What is a Freelance Job Proposal?

A freelance job proposal is a letter that a freelance worker submits to clients to get freelance projects. It is also called a freelance bid proposal or freelance project proposals. Usually, freelancers have to participate in a bid to win over other job candidates to do the project. The proposal is a way how they can showcase their skills so that clients will hire them. A freelance job is a trendy job, nowadays that people usually do things online. Freelance work may be challenging because you have to make bids every time to land a project, but it can be a rewarding career. You can choose to work on your own schedule and you can have as many projects as you want if you can just deliver them. You can work at your own pace and you can have an income that can be unlimited. Proposal writing for freelance is a must in this job because it is what you need before you can get any projects. Writing a proposal for freelance work may require freelancers to have great writing skills so that they can convince the clients with a good professional proposal. If you are a freelancer, you have to realize that one of the secrets to successful freelancing can be by having good proposals. This is where you can get the first impression. So you need to create something that can convince clients that you are good to work with.

With the freelance proposal letter, freelancers have to introduce themselves and express their sincere interest to do the projects for the clients. They will state a scope of work that they can do and they must include all their terms for the job. They have to be definite in the proposal, showing the clients what to expect from their service. Through the freelancer job proposal, they will negotiate their price in writing. The proposal is a complete letter that can be the greatest tool that freelancers use in their work. Through it, they will be able to have projects. It is a very important part of their work. Their chances of having projects depend on the goodness of their proposal. So every time, they have to ensure that they can send the best freelance proposal.

Tips on Freelance Job Proposal

Have you seen a freelance job proposal template or a freelance work proposal template? Do you need a freelance project proposal template because you want to have some tips that you can use in creating a proposal? Read further and consider the tips that we can give you in creating a freelance job proposal:

Read the Freelance Bid Description: You have to know that before you should make a bid, you should read the freelance bid description first. Be sure that you know what projects you are applying to. You have to be sure that you are applying for right projects. This means that you have to be sure that you are qualified. You should know you can deliver the project. There are a lot of factors that you should consider like timeline and budget. Before sending a proposal or a bid, you have to be sure about the project first. Is it the project that you want? Can you comply with all the requirements? How qualified are you? If you know you are qualified, you have a great chance to be accepted for the job. But if you are not, you might just be wasting your time creating a proposal for it. Carefully read the job description of every project to be sure that the bid is worth your time. You will not face rejection if you will be aware of what is needed in every bid.Do Not Copy-Paste: One thing that you should not do in creating a freelance job proposal is to copy-paste its content. Consider your clients. They are not idiots to not know that your proposal is just copied somewhere. Give complete importance to the proposal. If you will copy-paste, your proposal will sound like a robot and you will not build a good relationship with clients. Do not do it because it is only such a waste of time and opportunity. Tailor your proposal to particular clients and through this, you can put a human touch in your proposal. Remember that you are negotiating through your proposal. You have to make it as good as possible. Copy-pasting will make it look dull. If you want to add flavor to your proposal, communicate directly to the clients in your writing. There are a lot of things that you can put in the proposal. You need not copy from anywhere which will just make your proposal worthless. Be wise. You should know that clients will know if you will just copy-paste.Research on Clients: For you to tailor the proposal to any clients in particular, you have to research them. Make a background search so that you will know the preferences of the clients. It is important to know what they like. You must know how you can please them. If you will gain knowledge about them, you will know how you can talk to them to approve your proposal. You can cite things that can be pleasant to them. You can adjust your proposal to things that you know matter for them. If the clients will see that you know something about their company, they can be impressed with you. It just means that you treasure working with them. This will be a great advantage against your competitors to win the bid. It may require you a little effort but it is worth it.Great Communication Skills: With your writing skills, you have to know that you need to be good at communicating. Great communication skills will make you build a good relationship with clients. Sometimes, it does not matter if you have a Master’s degree. If you have bad writing skills, you cannot get a client to say yes to your proposal. Communication is vital because you are convincing the clients to give you the project. Remember you are competing against other bidders. If they are more persuasive than you, you will not get the project. You have to be good at communicating so that you can persuade the clients to give the project to you and not to someone else. Great writing skills are what can make you successful. So you have to learn this.Do Not Charge Too Low: Maybe you truly want to get the project and you want to price the project low so that you can get the chance. But this is a wrong decision. Pricing too low can make you look cheap. Besides, the clients will think that you will deliver a poor job. You have to learn how to price the projects in the best way. It does not mean that you will give a high price. Just a reasonable price will be enough. Avoid to price too low. You will not benefit much from it and it is not the best way on how to get clients. Be professional in creating a price quote for the proposal. Remember, you are not selling in a market to bargain the price of the project. Freelance projects are professional works so you have to price your bid well. For one thing, you will be fairly paid for your work.Bid When You are Ready: Realize that when you bid on a project, you should be able to deliver it. If you are not ready for a project, you must not bid on it. Bid only when you are ready. To be ready for every project, you must be sure that you can keep the job description of every project. If you know that you are qualified and you can deliver the job for the project, then you can prepare yourself to create a proposal. Have sufficient time in creating the proposal. Though you should send a proposal early, you must not rush yourself. A rushed proposal can contain some mistakes. If you will have this, your proposal will just be rejected. You will just waste the opportunity. So, to be sure that you can give the best freelance proposal, be ready before creating it.Use Spelling and Grammar Tools: To ensure that you can present the best freelance proposal, you can use spelling and grammar checking tools. Through these tools, you can create a perfect proposal. If your proposal will have mistakes, the clients may think that you can also make some mistakes on the project. You must avoid this possibility. The clients have to know that you give your best to the work that you are going to have. So, even with the proposal, you have to show them that you can make a perfect job. If your proposal will be grammatically correct, you can also make the clients impressed. If you can present a good offer, they might accept your proposal.Offer Milestones: In your proposal, you can offer milestones to clients. If you can have good packages for your work, the clients might be encouraged to hire you. Seeing that you have a great offer for them, they can engage in your service because you can give something good. Give milestones where clients can have discounts on your services and get extra work with no additional price. Offer them something that they could not resist. Through milestones, you can get an ace against your competitors. So it is your chance to win the bid.

