50+ Sample Video Proposal

What Is a Video Proposal?

A Video Proposal is a document that is sent to a potential client by a video production company, videographer, corporate video production company, or video marketing agency. Its goal is to persuade a potential client to hire a video company or a professional videographer for video services. It is used to organize all the necessary information there is to planning a video as well as making sure that both parties are on the same page with the details. A video proposal example can help you out to know how the contents are filled in.

Essentials to a Successful Video Proposal

Video Productions almost always require assistance, whether financial or in terms of resources. A video production proposal, like a business plan, is used to secure funding and buy-in from managers or funding sources. A well-written proposal will pique people’s interest in your idea while also demonstrating your professionalism and integrity. Keep these video proposal tips in mind before you write your proposal and submit it to the client. They will more than appreciate your preparedness.

Overview: If you are looking for money and approval from a committee that examines a lot of proposals, it’s likely that reviewers won’t read the whole thing on the first round of eliminations. Begin with providing a brief outline of the video to aid in the acceptance of your proposal. The overview should describe what the video is about and why it is significant on one page or less. Briefly describe the plot and scope of the project, the research that proves market demand, and an estimate of your budget. Include a list of team members and a brief explanation of their background.Budget: Many viewers will be interested in learning how much a potential video production will cost. The costs of planning, shooting, editing, and producing a film can easily spiral out of control due to time constraints and the equipment involved. Include a full, precise budget as a portion of your presentation to alleviate any budgetary concerns. Use a line-item Budget to account for all of the costs associated with the project, from storyboarding time to actor wages to editing software. To account for unanticipated changes during manufacturing, use large fonts to highlight critical figures and offer a maximum and minimum estimate.Added Value: A good video proposal should persuade viewers that your project is worthwhile. The specific value will vary depending on the sort of production; for example, business videos may be used to increase earnings, whilst a documentary may be used to raise awareness about a certain topic. Consider what matters to your reviewers as you create your proposal, and utilize language, rhetoric, and research to persuade them that your video creation will advance their goals. Your idea will be more effective if it appeals to their emotional and practical issues. Milestones: Since video creation takes time, offer a basic production plan with your submission to give reviewers an idea of the scale. Include significant milestones such as storyboarding, hiring talent, wrapping up filming, editing, reviewing, and producing the final project. A precise timetable demonstrates to readers that you have carefully considered the project and have a thorough knowledge of the technical components of video production.

Different Types of Video Content

You can’t just jump right into writing a video proposal or even going further into the video industry without knowing which kind of content your video will specialize in. Of course, there are larger companies that can manage numerous content all at the same time. But the difference is that they have a larger budget and an even larger number of people collaborating to produce various forms of video content throughout various platforms. Go through this curated list so you are aware of what your video content proposal should be filled with.

Advertising: In the realm of Advertising and marketing, video advertising is a relatively new development. It is the concept of using videos to promote a product or service. It refers to the commercials that appear before, during, and after streaming content. Recently, some marketers have broadened their horizons by incorporating display ads with video content as part of video advertising. These include advertising that begins playing as the user moves their mouse pointer over them, as well as native video ads promoted on digital ad networks. If your client is more into marketing a product or service of theirs, go for this type.Animations: Animated videos are videos produced with creative ideas, drawings, sketches, or computer-generated graphics that have been designed to flow in an eye-catching fashion utilizing any variety of artistic methods. Even though they may incorporate live-action videos, they don’t involve any live-action footage to convey an idea or message. Animation may take a longer amount of time to produce compared to using live-action actors in a physical location. Keep that in mind when you choose this type. The five forms of animation are traditional animation, 2D animation, 3D animation, motion graphics, and stop motion.Tutorials: Users are three times more likely to prefer watching a lesson video to reading a product’s instructions. Marketers and web developers might benefit from thinking like other service providers and giving their clients what they desire. A tutorial video’s main purpose is to help the user complete a task successfully, and all aspects must work together to achieve that goal. It is commonly recommended that if you choose this option, you have the correct tools, which include choosing the right microphone, having a good location, and having understandable content.Music Videos: Britannica defines a music video as a piece of popular music, particularly a rock tune often used for promotional material. Music videos, like commercials, may be considered the prototypical postmodern art form: hybrid, parasitic, appropriative, either compromised by commerce or undercut by aesthetic pretension, preferably compact, and assimilable. Music Videos are also streamed on sites that specialize in such platforms.Interviews: Video job interviews are becoming more and more popular in the hiring process. These meetings might take a variety of formats. If you have one coming up, familiarize yourself with all of the elements so you can be prepared. In-office panel discussions, offsite video interviews, live recordings, and pre-recorded video interviews are all examples of video interviews. When shooting a video interview, make sure the surroundings are free of any distractions that could be captured in the footage.Documentary: Making documentaries is among the most satisfying and difficult things you can do. A documentary is a video or Film that investigates an authentic theme, person, event, or issue. They are usually educational, quite specialized, and have a pleasant tone to them. Finally, a narrative is usually told with honesty, and anybody who watches it should be moved. The truth is that viewing documentaries is an excellent method to broaden your horizons and learn about current events throughout the world.Commercial: A commercial is considered one of the promotional videos for a product, service, or brand. It is advertised to a target audience and is backed up by media spending. A video commercial’s purpose is to promote brand exposure, generate new leads, cultivate existing leads, and increase conversions.

