The cleaning business is discreetly in demand especially to households with busy family members. As a businessperson, handing out a Cleaning Service Contract Proposal to potential customers will help you gain more confidence that your company will last longer especially if the services you can offer is great.

50+ SAMPLE Cleaning Services Contract Proposal in PDF

What Is a Cleaning Service Contract Proposal?

A cleaning service contract proposal is a great tool to send the message on how your company performs, on how it is different from the competition, and how it is one of the many cleaning businesses that do not use its full potential. This gives an opportunity to edge out the competition and avoid race to the bottom. Moreover, the contract is a document that would help and protect your rights as the businessperson.

What Is Cleaning Service?

Cleaning service means keeping the relevant area free, fresh, and clean. This includes regular mowing of grass, trimming of hedges and shrubs at the landscape deck, cleaning of office, ceilings, gates, doors, windows, furniture, and electrical appliances. This is a kind business that renders the service of general cleaning of premises such as shops, offices, and residential places including household goods such as carpets, sofas and curtains for a fee. 

Furthermore, cleaning methods have widened up into common and commercial cleaning. Common cleaning includes normal home and atmosphere cleaning. Commercial cleaning consists of cleaning on a large scale using modern technology. It helps maintain a clean, pollution-free ambiance. 

What Is the Importance of Having a Cleaning Service Contract Proposal? 

There are a few reasons listed down as an important part of having a cleaning service contract proposal: 

Communicate Why You Do What You Do

Most businesses understand the need to communicate what they do. Using this approach—the “what” you do is simply the proof of what your company believes in. The best place to describe the “why” is in the executive summary at the beginning of the proposal. 

Show How You Are Different from the Competition 

This is the most important part on the list. The ways you are different from the competition should not live in just one specific section. It should not be showing a hint that you are afraid that someone might notice you do things differently. Your differentiation should be woven throughout your whole cleaning proposal, loud and clear. Use a unique strategy to ensure the certain standard of quality. Use innovative technology. 

Tell Them Your Clients Think About Your Services 

It is important to know what others think about your company. Social proof is the use of people’s opinions or actions to influence behavior. Things like reviews, case study, ratings, endorsement, and number of customers or product sold are great ways to demonstrate that you can walk the talk. 

Communicate How Your Services Will Impact Their Organization 

It is easy to forget that even though you are selling your services to other businesses, it is a real human that is deciding to hire you and pay you. You should be specific enough that your potential client can picture what that improvement will look like. 

Show Your Commitment to Your Clients 

Clearly communicate what the customer can expect when they hire your commercial cleaning company, and what you plan to do to make sure they are happy with your services. 

Always Follow Up 

Your potential clients could also be receiving proposal from other companies, you need to make sure they get your attention so they will feel important. 

Communicate the Next Steps 

This is less about selling and more about ensuring that the first few interactions in your new relationship as client-contractor will start with positivity. The most important thing you need to outline here is how and when you will collect payment. 

Use a Proposal Software 

Proposal software might be the single huge competitive advantage when it comes to winning cleaning contracts. By allowing you to create stunning proposal that will blow your competition away will give you total control and insight over the proposal process. 

Make Use of eSignatures 

In this time that social distancing and remote meetings are the norm, it is no wonder why over 97% of closing documents are delivered virtually. Delivering and sending paper documents is a huge bottleneck, so if you are not using eSignature, now is the best time to start.

What Are the Types of Cleaning Service? 

Residential Cleaning Service. This is also known as domestic or household cleaning the process of cleaning a customer’s home when he or she is present or currently out of the house. Customers spend their money on domestic help as it helps them spend more time with their families instead of fussing over household chores.Commercial Cleaning Service. This is also called as office cleaning, defined as the process of cleaning commercial buildings such as office spaces, schools, community buildings and more. The cleaning is scheduled either during the working hours when premises are open or outside working hours when premises are close.Janitorial Cleaning Service. Most people tend to use janitorial and commercial cleaning services as synonyms or deem one to be a subset of the other, they are quite different from each other. Janitorial cleaning services covers every day, ongoing maintenance and cleaning of buildings like office spaces, schools, industries while commercial cleaning involves bigger, deep-cleaning tasks that are performed once a few times in a year.Laundry and Dry-Cleaning Service. Laundry and dry cleaning are quite different from each other. Laundry cleaning uses soaps, detergents, and softeners to wash clothes, dry cleaning uses high-end chemicals remove persistent stains and grease out of clothes.Sanitization and Disinfection. It is critical to keep both homes and offices free from harmful viruses and bacteria that can allergies, colds, and coughs. Sanitization and disinfection use physical and chemical means to ensure that our dwellings and office spaces are safe for human inhabitation.Green Cleaning Service. The term “green” represents a movement to our plant and ecosystem as a whole. The entire aspect of this type of cleaning service is to do more. Supporting green cleaning services can help businesses gain society’s respect and showcase a sense of social responsibility. Most governments and commercial businesses consider green cleaning services to be worth their salt only when they are properly certified.Pressure Washing Services. The process of using a powerful stream of water to clean dirt-ridden carpets, moldy, buildings, loose pants on walls, grime-filled objects, muddied vehicles, and other usually hard to clean surfaces.

How to Write a Cleaning Service Contract Proposal? 

