What is a Janitorial Proposal?

A janitorial proposal is a letter that janitors or cleaning companies send to clients to ask them to provide services in cleaning their homes and offices. It is a document that expresses the desire of janitors to deal with clients, having a contract with them that may last for months or years. Janitorial services is a must because all our places get dirty from time to time and we need this kind of service. Sometimes, companies do not just hire janitors, but they get contractors that can take part in a bid to clean their place. This way, companies can look for the best janitors in town. They can choose among the bidders the best service that can be offered by them.

Whether the service needed is home cleaning or commercial cleaning, janitors are willing to provide services. It does not matter what they are going to clean, they can even do carpet cleaning if needed. It will be good to get janitorial services from proposals. After you have made your office cleaning checklist, you will find someone who can take care of your list. You just have to look at the basic qualities of janitors. You must examine what they can offer. You can get the best price if you will have many bidders. You can also choose from their scope of work, timeline, and everything that they can offer. You can consider the materials that they use in cleaning.

A janitorial proposal cover letter is needed when making a janitorial proposal. It can relay your sincere interest to provide services better. You can captivate your readers by showing them that you are a good worker where they can never go wrong. They can entrust their property to you and by hard work, you can maintain the cleanliness of the place. To create a great proposal, you must consider a sample proposal or a letter sample that looks like a winning proposal for you. You can use it as a pattern so that you can write professionally. Examine also every quotation that is given to provide janitorial services. Through it, you can create good pricing for your work.

A janitorial proposal is also called a janitorial cleaning proposal, janitorial bid proposal, janitorial services proposal, or cleaning business proposal. It is a kind of project proposal. The proposal is a good way how can janitors can approach clients and summon them to give them a job. If janitors can give a good presentation for their services using PowerPoint presentation or presentations using other software, the services that they can provide will become more vivid to the clients. They can present their services better and they can have a better chance to get many clients.

Components of a Janitorial Proposal

A janitorial proposal letter has essential elements like any other project proposal. Before you should write a janitorial proposal, you should learn first the needed components that you have to include in the proposal. This will make the proposal complete and succinct. Read and consider the following components of a janitorial proposal:

Information of Parties: You should state the main information about your business and the client. You must write the name of the janitor or the business name of the cleaning company. Then write their address next to their name or business name. Do not forget to include their contact information. Be sure that you will write clearly about this information. You may get the clients disappointed if you will not make correct details.Project Scope: You should relay the project scope that you can give. You should tell the clients what you can provide for them and what is not. You must present your services in a great way that can be considered by clients. Be sure that you have something good to offer. If you can afford to do it, make special packages for your service. Provide something where clients can get discounts. This is one way how you can encourage them to buy your services. If they can save money, they can consider your service as a good service.Work Schedule: You must provide a work schedule for all the cleaning. The work schedule should be something that clients will want to request, but if you can offer a good work schedule, you can cite it in the proposal. Allot sufficient time for all the cleaning that you can do. You can offer daily janitorial service or weekly janitorial service to your customers. Then be sure that you will be there on the work schedule that you can provide. You should not miss a day when you have to clean the place of the clients. You may lose your janitorial contract with them if you will miss the work schedule.Supply List: You must present all the materials that you will use for cleaning. This will make the clients know if you can provide good services to them. If you use high-quality materials, your services may be great. The clients will be encouraged to give you the job. They can entrust the work to you because you can provide a quality service. So, choose the materials that you will use for your janitorial services. Be sure that they have good quality. Your materials can surely affect the decision of clients whether to give you the work or not.Renewal Terms: Of course, you will have terms on your proposal. You will be able to state the length of time that you will provide services. Since you are going to work for a specific time, you will want to have terms of renewal. This will state how the clients will continually have your services. You may choose to renew your contract automatically or have some conditions for it. If you can provide great services, you may need to provide renewal terms because the clients will continue to get your services.Termination: Both parties should know how to terminate the contract. So in your proposal, you must state termination terms that can take care of this thing. You cannot ensure that your contract will last for a long time. One of you may want to end the agreement. So, this is where the termination terms come in. Both of you should have the right to freely leave the contract if needed. This way, you will not be forced to have the contract when you do not want it anymore.Payment Information: This is where you have to relay how both of you will have payment terms. What budget do you need for your services? How the clients are going to pay you? How will you bill them? What are the payment methods that you can accept? Payment terms are important so that no argument will arise. Both of you will be confident that everything will be okay because one will be paid and the other can pay for the services.Dispute Resolution: Dispute may happen while you are providing services. To protect the rights of both parties, you must provide a dispute resolution that can settle everything. No one will want to bring any argument into court. So, you must provide terms for the dispute resolution

