50+ SAMPLE Branding Request for Proposal

What Is a Branding Request for Proposal?

A branding request for proposal is a document that details the plans of an organization for branding. A branding, advertising, or marketing agency receives the request for proposal. In return, the agency offers its services to the company. The document must capture the attention of the best and most skillful branding agency available to assist the needs of the organization. The process of responding to a branding request for proposal takes ample time and effort to make a response. Most branding agencies will not look at a document that lacks critical information or appear poorly written. It is imminent that the organization requesting the branding project will not hear back if they feel like they have a low probability of winning the branding request. A company that establishes a good relationship with the decisionmaker of an organization and constructs the project requirements to be clear that reflects the capabilities, portfolio, and organizational structure grants better responses to request for proposal opportunities from branding agencies.

According to a published article by Forbes on April 2021 entitled The Power of Branding 2021, branding affects customer behavior. Over 86 percent of consumers prefer authentic brand image and honest personalities when it comes to promoting brands using social media platforms. Numbers show that 77 percent of customers buy products through brand names and 82 percent of investors prefer brand recognition.

Components of a Branding Request for Proposal

The goal of writing a branding request for proposal is to create a strong brand presence that resonates with the target audience to increase sales and popularity. Therefore, companies must write a branding request for proposal to gain the attention of branding companies and graphic designers to show interest in helping the organization. Below are the elements of a branding request for proposal.

Company background: A high-level overview of the company along with its history is necessary to help branding companies understand the overall structure of the business. In this section of the proposal, incorporate the perceived vision statement, mission statement, and value proposition the company aims to embody. It is especially essential to write these elements if the organization is a start-up company. These pieces of information must be well-defined, or if the company is aiming for a rebrand, these become irrelevant. Write the company background as descriptive as possible, relaying who the company is, what it does, who it helps, and how it plans to help. Problems or challenges: Brands can have internal and external issues. It is necessary to indicate the challenges and issues the company faces. There are various challenges that a company encounters when it comes to branding. An example is communication problems within departments, or the brand reach and reputations become ineffective in the marketplace. It is essential to include the existing challenges, including the long-term issues the company predicts. The branding or rebranding processes seek to reveal unrecognizable problems that the branding team needs to address and solve.Scope of the project: This section of the branding request for proposal lists the specific deliverables that a client requires from the branding agency, including conducting informative research like interviews, surveys, or focus groups, auditing the current brand and marketing materials, producing online brand guidelines, describing user profiles and personas, and developing specific demand collateral. The company must identify content volumes, application, and interview quantities the branding agency must consider. Similarly, the branding company can define the work scope as they see fit to the proposal. If an organization remains undecided about the scope or requires help to definite it, they can request for a delivery phase with the acquainted firm and ask for requirements such as meeting numbers and shared research. The ideal candidate: The client must state the specific locations and size of the team they want to work with during the branding process. The branding request for proposal also states that the ideal agency must have regular employees working instead of consultant or freelancer individuals. The client can also include a reference list relating to experience for specifics.Selection criteria: It is vital to indicate the selection criteria to participating branding agencies for the terms and conditions of selecting the winner of the bid. State if the priority is on the agency portfolio and relevant work samples or if the price is the most critical factor in selection. Defining the key information guarantees a company that applying agencies meet its expectations. One of the main requirements that companies can include is the brand projects that a branding agency completes. The request allows a company to gauge the caliber of work the agency puts into branding assignments and provides them with the chance to showcase their processes, techniques, and success stories.Processes and timeline: For a company to compare branding agencies more efficiently, there must be a clear definition of the return proposals from these agencies. A company can require a format outline with possible patterns that agencies must follow. There must be a clear statement about the process of submitting finished project proposals and their due dates, including possible submission methods, file format options, file size limitations, and the maximum number of pages. This section of the branding request for proposal must also contain processes for receiving additional questions from different agencies to prevent asking similar questions repeatedly. It helps to create a web link or file, preferably Google Docs or the company website, that lists down frequently asked questions from applicants.Branding budget: Aside from the project scope, deliverables, and timeline requirements, the branding request for proposal also contains possible branding budgets the company sets for the project. The budget plan helps interested agencies to present pricing variations for materials, processes, or supplies. Additional questions for the branding agency: The final section of the branding request for proposal lists down inquiries from the client to the branding company to gain relevant insights into their culture and structure of operations and how it relates to the client company. The answers to these questions help the hiring organization to sort possible candidates in the selection process. Aside from providing a company summary, project portfolio, and work samples, the client can ask questions about why a branding agency is the best fit for the job and what makes them different from their competitor market.

