What is a Video Editing Proposal?

A video editing proposal is a beneficial document that presents clear smart goals, objectives, and plans to create and achieve a specific type of video editing  project. It is usually written by a person who has an expertise in different types of video editing projects such as linear video editing, non-linear video editing, simple cutting, bespoke editing, thematic editing, video review editing, multi-source editing, video editing with voice commentary, semi-documentary film editing, artistic video editing, live event video editing, length reduction editing, highlights video editing, photo slideshows, end of life photomontage, subtitling, assemble video editing, insert video editing, and many more.

A 2022 statistical report stated that 82% of all consumer traffic is generated from video traffic. 66% of people would rather watch a short video about a product or service than read a text while 33% of online activity is focused on watching videos on different platforms. That’s why video production and video editing are important factors for companies, organizations, groups, and individuals  to boost brand awareness, generate more leads, create meaningful and unforgettable videos for families and friends, and many others. Thus, if you need to start a certain video editing project for your prospective clients, the first thing you need to do is to prepare an effective video editing proposal.

Different Types of Video Editing Proposals

Barbara Degenevieve said: “You can assume all photos and videos are constructed as fiction controlled by the person holding the camera and the person who is editing.” This means videographers and video editors have key roles in producing visually-aesthetic and mesmerizing films and videos. There are eclectic areas of specialization in film production proposal and video editing. So, you need to consider what type of video editing project proposal that you will use for your work.  Below are different types of video editing proposals:

1. Music Video Production Editing Proposal

According to the book Music Production: A Manual for Producers, Composer, Arrangers, and Students, music videos are fundamental promotional tools as videos have been popular for many years worldwide. From YouTube, Apple Music, Instagram, TikTok into TV stations and other music video streaming platforms, music videos provide immense exposure for artists as they are the fastest and most effective means for them to create their public image and reach a global audience. They enable artists to solidify their brand reputation with the public by providing them with visual exposure and the exposure helps record labels sell albums. Moreover, a product placement also monetizes music videos when the artist is holding a particular branded product as the company of that product pays for the product placement. Artists along with the branding development and concept design team typically work with directors to develop video concepts. It can take 1,000 hours to shoot and complete a sample music video for a famous artist or musician. Music video directors, producers, and video editors commonly use fast editing, unique camera angles, and interesting storytelling that accurately portray the song lyrics and complement the persona of the artist to create an inspiring and lasting effect on the videos. Developing an effective proposal for a music video editing project is a crucial method to get your  music video proposal ideas and concepts approved by your prospective clients such as the artists, and their record label management. 

2. Video Documentary Editing Proposal

Film and video professionals who are working in documentary filmmaking understand the historical aspects of their video documentary projects, as well as the different types of documentary films. Bill Nichols outlines the six types or sub-genres of documentaries: poetic documentaries, expository documentaries, observational documentaries, participatory documentaries, reflexive documentaries, and performative documentaries. One example of poetic documentaries is NCTmentary. It is a documentary format of NCT’s world view, composed of a series of five short episodes that introduces the unique storytelling of the group’s musical concept.  SM Entertainment’s boy group NCT upholds an accessibility and expandability concept while sharing dreams with each other and becoming one with music. It is considered a poetic documentary because the videos are experimental, fragmentary, and impressionistic. Filled with abstract and loose narrative, NCTmentary focuses on unique experiences, and visual images as it presents the audience the world through NCT’s different perspectives. So, if you want to work in a documentary film for a media company or other organizations, it is essential that you also create an engaging project proposal in order for your prospective client to give you a go signal in producing and editing the video documentary project.

3. Post Production Video Editing Proposal

As the third and final stage of the video production process, post-production is an important phase to piece everything together after the video content has been envisioned and captured. The key elements of post-production are the rough cut, the picture lock, the sound mix, visual effects, lower third, color correction, and title and end cards. Some typical processes in post-production are editing the film or TV program content, adding visual effects like computer-generated imagery (CGI), and many others. Usually, this stage of video editing can take several months to complete because it includes the complete editing, the addition of music and sound and color correction. Through these elements, the movie’s atmosphere can be heavily influenced. For example, when the video editor selects a lively music and sound, it elevates the bright and festive effect of the displayed scenes to the audience. Writing a striking proposal for your post production video editing project will help you in enticing the attention of more potential clients and audience.

4. Video Editing for Stage Performances Proposal

When it comes to musical stages, the narrative, the persona of the performer, and the character of the music influenced the video editing. Usually, the editing of the musical numbers follows the rhythm of the music and highlights the persona of the characters. Several directors for stage performances like George Sydney and Gene Kelly were more physical and assertive in their video editing. Other musical stages have little dissonance between the performance and dramatic sections of the video. On the other hand, the video editing for theater is secondary to staging as it highlights specific relationships and emphasizes significant actions, being the extent of the video editing for dramatic purposes. Preparing a proposal for video editing several stage performances like musical, theater and live music performance events is useful in accomplishing your video editing work.

