What Is a Program Sponsorship Proposal?

A program sponsorship proposal is a business document that is used and created by companies that need to engage in a sponsorship deal with another company or a group of companies for a particular program. Having program sponsors help the parties involved, as the sponsoring company funds the beneficiary so that the program is allowed to take place while simultaneously making the program as sort of a stepping stone to gain visibility to the event attendees and gain some reputation. When written properly, this type of document will convince the stakeholders to sponsor your program in a heartbeat.

Important Parts of A Program Sponsorship Proposal

Here are the sections you need to keep in mind when writing a program sponsorship proposal:

Program Information. This part of the sponsorship proposal explains to the potential stakeholder the basic details of the program to be sponsored, such as the event name, date, and location.Attendee Profile. A well-written attendee profile should clearly define the behavior patterns and characteristics of the past program attendees that the beneficiary company has hosted in order to give a clearer picture to the potential sponsors of what type of event they’re getting into. This section describes the details of the individuals who will be attending the program, including their demographic location and the sector they’re working at.Event/Program Purpose. Self-explanatory, this section details the purpose of the program and why the company is hosting it in the first place. This section also shapes the decisions concerning the entertainment options and the recreational choices that are being offered at the program. In other words, this section should clearly define the primary motivations and goals of the program.Sponsorship Package. This section can be done in tiers, with the highest tier on offer providing the most available perks or the ones that hold the biggest value (such as naming rights) while the lowest tier on offer should cover the basic things that the program sponsor can enjoy (such as brand promotion/mention).Terms and Conditions. This section of the proposal details the terms and conditions that govern the agreement between the client company that hosts the event and the sponsoring stakeholder. Details to be included here consist of the basic information (company name, address, contact information) of all the parties involved.Contribution. This section of the sponsorship proposal details the exact amount, in words, that is to be paid by the sponsoring party of the program. If payment is split into periods, the deadline date for the last payment should also be stated.

Steps in Creating a Program Sponsorship Proposal

These steps will talk about how to create a program sponsorship proposal that won’t make the potential stakeholders think twice about entering the deal. Keep in mind that this list covers the basic steps, as some unique steps may apply depending on the program that is to be sponsored.

  • 1. Cover Page

    First impressions last. And in this step, the focus is making an appealing cover page to make a good first impression on your potential sponsor. The cover page is the first thing that the readers are going to see, so it is imperative that it is easy on the eyes. The things to be included in the cover page should include the program’s basic information such as the name of the program, the hosts, the location, and the date that the program is taking place. The company logo and the name should also be displayed properly.

  • 2. Provide Detailed Explanations

    After finishing the cover page, now it’s time to provide a more detailed explanation of the program that is going to be sponsored. There should also be enough information concerning the company/organization that is to host the said program so that the potential sponsors have a clear idea of what the company does and what its mission statement is. A more detailed explanation of the program should also be written here, including what the program is all about and how it is going to be run.

  • 3. Expand on the Attendee Profiles

    This is the next thing to do after explaining the event in detail. In this step, providing the correct attendee profile is crucial since the potential sponsors of the program will want to know who will they be marketing to and how many potential new customers they can reach. Detailed attendee information that can be written down here include the attendee statistics and their demographics.

  • 4. Provide Additional Sponsorship Details

    This section can include what tiers/forms of sponsorship are available to the potential sponsors of the program. One way of displaying forms of sponsorship is through tiered packages, wherein the highest tier provides the most opportunities for the sponsor to be known at the program, such as having the naming rights to the program. On the other hand, the lowest tier of the sponsorship package should provide the basics that the sponsor of the program needs.

  • 5. Conclude the Document

    This serves as the last step in building the document. In this step, provide information such as the contact details of your company, the payment information, the terms and conditions, and termination/cancellation policies in case something goes awry with the deal.


What is a sponsorship?

Sponsorship refers to a type of relationship wherein a provider of funds, goods, or services, establishes a professional working relationship with a beneficiary (such as an individual, another company, or a program) in exchange for the promotion or the usage of rights and associations for commercial purposes.

Do sponsors get direct access to the program audience?

It depends on their demands. Should a program sponsor request this, one way of effectively doing so would be by utilizing software that allows connections between the program sponsors and the attendees of the program. Having such software can set up interests in order to filter the relevant audience so that they won’t take a blind guess as to who is interested in what they offer.

Does program sponsorship help gain publicity?

Yes, it does. Major events/programs such as motorsport events, television programs, and so on will help serve as a stepping stone for a sponsor to reach a broader audience since there is a chance that hundreds of thousands of people will be spectating/tuning in for the event.

As stated earlier, writing an effective program sponsorship proposal can convince the potential sponsors/stakeholder to jump onboard your event in a heartbeat. This may not be an easy task for others as it takes time and thinking for it to be written effectively. In this article, sample templates are available to help guide you in writing such a document.