Buildings, the workplace, or any business establishment requires cleaning and maintenance on a regular basis. It gives sense of comfort and boost the employee satisfaction. Most offices do not have their own maintenance personnel, that is why it is common to invite bids for interested third parties and contractors to complete the cleaning task. Here are some of the steps on how to write a cleaning service contract proposal:

Step 1: Do Not Make It All About the Cleaning 

Many contractors make the mistake of sending potential clients project estimates focusing on the price tag, without assessing the type of cleaning they need. You cannot just give the client certain amount and expect them to trust that your staff would do their job and that you have the right tools to complete the task. The average person is not really about on the idea of commercial cleaning to highlight the things that make your service stand out to make your potential customer consider your proposal.

Step 2: Let Them Know What Makes You Different 

What sets you apart from your competitor? Remember that there might be a dozen of other businesses offering cleaning services in your area, too. Some of them could come cheaper, so you need to market your services in a quality that sets you apart from the rest. The key is to offer value and quality, not how cheap the services could be. 

Step 3: Know What the Client Needs 

Writing a proposal requires you to identify and prioritize what the client needs as opposed to the profits you will earn when you get the job since that is already given. What are the client’s daily challenges with cleanliness? What policies related to cleanliness that are not working? This is the reason why they are hiring a contractor. You need to fill the gap by proving that you have taken the time to assess their needs which you will work to fulfill through your cleaning services. 

Step 4: State the Scope of Services 

This is where you need to get as detailed as possible. You have to educate the client what the service includes and what the limitations are. For instance, they might have asked for a window cleaning service along with janitorial services for the comfort rooms, but asking you to also take care of workspace is out of the question. 

Step 5: Proofread and Check 

The service proposal is a business document. You can’t expect to land the job if you miss out the minor errors such as spelling, grammar, and typo. Your proposal needs to be professionally-written and no matter how convincing it is on the whole, you are not getting considered for the contract if your document is full of typos and errors.

How to Start a Cleaning Services Business? 

There will always be a demand for cleaning services, which keeps you in business and keeps every client’s home spotless. Below is a complete guide on how to start a cleaning business from the ground up: 

Step 1: Conduct an Initial Interview 

Considering to start a cleaning business, the best ways to start is actually by doing most of the work yourself. You need to learn the business before you can successfully run it. Committing and sourcing for your first few clients will ensure you keep your costs low as well. Investing money is hiring workers, you can pay yourself a reasonable wage. 

Step 2: Set Reasonable Cleaning Business Budget 

Performing most of your cleaning jobs solo will help keep more money in your pocket, but budgeting is about more than how many hours you work. Determine reasonable budget of your business, including the replacement of products and equipment as needed. Hiring and payroll costs into the equation if you outsource labor, but also keep in mind you need to set aside money for taxes and insurance as a business owner. 

Step 3: Decide What Cleaning Equipment to Purchase 

Think about the types of materials and cleaning products you need for cleaning clients’ home and businesses. Determine how you will prevent cross contamination between homes whether through disposable materials or adopting stringent sanitation practices and plan accordingly when it comes to purchasing equipment. 

Step 4: Choose a Brand Name for Your New Cleaning Company 

Any startup business needs to establish a brand. While deciding on a business name, you should search online for the names to have an idea. 

Step 5: Setup Proper Licensing for Your Cleaning Business 

Once you have choses a business name, register it to prevent others from using it. The requirements may vary based on your state and local registration. 

Step 6: Start Marketing Your New Cleaning Company 

File the proper permits and licensing documents, and purchase all your cleaning supplies, it is time to find clients. Marketing for a cleaning company can be as simple as word of mouth or as complex as running advertisements in your local paper or online. 

Step 7: Make Customer Service a Top Priority 

To effectively manage the technical side of your cleaning business, you need a means of communication with your clients. Tools such as voice mail and phone service, an email account, a website, social pages, or of those combined can help enhance you company’s outreach and customer satisfaction.  

Step 8: Get Organized with Cleaning Software to Run Operations Smoothly 

Professional cleaning business management software also helps enhance your image when it comes to marketing your cleaning business with features for requesting review, marketing automation, customer surveys, and more. Keeping your branding streamlined from the software you use to the uniform you and your employees wear can do wonders for your new company’s image.


What Does Cleaning Service Offer?

There are a lot of services to offer depending on what the customer needs. Cleaning includes vacuuming throughout the house, mopping, making beds, dusting all surfaces including baseboards and light fixtures.

Whose Equipment and Products are Used?

Cleaners will use industry best practice equipment and products. All cleaners will be fully equipped with everything to complete the task in hand.

How to Pay for the Cleaning Services?

A full invoice will be sent by email to the given address. Some businesses do not want to cause hassle. They will provide different paying options for the customer’s convenience.

How Much Does a Cleaning Service Cost?

The rate starts at 350 for an hour of cleaning, while for an hour and a half of cleaning is priced at 500.

Do Charges Change for Different Sixed Properties?

Costs can change based on the size of the property and the level of cleaning required. Lager premises requires more materials and more time to clean.

How Often Should a Home Be Cleaned?

Maintenance is key to ensuring your house is kept looking at its best. It is advisable to clean your home every 2 weeks.

More ever securing cleaning contracts is hard work. To stand out from the competition, you need to identify your prospect’s challenges and needs, the reason they have decided to hire a new contractor, and how your company can fill that gap. It can be difficult to tie that all together and communicate why they should hire your company, but it is often the difference between winning the contract or losing out to a competitor.