You just have to ensure that you have a good project ahead of you. And search for an institution that can provide your needs. Sponsorship can be possible for those who can make a good research proposal or undergraduate project proposal. Sponsors can easily accept a proposal that is about a good, relative research. So, you have to give a lot of effort to your proposal for it to not get rejected. In this article, you will learn some things about a graduation project proposal. Tips for it will be given to you. You will know the elements of a graduation project proposal. You will also learn how to write a project proposal for graduate school. Are you excited to know these things? Then, be relaxed and keep on reading!

What is a Graduation Project Proposal?

A graduation project proposal is a letter that expresses an interest to get a grant for a research or a graduation project. It can also be called masters thesis proposal, research proposal, or undergraduate project proposal. Graduate projects require a relative amount of money sometimes that university students will have no enough budget for it. They need a funder or a sponsor that can give them a grant that they could spend for their projects. They badly needed this grant because they need to graduate, and the best resort is to ask someone to support them. They just have to present a valuable project that can catch the attention of the funder to agree with them to give them support. So, if you need a grant for your graduation projects, you have to ensure that you will make the best research, and the greatest proposal that can capture the heart of the funder. That is the best that you can do, granting that you need the money so you can graduate.

Elements of a Graduation Project Proposal

In case you have no idea on any research proposal format or graduation proposal sample, you can use the following so that you will know what to include in your graduation project proposal. Here are the elements that you have to put in it:

Title Page

This is not hard to do. You simply have to put your name. State that it is a graduation proposal and add your name. Put the year that you have made the proposal. You just have to ensure to make a neat title page because it is the first page of your proposal. You can use the best font that you like and you can design it a little bit.


In the introduction, you can have a short description about your proposal. You do not have to make this long. You just have to describe what your proposal is all about. You can make a paragraph with 3-4 sentences. Or if you want to make it shorter, 1-2 sentences is acceptable. Generally, you have to describe your idea and will make the reader understand something about your proposal. It can be a forecast of the whole document or a brief summary of the whole subject.

Theoretical Framework

You should make a framework for your project so that you can state its relativity to other research. You should catch the interest of the readers with the topic. You should give a wide foundation that can explain the study. Put scholarly literature into the context. You should reach out to the readers. The theoretical line of questions should be discussed. Make a brief summary of literature review. Give a rationale for the research. Refer to quantitative and qualitative goals of the research. Use a theory for the study plan. Your goal is to verify this theory. Gather information to test the theory. Know if it will be confirmed or not with the research. This theory will be the framework of the whole research, and will be a model for the hypotheses.

Need Statement

The need statement may be a description of the context of the research. It gives a general approach to the study. The need may be about an issue in literature or practice that can lead into a research. This is a problem statement that can stand out and something that the audience can recognize. Do not use obscure problems that need prolonged explanations. The committee will not recognize it if you will do so. You should give a context to it and should give explanations that tackles a conceptual framework. Succintly tell its line of query. Give careful attention to it. Effective need statements tell why the research is need to be done. If you will resort to hyperspeaking, the research will be ambiguous. So be sure that the problem statement will show why you need to conduct the study.

Purpose of the Research

You should need to make a purpose statement or a synopsis of the purpose of the research. Identify the area of the study. Telling the purpose will make the funder convinced that you have a great study ahead of you, something that is worthy of receiving a grant. Cite the significance of the research and elaborate on it. Incorporate a good reasoning for the research. Making this section can also clarify to you what you are really going to do. It will inform the audience explicitly. You can define the ideas of your research. Give the module of analysis.

Literature Review

The literature review gives a background for the problem of the study. It shows that you have enough knowledge about your subject. It gives the audience some results from other research. It gives a current dialogue on the topic regarding literature. You may be able to fill the gaps and extend to other research. It gives a framework for initiating the importance of the research, and a benchmark on how you can compare your project to other studies. You can establish a comprehensive knowledge for the field on the audience. You can make them know your systematic developments. Literature review should be concise and should be direct to the point. You have to be judicious with your selection of literature. Choose only what is relevant. Pick right citations and use key ideas.


Hypotheses are important to research. You can have a qualitative inquiry. It is a theoretical study that gives exposition. It is grounded by the framework. It explains the relationship between variables. It shows expository statements. In using hypotheses, you must examine the purpose of the research, the methodology, and the target audience. Its practice comes from social science queries. It has philosophical benefits. That is why researchers should be careful in giving statements for conclusions. Be ready to interpret results using hypotheses. You can visualize it in your mind.


The methodology is the heart of the graduate project proposal. This is a description of all your activities and the progression between each activities. Cite the steps that you will use to answer all the questions in your hypotheses. Make confounding variables minimal. Do a sampling that will interpret the outcome of your research. Make an instrumentation that will outline the procedures that you need to follow. Be aware of data collection and make a time schedule that you can adhere to. Then, make a data analysis that can be a good tool for your decision making.


