s official business proposal. This document enlists the different landscaping or lawn care services that your business offers to clients. It serves as the introduction of your company from the lawn service pricing, different services offered, and more. And with an effective lawn services proposal, you have a high chance to close deals with customers.

According to the National Association of Landscape Professionals, the landscape services sector has a $105.1 billion market size in 2021.

Why Is a Lawn Services Proposal Important?

A lawn services contractor can promise to work on a customer’s lawn anytime. But with a lawn services proposal signed by the customer, doing the work is more than just a promise. It is officially an edict. And if you need more ideas that prove how important these lawn services proposals are, here are some notable examples:

A Quick Look to Different Lawn Services

Customers don’t often look forward to hours of discussion about lawn care or a lawn service agreement with long pages. But with a lawn services proposal, clients can learn about the different lawn care services quickly. The proposal basically enumerates the services along with their underlying costs. And proposals don’t have to be made with how many pages as it is meant to be as short and specific as possible. So to save time explaining what the lawn services are, simply pitch the lawn services proposal.

Introduction before an Agreement or Contract

Lawn services or landscape proposals go first. So before you let a client sign a lawn service agreement or contract, pitch the proposal first. That explains why lawn services proposals serve as the introduction because the contract or agreement, later on, will explain the details further. What matters in a proposal is it contains the gist of the lawn services in total. Only expound on the legal matters, detailed descriptions, and step-by-step processes on the agreement or contract.

It Is All in the Details

A lawn services or landscape project proposal may be short but it is still a detailed document. It is detailed in a way that it covers the important aspects of the company’s lawn services. For example, lawn proposals give you the gist of the services offered, prices, lawn maintenance schedule, etc. Just make sure your proposal highlights the significant details so it meets its purpose. Hence, lawn services proposals are reliable references when you have questions about lawn services.

Includes an Acceptance Page

What brings lawn care businesses closer to closing deals with customers is how the lawn services proposal incorporates an acceptance page. This is the part where clients write their names and affix their signatures to confirm the proposal. So whenever a client agrees to any specific lawn services package, the signature green-lights the service. So at least lawn care companies will be sure that customers actually want their service via the acceptance page rather than just based on word of mouth.

The Elements of a Lawn Services Proposal

Lawn services proposals don’t have to be the same for every company. In fact, lawn care involves loads of possible services such as planting, mowing, irrigating, and lots more. So what content you add in the proposal will be different from one business to another. Nonetheless, there are still similarities to standard lawn services proposals. And here are some of the lawn services proposal’s common elements:

Title: Not having the words “Lawn Services Proposal” on your proposal’s title will make people confused as to what sort of document that is. So be sure to make it clear, preferably in bold capital letters, that the proposal you wrote is meant for a lawn services proposal. And the title marks the introductory statement of what the document’s function is.Introduction: The introduction is where you prove who or what your company is. Since you are making a lawn services proposal, then it is expected that you are running a landscaping or lawn care company. So be sure to provide details about your business such as the company name, business address, contact list, and other branding information.Our Work: The “Our Work” section is where you highlight your company’s accomplishments. This is also the part where you can include your enterprise’s mission and vision statement. Other ideas are to insert positive customer feedback received, testimonials, references, and even pictures of the successful lawn services your company had done before.Lawn Services Packages: Simply stating your company handles lawn care or lawn maintenance is not enough. Be specific with what services your lawn services company offers in this segment. Just like how chore lists are made, simply list down the lawn services your company can do. You could mention mowing, aeration, chemical application, bed edging, leaf removal, dethatching, and more. And what most clients want to know is what packages your company offers. Don’t assume that a client only wants your mowing service because some would want more than two services. And packages such as a total lawn cleanup are just one example.Lawn Services Schedule: Propose the work schedule of your lawn services. For example, lawn services done during the summer would not be the same as services done in the winter. So be specific with the schedule of services. Also, the schedule confirms the frequency of lawn services. You can propose lawn care maintenance on a weekly, biweekly, or even monthly basis.Pricing: What the majority of people would check from the lawn services proposal is the price list of services. Be sure to update the prices to avoid sending the wrong quote later on. Simply state the different fees including the service price, quantity, subtotal, and total cost. You can insert tabulated calculations of how the prices were conducted as an easy way to explain the pricing too.Terms and Conditions: Although contracts and agreements fully explain the lawn service terms and conditions, you can include the general terms and conditions in the lawn services proposal too. Just summarize the terms and mention the key points only in this part.Acceptance Page: End the lawn services proposal with the acceptance page. This is where you remind clients that if they want to push the services forward, then let them sign the proposal. The standard is to write the full name of the client in print with the signature on top of it, followed by the calendar date of when the client accepted the deal.

