The onboarding process is a strategic process the company implements for at least a year. It can affect the turnover rate and increases the retention of employees. As such, an organization must create a comprehensive plan that details the possible procedures and techniques for onboarding new employees to work effectively and efficiently. Constructing a new employee proposal helps the organization to propose a comprehensive plan for approval through a new employee proposal. What is a new employee proposal, and what benefits does it bring to the company and the employee? The article details valuable information about the document, including its description, components, and a guide detailing the step-by-step process of producing one for the company. A section also answers frequently asked questions regarding the proposal.

What Is a New Employee Proposal?

A new employee proposal is a business document that department heads or team leaders write and address to an employer, human resource manager, or any person of authority that provides requisite permission to hire new employees for an organization. In the proposal, the department manager explains the reason behind writing the request, why they are requesting more staff, and a detailed justification they must present to the employer or human resources department. Aside from these, the department head also convinces the employer by listing the potential benefits of acquiring new hires for the team and the organization. There are instances when managers can tell that they are already understaffed. In such cases, the company must provide the necessary number of individuals to ease the workload of those employees carrying too much work. Managers can also indicate in the proposal that hiring additional staff can increase overall productivity, effectiveness, and efficiency. The new employee proposal serves as a formal document of asking hiring managers to get additional help for the department and justifying the need for hiring these new candidates.

According to the statistical information from Statista regarding the number of full-time employees in the United States from 1990 to 2021, published by the Statista Research Department in February 2022, about 127.19 million individuals have a full-time employment basis at the end of 2021. It rose in numbers from 123.19 million employees in 2020.

Components of a New Employee Proposal

Since a new employee proposal focuses on the acquisition of new talents from specific departments of the organization, managers and leaders must determine the human resources needs through a need analysis. It must determine the levels, positions, and the number of people the company needs to fulfill its daily tasks, mission statement, and organizational objectives. There are different factors to consider when putting on additional personnel in departments, including company growth, expansion to new markets, increase in revenue and employee attrition. When requesting new employees from management, having a new employee proposal is vital to justify the need for additional personnel. The complexity of a staffing plan depends on the size of the organization, and the request for additional staff must have four components. The section below covers these elements with descriptions to gain a better understanding of each one.

Executive summary: The first section of the new employee proposal is the executive summary. It describes the purpose of writing the proposal and identifies the people supplying the data. The section contains a summary of the contents of the proposal while providing information on the processes and procedures for carrying out the staffing plan. The executive summary must let the readers know and understand the reason behind writing the request for additional staffing needs. There must also be a clear representation of the initial findings and data analysis where the individual writes a conclusion to satisfy the need for new employees. It must also detail a budget plan that covers the recruitment process, training programs, and onboarding expenses.Description of the new employee proposal: The next section holds the proposal description, going into further details on explaining the reasons for proposal writing. The needs assessment determines the employment needs of the company that includes information about the current staffing plan of the organization and the date of its implementation. It must also identify the procedures and processes an individual takes to look into the current resources of each department, along with anticipating probable results in the staffing needs of an organization in the future. The needs assessment can contain information like the average tenure of employees, employee training and development, attrition, employee turnover rate, and succession planning.Methodology: The methodology section describes the process and techniques that the company utilizes to formulate conclusions to satisfy the need for new employees. Each component of the needs assessment must describe the sources of information and the process of using the information to inform the organization there is a means to take on the additional staffing needs. The methodology must indicate the availability of workers because there is no sense in writing a proposal if the competition in the labor market does not permit the company to acquire and attract the most qualified applicants. The labor market availability determines the availability of possible candidates through nearby colleges or universities and the proximity of general labor markets. The last portion of the methodology section must identify the possible disadvantages in the event the company fails to hire the desired number of qualified employees. There is a possibility that the lack of staffing can result in slow productivity in a particular department, and it is best to cite how it can affect others departments. Provide data tables and number charts as necessary. When the lack of human resources affects the profitability of the company, indicate the projections to explain this effect to management.Budget: When it comes to hiring additional employees for the organization, there is always a possibility of incurring additional costs that can affect the overall business budget. The budget section must provide clear representations of employee compensation, annual wages, and benefit expenses. Benefit costs include paid time off, insurance plans, and retirement allocations. The budget section must indicate the current budget plan for the department looking to hire additional employees. It must specify the costs for recruitment procedures, training programs, and onboarding that all depend on the number of employees and the members of the human resources department handling the process. Many companies base their hiring decisions on the possible costs and projections, and having a clear and factual explanation backed with data supports the new employee proposal.Conclusion: The conclusion section is the final piece of the new employee proposal. The conclusion indicates the proposed timeline from the date of receipt of the approval to the actual onboarding process of new hires. When creating the timeline, take into account the different contingency processes like background checks or fulfillment of requirements that can cause delays. Make sure that the timeframe covers all possible scenarios in the hiring process.

