53+ Sample Engineering Proposal

What Is an Engineering Proposal?

An engineering proposal is an industry-standard document that engineers and engineering consultant contract uses to decide on issues or problems. In engineering consulting firms, these documents are the primary source of ensuring new product proposals and activities for the business. For management, the engineering proposal serves as a means to differentiate between engineering consultants. Similar to other proposal documents, the engineering proposal details the work description that leads to project completion. The length and details of an engineering proposal depend on the scope of the project and the person receiving the document submission. Organizations advertise the need for the document and consult engineers as a response to a need to solve problems and issues. Engineers can already determine the existence of issues and can come up with viable solutions for an organization. In such cases, an individual writes an engineering proposal to the concerned business to bring attention to the problem with possible resolutions.

According to the United States Bureau of Labor and Statistics on their career outlook publications, there is a projection of employment growth of over 140 thousand new jobs for engineers from 2016 to 2026. During 2016, the bureau records an average annual wage of 91,010 US dollars. For those seeking employment in the engineering sector, these figures are concrete pieces of evidence that convince individuals to pursue an engineering career.

Elements of an Engineering Proposal

The submission of an engineering proposal depends on its audience. Proposing a project to a supervisor can require either a phone call, a sample email letter, or even a short memo outlining ideas. However, some instances require individuals to submit a lengthy document that contains the engineering project and the involved work processes. When writing a detailed proposal, there must be a specific amount of time allotted for research purposes containing related literature studies. Some also require graphics to help the audience better understand and visualize the idea. Below are the essential components of a comprehensive engineering proposal.

Introduction: The introduction of the engineering proposal must contain essential information about the relevance and need to work on an engineering project. It is in this section of the proposal that the engineer writes a purpose statement elaborating on the reasons for the engineering plan. It must also explain the current situation before the project that requires the immediate attention of engineers. It must also provide a clear overview of the contents of the engineering proposal.Qualifications: In the qualifications section of the document, an organization, agency, or group of engineers have the capability and skillset to complete the scope of work the engineering project requires. The engineer writing the document must treat this section as a professional resume or curriculum vitae that lists experiences, qualifications, and skills. If the intended audience of the document is the immediate supervisor or a part of the decision-making body of the organization, then a quick summary of the qualifications will suffice.Background information: The background section of the engineering proposal contains the problem statement or current situation that urged the engineer to write the proposal. The engineer must be well aware of the problem. If the target audience is familiar with the existing issue, a brief description is enough. However, if you are writing to another company or industry, it is best to put adequate information in the background section.Work schedule: The engineering proposal holds a work schedule section that represents the project timeline or timeframe that an engineer or a firm plans to accomplish the project. The work schedule informs the readers what to expect at a certain point in time. The section also keeps the team organized and on time. If there are changes or delays to the schedule, it is best to communicate with the concerned audience. Hitting deadlines is critical to an engineering project and knowing the completion date is essential.Proposal statement: The proposal statement informs the reader of the precise details of the purpose behind the proposal. It must also include the list of limitations that the engineers are providing. It is especially helpful to stress the actions that the engineers will not take if it is a partial work project. Project budget: One crucial part of the engineering proposal is its budget plan. The idea of writing the document is to ask for funding to complete the project. The project budget section must be clear on the details of labor and resources costs. The information must be in a clear, concise, and logical manner. Writing the budget allocation as such gives the engineer a quicker and easier way to justify and reason out the price quotation. Divide the budget into clusters and provide the figures immediately to give the reader an idea of possible budgeting needs.Project objectives: In writing the project objective, make sure that the engineer uses the SMART-goal setting strategy. Guarantee that all goals are specific, measurable, achievable, relevant, and time-bound, following the project schedule. Project methodology: The methodology section of the engineering proposal allows the engineer to write a comprehensive description of the work process and work action plan that leads to project completion. It must detail the daily tasks and activities that provide the most viable solution to the problem that allows the reader to understand and visualize the entire procedure. Project evaluation: The evaluation section of the engineering proposal contains the tools and means to monitor the progress of the project. It indicates that the engineer is keen on achieving the project objectives. The evaluation can be through structural integrity, product review, and product assessment or output analysis.Results: The result section discusses the outcome of the engineering proposal. The types of outcomes depend on the objectives due to their range. It is critical to state the exact results that the engineer expects to achieve, whether it centers on creating new designs, constructing a building, or producing a status report.Conclusion: Building the conclusion of an engineering proposal is similar to a cover letter. There must be a clear summary that lists the reasons for consideration and the contact details of the engineer or firm. It is also the chance for the writer to provide specific grounds for selecting the engineer or group.