You should provide a reference list or bibliographies. You can follow APA, Chicago or MLA guidelines. Make a finalized documentation by giving appendices. You can use verbatim instructions or questionnaires. If there are interview agreement and consent forms, you must also put them in the reference. Include also the cover letters that are given to stakeholders and the letters that you used to ask permission for the study.

Tips on Graduation Project Proposal

Making a master thesis proposal or undergraduate research project proposal is not an easy thing to do. You have to exert a lot of effort so that you can create a good proposal that can make the committee agree with your project. Here are some tips that you can use in making a graduation project proposal:

Identify your audience. To be able to construct a proposal that is made for the intended readers, you must first be familiar with your audience. Whether your audience will be the committee in your school or a funder from an institution, you have to know some things about them. You must tailor the proposal according to the audience where it is intended to be submitted. You must have some idea on the proposals that they accept so that you can adjust your proposal. It will also be good if you will know the things that your audience like so you will know how to please them. If you can make your proposal specifically made for your audience, you can have the better ace that it will be accepted.Your first words should have an impact. If you have seen a graduation project proposal sample or a graduate school project proposal example, you can notice that it has a good introduction. First impressions matter. You have to ensure that even with your first words, you can capture the interest of the reader that can give you a grant. Your proposal need not to be boring because no one will have an interest with a boring stuff. You are asking for a grant so you have to give your best efforts so that you can get the interest of the funder to give you support. You should be good with your introduction so you can get hold of things even from the start.Make sure that you have a feasible project. You have to prove the feasibility of your research. Your project should be something that can be done easily. If it is not so, it can raise questions that can make the funder to reject for proposal. But if it is something realistic, the reader will understand your need and may have the interest to help you. They will know that your project is possible and they will not waste any money. They will not be thrown into confusion and they will know that you have one valuable research. The chance of your proposal to be accepted will be greater. Or even sure if you have really made a great proposal.Make someone to review your proposal. Before submitting your proposal, you can ask your friends to review it for you. Make your friends read your proposal and get comments from them. Feedback can make you to improve your proposal to prevent its chance of being rejected. You can adjust the proposal according to their advice. Surely, they can give you the right feedback that you need.

How to Write a Graduation Project Proposal

Is an example of graduation project proposal not enough for you to make your own proposal? Do you need some steps that you can use in making a proposal for yourself? Well, here are some steps that you can consider:

Step 1: Make a project plan.

A project plan can make you to create a good idea for your research. Remember that you need to have a feasible and realistic study that you can conduct. Start by having an idea and transform it to a project plan that you can use for your project. The plan should be something that can make a valuable study, something that you can be proud of with its outcome.

Step 2: Identify a problem statement.

First, think of a great title for your proposal. Then, draft a brief introduction that summarizes your idea. The introduction should describe your project. In a few sentences, tell what you are up to do. Then, one of the most important things, create a problem statement that can give value to your project. Tell the problems that your project can address. Share the importance of your project. Then, provide a solution for the problem statement. Citing the problem and the solution can make the readers understand what your project is all about. They can make a decision whether to support you or not.

Step 3: Write the proposal.

After drafting the proposal, you can start to write it. Include all the elements of the proposal. Make sure that it has a clear title, a short introduction, a good problem statement, methodology, literature review, framework, hypotheses, purpose statement, and references. In every section of the proposal, be sure that you are writing in a clear manner so that you can express what you need to have to. Use good sentences and avoid jargons. Be courteous and intelligible in expressing your statements.

Step 4: Review and proodread.

When you are done writing, review your proposal. You can also ask others to review it for you. Be adaptive to their advice and adjust your proposal according to their feedbacks. Edit your proposal accordingly. After that, proofread your proposal up to 5 times to ensure that it has no spelling and grammatical errors. When you see that it is good enough, you can send the proposal to its target audience.


How Can I Make a Graduation Project Proposal?

You can research for a research proposal format or graduate project proposal template. It can help you a lot in making your proposal. You can also do a research on the internet about it. There are a lot of websites that provide blogs and articles that can teach you on how to write graduation project proposal.

What is a Master Thesis Proposal?

A master thesis proposal or a dissertation is an outline of a study. Using a proposal can make the committee to approve your project. It can be liken to a contract between you and the committee.

To graduate, we must sweat and accomplish some things. One of this is the graduation project. Researches are costly and it requires a budget that most students cannot afford. So, that is where a graduation project proposal comes in. Are you a graduating student who needs this thing? Do you need to make a proposal? This post can provide a template for you. It has 20+ SAMPLE Graduation Project Proposal in PDF. Pick anything that you like and use it as you make your own proposal. Download now!