How To Create a Branding Request for Proposal

When it comes to writing down branding requests for proposal, there is no one format that companies use. If you are writing the document to gain the attention of potential branding agencies to take on your branding or rebranding project, ensure that your proposal is eye-catching and comprehensive. Use the guide below to create a branding request for proposal that is sure to help the company with its branding plans.

  • 1. Briefly Describe the Branding Request

    When writing the kind of services you want to have for your company and the expectations you have from a branding agency, a single paragraph is enough. Make sure to write relevant and engaging content. The project overview must be well-written to allow potential branding agencies to decide whether or not they are willing to put in the time and effort for the branding or rebranding. The company sending out the branding request for proposal must indicate the due date for final proposal responses, contact information, and budget plan for the branding project.

  • 2. Provide Company Background and Possible Challenges

    In writing the company overview and its history, it is critical to be detailed. Incorporate a short story that contains helpful facts to aid the branding agency with its future campaigns. Write out who you are, the mission statement, values, culture, vision statement, and company goals you wish to achieve. The information helps the agency to create a suitable branding identity for the company. A company brand can encounter issues that are internal and external. In such cases, being honest about them helps a branding agency to construct solutions. Ask critical questions that help determine potential issues.

  • 3. Describe the Branding Project Requirements

    The scope of work is the heart and soul of the branding request for proposal. As such, you must detail the work scope, and the more specific the details are, the better. List out all possible deliverables, including carrying out market research and focus interviews for the brand reception of the target audience. It also consists of audience classification, brand elements auditing, brand strategy, and online branding references. It is advantageous to create a minimum idea of the project scope to alert vendors of your expectations.

  • 4. Indicate the Hiring Criteria for Branding Agencies

    Write up your definition of a perfect candidate to bring your branding project to life. Indicate the possible benchmarks you expect from a branding agency in terms of size, proximity, working model, and experiences. When writing the hiring criteria, make sure that the metrics are clear to all participating agencies.

  • 5. Write a Clear Description of the Writing Format

    Create a list of the proposal requirements to help vendors understand the selection criteria. Enumerate the composition of the branding request for proposal along with the decision-making factors you intend to use. Ask interested applicants to provide relevant information about their branding firm, employees, experiences, and techniques they use. Indicate that you require work samples and portfolios. It is also advantageous to ask for budget estimates. Having a uniform writing format allows for better judgment and efficiency in selecting the best candidate.

  • 6. Discuss the Timelines and Budget Plans

    In the project requirement section of the proposal, you discuss possible timelines and budget plans briefly. However, in the last section of the branding request for proposal, you must indicate concrete and specific information. With an idea of the deliverables, timeline, and requirements, you now have a clear definition of the workload and budget plans. When creating deadlines, make sure to include the issuance date, due date, and launch date of the branding project.


What is a marketing request for proposal (RFP)?

A marketing RFP is a document in a questionnaire format that contains information that allows buyers to compare various marketing services providers. Client businesses use the proposal to identify potential partners for marketing projects and services and improve the effectiveness of selecting the best fit.

What are some questions that the RFP covers?

There are a variety of questions that RFP documents contain. Questions about goals, requirements, problems, budget, scope, and timelines are essential when starting an RFP.

What does a request for proposal look like?

Most requests for proposal templates and documents have similar categories available. All requests for proposal must contain background information, project description, requirements, project deadline, questions for vendors, evaluation criteria, issues, and submission guidelines.

A branding request for proposal is necessary for companies that wish to increase their brand recognition and reputation in local and international markets. Businesses must create a comprehensive branding request for proposal to find the most suitable partner to work with on-going and future branding programs, upholding requirements to accomplish organizational objectives. In the words of Jeff Bezos, “A brand for a company is like a reputation for a person. You earn reputation by trying to do hard things well.” Write up a branding request for proposal for your organization by downloading the samples available in the article above, and start building a reputable brand.