How To Write a New Employee Proposal

The best and most logical solution is to look for additional staff members when a department lacks the workforce to complete daily tasks and activities. However, there are instances when upper management does not agree with the assessment of department heads. As such, it is necessary to provide evidence that without the addition of personnel, the department will have a difficult time meeting deadlines and goals; it is the key to the approval of the new employee request. Remember that you have the necessary facts and figures to support the proposal. The section below helps you to create a comprehensive new employee proposal to request additional staff.

  • 1. Identify the Need of the Department for the Additional Employees

    Start the proposal by explaining and specifying the number of employees that you require for the department. Create a list of job titles, brief job descriptions, and ranks of the new position the department requests. Do not make unnecessary guessing when requesting additional staff from management. It is also worth mentioning whether you are requesting temporary or permanent employees to help out on projects or programs.

  • 2. Justify and Expound on the Reason Behind the Request

    A concise and clear proposal need not contain industry jargon or highfalutin words to put your point across. Make sure to use clear headings, concise words, and targeted answers to guarantee that the person reading the document can easily understand and identify the request and the reason for the request. Emphasize that the lack of personnel prevents the teams and the department from accomplishing daily activities and goals. The proposal can also highlight that despite having the same number of employees, the workload continues to increase. If the company is also currently implementing a hiring freeze that prevents the department from hiring employees, mention the fact. Explaining the negative effects of the lack of personnel is the best route to getting positive approval.

  • 3. Highlight the Possible Benefits of Increasing Staff for the Department

    When writing the new employee proposal, emphasize how the request for employees enables the team to deliver quality work, completing them on the assigned schedule. The document must also explain in detail the nature, type, and scope of the work that each new employee performs and how the completion of work helps to meet the departmental objectives and project timelines.

  • 4. Explain the Cost-Benefit Ratio

    The new employee proposal contains the overall departmental budget. Make sure to indicate the proposed salaries for these new positions and provide a revised yearly salary total for employees that includes the new proposed positions. It must contain explicit details of the budget plan to cover expenses of possible employees, including the increased profits and covering for other staffing costs.

  • 5. Identify the Stakes and the Effect of the New Employee Proposal

    In instances where the management or executive team does not approve of the new employee proposal, the document must indicate its impact on the department. If the team cannot meet its deadlines, emphasize this on the proposal. If the lack of employees causes a significant delay in production and performance for the department, describe how it may affect the organization as a whole. Incorporating visual representations like graphs, charts, tables, and infographics can help in your favor. If and when there is a compromise in terms of market profitability, illustrate the effect of the lack of workers.

  • 6. Express Appreciation to High-Level Managers

    Inform the manager, executive, or whomever you write the proposal to that you appreciate them taking their time to read and consider the request. Write down that you are looking forward to meeting with them, answering queries, and making room for discussions. This is the best way to end the new employee proposal with high hopes and expectations.


What is a job proposal?

A job proposal covers an employee’s pitch outlining the issue within the department or organization and introduces a new role as a solution to the staffing problem.

Are there any tips for pitching a new job position?

When writing a job proposal for a new position in an organization, make sure to highlight the company’s current challenges, emphasize the significance of the position to the organization, provide a clear explanation of the duties and responsibilities of the job, detail the job requirements, describe the employee’s history with the company, and create the written proposal.

What are the best practices for writing a new position proposal?

First, the individual must identify the problem that the proposal seeks to answer, and make sure to back up the proposal with sufficient research that went through data and gap analysis.

Creating new job positions to fill out necessary duties in a company can be difficult without proper planning processes. For a person to write a comprehensive new employee proposal, there must be sufficient evidence to support the need for the position by providing factual information and data, offering it to management to get approval. As much as possible, the proposal must contain the procedures to identify possible gaps in human resources and budget adjustments necessary to accommodate the addition. Create a new employee proposal for the organization by downloading from the 10+ SAMPLE New Employee Proposal in PDF only from