How to Create an Excellent Lawn Services Proposal

Although lawn services proposals introduce your business to clients quickly, don’t be intimidated in the making process. Now that you learned about a lawn services proposal’s definition, importance, and elements, you are actually equipped and ready to create the proposal itself. And these are the only steps you need to make the best lawn services proposal possible:

  • Step 1: Study Your Lawn Services Business in General

    Assess your lawn care business from the basic information down to the crucial details such as lawn services, lawn care resources, pricing, work history, and many more. A full business research analysis will be a great time to review what should be written and not written in your lawn services proposal later on. The point is to really know your industry, particularly when clients have a series of questions and you might not be able to answer them without full business knowledge.

  • Step 2: Download a Sample Lawn Services Proposal Template

    The quickest way to create lawn services proposals is when you use a template. A blank sample lawn services proposal template itself is downloadable, printable, and editable. And you have plenty of options to choose from such as a lawn care contract proposal, commercial lawn care bid proposal, lawn care estimate form, and a basic lawn services proposal letter. Just pick any sample you want to optimize and you will have an idea of how these documents are made.

  • Step 3: Customize the Template You Chose

    Now that you have a sample template on hand, begin to personalize it. Lawn services proposal samples have editable features so you can surely edit the format, design, and data of your selected template. A tip is to start incorporating our company’s branding on the proposal such as the company name, business logo, and identity information. Then, mind the measurements and spacing of the words in the document. And from the results of your studies about your lawn services business, add what needs to be written in the proposal. Focus on relevant and important data only to ensure the document pays off.

  • Step 4: Insert the Elements of a Lawn Services Proposal

    Don’t forget the discussion about the lawn services proposal’s important elements earlier since you need them to complete the proposal. From the title, introduction, our work, down to the terms and conditions and acceptance page, be sure you have the significant parts covered. Also, feel free to add more components that you think are necessary for the proposal. Don’t simply limit ideas from the examples given earlier because you may have different goals that require other elements for your lawn services proposal.

  • Step 5: Observe an Easy-to-Follow Document

    Be sure to find ways where the proposal is easy to read. Proposals can simply enumerate crucial details anyway since the contracts and agreements do the technical writing and heavy documentation. That means you can just use simple English in proposal writing and there is no need to write in long paragraphs. Also, you can use lists, tables, charts, and other visuals to achieve an easy-to-follow document. Whatever makes your proposal clearer and easier to understand will be worth doing. That way, clients won’t have to ask numerous questions after reading the proposal.

  • Step 6: Make Fact-Checking a Habit

    Last but not least, practice fact-checking. The last thing you want to do is to submit a faulty lawn services proposal to a client. The errors in your proposal already make an impression as to how your business fails to even fix errors. So how much more in doing the lawn services itself? Thus, do a complete evaluation of what you made and ensure no possible mistakes are around. That means you check the spelling, ensure that the prices are updated, or that the proposal’s terms match the lawn care contract terms and conditions. And only submit the proposal to anyone when you are confident that it is error-free.


What is lawn care?

Lawn care basically refers to ensuring lawns remain in good health throughout the years. That means lawns are as strong as ever and will look as clean and green as ever. And it is through lawn care that the different lawn services are practiced such as pest control, fertilization, weed control, seeding, soil testing, leaf removal, aeration, etc.

What do lawn care agreements contain?

Most lawn care agreements state the agreement issuance date, location of the property to work on, service details, service frequency, payment plan and terms, name of the lawn care business or representative, name of the client, signature of both parties, contact information, and company logos or taglines.

How much do lawn care entrepreneurs earn?

Lawn care entrepreneurs usually earn around $5,000–$50,000 the first year. And as they become a well-established business for a long time, it is possible for them to earn about $160,000–$250,000.

The next time you introduce your lawn service business to potential customers, be sure to pitch a lawn service or landscaping proposal. Lawn services proposals not only help the public know your company name and lawn care services but also every important detail there is to know about your work and brand in general. The best part is you never even need to create a proposal out of scratch. Simply download from our collection of free sample lawn services proposal templates. Optimize a template now!