How To Create an Engineering Proposal

Engineers and engineering firms compete with each other to land projects in different industries. Accommodating new clients, writing engineering contracts and agreements, strengthening relationships with current customers are just a few of the responsibilities of agencies. A critical part of competing with many companies is that engineers become proactive in looking for projects. Below are tips to win more clients through an engineering proposal.

  • 1. Highlight the Right Talent

    Every single person in the engineering agency contributes to projects, no matter how small or big. Engineers have a hand in gaining new projects and clients, and each perspective matters in the planning stages. Despite this, two individuals are essential to creating the proposal, having the most responsibility to guarantee that the content and context resonates with the client. They also check off pre-requisite assignments and requirements before interacting with potential customers. The marketing coordinator and proposal coordinator work together for smooth transactions.

  • 2. Understand the Critical Details

    Reading is one of the most crucial elements to understand clients better. Always do your research. A marketing coordinator must be able to know everything about the project from engineers, even to the most minute detail. Talking about former projects that align with the client’s expectations and indicating the milestones in each one is one way to sell the engineering proposal to clients. Highlight the relevance of the engineering agency and its capacity to go the extra mile. Indicate the challenges that the engineers encountered from past projects and write the processes to overcome them

  • 3. Bring In New Perspectives

    Perspectives are critical in the engineering field. While an engineering agency has a majority of engineering experts, there is value in other individuals from different industries that can provide their viewpoints. Multiple people didn’t start working as engineers in a firm, and it is best to get their opinions to offers various methods and techniques to work on the proposal. A large part of writing the proposal still relies on weighty research studies and problem-solving procedures to arrive at the final product. A marketing coordinator is especially helpful in this aspect.

  • 4. Prepare a Portfolio

    An average engineering proposal is lengthy, and there are two ways that a client handles the proposal; approval or rejection. However, attractive proposals contain an essential element, the project portfolio. Sending relevant work experiences to your clients that want to achieve similar results to a previous project is valuable. Showing a client that you want to work eagerly with them with results from earlier assignments, it is more likely for them to sign a deal with you.

  • 5. Always Find the Opportunity to Grow and Evolve

    As the business industry continues to develop with the help of technology, the company must transition as well. Most companies receive their proposals through email attachments or an upload through a web portal. The idea of being paper-free, working remotely, and communicating through online meetings and video conferences are current realities. Success is all about growing and evolving to accommodate the needs of multiple clients. Find the middle ground to reach the most convenient agreement between the client and contractor.

  • 6. Work As a Team

    Working as a team is easier said than done, but upholding teamwork is essential to the success of creating an effective engineering proposal. The key to success is to surround yourself with people that are committed and dedicated to their job. Develop a collaborative culture in your engineering firm, and results will follow.


What should be included in an engineering project proposal?

Similar to project proposal documents, an engineering project proposal must include a title page, background, project objectives, methodologies, deliverables or outputs, project timeline, and reference page sheet.

How does a proposal fit in engineering?

Generally, the creation of a proposal revolves around solving a problem. Engineers also write proposals to work on different technology, machines, structure, and other projects that require their expertise. Engineers also proofread proposals to ensure that a plan is feasible.

What is a proposal engineer job?

A proposal engineer is responsible for developing and reviewing the terms and conditions of a bid proposal for a project. They use various documents and materials to support the document and make it more appealing to the client.

Writing an engineering proposal requires patience, collaboration, expertise, and skills. There are many competitors in the market offering similar services and developing an appealing proposal for clients results in the selection of your firm for a project. Guarantee that you took the time to research and include necessary documents like work portfolios to support your claims to be a perfect choice. Get different perspectives from your employees to create the best engineering proposal you can offer to clients. Download the engineering proposal samples available in the article above and start preparing for your next project.