How to Write a Freelance Job Proposal

Are you searching for a sample freelance proposal letter or a freelance job proposal example? Do you know how to write a freelance job proposal or how to write a freelance proposal? If you want to consider some steps in writing, you can try the following:

  • Step 1: Cover Letter

    A cover letter is the first part of the proposal. It can be the first section of the proposal or it can be sent as a separate document. In your cover letter, you need to be honest. Introduce yourself. You should tell the clients who you are and your experience as a freelancer. You have to be sincere and polite in communicating with the clients. Thank them for the chance to bid on the project. Your cover letter must be compelling that it can make the clients want to learn more about your proposal.

  • Step 2: Title Page

    If you will send the cover letter as a separate document, you will have the title page as the first part of the proposal. It contains your name and the name of the client. Be careful in writing the name of the client. You should not make a mistake on it or you can make the client disgusted. Then, put the title of the project. Remember, that you have to make the title page neat. You can use some graphic designs to make it look better. But do not overdo it or you may lose its professional essence.

  • Step 3: Right Tone of Voice

    You have to choose the right tone of voice when communicating with clients. Of course, you need to have a professional tone. You can sound serious and responsible if you like. Or you can share a joke if you are good at it. What matters is that you research your clients so that you will have an idea of the tone that they prefer. The tone of voice matters because you have to relay everything that you have to say using a specific tone. Decide on a tone that works for you and be polite in everything that you will say.

  • Step 4: Executive Summary

    Then comes the “meat” of the proposal. Here, you will tell the clients the summary of what you can offer. Give a summary of your service. Give an overview of the things that the clients can expect from you. Remember to give your best in creating the executive summary. Your proposal can depend on it so you have to be careful.

  • Step 5: Proposal Outline

    The next thing is you have to outline your proposal. State the important details of your proposal. Cite the service that you can give. You can tell a scope of work so that the clients can have an idea of what work can you give them. Include the timeline for your deliverables. State your terms for the project.

  • Step 6: Pricing List

    The proposal will not be complete if you will not tell the client your price. Provide a pricing list for the client. You can have a variety of price packages so that the clients can have something to choose from. You can also offer discounts to attract the clients and make them accept your offer.

  • Step 7: About Me Section

    Besides all the information that you can give, you can include an “About Me” section in your proposal. In this part, you can make the clients feel at ease. You can tell a joke to build a connection with them. Just do not be over-friendly because some clients are strictly professional. In this section, you can tell why you are the best person to do the project.

  • Step 8: Proposal Template

    The last thing that you should do is to find a proposal template that you can use. Put together everything in the template. Include a CTA at the end of the proposal. You should tell the client that you can easily prepare an agreement for the two of you if he or she will accept your offer. Guide the client on the things that he or she will do for you to reach an agreement and to start the project.


How Long Before A Proposal Will Be Accepted?

Usually, a proposal will be accepted after a day or two. If the client is busy, you can wait up to a week. But there are times that clients can decide easily on a bid and it can take only more than 2 hours.

What is the Advantage of Freelancing?

The advantage of freelancing is you can choose the workload that you can have. You can work more than a full-time job or you can work less. You can also choose the project that you will do. It is so advantageous if you will only master the ways of freelancing.

If you want to work in your own schedule and choose the work that you will do, you can engage in freelancing. The only thing that you need is a freelance job proposal and you can get projects. You can have new freedom at work. Well, do you want to have a template now on a freelance job proposal? This post has 3+ SAMPLE Freelance Job Proposal in PDF. Download now!