What Is a Music Video Proposal?

A music video proposal is a formal proposal that outlines the details of a music video production. Students and professionals alike may use this when pitching ideas whether in the classroom or a boardroom. 

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Ideas for a Music Video

As most of society entered the MTV or music television era in the latter years of the 20th century, the competition to produce mind blowing music videos only got tighter. It seemed that every up-and-coming artist needed to follow up a hit single with a jaw dropping music video to pair. Over the last few decades, these videos have only gotten more intricate and complex. With special effects and camera tricks, the future only holds endless possibilities for the evolution of music videos. The examples below are just some ideas you can integrate and apply when proposing a music video.  

Weave a Story: Capturing different ideas and tying it together to make one coherent message will help people understand more, as opposed to having your ideas spread all over the place. Because there is a seamless flow, having a story to follow makes it easier to comprehend the message you are trying to convey. In other words, your music video can make more sense if you try and weave a story out of it. The concept is forming a narrative that you want to try and portray or represent to your audience. Story-telling is a powerful tool and a lot of people appreciate good, well-thought out narratives.Make it Relevant: Another idea you can consider is making your music video concept relevant to the times. This is more than just jumping on the bandwagon of the latest fad or craze, it means having a sense of responsibility to realize that creating a music video is an opportunity to spread a message or take a stand. A music video can be a powerful vehicle or medium to affect change because of its unique place in popular culture. Whatever the social issues or injustices that are the hot debate of the times, music has the impact to speak to these issues and even convert minds and hearts. A potent example would be using the medium of music videos to spread awareness of environmental degradation and effectively use it as a platform for good. Let Your Creativity Soar: Music videos, like all entertainment, are excellent outlets for creativity. From the conceptualization to the planning and to the actual execution of the music video, creativity is steadily flowing and never runs out. To truly maximize creativity in the room, it is best to brainstorm with other team members. The greatest ideas are often born out of collaboration and collective effort. Do not be afraid to think outside the box or break barriers. Vision is important in any creative endeavor. You would also do well not to underestimate the power of using themes in your production. You need to allow your creativity the freedom and space it needs in order for it to reach incredible heights.Pick Interesting Locations: Even with advanced computer technology these days where a music video can be totally shot using a green screen alone, music videos can be excellent ways to showcase a locality or specific place. Production-wise, a music video shot in stunning locations can be unique and more captivating to audiences. Because when combined, music and travel can bring about amazing results. A lot of music videos are shot in multiple locations and with the availability of so many tools nowadays, creating a production combining stunning visual effects and beautiful locations has become relatively easier. Feature People in the Video: Of course, there ought to be people starring in the music video. But it would also be a good idea to go beyond just the familiar or what is expected. Yes, the focal point is the artist, singer or band; but going beyond just that can have much deeper and richer implications. Featuring different kinds of people adds an element of diversity in the creative process. A lot of musicians and artists welcome extras whenever they film a music video. In some videos where dance sequences are included, backup dancers are often tapped as well. Extras can be backup dancers, additional characters, session musicians, or even an audience or a crowd of people.

Parts of a Music Video

There are many elements that go into producing a music video. Of course how elaborate the production will be is dependent on multiple factors, including the budget. Regardless, the basic elements of any music video can be summarized in the following below: 

