What Is a Video Game Proposal?

A video game proposal is a documentation or presentation that specifies how the game will function, how it will be played, and what development tools will be utilized to produce it. It is a thorough document that outlines the game’s main objective and development. Details such as the platform that will be used, the game’s major genre, the expected market target, and, most significantly, the innovative idea that compromises the game. Depending on the status of the video game before it is proposed, this paper could be long or short.

The game plan also includes development tools and technologies for the developers to use. For larger projects, this may demand a software development plan that allows them to specifically generate the game-design they are striving for. In addition, the proposal includes a financial budget plan for both the expense of employing these development tools and the payment for developers. In the game proposal presentation, it may also include a brief technical report on these development tools, as well as real gameplay of the video game.

What Are the Benefits of a Video Game?

Contrary to popular assumption, there are certain advantages to playing video games. Starting with this APA article about video games, in which they detailed a review of research published in American Psychologist. In which some of the psychologists, who are also the review’s authors, indicated that playing video games may help children, particularly adolescents who play strategic or role-playing games, acquire superior problem-solving skills. On the negative side, there is obviously violence, particularly in shooting games, which may frequently have a detrimental impact on a child and is currently a source of concern among parents. However, in a controlled environment, video games boost a person’s ability to think and make quick decisions because these games are generally fast-paced and involve improvisation. In several of these games, this also causes people to feel more relaxed and improves their mood. The focus of video games is not so much on violence as it is on the demanding elements of a person’s rapid thinking and reactions. However, if player’s behavior worsen then their guardians should definitely take an emergency action plan addressing addiction or bad behaviors due to video games.

Types of Video Games

Like literature, video games have their own genre. The genre is mostly the category to which the video game’s gameplay is tied, and there are many of them. Identifying your game’s genre, for example, is critical in building a mobile game proposal because it will define the flow and aspects of your project. A video game can contain numerous genres and is not necessarily limited to one. However, the list will only include the five most popular types of video games.

Role-playing: In role-playing video games, the player, who controls a character, can then go on quests and story missions to gain experience. To level up a character, players must complete various quests, which are typically assigned by NPCs (non-player characters) or the system. The more a character levels up, the more attributes or points they receive that can be used to increase their character’s power or skill. As a player progresses, additional skills and talents become available for them to use. RPG games can be played both offline and online. Online role-playing games are referred to as MMORPGs, or Massively Multiplayer Online Role-playing Games. This allows you to interact in real time with other players all over the world. You can then complete tasks or fight bosses as a group and gain rewards based on your contribution. In an RPG game, a player’s development is frequently influenced by their own actions rather than being predetermined by the system.Strategy Games: Strategy games entailed devising a strategy defense or offense in order to defeat an opponent and win. These foes could be fixed, meaning they are integrated into the system and their patterns can be predicted because they are programmed, or you could face a real player to test your methods against them. Strategy games are significantly less violent and focus on testing a person’s ability to understand their predicament and apply their tactics. Strategy games can be played by one person or by a group of people. In terms of game design and computer requirements, strategy games are also significantly less demanding.Sports: Sports have invaded video games since their inception. It is especially intriguing to sports lovers who are devoted to their favorite teams and players. Some sports video games have obtained permission from actual players to build an in-game avatar of themselves for usage by gamers. And that appeals even more to sports fans because the ability to employ the players themselves brings them closer to their idols. Another feature of sports video games is that they are frequently team-based, which means you may play with your friends and compete against another team. These sports games incorporate the laws of the actual game into the video game, making it more engaging and formal for players.Adventure Games:  Adventure games are like role-playing games in that the user controls a character and improves it through missions and other adventures. The primary distinction is that the developers have already decided on the game’s ending. That is, everybody who plays the game will always end up with the same ending or, if not, an alternate fixed ending. This is because the options are pre-determined, and all the players must do is click the options to advance in the game.Simulation Games: In simulation games, game designers or developers create a virtual environment in which players can manage one or more characters and mimic real-life actions. In the sense that there are no predefined goals or achievements that a player must reach, simulation games are relatively free. Often, these simulated environments provide gamers with the opportunity to engage in real-life tasks or acts that would otherwise be difficult for them to perform.

Elements of a Video Game

The success of a video game is not solely determined by its marketing plan, though this is important. It is also determined by the game’s design and gameplay. The variables that comprise a video game determine its market standing and popularity. Players, in particular, are always looking for something fresh and inventive, and these gamers are usually loyal as well. So, before you think about how to submit a modest video game proposal, let’s go over some of the main components of a video game.