How to Write a Video Proposal

Video proposals necessitate a great deal of thought since you want your proposal to be both clear and convincing. Learning how to draft a video proposal will aid in the success of your project. There are no specific guidelines on what a video proposal format should look like but there are necessary sections that should be included. You can make use of the templates provided for you in this article while also viewing the video proposal sample as well for additional reference.

  • 1. Cover Letter

    This first section is what greets the client or reviewer upon reading your proposal. It showcases that you acknowledge the presence of both parties involved in the proposal. You should include the official logo used by the video producing company, and if the client has one as well, you can add it in. Furthermore, state the name of the client for whom you prepared the document and your company from whom the document came from.

  • 2. About Us

    The next part entails you need to elaborate on who you are as a company. Even though the client is aware of your history as a company, you should still include it in writing. This will help potential investors or other potential clients to be aware of the presence of your company. Lastly, include the names and even the faces of the members of your team who are involved in the task that the client wants. Make sure to label them and define how credible and authentic their skills are to benefit the client.

  • 3. Scope of Work

    This section is where you will elaborate on the services you are offering. Even if you and the client have discussed these prior to creating the proposal, it is much better to have a physical copy of it. Mainly to protect your company and to ensure that the client is aware of the limitations and capabilities of your company services. You don’t want your team members to perform an action that they are not familiar with and end up gaining a bad reputation for the undesired output.

  • 4. Timeframe

    Videos take a long time to produce. The three phases of production are time-consuming and require a lot of effort to complete. Clients will appreciate your candidacy to how long their request may take. As stated, animations take longer and may require more Time than other types of videos. It is your job and responsibility to make the client aware of when the completed date could be. If you are unsure, you can at least give a rough estimate.

  • 5. Pricing

    As widely known, companies charge a certain percentage or amount for their efforts. If your company has been in the industry for a long time, then you are more than aware of how much you should charge your client. Although, even if you are new to the industry, you should not charge very little that you won’t have a sufficient return of your worth and effort. You can make use of a Price List to better guide your client to where their budget will go to.

  • 6. Terms and Conditions

    The last step for the video proposal is to clarify the Terms of Agreements both parties are signing into. Such terms you should include are the payment on the deliverables of the services rendered, the provision of the services with its available skills, resources, and expertise in a professional and timely manner with the highest quality, the professional ties between both parties, and the termination of the document. Additionally, you can include that the proposal is governed and follows according to the laws of the state or city you are from.


What is the purpose of a proposal?

In the technical sense, a proposal is a document that attempts to persuade the reader to accept a proposed plan or project. Most companies rely on efficient proposal writing to secure their continued success and the acquisition of new contracts. Competitors will ensure that their proposals are striking to the client so that they will ultimately decide on choosing them. This is why it is your responsibility to make sure your proposal stands out.

What is the difference between video and film?

The art of making motion pictures is referred to as a film. It is the modern definition of cinema that uses recorded or programmed moving images and other stimuli to express ideas, tales, perceptions, feelings, beauty, or experiences. Video is a digital format for capturing, reproducing, and broadcasting moving visual images. The projection size of standard definition videos is limited due to their low resolution. Due to its digital and tape format, video data may be simply transmitted to a computer.

What is video photography?

Videography refers to the process of capturing moving images on electronic media such as videotape, direct to disk recording, solid-state storage, and even streaming media. Nowadays, videography refers to any video activity, whereas cinematography refers to the commercial motion picture creation.

Writing a video proposal is tricky if you are not familiar with the sections and the content that would make it into what is considered captivating by the clients. But through the tips and steps provided in this article, your knowledge on making one is more than sufficient enough. If you need further references, you can go on over to view the video production proposal example. What are you waiting for? Start making one right now and wow your clients!