How to Write a Janitorial Proposal

Do you need a janitorial proposal template or a free janitorial proposal template? Do you need it because you are about to create a janitorial proposal? Maybe you need some steps that can guide you. We can provide them for you. They are the following:

1. Know the Needs of the Clients

First of all, you must know the needs of the clients. What will they want you to clean? What materials do they want to clean their place? You must know how you can tailor your proposal to the specific needs of clients. If you can provide what they are looking for, then they will surely hire you. You must remember that you should offer what the clients need. Knowing their needs can make you write the right things in your proposal. When this happens, the clients will accept your proposal because they know that they can use you.

2. Make a Cover Letter

A cover letter is necessary for a janitorial proposal. This is how you can better express your desire to work for the clients. In your cover letter, you must introduce yourself well. You need to get a soft spot in the heart of clients so you have to be polite and kind. The clients should see that you are a good person. That you are someone who can deliver results. If the clients will see a sincere interest, this will also denote that you are a reliable worker. That you are serious with the work. This will make them entrust you with the job.

3. Show Certifications

Certifications will surely build your reputation in the eyes of your clients. You should provide certifications that you get from training and workshops that make you adept for the job. Through this, the clients will be confident that you know what you will do. They can entrust their homes and buildings to you. Certifications are assets that you can use so that you can convince clients to hire you.

4. Have Covid-19 Cleaning Procedures

During this time of the pandemic, we must follow all protocols to protect our health. Because your job is about cleaning, you must be able to provide procedures that are according to the health protocols for Covid-19. This way, you can secure that no virus will infect the places that you will clean. The clients will be confident with your services. This is important in this kind of time. We must ensure that the disease will not get to us. So, you have to provide materials that will be apt to do the job. Have complete materials so that the clients will see that they can have everything with your service.

5. State Your Mission Statement

You must provide a mission statement in your proposal. The mission statement is something that you can be proud of to your clients. You can show that you have good goals for your service. They can ensure that you can provide good services for them. A good purpose can encourage them to give you work. Your purpose will reflect the job that you can give. If you have good aims, they can ensure that you will work at your best. So, give something good for the clients to consider. This way, you can attract them to trust you.

6. Personalize the Proposal

Be personal in your proposal. You have to build a good relationship with clients. You should start to be nice to them. You will have a client-contractor relationship with them for a while so you should know how to be good to them. If they will see you as a nice person, then they can hire you regularly. Personalize your proposal. You need to show some human character so that you can reach the hearts of clients. This way, they can sympathize to give you the job. If you will touch their emotions, then they will have an interest to give you projects.

7. Add Testimonials

You will have a good reputation in the eyes of the clients if you can provide testimonials in your proposal. You have to show some social proof that you are reliable. Ask your past clients to give some testimonials that you are great at providing janitorial services. You can use these testimonials to prove to the clients that you can deliver the job well. The clients can assess your capacity through testimonials. They will know that your works are tested. That you can provide good services. This will help you to attract many clients.


Is a janitorial proposal necessary?

For janitors who want to have clients, the janitorial proposal is important. They can search for clients who can give them work. It is also necessary for companies who need cleaning services. They will search for contractors who will do the job and the proposal is a must for them to bid.

What is the benefit of a janitorial proposal?

A janitor can better relay the services that he or she can give through a janitorial proposal. He or she can include the scope of work, timeline, and work schedule in the proposal. Everything important can be written in the proposal. Time and effort will be saved. It can also help you to have many clients. You can approach clients through the janitorial proposal.

If you are a janitor or a cleaning company, it is time for you to focus on writing a great proposal. It can make you have good clients that can give you regular work. You can even find big clients that can pay you a good amount of money. Well, are you looking for a janitorial bid proposal template? This post has 18+ SAMPLE Janitorial Proposal in PDF. You can use any in writing your janitorial proposal. Do not wait a minute more. Download now!