Basic Components of a Video Editing Proposal 

In this section, you will learn how to craft a proficiently-written video editing project proposal so that you are able to captivate the attention of your prospective clients, and many others. However, a video editing proposal has different components. Include the following elements for you to create an impressive document:

Title: One of the important elements of a video editing proposal is the title. It is an appealing line of the document which highlights the main topic, or subject of the video editing project proposal, as well as to capture the attention of the client to read the proposal thoroughly. It is typically set in a size larger than other remaining text elements in the page.Description of Video Editing Project Goals and Objectives:Describe the definite video editing project goals, objectives and outcomes that are crucial in order to make the video editing project successful. Explain how you and your video production team will fulfill the goals and objectives. Executive Summary or Project Overview: This part is the fundamental section of your video editing proposal. It provides a brief Executive summary of the creative video editing techniques, methods, and strategies that will be executed while editing a particular film or video project. Use some visual representations to illustrate the essence and flow of the video production and editing process. Another element to incorporate in this section is the significance, implications and other contributions of the video project that may provide to the audience. Video Editing Techniques and Methods:Explain your video editing techniques and methods that you will apply in the video project. Highlight the worthwhile effects of the techniques you will execute for the video editing. Conciseness and Precision: Highlight the major details when it comes to your video editing project. Write concisely and precisely with the inclusion of both short words and short sentences. Keep it as brief and specific as possible. Avoid the use of ambiguous words that are irrelevant to your proposal.

How to Create a Video Editing Proposal 

Mickalene Thomas said: “I got really excited about finding new ways of using video, and the immediacy is different, in a way, than painting and photography. The creativity comes with editing.” Editing eclectic types of videos is an unparalleled ability to create and produce meaningful films in narrating various movements of human experiences and  other aspects. A video editing project proposal can effectively outline what your specific goal and aspiration is all about in your video editing. In this matter, we recommend that you follow the basic steps below while freely using one of our free video editing project proposal templates in this article:

Step 1: Identify Goals, Objectives and Outcomes

One of the primary steps of writing a compelling video editing project proposal is identifying the specific project goals, objectives and outcomes. Discuss with your client about the priorities of the video editing project. Analyze the concern or issue that will be solved through the video editing project so that you are able to achieve your desired outcomes.

Step 2: Write a Brief Overview of the Video Editing Project

Your video editing project proposal should include a brief and concise overview of your graphic design project. Garry Marshall said: “Editing is the process. The shooting is pleasant work. The editing makes the movie, so I spend all my life in editing.” So, describe your creative video editing  project ideas along with the culture and values that the video will bring to the client. Take your readers into sincere consideration.

Step 3: Present Your Video Editing Styles/Techniques and Methodology

There are different kinds of video editing styles/techniques and methods that each video editor has. Using cuts wisely, mastering the montage, cutting it on the action, cutaway shots, cross dissolve, wipe, fade in/out, J or L cut, cross cut or parallel editing and match cuts are some examples of video editing techniques. For example, cross cut or parallel editing is a type of video editing that cuts between two different scenes that are happening at the same time in different places. This technique is great for adding tension. So, present your own styles or techniques and other methods in your proposal.

Step 4: Indicate the Video Editing Project Timeline and Budget

Estimate the financial budget plan of the video editing project that you will work on in order to start the editing process of the video project. Provide a run-down of the cost for the project. 

Step 5: Prepare the Final Draft

Lastly, prepare the final draft of your video editing project proposal letter. Attach any supporting documents like a video editing portfolio. Schedule a meeting with the members of your video production team and/or the prospective client or company who will receive your video editing project proposal. Then, use some top editing and revising tools for necessary document proofreading and revision.


What are some examples of video editing proposals?

Some examples of video editing  proposals are community video editing proposal, video production editing proposal, video editing services proposal, media video editing equipment proposal, video editing policy proposal, sports video editing software proposal, video documentary editing proposal, post production video editing proposal, video editing training proposal, video editing for stage performances proposal, athletics video editing proposal, web video editing proposal, and more.

What are the fundamental elements of the video editing proposal?

When preparing your video editing proposal, you should explain your video editing styles, techniques and methods to your client. Clarify to the client thoroughly about the crucial steps that you will do. Then, include a simple and concise summary that contains the pricing, timeline, deliverables, and terms and conditions of the video editing service that you will provide. Explain the inclusions and the payment terms and conditions.

What are different types of video editing projects?

The different types of video editing projects are simple cutting, bespoke editing, thematic video editing, video editing with voice commentary, semi-documentary film editing, artistic video editing, linear video editing, non-linear video editing, video review editing, multi-source editing, live event video editing, length reduction editing, highlights video editing, photo slideshows, end of life photomontage, subtitling, assemble video editing, and insert video editing.

How to write a logline for a film project?

Tell the core concept of your film, not the story. Begin with a common logline structure. Keep your logline within 25-50 words. Avoid adding the names of the characters. Look for irony in your concepts. Then, write a wide array of options with diverse phrasing and write the logline before the script.

Writing a clear and thought-provoking proposal for your video editing project is an effective tool to allow more opportunities in working with other professionals in the arts, multimedia, and entertainment field, especially in producing and editing various kinds of films and videos. So, please follow the aforementioned tips and steps here so that you are able to craft an exceptionally-written video editing proposal. Plus, download our free video editing proposal samples, creative video editing project proposal templates, multimedia video proposal templates, freelance video production proposal templates, video editing policy proposal, video editing training proposal, and other proposal sample writing template examples here today!