Storyline: Please keep in mind that not all video games have plots. However, stories are common in RPG and Adventure games. The game’s backstory is revealed through quests, item descriptions, and the game’s goal. The achievement in these games is at the ending, when the plot is completed, and the player has successfully progressed to the end. Storylines make the game more intriguing because players aren’t simply there for sword-fighting practice or monster slaying, but there are genuinely interesting stories behind quests and some NPC personalities. The storyline is the most essential part of adventure games.Characters: In-game characters are the kind of individuals that gamers can acquire and control. Some games allow you to switch between numerous characters to utilize them individually or to control multiple characters for a single action; this is particularly frequent in strategy games. Characters have pre-programmed behaviors and lines delivered by voice actors. Characters also have basic traits that can be improved by leveling up the character. Players in 3D games can control their character in a 3D environment. Characters can then use things, perform actions, and wield built-in or created-by-the-player weaponry.Music and Sound: Music is commonly encountered in video games. Otherwise, there would be an awkward silence, making the player feel stifled. This is especially significant when it comes to defining the tone and pace of the game by using a fast-paced tempo that makes the player feel rushed or in danger. Sound is an important component, particularly in competitive video games such as first-person shooters or multiplayer online battle arenas, where sounds indicate the location of enemies and their actions. As a result, both parties may predict each other’s actions based just on sound.Visual: The aesthetics in video games are what make them so enticing. Real-world players can feel the essence of the game through their images. It’s a crucial component that determines the game’s setting and the view that a player can see. Small elements, especially in fantasy genres, can provide significance and clues to a game. And the aesthetic attraction of the game often draws out the excitement of the players. The visuals of the game are also important in what the developers want the players to feel: succumbing them in total darkness and then allowing a feeling of fear to creep in or letting them see how big the monsters are beforehand, letting them know their enemy and giving them that dreadful feeling.Gameplay: The gameplay is where the players become acquainted with the game’s characters. The rules, actions, and roles of the characters are dictated by the gameplay. It gives a player some freedom while also limiting what they may and cannot perform. It refers to the player’s whole experience with the game, such as interacting with it, completing tasks, defeating monsters, and following the plot. The gameplay encapsulates the essence of the game.

How To Write a Video Game Proposal

Anyone who knows how to code the language for developing games and how to use the software and tools can create video games. However, displaying your ideas to the public necessitates a plan, a budget, and some marketing methods because simply establishing oneself in this field is difficult. So the first stage is to create a proposal that will capture the attention of investors and persuade them of the video game’s success.

Step 1: Title

The title is both the name of your game and the name of your proposal combined.  It establishes the first impression as well as the tone of your overall presentation. Although a title is only a few words long, it plays an important role in attracting your audience’s attention by providing a direct yet intriguing title. It’s essentially a one-sentence summary of your entire proposal.

Step 2: Overview

The overview provides a synopsis of your proposal. It outlines the following relevant information, which will be thoroughly covered in the next pages. It also prints out the proposal’s goals and objectives, as well as a brief introduction to your video game. It is a summarization of the overall proposal.

Step 3: Game Design

The game design entails the development of the game and the features that will be used to make the game more interesting or interactive to the players. It is the main component in the proposal that outlines how the programming, visuals, and mechanics of the game work. It describes the type of system that will be implemented within the game, the type of gameplay and objectives that players can expect, and the general interaction with the game itself. It also includes the type of emotion that a player should have while playing the game, as well as all of the conditions that they must obey. It develops the scope of work for the design and construction of the game.

Step 4: Controls and Functions

The controls are where the hardware and software interact. What buttons on the controller or keyboard will signify a specific action or movement from the character being used? The functionalities of a certain object and how the players can control or use it.

Step 5: Marketing and Financial

The marketing includes the game’s expected release date and press report, as well as addressing how to promote the game to its target market using marketing methods and ideas. The financial portion would include the financial budget for building the game, as well as the expenditures of development tools, and the marketing budget for promoting the game through various platforms, including promotional films, and paying gamers to help promote the game.

Step 6: Presentation

A proposal necessitates a presentation. A game proposal ppt enables for a better visual presentation by the investors or committee to whom the proposal is being delivered. Presentations also allow for the inclusion of sampled gameplay or clips that summarize the video game. It is an effective method of persuading investors by pitching the idea in the form of a demonstration.


What Is a Video Game Category?

A video game’s category is similar to a book’s genre. It includes fantasy, high fantasy, action games, urban fantasy, and sci-fi. Video game categories are also based on the type of video game, such as adventure or first-person shooter. Essentially, the categories assigned to the video game indicate the type of gameplay, scenario, and point-of-view that a player can use.

What Are the Different Types of Video Game Platforms?

So, there are three basic platforms, each with its own OS (Operating System) variety that is suitable for a video game. These are mobile devices with iOS and Android operating systems, PCs with Linux, Windows, and Mac OS, and consoles with Microsoft’s Xbox, Nintendo Switch, and Sony PlayStation. People control their characters in mobile by using the screen of their phones, in PC by using the mouse and keyboard, and in consoles by utilizing their respective controllers. In a video game proposal, it is also crucial to address the type of platform on which the video game will be released.

What Is the Function of a Video Game Proposal?

The purpose of a video game proposal is to persuade a potential client about your ideas for a video game and how it could address a specific issue in the market and how it would appeal to the players.

Making a video game is not easy; it takes a lot of programming knowledge and patience, and there are many steps and revisions before it can even be released. However, owing to these developers, gamers can find solace in video games that they can’t always find in real life. So, don’t be disheartened; who knows, your video game could transform someone’s life for the better. And don’t be afraid to use our video game proposal templates or printable video game proposal pdf!