The Concept: Perhaps one of the most fundamental elements in the creation of a music video is the conceptualization process. This first step involves the initial planning and brainstorming of how a music video will play out. Producers and artists come together to discuss ideas about how to present the music video. The idea is core to the whole creative process. Without a good or solid concept, then it will most likely lead to poor execution and visualization. If you are looking for potential ideas for a concept, the examples above may help you and your team get the ball rolling. The Music: The most core part of any music video is of course, the music itself. The music video production is meant to supplement the audio or song. It is a visual representation of the song. Most genres of music can be complemented with a video. And ever since the dawn of video, record companies and artists have been trying to outdo and outperform each other with their big music video productions. So much so, that award shows such as the MTV Video Music Awards or VMAs have become a staple in popular culture and music. The Message: Another key element that ought to be present in a music video is the core message. Obviously, the message of the song is central, and the job of the music video is to accurately and creatively represent that in the best way possible. Songs can have superficial lyrics but many songs hold deep meaning. Lyrics that connect and move people should be given justice in their visual representation. A music video is a powerful driver of meaning and conveyor of messages. Artists and producers have to realize the weight and responsibility they have of crafting a narrative in their music video that speaks to people, and is also able to radiate good in the world. The Characters: To tell a good story, there must be characters that people can identify. A music video is but a brief production, but when there is a clear narrative and the characters are established, it can deliver a great impact to viewers. Because in order to weave a good story, you need to have carriers or vehicles of meaning that will deliver your message to people. To take a step further, having characters cast in your music video that audiences can relate to or identify with will make even greater sense. The Lighting and Effects: Another key component in music videos is the effects. Not all videos need special effects for it to be considered a good video. Effects, in this sense, goes beyond just perfect lighting, camera tricks, and techniques. However, a music video’s core message can only be optimized if the right methods are used. Taking into account the cinematography, artistry, and overall style can speak volumes of just how well you can envision your music video. The intentionality of it all matters. People tend to appreciate well-crafted music videos that pay attention to even the most minute details.

How to Create a Music Video Proposal

Whether it is for a school project or a record company, producing a music video takes a lot of resources and time. To create your own music video proposal, you need to keep in mind a few steps when pitching the proposal. The sample templates above can serve as useful reference guides for you as you customize your own music video proposal.  

Step 1: State All the Fast Details 

The first step is to cover all the basic details in your proposal. Provide the purpose, the title of track and the artist, deadline, schedules or important dates, music genre, location, etc. Make sure to include all other relevant information. If the music video is for a class project, indicate the name of the subject, semester, and the instructor’s name. If the pitch is for an important sponsor or producer, these basic details should be provided at the beginning of the proposal.    

Step 2: Identify the Target Audience

If you want your music video proposal to be complete and comprehensive, you can dedicate a section to explaining who your target viewership is. What specific demographic or target market is your music video aiming to capture? Similar to customer profiles, make sure to describe the demographics that make up your target audience. These could be a certain age group, gender profile, educational attainment, geographic location, income bracket, or even purchasing power.   

Step 3: Identify the Resources 

The next step is to adequately identify the resources you would need to execute the music video. What is it that you would need to stage the production. Make sure to provide a detailed breakdown of everything and anything from the number of backup dancers needed, to the costumes, down to the technical equipment to be used in the shoot. It is important to provide specific information when it comes to this section. Because if you are pitching the music video proposal to a potential sponsor, the latter would most likely want to know the requirements and budget of the entire production.  

Step 4: Describe the Concept or Idea 

If you are pitching a music video idea, you need to use descriptive language as much as you can. How well you describe and present your concept will help determine the overall success of the music video’s execution. The more details you provide, the better. It is important to remember that you are not only proposing the idea to a producer, but a music video production takes a great deal of manpower and technical assistance. So being able to communicate this idea to all people involved is the key to achieving your vision. Lastly, make sure to define and enumerate the guidelines as well as considerations for the actual shooting of the music video.  


What is a video proposal?

A video proposal is essentially a sales pitch to carry out a video production. It is typically a formal written proposal. But other times, it may be presented in more creative ways and with the use of various types of media. The proposal covers everything from the conceptualization down to the actual planning and implementation of the video.

What does a music video mean?

A music video is a form of media that combines music and visuals. Typically, performers and artists are featured on the music video. Music videos apply to all kinds of genres and play a huge role in the marketing and promotion of music artists.

What are the key elements of a music video?

The key elements of a music video are the music, characters, visuals, effects, lighting, and the technical component that involves the recording and editing processes. Another important element is the core message or idea of the music video. Artists would do well to incorporate a meaningful narrative or story into their video for a richer, more artistic experience for their audience.

Music videos are entertaining and interesting to watch. But a lot of effort and resources need to be put into making it happen. Having a well-thought out proposal can definitely help align objectives and ideas to create a successful production. Browse the sample templates above to start customizing your own music video proposal today!